{704}{767}In October of 1994,|three student filmmakers. . .
{771}{851}. . .disappeared in the woods near|Burkittsville, Maryland, . . .
{855}{898}. . .while shooting a documentary.
{906}{963}A year later|their footage was found.
{1098}{1151}-It's already recording. . .|-Okay.
{1181}{1201}This is my home. . .
{1205}{1274}-You look blurry. I'll zoom out.|-Okay.
{1293}{1317}Good morning.
{1322}{1361}-Got it?|-Okay, I got it.
{1367}{1399}This is my home, . . .
{1444}{1485}. . .which I am leaving for the weekend. . .
{1490}{1554}. . .to investigate the Blair Witch.
{1581}{1632}Essential reading: "How to Stay|Alive in the Woods", . . .
{1637}{1676}. . .'cause you never know what's|gonna happen.
{1681}{1720}And this is an important book. . .
{1726}{1804}. . . because it has the article about what|happened at Coffin Rock.
{1810}{1826}It looks pretty old. . .
{1830}{1885}It's totally old.|And this is my field notebook.
{1889}{1952}It's Mr. Punctuality.
{1981}{2030}How are you this morning?
{2060}{2096}So I got the CP up.
{2147}{2208}That's what we're shooting on.
{2213}{2268}No one knows I took it,|but I got it.
{2274}{2333}Come into the house. Come on.
{2371}{2405}I can see you.
{2437}{2498}We're not gonna bump into shit,|I'm going backwards now.
{2504}{2549}We mustn't fuck up the cameras.
{2553}{2596}So where's Mikey?
{2600}{2643}-We have to go get him.|-Okay.
{2648}{2670}At 8:30.
{2699}{2766}We're already behind schedule, but|it's important to have juice.
{2770}{2790}That's cool.
{2794}{2833}I guess you're Mike!
{2870}{2921}Wait. Stop.
{3012}{3067}Don't we get to meet your Mama?
{3169}{3210}See you later, Mom !
{3234}{3275}How are you, Mike?
{3279}{3307}I'm tired but I'm fine.
{3312}{3371}I'm real excited about this.|Thank you for the opportunity.
{3376}{3440}I'm very glad. Thanks for|getting the equipment together.
{3446}{3497}We've got enough|battery power to. . .
{3501}{3560}. .fuel a small country for a month.
{3566}{3646}We've got rice, fruit punch. . .
{3666}{3703}Oatmeal Raisin, baby.
{3711}{3756}The ultimate campfood.
{3808}{3846}Feel how soft.
{3926}{4000}-Marshmallows. . .|-Hey, you weasel. Out of my cart!
{4130}{4167}Do you believe in ghosts?
{4175}{4224}Ever heard of the Blair Witch?
{4287}{4384}Sounds familiar.|My sister went to Blair High School.
{4394}{4492}The woods around Halloween|are creepy.
{4496}{4580}-Can you tell me a little more?|-I don't wanna go cheesy.
{4585}{4656}I want to present|this straightforward.
{4660}{4713}The legend is unsettling.
{4720}{4756}Wanna get the. . .
{4781}{4834}. . .ceremonial first slate?

{4943}{5023}The first slate for our|first shot.
{5044}{5126}Should we get our fingers open|and bleed on it?
{5136}{5170}A little blood-letting?
{5175}{5208}No, we'll save that for later.
{5213}{5256}Kiss the slate.
{5286}{5324}It's the first slate.
{5328}{5373}Marked by my lipstick.
{5377}{5440}Mikey, kiss it, good luck.
{5446}{5493}-There we go.|-Oh, he licked it. Bless him.
{5498}{5543}Don't eat it. We're gonna need it.
{5559}{5635}This is Burkittsville,|formerly Blair.
{5647}{5718}A small quiet Maryland town.
{5731}{5792}Like a small, quiet town anywhere.
{5797}{5906}Some 20 families laid roots here|over 200 years ago.
{5923}{5994}Many remain, either on this hill. . .
{6005}{6050}. . .or in the town below.
{6081}{6165}An unusually high number of|children are buried here. . .
{6175}{6230}. . . most of whom passed|in the 1 940's.
{6249}{6349}Yet no one here recalls anything|unusual about this time, . . .
{6357}{6400}. . . not to us, anyway.
{6408}{6455}Yet legend tells|A different story, . . .
{6461}{6516}. . .whose evidence is all around us.
{6533}{6572}Etched in stone.
{6735}{6821}We have shot the first scene,|the cemetery scene.
{6825}{6870}The opening is shot.
{6879}{6965}We're doing a documentary|about the Blair Witch.
{6990}{7084}-Have you heard of the Witch?|-That's an old, old story.
{7091}{7117}As I remember, . . .
{7122}{7196}. . . Mr. Parr was an old hermit, . . .
{7215}{7297}. . .and he lived up on a mountain.|He'd been there, . . .
{7301}{7334}. . . for a long, long, time.
{7338}{7391}-You heard of the Blair Witch?|-Several times.
{7397}{7450}What was the first incident?
{7454}{7542}I've heard stories about it|from people and neighbors,
{7547}{7623}I also saw a documentary on the|television. . .
{7629}{7707}. . .about her and legends|of Maryland, . . .
{7711}{7799}. . . my grandmother told us the story|to make us go to bed early.
{7803}{7885}They say if you stay up after dark|or walk around the house. . .
{7889}{7926}. . .the Blair witch will get you.
{7931}{8034}In the fall or winter of 1 940, . . .
{8039}{8113}. . .some young kids|started disappearing.
{8120}{8159}Nobody knew. . .
{8176}{8229}. . .why they were disappearing.
{8285}{8359}-A kind of an omen, isn't it?|-The creepiest story about her. . .
{8375}{8430}. . .was that two men out hunting. . .
{8433}{8521}. . .camped near the cabin|she's supposed to haunt. . .
{8527}{8543}No. No.
{8546}{8601}. . .and they just disappeared|forever.
{8619}{8691}I'm just telling a scary story,|but it's not true.
{8696}{8716}It's not true.
{8720}{8800}One day, old Mr. Parr|came into the market. . .
{8806}{8859}. . .and said "l'm finally finished".
{8863}{8887}And what did he mean by that?
{8892}{8931}Nobody knew at first. . .
{8936}{8983}But the police finally. . .
{8987}{9025}went up the mountain. . .
{9043}{9144}. . .and found the bodies of seven|kids in his house.
{9155}{9235}He would take the kids down|to the basement in twos. . .
{9239}{9294}. . .and he'd make one|face the corner. . .

