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Dragonball Z

Vegeta Saga

Main article: Vegeta Saga

• 1. The New Threat
• 2. Reunions
• 3. Unlikely Alliance
• 4. Piccolo’s Plan
• 5. Gohan’s Rage
• 6. No Time Like the Present
• 7. Day 1
• 8. Gohan Goes Bananas!
• 9. The Strangest Robot
• 10. A New Friend
• 11. Terror on Arlia
• 12. Global Training
• 13. Goz and Mez
• 14. Princess Snake
• 15. Dueling Piccolos
• 16. Plight of The Children
• 17. Pendulum Room Peril
• 18. The End of Snake Way
• 19. Defying Gravity
• 20. Goku’s Ancestors
• 21. Counting Down
• 22. Darkest Day
• 23. Saibamen Attack
• 24. Power of Nappa
• 25. Sacrifice
• 26. Nappa's Rampage
• 27. Nimbu's Speed
• 28. Goku's Arrival
• 29. Lesson Number One
• 30. Goku vs. Vegeta
• 31. Saiyan Sized Secret
• 32. Spirit Bomb Away!
• 33. Hero in The Shadows
• 34. Krillin's Offensive
• 35. Mercy

[edit] Namek Saga Uncut
Main article: Namek Saga

• 36. Picking Up The Pieces
• 37. Plans For Departure
• 38. Nursing Wounds
• 39. Friends or Foes
• 40. Held Captive
• 41. Look Out Below
• 42. The Search Continues
• 43. A Friendly Surprise
• 44. Gathering Brood of Evil
• 45. Frieza Strikes!
• 46. Defying Orders
• 47. The Defense of Namek
• 48. Gohan and Krillin ... The Hunted
• 49. The Prince Fights Back
• 50. Unexpected Problem
• 51. Vegeta Has a Ball
• 52. The Past and The Future
• 53. Zarbon's Surprise
• 54. Guru's Gift
• 55. Piccolo vs. Everyone
• 56. Zarbon's Mission
• 57. Gohan, the Hunted
• 58. New Enemies from Beyond
• 59. Destination: Guru
• 60. Bulma's Big Day
• 61. Hidden Powers
• 62. New Ally, New Problem
• 63. Guldo's Mind Binds
• 64. Recoome Unleashed
• 65. Let the Battle Begin
• 66. Goku's New Power
• 67. A Last Fight

[edit] FUNimation's Episodes of Glory

[edit] Saiyan Saga

Main article: Vegeta Saga

Screenshot Title
"The Arrival Of Se
Radditz" 1

Raditz shows up on E
basically it's a bad da

"The World's Se
Strongest Team" 2

Goku and Piccolo tea

"Gohan's Se
Hidden Powers" 2

Gohan goes nuts and
"Goku's Unusual O

Goku and Raditz die a
Snake Way to get to K

"Gohan's Oc

Gohan turns into a gia
Piccolo of course, is m
"Gohan Makes a Oc

Gohan meets a dinosa
that it's eaten by a T-R

"Trouble on Oc

Vegeta and Nappa ma
the aliens there. They

"Home for N
Infinite Losers" 1

Goku falls off of Snak
if he can beat them, th
exit puts him back in


Goku comes across a
Princess Snake tries t
"Escape From N
Piccolo" 1

Gohan tries to escape
without Piccolo findin

"Showdown in Ja
the Past"

Kami puts Tien, Yamc
where they fight again
on their way to Earth.

"The End of Ja
Snake Way"

Goku reaches the end
once again becomes a

"A Fight Against
Gravity... Catch

Goku's first task is to
catch Bubbles, King K
planet, it is harder tha
"The Legend of Ja
the Saiyans"

Goku's next task is to
While taking a break,

"A Black Day for Fe
Planet Earth"

Goku begins his real t
techniques, but when
to life and rushes dow

"The Battle
Begins... Goku Fe
Where Are

While Goku races dow
Nappa's Saibamen. Ea

"The Saibamen F
Strike" 1

The battle with the Sa
them self-destructs on
"Nappa... The F
Invincible?" 2

With all of the Saibam
killed when he tries to
Nappa and loses his a

"Tien Goes All A

Tien fires one last Tri
Nappa, unharmed, co
Vegeta tells him to sto
Nappa spends the tim

"Time's Up!"

Vegeta allows Nappa
does. Meanwhile, Go
"The Return of A

Nappa tries to kill Go
killed, along with Kam
fighting with Nappa.

"Goku Strikes

Goku makes short wo
Goku then begin to fi

"Goku vs.
Vegeta... a Saiyan

Goku and Vegeta's fig
powerful blasts at eac

"Vegeta... Saiyan M

Vegeta creates an arti
with Goku. Goku trie
blasts him before he c
"Stop Vegeta M

Yajirobe cuts off Vege
takes his dad's place i
energy and makes a S
over it, but Gohan blo

"The Battle Se
Ends" 1

Vegeta is still alive, so
Oozaru. He attacks Ve
Gohan while reverting
tells him not to, and V

[edit] Namek Saga

Main article: Namek Saga

Original Production
Screenshot Title #
airdate code

"A New Goal...
Namek" 27

Goku, Krillin and Gohan are brought back to the hospital. Meanwhile,
Bulma and Mr. Popo find Kami's old ship, which he used to come to
Earth from Namek, his home planet. She prepares to go there while the
others rest up.
"Journey to

Gohan, Krillin and Bulma take off while Goku stays in the hospital.
While in space, a bunch of men invade their ship, thinking they work for

"Friends or

Gohan, Krillin and Bulma land on Namek, and two Namekians help
them find the Dragon Balls.

