The Bajaj Capital Group is one of India’s premier Investment Advisory and Financial Planning companies.

We are also SEBI-approved Category I Merchant Bankers We offer personalised Investment Advisory and Financial Planning services to individual investors, corporate houses, institutional investors, NonResident Indians (NRIs) and High Networth Clients, among others. As one of India’s largest distributors of financial products, we offer a wide range of investment products such as mutual funds, life and general insurance, bonds, post office schemes, etc. offered by reputed public and private and government organizations

Company Profile Bajaj Capital is one of India’s leading Financial Services companies offering Free Advice on Investments, Insurance, Tax Saving, Retirement Planning, Financial Planning, Children’s Future Planning and other services. We also have a wide range of products and services for Corporates, High Networth Individuals, and NRIs… all under one roof. At Bajaj Capital, we believe in dreaming big. Dreams inspire us to excel. They ignite hope and kindle in us the passion to stretch our limits. We also believe that nothing can or should stop us from realising our dreams… and financial constraints should be the last thing to stop anyone. Four decades of excellence For over four decades, we have been helping people realise their aspirations by helping them make their wealth grow, and plan their financial lives. Today, we are a one of the largest financial planning and investment advisory companies in India, with a strong presence all over the country. We take pride in serving our customers – both individual and institutional – and are known for our strong professionalism and work ethics. Wide range of services We offer a comprehensive range of services including financial planning and investment advice, and the entire gamut of financial instruments and investment products of almost all major companies, both public and private. In addition, we also provide investment assistance by helping you complete all the formalities, and help you keep regular track of your investments. These services and products are delivered through our network of 134 Bajaj Capital Investment Centres located all over the country. We are also aSEBI-approved Category I Merchant Banker. We raise resources for over 1,000 top institutions and corporate houses every year, and offer specialised services to Non-Resident Indian (NRIs) and High Networth Clients.

1969 Bajaj Capital manages its first Equity issue (through an associate company) of Grauer & Wells India Ltd. 1975 . In the same year. Unit Trust of India (UTI) is incorporated in the same year. ethical dealings Accessibility Milestones The History of Bajaj Capital Bajaj Capital has contributed to the growth of the Indian Capital Market at every step. 1966 Bajaj Capital expands its product range to include all UTI schemes and Government saving schemes in addition to Company Fixed Deposits. courteous service Honest. 1965 Bajaj Capital is incorporated as a Company. Here is a brief gist of our journey throug the years. the company introduces an innovative financial instrument – the Company Fixed Deposit.) becomes the first company to raise resources through Company Fixed Deposits. independent and need-based advice Prompt. In 1965. We are also working closely with private insurance companies to deepen India's insurance market. 1964 Bajaj Capital sets up its first Investment Centre™ in New Delhi to guide individual investors on where. Today.What you can expect from us      Sound. then known as Associated Hotels of India Ltd. when and how to invest. (Oberoi Hotels. we are playing an active role in the growth of the Indian Mutual Fund industry. research-based advice Unbiased. right from drafting the prospectus to marketing the issue. India's first Mutual Fund.. we were the first to innovate the Companies Fixed Deposit. EIL Ltd.

followed by IOC. Bajaj Capital becomes the top mobiliser with collections of over US $20 million. BPCL. thus opening the floodgates for growth of retail investment market in India. 2000 Bajaj Capital implements its vision of being a 'One-stop Financial Supermarket. HPCL and others. 1993 The first private sector Mutual Fund – Kothari Pioneer – is launched. followed by Birla and Alliance in the following years. Bajaj Capital plays an active role in all the schemes as 'Principal Brokers' 1986 Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) begin making public issues of bonds MTNL. including the entire range of investment and insurance . 1999 Bajaj Capital begins marketing Life and General Insurance products of LIC and GIC (through associate firms) in anticipation of opening up of the Insurance Sector. Bajaj Capital is among the top ranks of resource mobilisers.' The Company offers all kinds of financial products. IRFC offer a series of Bond Issues. Bajaj Capital achieves the milestone of becoming the top 'Pension Scheme' seller in India and launches marketing of GIC's Health Insurance schemes. Bajaj Capital is the comanager in all these offerings and consistently ranks among the top five mobilisers on an allIndia basis.Bajaj Capital starts offering 'need-based' investment advice to investors. Bajaj Capital plays an active role and is ranked among the top mobilisers for all these schemes. Bajaj Capital consolidates its position as India's largest retail distributor of Mutual Funds. 1981 SAIL becomes the first government company to accept deposits. 1995 IDBI and ICICI begin issuing their series of Bonds for retail investors. 1997 Private sector players lead the revival of Mutual Funds in India through Open-ended Debt schemes. BHEL. which would later be known as 'Financial Planning' in the investment world. 1991 SBI issues India Development Bonds for NRIs. 1987 SBI leads the launch of Public Sector Mutual Funds in India. Bajaj Capital plays a significant role in fund mobilisation for all these players. NHPC.