|-You don't? {10358}{10391}I believe enough not to go. . {12561}{12591}Then on her arm. {11738}{11807}In Burkittsville. . {12986}{13016}Hairy from head to toe? . {12158}{12205}. . . {12455}{12491}. .she had a shawl. . {10482}{10523}What? How are they haunted? {10526}{10626}Well there's not many people|who say that it's haunted.she had hair . It was a woman. {11906}{11978}. . . . .Iike a horse. {11596}{11628}To make ends meet. . . . {11477}{11507}That is really. {10630}{10687}. {10849}{10943}There's the American flag. . . . . but there was this old woman. . .and everything. definitely. {10250}{10307}And do you think she could|still be up there now? {10313}{10354}-I don't go up there. {12661}{12710}And she scared you. . {11515}{11572}. . . . . . {10146}{10246}Creepy stuff. {9708}{9800}. . horse fur. it upset|the whole community. . . . . . . . {10692}{10716}Mary Brown? {10720}{10771}Yeah. {9458}{9494}Those were the seven kids|that were missing {9498}{9570}They brought the kids out of|the woods one at a time.|Mary Brown. {12328}{12365}. {9992}{10039}-Do you believe in witchcraft?|-No.only on her|arms and hands. {10992}{11043}You look for the best light. . . . .in witches and ghosts and|that kind of stuff {9921}{9966}Do you believe there are some|in this area? {9971}{9987}Oh. . .|or threatened you? {12730}{12812}She didn't say anything. .then he'd kill the one in|the corner too. {10961}{10987}I'm gonna bring her out. . . . . . . . . . {10120}{10142}Alrighty. . but I think|something's happening with her. {9657}{9702}He said he couldn't take|the eyes watching him.{9318}{9361}. . . kind of a scary story. and|looking at the sky.and then she opened her shawl. .|it's Mary's house. {11383}{11434}You met the Blair witch? {11455}{11473}Yes. . . {9373}{9447}. . . . .Iike a fur. . {12097}{12140}.watching my pole. . {12382}{12439}. . . . {12497}{12554}. . {12870}{12905}What was under there? {12909}{12981}She had hair on her|body like a horse. . .|she just stared. {10394}{10476}They say the woods are haunted|and stuff like that. {12817}{12862}. . an eerie feeling. .and suddenly I felt|something near me.dark.it was terrible. almost black hair. . {12601}{12642}. {9804}{9849}All my life I've believed. . used to fish at Tappy's Creek. . . and she was kind of crazy. {10776}{10821}How was she seen by the community? {10827}{10841}Crazy. . okay? {11048}{11062}Okay. . . . my Dad and I {11677}{11730}. . . {11224}{11281}I'm not even sure how to open it. {10062}{10115}-Are you religious?|-Yep. . . .that's why he made them|face the corner like that. {12219}{12274}. . . . {11988}{12085}. . {9853}{9918}. . . {11130}{11191}This is Mary's gate. {11309}{11379}And something interesting|happened to you once. {11632}{11671}. {9574}{9652}.and he'd kill the other one. who. {11822}{11889}I was laying on the leaves. {12278}{12323}.

{14715}{14760}-We kicked some ass today. . {16039}{16080}Drink! Drink! {16148}{16195}I hate fucking scotch. but the white|ones are obvious. {14802}{14818}Excellent day. {14014}{14046}All those are meters. it has meters. that's good. {16940}{16960}The myth? . {15397}{15446}That's good. man. {14858}{14942}Let's do an equipment check. {13314}{13390}She thinks she is. please. {15205}{15293}I just want to check it's loaded|properly so we can shoot. thank you. {14460}{14503}About Mary Brown? {14512}{14571}No.|-Cheers. {13086}{13158}-How about her face?|-You could see she was a female. that's good. {15778}{15864}-I'm freaking out. guys? {14417}{14456}I learned a lot. you're the director. {16511}{16548}I know you don't like it.|-We don't need that on film. And her legs. {15869}{15961}I fucking have to do this now. Once before. {13773}{13830}It also has our system.|-You can't. {14055}{14094}What about the brown ones? {14098}{14124}They're feet. {16458}{16503}I'm not ready for that thing yet.|okay? Do we have any weed? {15992}{16020}Here I go. {16403}{16427}How are you? {16431}{16453}I'm hurtin'. {15325}{15390}Okay. . Look. {13718}{13767}The fucking lens|has meters on it. {16815}{16860}You guys heard of|the Blair witch? {16867}{16933}I heard the myth. . . {14128}{14171}The brown ones are on there.{13021}{13078}Yeah.|after I call my mom. {14589}{14615}1 6 mill? {14625}{14686}. Welcome to day two. {13250}{13309}Thank God she's|not in the film business. . {14823}{14853}Very good first day. . {13964}{14009}But it's an American camera. right? {14176}{14239}Yeah. {14947}{15021}-I got a bag of Utz and a beer.and that she's a scientist|at the Department of Energy. . {16661}{16714}The trail is along here. {15530}{15583}Today's been easy. {13853}{13914}Nah. {15465}{15524}Let's relax. {15077}{15163}Could you run it a little|to check it's okay? {15176}{15196}Sure. I learned a lot about. smartass. . . {14343}{14386}How was today. {13638}{13704}You measured it in meters?|We're not in Europe. {15588}{15651}We're gonna have to do a lot|of hiking. {16720}{16779}It should be pretty obvious. {15694}{15772}Shut up. {13497}{13552}. because we've got|a long day tomorrow. just|shooting documentaries. . {13397}{13421}Get out. {16360}{16386}There's my friend Josh.about shooting. carry a lot of weight.|She also says she's a ballerina. {13557}{13633}I fucked up on Mary|with the depth of field. I don't|really believe much in it. {15029}{15072}So I guess you're covered then. . .|Pour me a shot. {13473}{13493}I heard that. {15656}{15690}We're preparing. {14242}{14334}-Didn't you use this camera before?|-Yeah. {16584}{16654}Hello. {14769}{14797}Very good day. {13426}{13469}And she says she's a historian. {13175}{13232}She was just strange looking.

{21039}{21086}I see a dirty behind. {17103}{17138}Damn fool kids never learn? {17142}{17160}That's what I said. {21232}{21275}There it is. {17436}{17469}-Watch it. {18435}{18523}I saw. {20293}{20359}Packs on. {18025}{18103}. And I wasn't|drinking that day. {19603}{19675}I hope he's not shooting a|whole shitload of stock. {19001}{19019}Sure you weren't.|-Her story.|-And got lost. {17596}{17651}. {18943}{18994}I'm not.|Then it disappeared.she appears back on her|grandmother's porch. in the late 1 800's. give me the video camera. {17391}{17432}You have to say yes or no. {17760}{17831}No "supposedly" about it. {17887}{17913}She got lost. {18776}{18810}Right out of the water. {18548}{18583}. .{16963}{17004}That's all I think it is. . . {18329}{18390}. {19510}{19540}You excited? {19565}{19587}You got it. I|believe her name was. . about a hundred yards. . {20594}{20653}My God. . . . . just by that|tree up the creek. {18130}{18195}And everybody's mystified. {20220}{20263}I could help. {20268}{20286}Okay.|Can't tell you what it was. {17986}{18020}Three days later. {20894}{20947}I wanna get her going across. {17936}{17966}Wasn't no "supposedly". . {18695}{18771}Like grey vapor rising|out of the trees. . . but. . . can I|have your permission. . either.supposedly wandered|off into the woods. {17659}{17751}. man.|She wandered off! {17841}{17882}-Okay. . sir? {17039}{17096}-I said damn fool kids never learn. . this is a very heavy pack.|-I'm sorry. {19141}{19157}How's that? {19191}{19265}Anybody round here. . {17506}{17584}Some girl. sir. . {17009}{17035}What'd you say. See? {21329}{21357}That's Coffin Rock. but I'd|rather record. Robin Weaver. knows that the old woman has|haunted this area for years. {18596}{18690}I saw a white misty thing. {20861}{20889}Mikey. wandered off. {19024}{19071}How is that related to the|story of Coffin Rock? {19076}{19137}It all ties in to the|story of Coffin Rock. . {17261}{17327}. .an old woman whose feet|never touched the ground. {20738}{20785}Off to Coffin Rock. . sure.to use your image on a|video documentary? {17337}{17384}I don't care about that. okay. {20789}{20836}I know exactly where we are now. {18270}{18323}Babbling something about. .|-Shut up. . . {19448}{19495}These woods are thick. {18212}{18265}-She was babbling something. {20363}{20408}We gotta go up to the shack? {20413}{20431}Yeah. {21186}{21210}Good jump. . . . {18815}{18837}Right out of the water? {18842}{18899}Up the side of the trees. we're ready to go. . . {19348}{19381}That's bullshit. . {17164}{17196}Why do you say that? {17201}{17256}First of all. {21216}{21230}Thank you. . . {17473}{17491}Yeah. {19270}{19342}. {18905}{18939}You're full of it. . .