"Hunt for a
Dragon Ball"

With the help of the two Nameks, Gohan, Krillin and Bulma continue to
find Dragon Balls. Meanwhile, Vegeta is healed.


It is revealed that they are not on Namek, but a planet where the two
aliens are trapped. They plan to steal Bulma's ship.
on Namek"

After escaping from the aliens, Gohan, Krillin and Bulma land on
Namek. Also there, are Vegeta and the evil Frieza, who are also looking
for the Dragon Balls.

"Face-Off on

Frieza's men break Bulma's ship, stranding them on Namek. Meanwhile,
Vegeta fights with and kills Cui, one of Frieza's henchmen.

"The Ruthless

Goku breaks out of the hospital and leaves Earth, heading for Namek.
Meanwhile, Gohan and Krillin watch as Frieza invades a Namekian

"The Nameks
Versus Frieza"

Gohan and Krillin continue to watch as Frieza's henchman Dodoria
slaughters the Nameks in their village.
"Escape from

Gohan and Krillin take action and save Dende, a Namekian child, from
being killed by Dodoria. He chases after them, but they get away.


Vegeta fights with Dodoria and forces him to tell him what really
happened to his homeworld. Dodoria reveals that it was Frieza who
destroyed it, and Vegeta kills him anyway.


Goku's ship has a crack on the side and is heading straight toward a star.
Meanwhile, Vegeta wipes out a Namek village and takes a Dragon Ball.

"Stay Away
From Frieza"

Frieza has five Dragon Balls and celebrates, while Yamcha, Tien,
Piccolo and Chiaoutzu arrive at King Kai's.

Vegeta fights with Zarbon, another of Frieza's henchmen, and is
winning, until Zarbon transforms. He is much stronger in this form that
he toys with Vegeta.

"The Eldest

Dende takes Krillin to Guru, the elder Namek. Guru gives him a Dragon
Ball and unlocks his hidden potential, which makes him much stronger.

"Get Vegeta!"

Frieza orders Zarbon to go back and get Vegeta, while Tien, Chiaoutzu
and Yamcha begin their real training in the other world.


Frieza heals Vegeta, but he escapes and steals all of his Dragon Balls.
Meanwhile, Zarbon finds Krillin with a Dragon Ball and begins pursuing
him, and Vegeta tags along.
"A Heavy

Vegeta and Zarbon begin fighting again. Vegeta is stronger thanks to
Frieza healing him. Meanwhile, Goku gets stuck in a magnetic storm
while training at 100X Gravity and struggles to shut the gravity machine


Vegeta finishes off Zarbon and steals Krillin's Dragon Ball. He then runs
into Gohan, but fails to notice that he is also hiding a Dragon Ball.
Gohan brings it back to Bulma and Krillin. Meanwhile, Frieza orders
that his elite fighters, the Ginyu Force, come to Namek immediately.

"Big Trouble
for Bulma"

Bulma drops the Dragon Ball in the water and gets in a mini-sub to grab
it, but it is in a giant crab's eggs, and she has to fight off the crab to get

"Scramble for
the Dragon
Balls" 47

Bulma is captured by two of Frieza's soldiers, and she tricks them into
thinking there are lots of Dragon Balls in the crab's eggs. They try to
steal them and the crab kills them.
"Arrival of the
Ginyu Force"

Vegeta and Krillin fight, while Gohan gets his potential unlocked by
Guru. He returns to help Krillin. Meanwhile, Frieza's hired fighters, the
Ginyu Force, arrive on Namek.

"Elite Fighters
of the
Universe... The
Ginyu Force" 49

Frieza is introduced to the Ginyu Force, and Vegeta is forced to team up
with Gohan and Krillin. Captain Ginyu steals the Dragon Balls, while
Gohan and Krillin prepare to fight Guldo, the weakest member of the
Ginyu Force.

"Time Tricks
and Body
Binds" 50

Guldo uses his psychic time freezing powers to fight against Gohan and
Krillin. He then freezes them in the air and prepares to throw a tree at
them, but Vegeta kills him before he can.

"No Refuge
Recoome" 51

Vegeta attacks Recoome, the second member of the Ginyu Force, and
destroys his armor, but Recoome then turns it around and has all three of
them down in no time.
"Enter Goku"

Recoome continues torturing his three enemies. Meanwhile, Frieza
finally gets the Dragon Balls, but realizes that he needs a password to
use them. Goku soon arrives on Namek and gives everyone a Senzu

"Goku... Super

After giving everyone a Senzu Bean, Goku makes short work of

[edit] Captain Ginyu Saga

Main article: Ginyu Saga

Original Production
Screenshot Title #
airdate code

Assault" 54

Burter and Jeice, two members of the Ginyu Force, attack Goku. Even
with Burter's incredible speed, they can't land a punch on Goku. He
defeats Burter, but Jeice retreats.

Captain Ginyu and Jeice arrive on the battlefield. Goku starts fighting
with Ginyu.


Goku uses his Kaio-Ken technique on Ginyu, becoming much stronger.
Meanwhile, Guru gives Dende the power to heal, and Frieza arrives at
Guru's, looking for the password for the Dragon Balls. Guru's
bodyguard, Nail, steps up.