The graduates of this institute become Certified Financial Planners (CFPs). 2008 Bajaj Capital launches Just Trade. constant innovation in services and use of the latest technology.  To serve the community by educating individuals on the merits of Financial Planning and in turn help shape a financially strong society. the company introduced the International College of Financial Planning.  To create value for all stake holders by ensuring profitable growth. Bajaj Capital offers 'full-service merchant banking' including structuring. 2007 Bajaj Capital launches Stock Broking and Depository(Demat) Services. reliable and efficient provider of Financial Services. Mutual Funds. management and marketing of Capital issues.  To always give honest and unbiased financial advice and earn our cilents' everlasting trust. Our Aims  To serve our clients with utmost dedication and integrity so that we exceed their expectations and build enduring relationships. Simultaneously. IPO's Our Mission. To achieve this goal. a series of wealth creation seminars are launched all over the country.  To build an amicable environment that accords respect to every individual and permits their personal growth. Aims & Objectives Bajaj Capital's Mission Statement The focus of our organisation is to be the most useful. It is our continuous endeavour to be a trustworthy advisor to our clients. a coveted professional qualification. . 2004 Bajaj Capital obtains the All India Insurance Broking Licence. 2005 Bajaj Capital launches 360° Financial Planning. an online Platform for investing in Equities. helping them achieve their financial goals.  To offer unparalleled quality of service through complete knowledge of products. 2002 The company focuses on creating investor awareness for Financial Planning and need-based investing. making Bajaj Capital a household name.  To utilise the power of teamwork to function as a family and build a seamless organisation.products through its Investment Centres. a software-based programme aimed at encouraging scientific and holistic investing. Bajaj Capital reinvents 'Financial Planning' in its international sense and upgrades its entire team of Investment Experts into Financial Planners.

Star TV. Mr Bajaj is also a prolific writer and has written over 200 articles on diverse issues such as Personal Finance. He has recently pursued an Executive MBA in International Wealth Management under an exchange program between University of Geneva. Business Today. Financial Advisory. Economic Affairs. and Health. K. he is the Founding Chairman of the Association of Financial Planners (AFP). A Post-graduate in Management and holder of an International Certificate for Financial Advisors from the Chartered Insurance Institute. Bajaj has been instrumental in shaping Bajaj Capital’s emergence as one of India’s largest Investment Advisory companies. Pittsburgh. His emphasis on honesty. His personal life goal is to spread ‘Financial Education’ amongst the Indian masses in order to increase their knowledge base and shift their perspective from ‘Saving to Investing’. a pioneer and a leader. Rajiv Deep Bajaj Vice Chairman & Managing Director A qualified Financial Planner. London.K. dynamic leadership. He is also amongst the first batch of 25 Certified Financial Planners (CFPtm) designation holders in India. In fact. ethics and values are the guiding principles of the organisation. Mr K.K. Mr. His youthful energy. Mr. Sanjiv Bajaj Joint Managing Director . USA. Bajaj Chairman A visionary par excellence. The Media and Industry honchos have regularly acclaimed Mr Rajiv Deep Bajaj for his strengths as a powerful orator and writer. He is a highly respected figure in the field of institutional and personal finance and Company FDs. Switzerland and Carnegie Mellon University. vision and 16 years strategic management experience in Banking.Our Network of Investment Centres™ 134 Investment Centres™ in all over India Who’s Who at Bajaj Capital Mr. Mr Rajiv Deep Bajaj has played a pivotal role in expanding Bajaj Capital's reach across the country. Mr Rajiv Deep Bajaj was the first to introduce the concept of Financial Planning in India. Insurance Broking and Financial Planning have strengthened Bajaj Capital. CNBC and Aaj Tak. His views on various Investment Strategy and Financial Planning-related issues are regularly flashed in some of the leading media entities like The Economic Times.

Chopra has been instrumental in expanding the branch network of Bajaj Capital Ltd. has been in building up a financially literate society and making Bajaj Capital a strong retail brand. which included understanding the client's needs.Mr. and has played a major role in implementing the ERP software and Ecommerce activities in the company Mr. Mr Chopra is credited with introducing international accounting and HR practices in the organisation. MBAs. He joined the Company in 1984. London. Mr Sanjiv Bajaj is versatile personality with diverse areas of interest. MBEs. and is widely sought after by the media for quotes on key developments in the industry. he moved on to Investment Advisory services. His most valuable contribution. CSs.bajajcapital. all over India. and holds an International Certificate for Financial Advisors from the Chartered Insurance Institute. He is considered an authority. Thanks to him. He is a Post-graduate in Business Management with specialisation in Finance. Why Invest Through Bajaj Capital  Wide range of products and services  41 years experience as Investment Advisors and Financial Planners  More than eight lakh satisfied clients all over India  Countrywide network of 134 branches  Over 12.. A Chartered Accountant and a Certified Financial Planner. and by using various tools of financial planning to offer them a solution to meet his requirements. Legal experts and others  SEBI-Approved Category I Merchant Bankers  Group Co BCIBL is an IRDA-licensed Direct Insurance Broker . From here. Mr Sanjiv Bajaj has a keen interest in IT. Anil Chopra is the Chief Executive Officer & Director of Bajaj Capital  Strong team of qualified and experienced professionals including CAs. Bajaj Capital is today the largest individual agent for LIC. Sanjiv Bajaj started his career in 1995 as managerial trainee. worked on various projects which included developments at alternate channel of distribution like Broker's associations.000 NRI clients across the globe  Personalised wealth management advice  24 x 7 online accessibility through www. Insurance experts. however. Mr. CFPs..etc. Anil Chopra CEO & Director Mr.

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