. one man's|hands tied to the next man's fee t. . {23420}{23473}. . We've got our|very own leaning post. .one of them could|have been an owl. .went to find the sheriff. but the bodies had been|taken in a matter of hours. . {25210}{25263}I said I knew where|we were going. {24972}{25015}Where did we start yesterday? {25022}{25058}Off the map. . . blood indicated that|it had happened. .at the site called Coffin Rock. . {25416}{25469}You got us lost. but the other was a cackling. {24037}{24115}Look. {24268}{24317}. {23222}{23302}But I can use the shot|without me in it. . . . . . .|There was some confusion. . {22784}{22866}. . . {23581}{23611}It's starting to rain. . .they were tied up. . so I can't have a|cigarette in the tent. {23758}{23784}Just wondering. {24204}{24259}Okay. . {23945}{23994}Show us what the stick is for. . . . {22471}{22551}. . shocked by|what had happened. {24538}{24595}There were two separate noises. {22296}{22347}. . .coming from two|areas over here. . {21530}{21579}.|I would've shit myself. {22108}{22190}. .the stench of death|was still thick. . {25269}{25340}Wait.while they were|alive and resisting.they returned to see|vultures at the rock. . it wasn't. {21809}{21905}. . . {24740}{24793}. {24900}{24957}If I heard a cackling. . man. . so I'm sure I can edit|it together somehow. . . . {25531}{25570}Just don't get us lost today. . . . . . up on the rock. {24127}{24195}If it smells of farts|too much in the night.was that a|full of shit statement? {25344}{25360}No. . . . . . . {24430}{24468}You heard noises last night? {24471}{24532}-I did. . {23115}{23185}It's late. {22555}{22604}. I never gave Mike|a fart allowance. . . {22354}{22418}." {22896}{22978}That happened here|at Coffin Rock. . . {23311}{23407}. We're gonna be|losing light soon. .without sketching the writing|or touching the bodies . because I want|to camp. {23849}{23935}It is pouring with rain. . {23026}{23110}Let's rush. . . {24601}{24670}. I sleep like a log. . . . . {23790}{23839}I don't usually travel with two men. but what they found|was inhumane. . .cut into their flesh|with precision. {22708}{22779}. . . but he can fart as|much as he wants? {24322}{24410}No.|Can't even light a fire. . and it's 4:52. {24856}{24894}It was a cackling. . . . {24690}{24735}. {21735}{21805}. {21961}{22032}.and on each of their faces there|was indecipherable writing. . . because I recorded sound|while reading the whole thing. . . {21910}{21957}. . . {22036}{22102}. .their intestines had been|crudely torn out. {22423}{22466}. I don't have a|tent for three people. . .|-Problem is. . {25076}{25168}I knew where we were going. . . {21663}{21720}. man. . {24825}{24851}No way. . . . . . . .forming a solid|human structure. . . . {25173}{25205}Wait.the men. say that again.{21469}{21526}"They went into the woods|ready to find death. the torture. . . . {22198}{22292}. {23628}{23652}Did you rent this thing? {23658}{23746}Yeah. {25365}{25412}-So that wasn't bullshit?|-I knew where we were going. . {21584}{21653}. . {25473}{25518}For a very short period of time.suffered by these five|brave men was obvious. {22609}{22703}But the bodies had been|removed by persons unknown. . . . . but today. . .

. . . I am. {27630}{27664}Ohhh. {26940}{26962}You should see my ass. {26894}{26935}. . .|-I agreed to a scouted-out project . {26968}{27011}Look. because. . we wouldn't be . .|-Yeah. . blank. . {25818}{25844}"Our Little Mikey?" {25852}{25882}Our Little Mikey. hairy.|-I told you that . {29225}{29268}Mike. {28768}{28801}Not once. here's fucking Uruguay. . I|really have to go.Okay.a very spirited young man.|three hours away. hairy. {28195}{28240}Josh wants to look at the map now. {27136}{27226}What killed this|mouse? Witchcraft? {27283}{27315}How 'bout God? {27344}{27383}Is that the Blair Witch? {27393}{27498}No. {28024}{28054}You guys cool with that? {28074}{28090}What? {28094}{28120}Ninety minutes? {28127}{28188}-If you know where we're going. . Don't worry. {25643}{25692}You happy with the documentary? {25698}{25720}Yes. . guys! {29272}{29325}Please. . {28618}{28673}You knew that yesterday. {26190}{26245}Heather. {26798}{26820}Like symbols. {28900}{28947}Then it's two hours away. It should only be . {29162}{29219}. . {27782}{27825}-What?|-Says who? {27830}{27854}Says me. {28245}{28290}Though I know|where we're going. {26378}{26423}We like shortcuts. I know we're not lost. Mike. . {28451}{28515}What. {28835}{28896}You said that it was|two miles away. . admit that. {27525}{27599}You know. . {28808}{28830}Okay. {29017}{29085}-You agreed to do this project. somebody told you|there's a cemetery back there? {28520}{28579}If we're lost. this is where we were. {25595}{25638}No. .|-Sure. {28677}{28749}Bullshit! We have|not been lost today. {28295}{28350}If you'd known where|we were. .|taking a piss. . . . {25744}{25813}I'm very pleasantly surprised|by our little Mikey. {27050}{27091}-And there's Paraguay. . {27098}{27131}I think I see Bolivia. {26013}{26078}What do you think about the|witch? You think she exists? {26087}{26126}I don't know. I really hope|you find us a trail. {29089}{29157}-Not to wander round the woods. . {26666}{26721}It's really hard to film on video. {28585}{28613}. go! {27691}{27775}We're near the cemetery|trail. .{25574}{25590}Yeah. {26733}{26794}He has really sporadic hair|patterns on his chest. {26253}{26321}There's a trail up on|this hill. too. {26824}{26885}It's like blank. . These places are|very well documented. . I think it's Heather.getting to the locations|wasn't gonna be easy. of course. seriously. . don't we? {26479}{26530}We like level shortcuts. . just chill!|-Maybe it's four hours away. {26550}{26595}Not mountain shortcuts. {28355}{28381}We're in the middle|of the fucking woods. . {27882}{27968}We should be there|in about ninety minutes. you're being a smart-ass.|and twice again today. {25963}{26001}. {28952}{29013}-Okay. {26603}{26662}It's the first time we've|seen Mike's chest. {28384}{28447}-How could you possibly know?|-Because some is offtrail.

I'm quiet. {29541}{29605}Okay. . Christ! {31885}{31930}Oh. . {32888}{32957}It was Esau. believe me.|This stuff's slippery as shit.we'll find this the best we can. . {29754}{29822}. I|thought she was crazy. {31244}{31264}No way.|No. {32062}{32111}We're very. {31149}{31237}Dude. How am I gonna do this? {31072}{31123}Okay. . {31519}{31560}Well. {29852}{29889}So I'm putting my trust in you.and l. {29365}{29426}. {31815}{31849}Okay. shut the fuck up.{29330}{29360}We're looking at the map. I wasn't listening. . {30697}{30731}Are you gonna have to crawl? {30735}{30749}I'm gonna crawl. . what do you say? Where|do you think we're going? {29622}{29652}To tell you the truth. {30563}{30610}Baby steps. {30981}{31001}Okay. . man. {31854}{31880}Oh. . baby steps. . {29984}{30006}Good.that you know where it is. {29432}{29522}This is where we were. . {32174}{32211}You guys excited? {32278}{32311}Okay. {32327}{32360}What's this? {32540}{32606}What's this? Dude. {31675}{31716}I'll just go back and forth. {31039}{31067}Shit. . {29893}{29964}. {30753}{30767}Cool. {29826}{29846}Exactly. we're making a documentary. {32031}{32057}Oh. . how do we get|the DAT across? {31596}{31670}I don't know. . something about a|pile of rocks. man. {31269}{31299}There's no chance. . {30036}{30097}Though I gotta tell you. Let|me put my pack down. {30124}{30148}. {30909}{30976}Think of the joy of being|in a really good film. don't come across|with the DAT on your belly. {31383}{31413}How we gonna get|it across? {31417}{31497}The moss this morning was easy. what'd you drop? {31936}{32026}Nothing. It's useless. {32974}{33037}She was talking|about her rocks. fuck. man. man. {31310}{31353}How do we get it|across? {31357}{31379}It's really fucking hard.|it's about a witch ! {30408}{30441}I have a camera. We're|going more or less this way.this is Greek|to me. . . . very close now. Mikey? {31128}{31142}Yeah. we'll do it like that. {31721}{31770}Can you do it that way? {31776}{31810}It's the only thing I can do. {30456}{30550}We'll all look back on this|and laugh. {32647}{32708}Remember what Mary|Brown said the other day? {32750}{32815}What story from the|Bible was she telling us? {32820}{32875}Fuck. {30301}{30375}Not about us getting lost. you gotta look down. {31005}{31035}Okay. {30615}{30693}Just breathe and don't look down. man. guys. .|The tree just broke. {30771}{30857}Think how cool the fucking|cemetery is gonna be. {30269}{30295}Well. .|I don't fully trust you. . . {33043}{33094}Well. . what about|the rocks? {33129}{33172}Anybody remember? {33202}{33284}To live your life. {30165}{30189}What? {30196}{30265}I don't know why you tape|every conversation. .