"Goku is
Ginyu and
Ginyu is
Goku" 57

Frieza begins torturing Nail, while the fight between Goku and Ginyu
continues. Ginyu realizes that his opponent is stronger, so he uses his
Body Switch technique and takes Goku's body.

"Calling the
Dragon" 58

Ginyu escapes with Goku's body, while Gohan and Krillin find the
Dragon Balls at Frieza's ship. Ginyu and Jeice arrive, with Ginyu in
Goku's body.
Defeat Your
Dad!" 59

Gohan and Krillin start fighting Ginyu, who is in Goku's body, while
Vegeta takes Jeice. Meanwhile, Nail continues stalling for time as
Dende heads for Gohan and Krillin with the password.

Ginyu... The
Frog" 60

Ginyu is beaten, so he switches back to his old body. He then tries to
take Vegeta's body, but a frog is thrown in the way, and Captain Ginyu
is stuck in a frog's body. Goku is put in Frieza's rejuvenation tank.

[edit] Frieza Saga

Main article: Freeza Saga

Original Production
Screenshot Title #
airdate code

"Password is
Porunga" 61

Frieza defeats Nail, and begins chasing Dende. Fortunately, Dende has
found Gohan and Krillin and they summon Porunga, the Namekian dragon.

Gohan and Krillin use the first and second wishes on the Namekian Dragon
Balls to bring Piccolo back to life and transport him to Namek. Vegeta
shows up and tries to claim the third wish, but Guru dies, and Porunga
disappears. Frieza then arrives, and he is furious.

"The Fusion"

Frieza and Vegeta begin fighting, while Piccolo runs into a beat up Nail.
They fuse and become much stronger.

"Fighting Power:
One Million?"

Frieza transforms into his second form, which is much stronger than his
normal one, with a power level over 1,000,000. But before that, Frezia tells
Vegeta and the others how he killed Vegeta's father King Vegeta and
destroyed Planet Vegeta.

"Gohan Attacks"

In this unaired episode, Frieza impales Krillin with his horn and Gohan
becomes enraged, blasting him. It was released on the Uncut release. In the
aired version, it continues until Piccolo arrives with new power.
"Déjà vu"

Piccolo and Frieza fight, with Piccolo having the advantage.

"Frieza’s Second

Frieza transforms again. This time, he is much stronger and beats Piccolo
with ease.


Gohan freaks out and fires a huge blast at Frieza. Fearing Gohan's power,
Frieza transforms into his fourth and final form. While he is transforming,
Krillin blasts Vegeta, and Dende heals him, making him much stronger.


Frieza kills Dende, realizing he is the healer. The three heroes then gang up
on him, but can't even hit him. Vegeta, with his new power, challenges
"The Renewed

The fight between Frieza and Vegeta continues, with Frieza gaining an
advantage. Soon, he has him down and starts torturing him, while Goku,
fully healed, breaks out of Frieza's ship and flies towards the battlefield.

"The End of

Goku arrives on the battlefield just in time to see Frieza. Before he dies, he
tells Goku of what Frieza did to the Saiyans, and how he began to fear
them, and eventually blew up the planet. Goku begins his battle with Frieza.
Frezia also realizes that Goku is Bardock's son and tells him of his father's
bravely sacrifice to protect his son's future

"The Ultimate

The real battle begins, with blasts being thrown around and mountains and
other Namekian landmarks being destroyed. Lava bursts out of the ground,
and Goku is forced to stop it.
"Clash of the
Super Powers"

The battle contunes. A notable part in it is when Goku is knocked into the
water. He throws two energy blasts up at Frieza, who believes them to be
Goku, and jumps out while Frieza deals with the blasts, and kicks him in
the face. Later, Frieza traps him in an imprisonment ball, which blows up
when it touches something. Fortunately, Goku is able to escape the

"Frieza's Boast"

The battle between Goku and Frieza heats up when Frieza reveals that he's
only been using a small percentage of his power. He powers up to 15% and
claims that he can beat Goku without using his hands. Goku can hardly
touch him.

"Bold and

Ginyu switches bodies with Bulma, making her a frog, and heads for
Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin. Meanwhile, the fight between Goku and Frieza
is at a huge advantage for 15% powered up Frieza.
"Embodiment of

Frieza is beating Goku with ease now, and knocks him into the water. After
a short dream, Goku powers up to Kaio-Ken X20 and delivers a very
powerful Kamehameha to Frieza.

"Trump Card"

Frieza continues attacking Goku, while the Ginyu Force (minus the captain)
arrives at King Kai's planet. Yamcha, Tien and Chiaoutzu are forced to fight
with them. Meanwhile, Goku starts building a Spirit Bomb.

"Keep the
Chance Alive"

Goku continues making the Spirit Bomb, while Tien, Yamcha and
Chiaoutzu handle the Ginyu Force on King Kai's planet. On Namek,
Piccolo holds off Frieza while Goku continues gathering energy for the
Spirit Bomb.

"Power of the

Frieza has no problem with Piccolo, and when Goku throws his Spirit
Bomb, it hits its mark.
"Transformed at

Frieza survives the spirit bomb and returns. Infuriated, he kills Krillin and
injures Piccolo. Filled with anger and rage, Goku becomes a Super Saiyan.
Meanwhile, Tien, Yamcha and Chiaoutzu finish off the Ginyu Force.

"Explosion of

With his new power, Goku starts toying with Frieza.


Frieza realizes that he is doomed, and throws a Death Ball into the core of
Namek. He declares that in five minutes, Namek will explode.

"A Final Attack"

With only five minutes until Namek explodes, Frieza powers up to 100%
and the final battle begins.

The planet begins to crumble as the fight continues. Kami devises a plan to
bring all of the Namekians back. It starts with Mr. Popo wishing all of the
people killed by Frieza and his men back to life.


As Namek nears destruction, Frieza knocks Goku into a lava pit. Gohan
returns to the battlefield and starts fighting with Frieza. Meanwhile, Mr.
Popo's wish works, and all of the people killed by Frieza and his men,
including Dende, Guru (grief of his children being killed by Frieza caused
him to die early), Vegeta and Goku are brought back to life. (Note that this
episode is mostly non-canon and Goku never died at this point in the
original manga)

"The Last Wish"

Guru tells Dende to return to Porunga, who still has one wish left, and wish
for everyone to return to Earth except for Frieza and Goku, who wants to
stay and beat Frieza. Dende makes the wish and it succeeds. There is now
only about two minutes left for Namek before it explodes.

"Duel on a
Planet" 87

With only about two minutes before Namek explodes, Goku and Frieza take
their fight all around the planet. At one point, Frieza tries to kill Goku with
a huge blast, but Goku deflects it and it hits Namek's moon, destroying it.
"Pathos of

Only one minute remains before the explosion. Goku is trying to end things
as quickly as possible. A few seconds later, there is no contest between
them. Goku attempts to leave, but Frieza throws a Kienzan at him.


With less than a minute left before Namek explodes, Frieza's Kienzan's
chase Goku around for a few seconds, but Goku is able to maneuver them
so that they cut Frieza in half.

"Mighty Blast of

Goku gives Frieza some of his energy and tries to escape. Frieza uses all of
his energy to fire one last blast at Goku, which he counters easily. Goku
flies off to find Frieza's ship.

Goku’s End?" 91

With seconds left before Namek explodes, King Kai, Tien, Yamcha and
Chiaoutzu watch as Goku desperately tries to escape Namek, to no avail.
The planet explodes with Goku still on it.
"Goku's Alive!!"

Dende uses the Namekian Dragon Balls to wish Goku and Krillin back to
the Earth's checking station, but Porunga tells them that Goku is still alive.
They then use the remainding two wishes to wish Krillin and Yamcha back.
They use the Dragon Balls 130 days later to wish back Tien, Chiaoutzu, and
transport all the Namekians to another planet to begin their new life.

[edit] Garlic Jr. Saga

Main article: Garlic Junior Saga

• 93. The Heavens Tremble (Garlic Junior Becomes God.)
• 94. Black Fog of Terror (The Black Mist of Horror.)
• 95. Battle in Kami's Lookout (Heaven Turn's into a Battlefield.)
• 96. Fight with Piccolo (Face to Face Encounter with Piccolo...)
• 97. Call For Restoration (The War for Super Magic Water.)
• 98. Suicidal Course (The Life or Death Journey of Kami.)
• 99. Extreme Measures (The Mega Vigorous Battle.)
• 100. The World Awakens (The World Awakes from the Nightmare.)
• 101. Brief Chance of Victory (The last chance, Strike Makyo star...)
• 102. Krillin's Proposal (The 1st Proposal of Kuririn...)

[edit] Trunks Saga

Main article: Trunks Saga

Original Production
Screenshot Title #
airdate code

Counterattack" 103

Three years after Namek's explosion, Gohan and Krillin feel a great power
approaching. Frieza is still alive, after being built into a cyborg form, and
he's on his way to Earth with his father, King Cold.
Youth" 104

Frieza and his dad land on Earth, only to be greeted by a young man with a

"Another Super

The teenager with the sword kills all of Frieza's men and becomes a Super
Saiyan. He then fights with Frieza for a short time and kills him with his

"Welcome Back

The mysterious teenager then fights with Frieza's dad, King Cold, and kills
him easily. Goku lands on Earth in a ship soon after.


The Saiyan and Goku have a short fight, and he tells Goku that he came
from the future. He is the son of Bulma and Vegeta and he has come to
warn Goku about two androids coming in three years. He gives Goku an
antidote for a heart disease that he will be getting at that time.
"Goku's Special

Goku reveals that he escaped Namek by taking one of the Ginyu Force
member's ships and crash landing on a strange planet called Yardrat. The
aliens there taught him a technique called Instant Transmission, which lets
the user instantly go anywhere as long as there is a power level there.

"Z Warriors

The three year training begins. Vegeta trains at 300X Gravity in a capsule
ship, and Goku and Piccolo train with Gohan.


Chi-Chi makes Goku and Piccolo get driver's licenses. When they go to the
testing place, things don't go as planned.

[edit] Androids Saga

Main article: Androids Saga

Original Production
Screenshot Title #
airdate code
Appear" 111

The years go by and the day finally arrives. The two androids, 19 and
20, arrive and start wreaking havoc.

"A Handy

Android 20 absorbs Yamcha's energy by putting his hand through him.
Goku has had enough. He takes them to an abandoned area and the
battle begins.

Trouble for
Goku" 113

Super Saiyan Goku and Android 19 clash, with Goku at an advantage,
until he starts feeling sick.