{38154}{38201}What do you think it|was last night? {38234}{38270}Personally? . {34802}{34861}It's the Skipper. . .just like my Vienna sausage. {34295}{34366}If they had beer. . {34241}{34290}They had no beer on|the island.Gilligan was a funny guy. {37082}{37110}Listen.five. .the cemetery deal. . . . {34400}{34476}You're like the Captain. {35129}{35180}I just wanna be careful|not to get in the shot. {36268}{36329}All right.|-You're fucking scared. they'd|have had big-ass orgies. {37612}{37640}Why not? {37645}{37686}-Because I don't hear shit. {38020}{38104}Thanks mom for giving me|rain gear for my birthday. {33876}{33958}Sit back and hear a tale. {33664}{33686}. {35045}{35086}. . . let's call|it a thin Captain. . . man. {33965}{34018}. {34072}{34123}Yeah. {37690}{37718}Because I don't|hear anything! {37723}{37776}You cannot deny hearing it. . . {33738}{33787}. .. Bag it up.|-That's all right. . . {34127}{34184}. {36048}{36081}What'd you think? {36106}{36184}It was the same.|Fucking weird.|and Mike's your Gilligan. {37958}{38005}I know. man. {33377}{33424}I don't know if this counts. {35997}{36038}You can't be too careful. only darker.four. {35658}{35695}I didn't just knock that over. not a beer-guzzling|guy in a blue shirt. . {37149}{37173}Hello? {37214}{37238}Hello! {37422}{37508}It's all around us. though.. {35387}{35426}It certainly is odd. . {36348}{36372}Hello? {36409}{36448}Shit. . . {34902}{34930}No more Captain. {35700}{35797}That's not very nice.six. pretty much. . {34488}{34525}-No offense. . {33557}{33579}. {33474}{33496}. {33605}{33629}.. no light. Josh. {34977}{35041}Here we are back at|the rock again. {34761}{34797}It's not Captain. {36653}{36675}Do you want this? {36702}{36747}Put it by the tent door.the Captain was fat. {36610}{36648}We were sleeping... It's raining heavily.{33316}{33371}Looks like an lndian|burial ground. . aren't you|coming down? {37579}{37605}I ain't going down there. {37801}{37846}Get your ass out! Come on ! {37903}{37952}This rain fucking blows. {34023}{34068}. . {34192}{34228}He wasn't beer-guzzling. but this ship|has a good captain. .that started on|this desert isle. {34602}{34638}.aboard this tiny ship. . . . {36199}{36238}Yeah. {35582}{35652}Please tell me you didn't|just knock that over. {34700}{34755}Well okay. . ...|three.|Let me put it back. {34645}{34696}. {37524}{37569}Michael. .seven.|a tale of a fateful trip... . {33802}{33871}Flames are licking you|like the Devil. {33692}{33733}Years ago witches|were roasted. . {34532}{34564}It was a compliment. . {38110}{38148}God bless her. .. man. . . .

{41330}{41391}We've been in the middle|of nowhere for two days. {41143}{41194}Well the compass says. {42015}{42097}Turn the camera off and give|me the fucking map. . {40603}{40672}-You know exactly what's going on?|-Yes. . . {38349}{38392}But nobody knows|we're here. . . man. {40724}{40779}Five minutes and we|do a map check. {39217}{39251}.then there's something|wrong with them. . I want|to mark this occasion. Wait a second. {40422}{40481}It was the most direct way to|hit our two locations. . {42103}{42137}Turn it off and get us home. {40834}{40926}We just did a map check. {40118}{40171}Two more hours max.|You bugged me out.and I'm not gonna|get into that.a very wet. I'm not gonna|get into that. {39062}{39159}We're deep in the woods. {40221}{40315}If we came by a short cut.and get us home. {39443}{39486}. I don't remember|any of this.you ever see|"Deliverance"? {38468}{38552}Well. {39810}{39838}What? {39842}{39908}I don't remember any|of this coming from the car. .it's been a very long day. . . . . {38734}{38799}I want it on sound. either! {39371}{39395}Fuck. . . . {38959}{39006}. {40538}{40560}Seriously? {40565}{40599}Yes. {41395}{41436}Just like the car. {39255}{39283}And if it wasn't people? {39288}{39333}Well. {41835}{41867}. . {41200}{41253}.and all I can think is|"l want it all.|-We don't camp.and it's gonna be dark soon. maybe they were locals|or whatever. {39490}{39558}. . . {41697}{41723}Get the fuck out of here! {41728}{41777}Why? 'Cause you don't know|where we are? {41781}{41830}No. Stop the camera. very long day. but. . Come on. . . {39912}{40004}We have to go a different|route to get back. {40010}{40059}. whatever it was. {41901}{41981}-Look. . . . . . {40492}{40533}And this is the quickest|way back to the car. {39630}{39712}Nobody's speaking to me|right now . I'm not sure. {40677}{40703}All right.|that way. {40790}{40816}All right. {38614}{38686}I was. {41539}{41586}Let's just keep|going. Seriously. because we went|around in a curve. and|if people want to mess with us. because we're still|A little way from the car. {38397}{38456}Yeah. {38690}{38729}. . . . {39163}{39212}. {41002}{41057}We're all right. man !|This is nothing. Let's just keep going. .|and we're still on track.|I want it on sixteen. I woke up suddenly|and shit's going down. {39010}{39057}I don't know what|the hell they wanted." {38880}{38954}Sounded to me like a lot|of people running around. guys. {41440}{41504}Look at this shit. . . {40946}{40982}That's not what I said. .we go straight ahead.{38273}{38287}Yeah. . . . .|I want it on sixteen. why|are we going back a different way? {40358}{40407}Because we have to go round. {41270}{41321}We're in the middle of nowhere. {42251}{42321}The map is in my|pocket. . {38803}{38869}If we see anything.|just keep going. . . {41985}{42011}. . . . {38556}{38609}You were freaking out. {42141}{42217}No. . I'm filming. . . {39726}{39789}Dude.|I just wanted to. . . {38291}{38344}Someone fucking|with your head. . {42222}{42246}Give me the map. all right? {41658}{41693}I think we should camp.