"Upgrade to
Saiyan" 114

Goku starts to feel the effects of the heart virus Trunks warned him
about, and Android 19 takes advantage of Goku's illness. At the last
minute however, Vegeta shows up with Super Saiyan powers!

Dr. Gero escapes, and Trunks returns from his time, saying that these
Androids aren't the same ones from the future. Piccolo finds Gero and
injures him, but Gero escapes.

"Follow Dr.

Trunks tells the horrors of Androids 17 and 18, the Androids which Dr.
Gero is planning to release, while everyone keeps searching for him.

Comes True"

Dr. Gero releases Androids 17 and 18, while the Z Warriors watch


Android 17 turns on Gero, killing him, and they release Android 16, an
android specially designed for the sole purpose of killing Goku.

Vegeta decides to test his Super Saiyan powers on Android 18, and they
prove useless, as she easily takes the advantage.

"No Match
for the
Androids" 121

The Androids continue their rampage, easily defeating Piccolo, Tien and

"Last Ditch

The Androids leave, and Piccolo makes a decision.

"Closing In"

Piccolo arrives at Kami's Lookout, asking to fuse with him. Meanwhile,
the Androids steal a truck and go joyriding.

Bulma and Gohan find an old time machine, identical to Trunks'.

[edit] Imperfect Cell Saga

Main article: Imperfect Cell Saga

Original Production
Screenshot Title #
airdate code

"Seized with
Fear" 125

Trunks and Bulma continue looking around the site of the time machine,
and find a shell of what looks like a giant bug.


Sensing a power stronger than the androids, Piccolo fuses with his old
counter-part, Kami, and becomes a Super Namek.

Piccolo comes face to face with a creature that absorbs a man right
before his eyes. They begin fighting, and the creature reveals that it can
use techniques that are used by the Z Fighters, such as the Kamehameha

"His Name is

The creature, Cell, grabs Piccolo and starts absorbing him while fighting
off attacking army forces. When he is let go, Piccolo stalls Cell, who
explains that he came from an alternate timeline in the time machine
that Trunks and Bulma found in the woods. He is looking for Androids
17 and 18 to absorb them and reach his perfect form. After he explains,
Piccolo regenerates his arm and the fight begins again.


Cell escapes after momentarily blinding Piccolo with a Solar Flare, and
continues getting stronger while absorbing more people.


Trunks and Krillin fithe the under groung part of Dr. Geros lab and
destroy it. But not before they find the design plans of Android 17.
"Our Hero

Krillin saves two people from Cell and gets stuck fighting him on a
plane. Piccolo and Tien rescue him. Meanwhile, Goku heals from the
heart virus.


Mr. Popo introduces the Z Fighters to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, a
room where time passes very slowly. A year in the Time Chamber is
only a day outside of it. Trunks and Vegeta prepare to train inside it.

Monster is
Coming" 133

Piccolo and Android 17 go to an island to fight. Piccolo proves that he is
stronger, but unknown to both of them, Cell is on his way.

"He's Here"

Piccolo and Android 17 continue their fight, with Piccolo winning, until
Cell shows up, intent on absorbing the androids.
"Up to

Cell has increased his power after absorbing humans, and Piccolo
proves to be no match for him.


Cell begins trying to absorb Android 17, but the silent 16 steps in and
starts fighting with Cell. At one point, 16 rips his tail off, but Cell uses
Piccolo's cells to regenerate.

17" 137

Cell and 16 continue their fight, but Cell is able to sneak up to 17 and
absorb him. In his second form, 16 is no match for Cell and his head is
damaged. Tien begins holding off Cell while 18 and 16 escape.

[edit] Perfect Cell Saga

Main article: Perfect Cell Saga

Original Production
Screenshot Title #
airdate code

Tien uses up all of his energy to stop Cell from absorbing Android 18.
When he collapses, Goku arrives and saves him and Piccolo from Cell.


Vegeta and Trunks come out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Goku
and Gohan begin their turn. Meanwhile, Cell destroys islands looking
for Android 18.


Vegeta and Trunks find Cell. Vegeta becomes an Ascended Super Saiyan
and his battle with Cell begins.

"Bow to the

Vegeta easily overpowers Cell in their fight. Meanwhile, Goku tries to
teach Gohan how to become a Super Saiyan.
"Hour of

Vegeta and Cell's fight continues, while Krillin is given the task of
disabling 18 with a remote control Bulma made.


Vegeta stops the battle to allow Cell to absorb 18, so he can have a
greater challenge. Meanwhile, Krillin destroys the remote control and
tells 18 to run away.

"The Last

Trunks and Krillin put up a fight, but Cell is able to absorb Android 18.

"Cell is

Cell finally reaches his perfect form. Trunks and Krillin put up one more
desperate attempt to stop him, but it fails.
Must Pay"

Vegeta and Cell fight, with Cell in his perfect form. Meanwhile, Gohan
has finally reached the Super Saiyan form.


Vegeta and Cell continue the fight, which ends with Vegeta being
knocked out. With Vegeta unconscious, Trunks ascends even further to
Ultra Super Saiyan.


Trunks and Cell battle, while Krillin saves Vegeta.

Tomorrow" 149

Trunks and Cell continue their battle, with Cell explaining where he
came from.
"The Cell

Trunks comes to a bad realization. The form he is in is too slow to beat
Cell in. Meanwhile, Goku achieves the form and says that it makes him
too slow. Cell spares Trunks and announces a tournament, the Cell
Games, which will begin in 10 days.