{47205}{47231}I am. . man. I'm so sorry. . . be quiet. {44145}{44167}Hello? {44263}{44331}Shit. . {43314}{43371}I start work tomorrow at nine. {43404}{43453}It's fine. Mike. {47377}{47438}Tell me it's five|O'clock or something. {43152}{43232}We will get the|DAT back on time. {43275}{43310}We'll get it all|back tomorrow. . . .|-It's just a deer. We should|be home already. . {44995}{45021}Hello? {45736}{45789}I think it's just a deer. . {47739}{47788}This has got nothing to do. {47474}{47492}Three. I am. {42450}{42486}Fucking bullshit! {42490}{42516}Mike. {44541}{44574}You hear that? {44724}{44746}Shit. right? {47144}{47164}But I'm staying out. {45814}{45875}-Could be deer. .there. . {46002}{46032}It's gotta be just a deer. Let's go to sleep. it's fucking freezing. {47239}{47333}What time is it? Anywhere|near morning? {47356}{47372}Let me see. Mike. {43117}{43147}We have to. {43376}{43400}I know. . it's on. {45881}{45918}I don't think so. . . {47673}{47734}I'm sorry. {45921}{45997}Sounds just like last night. .|We'll just use DAT. {42528}{42558}Just relax. {42564}{42613}Don't fucking tell|me to relax! {42626}{42700}Let's just sit down. . . . This is|fucking crazy. chill. . {47814}{47857}. {46399}{46433}Okay. {43457}{43508}Let's just fucking camp.with what we're here for. . it's cold. {43237}{43271}And the camera. . {42704}{42753}Yes. {46095}{46132}It wasn't like last night.|and check the map. Let's do that. . {44413}{44435}What? {44440}{44466}I hear it. {42874}{42946}But the car isn't far.|It's all around us. But we|can't find it in the dark. man. {47168}{47201}You stay out here with me. {43709}{43780}Whatever it is. it sounds the|same as last night. {46037}{46070}It was a deer. {46282}{46304}You say something? {46308}{46394}Yes! Fucking listen ! Let's|get it on DAT. {43958}{44026}Where's my boots? Fuck. {44481}{44515}I don't hear shit. {42786}{42818}Are you happy? {42822}{42855}I'm not happy. . {46523}{46589}Jesus Christ! What the|fuck was that? {46758}{46807}It's not scared by our yelling. no. please. we'll be just fine. I guess. {47496}{47516}Fuck! {47552}{47628}Bullshit. {44360}{44384}. {46928}{46969}Sounds like footsteps. okay? {43519}{43570}I wanna tape it from|inside the tent. {46974}{47023}I know! It's a fucking person ! {47063}{47139}I don't see shit on video.{42325}{42355}God damn ! {42366}{42446}If we keep our heads|together. We can still|get the DAT back tomorrow. {42951}{43017}Are you absolutely sure? {43022}{43114}Yes.

. man. . . {51728}{51795}We're going this way!|We gotta find something! . {49614}{49690}I'm just fucking done. .|-Okay. I don't have it. . {50696}{50735}You really don't have it? {50781}{50820}One of you must have the map. man.|two seconds ago. .and there are piles of|rocks outside our tent. . I don't have the map. . hang on.|-Okay. . {50258}{50282}Are you fucking serious? {50286}{50335}Fucking serious. I don't have it! {51204}{51236}Look. {49788}{49818}Did you take it? {49835}{49894}No. {49442}{49495}-Let's get out of the woods. that is not so cool. . {48468}{48548}. let's go. {48256}{48327}Are you positive those|weren't there last night? {48332}{48401}I am fucking positive|they weren't here! {48407}{48464}How could we have|just camped.|Which way? {51517}{51533}That way.you could have done. {49695}{49717}All right. {49374}{49438}Put the fucking camera down.|We gave it back to you. {50542}{50595}. you wanna stay and|film rocks. . . {49981}{50020}I'm not playing head games. {50373}{50414}Heather.|man. {48775}{48849}Whatever it is. I don't have it. .we have to get back to the car. why would I take it? {51240}{51297}I just wanna get out|of here. {50155}{50253}I don't have it. {48017}{48081}. . man.|Let's pack up the tent. . {51538}{51581}We're in the|middle of the woods! {51585}{51640}We can walk any way! {51645}{51723}This way! Because we've|been going this way all day. {51068}{51146}I did not get the goddam map|out of your fucking pants. {48906}{48975}They obviously don't want us|Here. {49241}{49261}Okay. {50081}{50115}But I'm not.|one of you must have it. . . . {48858}{48901}. I'm not scared!|I'm just tired and hungry.{47862}{47907}This is just it's bullshit. . {49044}{49101}-That's what I mean. we're out of here. {51155}{51200}Well. . . . {51440}{51456}Let's go! {51460}{51513}. I didn't take the fucking map. . . {49105}{49175}Let's pack our shit up|and just walk. cool. . . {48173}{48216}There are three. {50825}{50882}No. man. {49187}{49209}Can we just walk? {49214}{49236}Yes. . . We have to go. because all I want to do|is get to the goddam car. but|I really don't care. {50027}{50076}You're the one playing|head games.you wanna film this and that. . {48709}{48770}. man. .after map check yesterday. . {50889}{50936}. {50419}{50460}I know it's not cool! {50497}{50532}It's the fucking least|responsible thing. . between three piles of rocks|just by coincidence? {48567}{48606}You don't think this is strange? {48620}{48704}It is fucking weird. . {49516}{49534}Come on ! {49538}{49610}No. {47930}{48001}Woke up this morning. look around. {50956}{51011}I always keep it in the|same place. . so let's get out. {51303}{51325}Me too. {48986}{49039}We have to get the DAT back. .|I'm serious. {51332}{51350}Let's go! {51354}{51436}No. {49271}{49336}But we're leaving just|when it's all happening. {50619}{50641}I know that. {51016}{51063}. right now.and if it's not there. actually.

{54123}{54188}. . {51874}{51927}I gave you back the map! {51954}{52009}-Let's just go. {56285}{56379}If I knew that. . . . people are gonna notice. {52420}{52477}. {54994}{55020}He's laughing. . . {52679}{52751}. . better try the other way. we're gonna chill out! {55561}{55635}-Didn't you want to get to the car?|-Oh boy! ! {55646}{55684}Okay. I|just wanna know you have it! {56189}{56255}That would make me happy. . . . My girlfriend's definitely|gonna notice. {52756}{52792}All blame aside. {52569}{52668}I'm staying here. not this way. .this is really fucked up. . .so if by tonight we|haven't found shit. . . .|and I'm not home today. . {52145}{52175}Would you guys stop it? {52362}{52415}We are fucked. if you got the map. . . . . uncomfort does not even. . .this area's not that fucking big. . {55353}{55404}Dude. . {53391}{53481}Exactly. . {53488}{53558}. . Well. {53318}{53384}. . . {53674}{53760}If you're not home today. . . . {53566}{53584}What? {53605}{53664}Well.or your DAT.|just to know you have it. {54006}{54074}. . {55202}{55274}I'm happy you|find it amusing. . but there's no point if we have|no idea where we're going. . . . I'd feel much better. {52906}{52963}I know. . seriously.that I'll be uncomfortable|for the rest of the day. {55688}{55714}Oh shit. .and she'll notice that|I haven't called. and I could see|it. {55907}{55950}-Oh. we're doin' a pretty good|job of being lost. {53889}{53955}. {53038}{53089}-I realize that. When you|find someone. . . {54078}{54119}. {52014}{52081}.|-I don't mean to laugh. Heather. {52088}{52141}We're following the creek. {52863}{52902}. . . {55431}{55459}Can we keep going. . . {52978}{53033}We really need to work together. . . . . . . {54672}{54746}-If we didn't have these packs. we are done. . {53808}{53877}. . . let's try it this way.someone's gonna be looking for us. . no! {54218}{54261}Not down here. {56040}{56079}. {56085}{56169}Seriously. {53281}{53301}Look. {55958}{56030}Heather! lf you make me|yell at this point. {54502}{54537}No. . . . . . {55738}{55804}You weren't lying to me about|the map. . . {55024}{55095}.and even harder to stay lost. .|-Exactly. {53174}{53204}. . . . . come on. Exactly.{51809}{51848}I gave you back the map! {51853}{51869}I gave you the map. . {53094}{53170}So we accept the fact that my|camera's not gonna be back. .|-We can move as fast as we want. {55279}{55334}.that's the first time|you've laughed in days. . . .|Mike seems happy with that. It's very hard to get|lost in America these days. . {54565}{54616}. please? {55468}{55519}No. {54769}{54801}Your feet are wet! {54805}{54846}Is Michael laughing? {54925}{54974}Shut up and cross the stream. we are fucked.we are dead. {54401}{54473}Shit. I just got my whole shit wet. {53211}{53272}No blame from now|on about that shit.|-We're going a little stir crazy.that I didn't get back and|I didn't call. man. . . .Iet's get up here.tell them I'm under the|tree with the vine. {54192}{54214}Oh. . go another way.don't make me|yell at you. . . {53765}{53804}. were you? {55809}{55901}'Cause to me it seems like you're|having a little too much fun. . {54266}{54317}.