[edit] Cell Games Saga

Main article: Cell Games Saga

Original Production
Screenshot Title #
airdate code

"What is the
Tournament?" 151

Goku and Gohan continue their training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber,
while Trunks tells everyone about the tournament that Cell announced.
Krillin brings a damaged Android 16 back to Bulma, who decides to fix
him if he will help in the tournament. Meanwhile, Cell creates the ring for
the tournament.

Broadcast" 152

Cell gets himself on TV and announces his tournament to the world. He
explains that if no one is able to defeat him, he will destroy the Earth.
(Note: This is the first and only time both Present and Future Trunks
"Meet Me in
the Ring"

Goku and Gohan come out of the Time Chamber, stronger than ever. Goku
then teleports himself to the Cell Games ring and meets the perfect Cell.

"No Worries

Goku demonstrates half of his power to Korin and Yajirobe and almost
destroys the tower while powering up. Goku and Gohan then decide to
spend more than half of the remaining 9 days resting.

"A Girl Named

Piccolo starts training by himself in the Time Chamber. Meanwhile,
Gohan saves a young girl in the woods from drowning in a river and meets
her father. A shelter from Cell is being built by a man who has General Tao
as a bodyguard. When he orders Tao to attack Gohan, Tao recognizes
Gohan as Goku and backs away.

"Memories of

Attack forces are sent to kill Cell, but he destroys them all with ease.
Elsewhere, Gohan celebrates his 11th birthday with his family.
"A New

Piccolo emerges from the Time Chamber with more strength than ever,
and Goku goes to King Kai's to get the Earth a new guardian.


On New Namek, the Elder suggests that Dende become the Guardian of
Earth. Goku brings him back and he makes a dragon that can grant two
wishes. Goku then goes out to find the Dragon Balls.

"The Puzzle of
General Tao"

Goku goes to get the final Dragon Ball, which is under the possession of
General Tao's boss. Afraid to fight Goku, Tao gives him three wire puzzles
to solve.

"The Games

The day of the Cell Games arrives, and the warriors show up to fight,
including Hercule, the "world's strongest man".
"Losers Fight

Hercule's two apprentices fight Cell first, resulting in two very easy
victories. Hercule then goes toe to toe with Cell himself. He is flicked
away in seconds.

"Goku vs.

Goku and Cell square off in the ring. To Hercule's surprise, they are
seemingly equal fighters.

"Cell's Bag of

Goku and Cell continue to battle, with Cell showing off many of his
unique techniques, including the Multi-Form and Kienzan attacks.

"No More

In an effort to eliminate the possibility of the fight ending in a ring-out,
Cell destroys the ring and discards the rules.
"The Fight is

Goku tricks Cell with an Instant Transmission Kamehameha that leaves
him with only his legs intact. However, thanks to Piccolo's cells, Cell
regenerates his upper half and the fight continues. Knowing that he won't
be able to defeat Cell, Goku surrenders and puts Gohan up as the next

"Faith in a

Gohan and Cell begin their fight, with Cell at an obvious advantage.
However, Goku remains confident in Gohan's abilities.

Plea" 167

Gohan and Cell continue their fight, with Gohan realizing why his dad put
him out. He wants him to get mad, so that his power will explode. Cell,
wanting to see this power, tries to unlock it.


Android 16 jumps on Cell, planning to self-destruct, but realizes that the
bomb inside him is gone, thanks to Bulma. Cell then destroys 16 and
unleashes a pack of Cell Jrs. to deal with the other fighters.
"Children of
Cell Attack"

The Cell Jrs. attack Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien and
Yamcha. Goku is weakened thanks to his battle with Cell, but Vegeta and
Trunks are able to hold their own against the monsters. Meanwhile,
Android 16's head tells Gohan to let go of his power, before Cell destroys
it. Enraged, Gohan lets his anger explode and becomes a Super Saiyan 2.


Gohan's rage explodes and he becomes a Super Saiyan 2. He is able to kill
the Cell Jrs. with ease.

Gohan" 171

Cell is no match for Gohan, so he takes his full power. However, he is still
too weak.

"Cell's Mighty

Cell continues his desperate attack, and fires a Kamehameha at Gohan.
Gohan is able to counter it and leave him in a vulnerable position, but he
neglects to kill him and keeps toying with him. Still desperate, he takes his
Power Weighter form and makes the same mistake Trunks did with his
"A Hero's

Gohan punches Cell in the stomach, causing him to puke out Android 18
and revert back to his second form. When he realizes he has no other
options, he starts to get fatter, until he will explode, destroying the world.
To stop that from happening, Goku sacrifices himself to kill Cell by
warping him to King Kai's planet. Killing Cell, Goku and King Kai.
However, Cell survives and comes back, stronger than ever.


Cell comes back and immediately kills Trunks. An enraged Vegeta attacks
him, but he is easily taken down, and Gohan has to jump in the way of
Cell's blast to save Vegeta. When he takes the blast, Gohan is injured and

"The Horror
Won't End"

An injured Gohan gives up hope until Goku starts encouraging him from
the Other World. With Goku's help, he is able to fire one final
Kamehameha at Cell, who fires a counter one.