. man. {56863}{56879}Fine. . .|-Just don't say sorry. {56935}{57002}-. .|it's your fucking fault! {58316}{58371}You understand? {58431}{58490}How could you be|such an asshole? {58519}{58601}-What were you thinking?|-You are fucking me up here! {58608}{58677}I am not! That map|was useless! {58698}{58732}It was useless to you ! {58749}{58814}Okay. {59459}{59535}. {60601}{60656}Why don't we carry on like that? .we were laughing|at the situation. . {58146}{58178}You're a fucking asshole! {58185}{58238}That map was useless! {58243}{58310}If we get hurt or die here.|Give me the compass. but I kicked that map into the|creek yesterday. are you fucking kidding? {57665}{57706}I'm sorry. . {59601}{59631}Yeah.you should've|bought your own.|What can I say? {58972}{59066}-The map wasn't doing shit. {57221}{57309}It was useless and I kicked it|into the creek! {57412}{57451}I fucking hope he's kidding. {56884}{56931}We're fucking hungry|and fucking tired. . . . {59111}{59182}I knew exactly where|we were! {59186}{59255}Listen ! Yesterday I asked you what|fucking river we were on. {59824}{59860}. . {60360}{60432}I'm just asking|Why we stopped. . That map|wasn't doing shit! {57964}{58042}Not for you.what the hell else can we do?|-You know what? {57006}{57065}I'm sorry. . {59665}{59712}Can I have the fucking compass? {59731}{59819}No. {59294}{59332}Turn the fucking camera off! {59336}{59362}Give me the compass. man.way fucking beyond. I'm not. . . . . {56749}{56794}All our shoes are wet. {58823}{58876}I didn't bring you out|here for this. {60022}{60050}Because I haven't! {60064}{60096}Why are we stopped? {60227}{60253}Why are we stopped? {60324}{60352}Just don't. . .|If you wanted one. {59865}{59908}You and he both fucked us up. {58887}{58965}Sorry about the map. {59962}{60017}-. I bought the compass. but I knew what|the fuck the map said! ! {58047}{58067}I'm sorry! {58072}{58115}You're a fucking asshole! {58121}{58141}I'm sorry. . {59915}{59954}Why can't you admit that .you have betrayed us. {57121}{57209}. I'm sorry. {59072}{59107}It wasn't worth|shit to you. . {59260}{59290}Shut up or else. . {59403}{59452}. . {56616}{56648}It's fucking hilarious. . . {57628}{57661}Mike. . {57711}{57793}You're kidding me. You have|gotta be fucking kidding me! {57805}{57844}-You think it's a game?|-Get off me! {57848}{57897}What the fuck?|Are you out of your mind? {57902}{57959}No. . {56528}{56610}So I get laughed at 'cause|my shoes got wet. {57487}{57507}Mike? {57545}{57584}I really fucking hope he's kidding.you fucked up from the start. man. . {56798}{56857}. . .{56479}{56524}We're just trying to|be cool with you. {60483}{60542}Weren't we going south? {60547}{60592}We all seemed very|Happy with that. {59550}{59597}So have you for not getting|us out of the woods. thanks. . .|-Let's just walk south. . it's fucked up.

what the fuck is that? {66985}{67024}What the fuck is that? {67203}{67229}Oh. {66241}{66280}Oh. {63048}{63124}This is no redneck. {64500}{64530}Yeah. {64282}{64319}I don't know what to do. we're out of here. {63760}{63794}Come on. . . that's my thinking. {65983}{66059}Jesus Christ.|-Let's go! {63643}{63731}Okay. anything|could attract them.{60884}{60904}What? {60911}{60960}There's all sorts of|Stuff down here! {60965}{60995}What kind of stuff? {61007}{61040}Voodoo shit! {61084}{61114}What? {61119}{61191}-Hanging all over the place!|-No way. we're going right now. {65270}{65300}Oh God. {61779}{61803}What the fuck is this? {61808}{61838}I have no idea. {61608}{61649}Please. {62866}{62954}Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ. too. little kids. {64761}{64787}All right. man? . {61234}{61266}It's all over. {64352}{64405}We should all get|lnside the tent. {64895}{64927}Let's just go to sleep. .|No. and they know. {63178}{63204}Can we go now? {63208}{63242}Yeah. {61344}{61403}Come up quick! I need the CP! {61408}{61449}There's all sorts|Here. {66104}{66173}Take the video camera.|-We didn't light one the first night. {64442}{64489}Let's not light a fire tonight. {64722}{64756}We should turn that light off. I didn't|Even see these! {63410}{63474}Okay. {63482}{63564}-That's enough ! Stop taping!|-That's enough ! {63570}{63637}-Okay. that's fucking creepy. . I gotta film this! {61655}{61683}Take the fucking camera. {65411}{65443}Put this out. the DAT.|No redneck is this creative. {66189}{66236}I'm gonna get this on video. fucking go! {66653}{66673}Oh God! {66702}{66732}Oh God! {66790}{66814}Hurry up! {66819}{66888}I'm coming! My boots aren't laced! {66915}{66962}Oh my God. Let's go. man ! {61472}{61529}This is fucking crazy shit. Heather. turn it off! {63798}{63874}Help! {63923}{63970}Please help us! {64030}{64081}We won't get out of here like that. {64792}{64858}Seriously. Oh. {63261}{63320}Okay.|I'm leaving. {64616}{64636}And nothing happened. dear God. you got|Enough. God! {66066}{66100}I'm gonna put my jeans on. where are you . please. {64088}{64110}Fuck! {64129}{64159}Fuck! {64177}{64259}I think I can say|that we're now lost. dear God! {66590}{66626}Go. {64640}{64712}We light fires. {64413}{64435}All right.|No one was following us. shit! {67410}{67465}Mike. {63325}{63391}Oh. {64535}{64611}-That's a good idea. {61270}{61292}Holy shit. man. I got everything on video.

{71506}{71542}I didn't mean it. {71906}{71963}I hate crossing streams on logs. man ! {71216}{71250}Still your fucking documentary! {71256}{71322}-Don't touch it!|-Then turn the goddam thing off! {71327}{71391}If you bite me again. okay? {69185}{69248}I don't hear anything anymore. man. I wanna go home. {68569}{68639}-Yes there was. Have we got everything here? {70738}{70787}-Like I give a shit. {69620}{69650}Okay. Where's mine? {69871}{69910}What the fuck. {69325}{69366}How long have we been here? {69373}{69412}I don't know. . This is not funny.on a log.|all lights off. {68912}{68955}We should be quiet. but you're still doing|your documentary thing. {72026}{72092}. .|Let's go back.|-Turn it off! {71482}{71502}I'm sorry. {70651}{70712}Relax. {71981}{72020}If I never cross another stream. {68122}{68152}I'm soaking. {68154}{68182}That's okay. {70358}{70415}It is slime. . . We're okay now. man? {69774}{69810}Where's my pack? {69814}{69859}Right there. it's cold.|pack up. . {71676}{71700}What the fuck. {68847}{68882}Oh my God.|-There was no fucking baby. . and go. {69567}{69616}Let's just get back. {68196}{68226}What was that? {68247}{68298}What the fuck is going on? {68440}{68497}You hear that baby screaming? {68504}{68563}Shut the fuck up. {67745}{67802}. {71069}{71128}Am I laughing at all? {71135}{71211}No. {70607}{70637}So turn it off. {70529}{70576}I'm not interested|anymore! Let's go! {70583}{70603}I know. .? {69464}{69515}The sun's up. {71399}{71475}-Don't touch my camera. okay? {71546}{71568}You all right? {71572}{71611}Yeah. . {69716}{69759}What the fuck. . {67867}{67945}All lights off. . . . Josh.|-Whose bag was opened? {70792}{70820}It was mine! {70898}{70930}Why you? {70939}{70986}Are you not scared enough yet? {70990}{71008}But why you? {71021}{71064}Put it down. {70205}{70248}They spilled all my water! {70256}{70293}Looks like slime. but I wanna get|what we can. {70314}{70342}It's just water.|I'll throw you in river. There's|no fucking baby. turn that thing off!|-Let's go. {70464}{70499}-Heather. man. .? {71755}{71789}Is this possible? {71811}{71850}All right. . What the fuck is it? {70425}{70460}Let's get out of here. an hour. . I'll die happy.turn that light off. . .|turn it off. {71616}{71661}. {68724}{68779}I haven't heard anything|since we ran away. . {70504}{70524}Okay. man.{67694}{67730}Turn the lights off. man? {70092}{70137}Why're they fucking|with us like this? {70159}{70196}They just opened it up. {71875}{71899}Here I go.