"Save the

Gohan and Cell fire Kamehamehas at eachother, and Cell's overpowers
Gohan's. But thanks to encouragement from Goku and a distraction from
Vegeta, Gohan is able to defeat Cell.
• 177. Goku's Noble Decision (I'll Be up there. Farewell with a Smile.)
• 178. One More Wish (Gohan tells Chichi about Son Goku's death. Trunks
Leaving for the Future!!)
• 179. Free The Future (I'll protect the Future!!! Trunks eradicates No. 17, No. 18
and Cell.)

[edit] Great Saiyaman Saga

Main article: Great Saiyaman Saga

• 180. Warriors of The Dead (The Strongest in Hade's. Goku confronts the Ginyu
Force, Freezer, Cold and Cell.)
• 181. Tournament Begins (An Assembly of fighters from all Era's...Goku enters
Dai-Kaio's tournament.)
• 182. Water Fight (Hold that breath! The Son Goku Hurricane.)
• 183. Final Round (Son Goku makes it to the final round. Goku Vs. Pikuhan.)
• 184. Goku vs. Pikkon (Son Goku vs. Pikuhan, the battle continues. What,
• 185. Gohan Goes To High School (Seven Years since that Event!! From now on
I'm a High School Student.)
• 186. I am Saiyaman! (The Debut of the Champion and Lover of Justice "The
Great Saiya-man".)
• 187. Gohan's First Date (Gohan's Mixed-up First Date.)
• 188. Rescue Videl (Gohan you must move quick! Save Videl...)
• 189. Blackmail (A Great Theft! And the Culprit is The Great Saiya-man.)
• 190. I'll Fight Too! (Son Goku's Resurrected as Well!! He's coming to the
Tenkachi Budokai.)
• 191. The Newest Super Saiyan (Gohan is Surprised Too. Goten's Explosive
• 192. Take Flight, Videl (AHH! I Flew!! Videl Learns to fly.)
• 193. Gather For The Tournament (Welcome Back Son Goku! The Whole Z Team
is Gathered.)

[edit] World Tournament Saga

Main article: World Tournament Saga

• 194. Camera Shy (You're in Danger Great Saiya-man!...Guard yourself against
Camera Attacks.)
• 195. The World Tournament (Not Bad Little Trunks.)
• 196. Trunks vs. Goten (It's My Turn!! Goten's Nerves First Fight.)
• 197. Best of The Boys (Pleasure a Hundred Times Over! The New Junior
Champion has Been Determined!)
• 198. Big Trouble, Little Trunks (What Will you do Mr. Satan?? The Greatest
Crisis in History!!)
• 199. Who Will Fight Who? (An Opponent is Drawn! Let's start the first Match
Without Delay!)
• 200. Forfeit of Piccolo! (What's Wrong Piccolo? The Impossible non-Fight...)
• 201. A Dark and Secret Power (Disgusting and Immortal!! The Mystery of
Supopo Bitchi.)
• 202. Videl is Crushed (No Mercy for Videl. Will the Anger Bring Super Gohan?)
• 203. Identities Revealed (Unmasked! ! ! The Great Saiya-man is Son Gohan.)
• 204. Energy Drain (A Sneaky plan! Gohan's power gets stolen.)

[edit] Babidi Saga

Main article: Babidi Saga

• 205. The Wizard's Curse (The Appearance of Darkness! ! The Evil Magician
• 206. King of the Demons (A Trap in Waiting. A Challenge from the Darkside.)
• 207. Vegeta Attacks (Don't Mess with me. Vegeta's first Attack is filled with
• 208. Next Up, Goku (Son Goku At full power. Take that Yaken!!!)
• 209. Battle Supreme (A Huge Mistake! ! ! Satan Vs. The 3 Super Warriors!?)
• 210. Eighteen Unmasks (The Kids are Strong! A tough fight for Number 18!)
• 211. Pay to Win (The Debut of the King of Evil. It's your turn Gohan!!)
• 212. Heart of a Villain (The Heart of Evil Found. Doubler's good idea.)
• 213. The Dark Prince Returns (The Rebirth of Vegeta, Prince of Destruction!
Confusion enters The Ring...)
• 214. Vegeta's Pride (The Fated Battle! Son Goku Vs. Vegeta...)
• 215. The Long Awaited Fight (Wait for us Babi-dee! We won't let you continue
your Evil.)
• 216. Magical Ball of Buu (The Seal is Broken... The Ultimate Evil Majin Buu