{72583}{72667}As if everything's|not quite the way it is. {75903}{75968}You got to be kidding. {72472}{72546}But it's a totally filtered|reality..|please stop.|-I know. {73489}{73530}It's hard to stay calm.if we film him|while he's crying. and that's a fact. {73290}{73323}I know you know.|this is a joke! {76006}{76055}It's not funny! {76070}{76154}Mike. . {74259}{74283}Please. America. {75257}{75339}. {74449}{74471}I know you don't. .. . {73214}{73263}. but we got|to look after each other. {75050}{75072}Why not? {75076}{75164}Because we've destroyed most|of our woods in America. {76249}{76284}Oh no! {76302}{76349}No. . {74593}{74663}It came three nights running. .. {75826}{75861}Oh God! {75881}{75899}Oh no.|they might just go on forever. .with our walking speed.. {73534}{73585}-We need to get out. {74476}{74554}Whoever it is. {75713}{75762}That tree is down. .. . Believe me. . please stop. Once so proudly we hailed. Mike. {73163}{73210}And we're not looking after him. . {74951}{75033}Not possible in this country.. it's not the same log! . {73021}{73078}I know. {74667}{74730}Just what I need to|hear right now. {73428}{73485}Sure. he's lost it. man. {74561}{74587}It's not a fact. none of us do. . {75531}{75611}.was this blue jelly|shit on my shit? {74083}{74109}Let's go. there's none left. is gonna come|back.{72149}{72223}I see why you like the|video camera so much. {72254}{72280}You do? {72286}{72329}It's not quite reality. {73268}{73286}I know. . {72955}{72991}Come on. . . {74387}{74444}Josh.. .. {72876}{72945}Leave him alone. {73644}{73693}Just let him calm down.. {75168}{75248}-Let's just keep going. Five minutes. . {74734}{74818}I'm just trying to|rationally say that. {73326}{73387}Let's try and keep our wits. . {73083}{73155}I know..|and it's worse every night. {74319}{74382}I don't wanna camp|another fucking night. {74128}{74154}Let's go. .|we'll get out. man. {73812}{73859}Nobody has any cigarettes? {73863}{73889}We're out. {73698}{73731}Anybody got a cigarette? {73735}{73755}No. . {75413}{75509}. . {72746}{72783}Just leave him alone awhile {72789}{72815}We need to go. {73760}{73792}No. {72396}{72441}Reality says we gotta move. Same one. {73962}{74005}Why the fuck. {73392}{73424}But we have to go. ... {73590}{73625}You're not telling me|anything new. {74012}{74077}. {74832}{74931}.. but we've all|nearly lost it. God shed your grace on thee.. I know. {75669}{75708}That's the tree we crossed. {72820}{72854}Leave him for five minutes.at twilight's last gleaming.|-America. {74171}{74232}If we keep going south.

. {82033}{82119}I don't know how you can|sew at this point.|I can't fight.|-Still making movies. {81230}{81304}We gotta think like human beings. {80059}{80094}. . . . {79303}{79395}We're screwed. God! ! {77131}{77180}It's the same log. . . man.there's a fucking witch who|keeps leaving shit around. . {79890}{79968}. okay?|Just please stop. . . {80548}{80630}Josh. . here's your motivation. {82620}{82700}Really fucking me up. . . {82298}{82361}Doesn't it seem absurd. she's still making movies! {80776}{80823}-Please stop. I'm cold.she's chasing us.|Tomorrow we go east.you're lost. no one can help you. . guys. {79420}{79459}I'll do the first watch. .she left little trinkets. {82546}{82599}It's just fucking me up. quit it. {79745}{79790}It's not the time or place. {80099}{80158}. . at this point? {82366}{82392}Yes. {77058}{77117}Fuck you. . . {80828}{80897}It's all I have left. {81855}{81902}You're getting like she was. {82396}{82451}Lots of things seem absurd. and that's it.{76417}{76462}-Same log!|-Look. {79012}{79047}Fuck you.and we ended up in the same place! {80334}{80416}There's no one to help you !|That's your motivation ! {80511}{80544}Please stop. . I can't take it. {82182}{82229}-I know. it's okay. . {81309}{81372}We've gotta do shifts. {79795}{79838}We have things to prepare for. And|no one can help you ! {80229}{80272}We walked fifteen hours today. {79842}{79883}Okay. . {81519}{81576}You gonna write us a|happy ending. {80653}{80706}You got her back. . . . . Josh. {80710}{80771}No. it's not! {76466}{76511}Yes it is! Open your eyes! {76517}{76564}It's not the same log. {77682}{77731}I don't know what to say. {79113}{79149}Fuck you.|or say something? {78421}{78455}What do you wanna do? {78608}{78638}Josh? {78754}{78803}I wanna make movies. {77760}{77821}How the fuck did we wind|up in the same place? {77826}{77923}We walked south|all fucking day! {77928}{77977}I don't know how we|ended up here! {78142}{78199}Do you expect me to do.|-I hear you. . Heather? {81793}{81832}Come on.|We got lots to do.|We got things to do. Good one. {77555}{77608}Where do you wanna camp? {77614}{77677}Going south didn't work. turn it off. period.|though. {80276}{80329}. {79975}{80055}. . {77004}{77041}It's the same log. you're angry and|no one's here to help you. it does. {78868}{78909}Isn't that why we came? {78961}{79004}Let's make some movies. please? {79232}{79298}. . {82458}{82542}Like sleeping where we were|last night is freaking. {82123}{82168}Well. {79153}{79204}Let's not fight. .|Please stop fighting. man. {81151}{81210}I'm fucking tired of|crying all day. . . and|you fucking took one. {80958}{81023}Please stop yelling at me. {79508}{79549}I got first watch. She's had enough. Heather. {82236}{82293}The smallest comforts|we can get are good. . {77355}{77419}Okay. {80164}{80225}.

{87543}{87633}That'd be good. {84978}{85068}Let's go.and when he's back. hot bath. We've gotta find|him. Heather. {85683}{85746}I don't know if Josh ran off. {87637}{87673}And a big pumpkin pie. calm down. I do. {87417}{87491}Yeah. . {84677}{84726}Remember what he said yesterday? {84735}{84761}What? {84802}{84880}About the shit on his bag.|he could hear me. I don't know how I'm|gonna hike with the camera. {85430}{85473}I'm losing my mind. {82925}{82955}It's all right. {85389}{85422}. {85486}{85518}Josh hasn't come back. {83732}{83808}Mashed potatoes|and a piece of ass. {85782}{85818}All his shit's here. Come on. {84444}{84501}If he was there. {85315}{85376}All right. I would like a whole|fucking bottle of Bordeaux.{82795}{82869}-I'm sorry. we never go out of earshot! {84060}{84103}Come on. {86121}{86168}How do you feel about east? {86216}{86254}How do you feel? {86307}{86350}Well. {83849}{83875}Josh? {83967}{84030}Fuck. {82966}{83017}Who wants a cheeseburger? {83033}{83065}I do. {84138}{84173}How can l? {84404}{84440}He's probably at the river. {87678}{87721}A pumpkin pie with ice cream? {87761}{87810}Warm with milky ice cream? {87815}{87845}Yeah.|and a long. {85865}{85895}I've got the camera. come on. {85923}{85982}. {87322}{87357}Just one meatball? {87362}{87413}And a big glass of red wine. we'll go. {83639}{83696}You'll have them again very soon. {83150}{83234}Do you? Can I have a|light to cut this? {83252}{83289}Know what I'd fucking love? {83299}{83321}What? {83326}{83358}Mashed potatoes. {86725}{86755}What the hell is that? {86792}{86814}Josh? {86941}{86982}We'll have to put up the tent. . . . {83087}{83144}I got a cheeseburger in my pocket. {85200}{85239}No. {82876}{82913}I'm sorry. Mike. {85522}{85540}Heather? {85564}{85601}I'm here. sounds good. . {85075}{85165}If we can't even find the car.|-Me too. . man.|how are we gonna find Josh? {85170}{85194}Come on. {83469}{83538}My mom's mashed potatoes. {83387}{83415}Me too. {86395}{86483}Which witch was worse. south didn't work. {86606}{86636}Let's go east. {85998}{86045}Sure you wanna take it? {86049}{86077}We have to take the camera. It's all right. {85265}{85310}Come on. let's take|Down the tent. the one|from the east or from the south? {86530}{86593}The witch of the|west was the bad one. I'm fine. {84618}{84659}Wait for him to respond. . . Mike. . relax. . {87500}{87538}And a pack of smokes. . {87274}{87317}I'd like a meatball.

so if we're smoking. {93789}{93855}We'll just keep walking. {88190}{88229}I think you could scratch that. {90074}{90127}Do you think that's them again? {90294}{90318}Is it over here? {90323}{90364}No. {92713}{92741}Oh. it's over here. . {90963}{91043}I don't know if it's really him. {93979}{94075}I found some cigarettes|at the bottom of my pack. {92355}{92377}See? {92404}{92471}I just want to show you|that Mike's here. {93500}{93578}I'm taking it away|from the tent. . shit. {90620}{90650}We'll look for him.|-Okay. {96352}{96436}Shit.? {97015}{97037}Yeah? {97080}{97102}What are you doing? {97107}{97156}Just washing my hands! {97163}{97179}What? {97183}{97220}Just washing my hands! {97243}{97267}I'm fine. {92485}{92520}There. shit! {96588}{96620}Oh my God! {96949}{96981}Okay. Josh ! {91645}{91665}Mike? {91671}{91722}-What?|-Please don't fall asleep. it|sounded like Josh.|-What? {93036}{93077}There's something out here. . He's sleeping. okay. {97761}{97787}You need help? {97791}{97842}No. no. shit. {93601}{93652}I'm just throwing it. I'm okay.and very scared. see. he would've|said where he was. {93403}{93448}-Get rid of it. {91854}{91936}Whatever it is. {97871}{97897}I'm okay.{87856}{87913}What do you like|to do on a Sunday? {87969}{88038}I used to like to drive to the|woods and go hiking. . and I just|wanna go home. {97901}{97917}What happened? {97921}{98001}Nothing. . {88130}{88173}But I think that might change now. {88581}{88616}Should we open the door? {88648}{88685}Is it a trick? {88917}{88941}Josh ! {88986}{89012}Josh ! {89307}{89346}Where's it coming from? {89690}{89761}Josh. {91727}{91761}I can't fall asleep. where are you?|Tell me where you are! {89852}{89923}Oh my God. . . {93342}{93397}I'm gonna move it|from in front of the tent. {91509}{91568}Tell me where you are. {93235}{93309}Okay. {97285}{97322}I'm gonna put my gloves on. {93860}{93886}Okay. it|knows Josh has gone. I don't need any help. okay? {98071}{98089}Okay. {97556}{97580}You all right? {97584}{97676}I'm okay. . {91340}{91391}I don't even know where to look. . {92244}{92303}Whatever it was. {98017}{98066}. {94079}{94143}. I'm just very|hungry and very tired. {95353}{95390}It's all full of blood. . {92069}{92140}If that was Josh.|we're still alive. . {92833}{92867}What the hell is that? {92956}{92991}-Mike.

where are you? {107397}{107423}I'm right here! {107595}{107623}Where is he? {107630}{107673}Mike. thank you. . . {105589}{105665}-Watch your step. . sorry.and Josh's mom. I insisted we walk south.one more season and|Cal Ripken is king! {99942}{99981}And I won't see it. . . . . . because in spite of|what Mike says now. . .it was my fault. I am so sorry. . . {103498}{103545}. {100918}{100959}. . {101701}{101742}. {102356}{102432}And it's all because of me|that we're here now.and scared to open them. please don't. . . . . . {104327}{104357}You ready? {104361}{104408}Here. . take this light. I insisted we keep going. I was very naïve. . . . {99681}{99745}Two thousand one|hundred thirty games. {101476}{101525}. {101364}{101454}I am so. {106642}{106666}Come on. Jesus. Jesus Christ. .and I insisted. Mike. . . . {102884}{102929}. . . . {108335}{108363}Where is he? {108397}{108436}Are you gonna go upstairs? . mom. . {101211}{101258}. . . . . . . {100851}{100892}. . . . {102440}{102497}. . {100773}{100812}I just want to apologize. . and we're okay. . {106172}{106192}Josh? {106536}{106604}Mike. Holy shit. . . . . {102717}{102758}I love you. I'm in the house! {106795}{106856}Mike. . please! {107306}{107392}Mike. {101630}{101660}. . {103916}{103971}-You got it?|-You ready? {104015}{104054}Oh. . . . where the fuck are you? {106736}{106783}Come on.and my mom. . {102272}{102325}And this is how we've ended up.{98093}{98140}But I'm fine. please!|Mike. {98314}{98367}Ow! My hair's caught. . . {100008}{100059}. {103768}{103811}. . . . .dad. {102196}{102264}Everything had|to be my way. . {102012}{102079}. so. . . {98554}{98636}Okay. {101913}{101980}I insisted we weren't lost. {99763}{99824}. {106692}{106731}Mike. .and hunted. . . okay. . it's a house. . {101767}{101806}. . . {102096}{102160}. {100984}{101023}. . . {103076}{103114}. . because I'll be in the woods. {102786}{102816}. {101847}{101890}. .|-Holy shit. hungry and cold. {104455}{104520}That can't be him. . . {102552}{102593}. .and I'm sorry to everyone.insisted on everything. {101097}{101154}. . . . . {98434}{98500}Thank you. . {103719}{103752}Oh God. . . . . {100426}{100506}Tell me you're not|eating a dry leaf. {107893}{107925}Is he in here? {107929}{107951}No. {108299}{108329}Oh.we're gonna die here. . {105485}{105542}Holy shit.to Mike's mom. . . because it was my project. {101562}{101626}.for everything that's happened.what was that? {103421}{103476}I'm scared to close my eyes. . don't go in there.

{108546}{108591}I hear you. {109110}{109132}Hear that? {109182}{109208}Where is he? {109218}{109257}Where are you? {109311}{109339}Come on ! {109442}{109478}I'm getting downstairs. oh. is that you down there? . Josh ! {108793}{108834}I'm going upstairs. God. I hear him. I hear him. {108918}{108994}Oh. {109508}{109569}Come on. downstairs! {109599}{109615}Mike! {109619}{109641}Come on ! {109647}{109663}Mike! {109667}{109687}Josh ! {109692}{109722}Wait! {109852}{109926}Josh.{108483}{108534}I hear him.

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