[edit] Majin Buu Saga

Main article: Majin Buu Saga

• 217. Buu is Hatched (I won't let you Be Reborn! The Kamehameha to change
• 218. The Losses Begin (A Straight Path to Destruction!? Kaio in Despair.)
• 219. The Terror of Mr. Buu (The Terrifying Majin Buu! It's feared That Gohan is
on the Brink of Death!!!)
• 220. Meal Time (I'm going to Eat You! The Starving Majin's Psychic Powers...)
• 221. The Warrior's Decision (A Warrior's Resolve!! Im going to Destroy Majin
Buu myself.)
• 222. Final Atonement (For The Sake of my Loved ones... Vegeta Falls!!!)
• 223. Evil Lives On (The Nightmare continues! Majin Buu is still Alive.)
• 224. Find The Dragon Balls (Videl's Struggle, Searching for the Dragon Balls.)
• 225. Revival (A Big Hope. The Kids' New Ultimate Attack!!!)
• 226. Global Announcement (Goten and Trunks! The Whole World's Ordered to
find them...)
• 227. Learn To Fuse! (Gohans Resurrection. Is that Kai-Oo-Shins Secret Weapon)
• 228. The Z Sword (I Pulled It Out! The Legendary Zed Sword...)
• 229. Race to Capsule Corp. (He's After the Western Capitol! ! ! Stop Majin Buu.)
• 230. Super Saiyan 3?! (Oh! What a Surprise!! The Super Saiya-jin 3 Classic.)
• 231. Buu's Mutiny (Bye Bye Babi-dee! ! ! Majin Buu Rebels...)
• 232. The Fusion Dance (Incredible Ugly!? The Special Transformation Training.)
• 233. Goku's Time is Up (Bye Bye Everyone. Son Goku Goes back to the After
• 234. Return to Other World (Where's Gohan?? The Harsh Training on Kaioshin's
• 235. Out from the Broken Sword (This can't be true! The Zed Sword gets
• 236. Gotenks is Born (The Birth of Super Fusion, The Name is Gotenks!)
• 237. Unlikely Friendship (The Last Weapon Mobilized. Satan will save the
• 238. I Kill No More (I've given up Killing! Majin Buu's Boy Scout Pledge!!!)

[edit] Fusion Saga

Main article: Fusion Saga

• 239. The Evil of Men (Run Away Satam! The Appearance of the evil Majin
• 240. Buu Against Buu (Who Will Win?! A Battle Between Good and Evil Buus.)
• 241. Empty Planet (The Impatient Destruction! The Extinction of Humanity...)
• 242. Time Struggle (The Training was a Success! You're Finished now Majin
• 243. Super Moves of Gotenks (I'm Really going to fight this time! Super Gotenks
goes all out...)
• 244. Trapped in Forever (I did it! The Ghosts succeeded in defeating Majin Buu.)
• 245. Feeding Frenzy (Inter-Dimensional escape! Super Gotenks 3?)
• 246. Gotenks is Awesome! (Have we gone too Far???? Buu Buu Volleyball...)
• 247. Unlucky Break (Even Greater, The Remade Gohan goes To Earth...)
• 248. A Whole New Gohan (He's overwhelming Buu. Gohan's Miraculous Power.)
• 249. Search For Survivors (Gohan can't be Beat! Buu self-destructs)
• 250. Majin Buu Transforms (Buu commits a Foul! Gotens is absorbed!?)
• 251. The Old Kai's Weapon (Come Back Son Goku! Save the Universe.)
• 252. Ready to Fuse? (One more Miracle. The Super Fusion With Gohan...)
• 253. Union of Rivals (Vegeta's Pride and Son Goku's Anger!!! The Birth of the
Invincible Hero)
• 254. Meet Vegito (The Ultimate Power. Vegetto the Lethal Warrior!)
• 255. Rip in the Universe (The Dimension is Shattered! Is Buu out of control?!)
• 256. Vegito? Downsized (Buu's favorite Technique!! Become Candy!!)
• 257. The Incredible Fighting Candy (Buu Fighting SSJ3 candy drop, and losing.
Vegetto gets Absorbed.)
• 258. The Innards of Buu (No more fusion, Buu's Digestive system attacks.)
• 259. Mind Trap (Is That you Gohan? Buu's Victim's Attack!)
• 260. Deadly Vision (Buu's inner body experience, The Great escape...)

[edit] Kid Buu Saga

Main article: Kid Buu Saga

• 261. Evil Kid Buu! (Where's the Exit!!!? Escape from the failing Buu!!)
• 262. End of Earth (Good Bye Earth!!! Buu falls into evil...)
• 263. True Saiyans Fight Alone (Buu get over here! Finish it off in Kaioshin-Ka!!!)
• 264. Battle for the Universe Begins (Seize the future! The Big Battle over the
• 265. Vegeta's Respect (Vegeta's Hat's off. Son Goku, You are #1.)
• 266. Minute of Desperation (Hold on Vegeta! A minute fight at the risk of life.)
• 267. Old Buu Emerges (Don't tease Satan!! The original Majin Buu returns!!!)
• 268. Earth Reborn (Vegeta's secret plan!! Porunga's two wishes!)
• 269. Call To Action (Our last hope! A Really Huge Genki-Dama.)
• 270. People of Earth Unite (Big Appreciation! It's here, Everyone's Energy Ball...)
• 271. Spirit Bomb Triumphant (Son Goku is the Strongest after all!!! Majin Buu is
• 272. Celebrations With Majin Buu (Peace is Restored! Friend of Justice, Majin
• 273. He's Always Late (You're late, Son Goku! Everyone's Partying!)
• 274. Granddaughter Pan (Grandpa Goku! I'm Pan!!!)
• 275. Buu's Reincarnation (I'm Uubu. Now 10 years old, Formerly Majin Buu)
• 276. Goku's Next Journey (To Become Stronger! Son Goku's Dream is to Surpass

[edit] Dragon Ball Z Movies

• 1. Dead Zone
• 2. The World's Strongest
• 3. The Tree of Might
• 4. Lord Slug
• 5. Cooler's Revenge
• 6. Return of Cooler
• 7. Super Android 13
• 8. Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan
• 9. Bojack Unbound
• 10. Broly: The Second Coming
• 11. Bio-broly
• 12. Fusion Reborn
• 13. Wrath of the Dragon

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