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Summer Medical & Dental Program (SMDEP) – this is THE program for pre-med or pre-dental students - 12 locations at med schools, 5-weeks, free housing/food, stipend rolling deadline –apply EARLY! Past Participants: Gabriel Alvarado participated in SMDEP at Case Western Reserve Medical & Dental School in Ohio Dept of Energy – Community College Internships (CCI) – various locations rolling deadline, apply before Feb National Institutes of Health – Summer Internship Program in Biomedical Research -- The Summer Internship Program (SIP) at the NIH provides an opportunity to spend the summer working side-by-side with some of the leading scientists in the world in an environment devoted exclusively to biomedical research. Rolling admissions so apply now! MATE - Marine Advanced Technology Education Center' -- a focus on marine technology. All MESA majors Rolling admissions so apply now! SPUR Program @ U of Oregon -- Research areas include evolution, developmental biology, genomics, structural biology & biophysics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, genetics, cell biology, neuroscience, ecology, marine biology, computational biology, biochemistry, bioorganic chemistry, neurobiology & physiology, psychology, exercise and movement science, human physiology, cognitive neuroscience. Rolling admissions so apply now! Global Change Research Program. The U.S. Department of Energy-Office of Biological and Environmental Research (BER) funds the program to promote undergraduate and graduate education and training supportive of global change research activities. deadline Dec 31st Summer Research @ U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) a 10-week summer internship program for eligible rising junior and seniors majoring in homeland security related science, technology, engineering and mathematics (HS-STEM) disciplines. The DHS HS-STEM Summer Internship Program provides students with the opportunity to conduct research at various federal research facilities. TRANSFER STUDENTS - deadline Jan 5th Undergraduate Research Program (URP) at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory -learn first-hand about genetics, cell biology, neurobiology, and molecular biology by working and living in a scientific community. deadline Jan 15th CalTech Student-Faculty Programs offer severalundergraduate research fellowship programs. Application procedures and selection criteria vary among the programs.

umich. Biomedical and http://www.colorado. Invasive Plant Species. Electrical & Computer Engineering.html and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Undergraduate Student Research Program (USRP) offers undergraduate internships at NASA Summer research programs include – Bioinformatics.htm University of Minnesota – Various Programs -.deadline Jan 18th http://www. Geology/Geophysics. Life Sciences. . Earth Surface Dynamics.Last year. including jobs for youth deadline varies http://www-group. or the use of computer science such as electronic databases and three-dimensional modeling.caltech. to gather and analyze life sciences data. over 200 undergraduate students from across the US participated in campus-wide summer research programs.caltech.murf. or the use of lasers and light to develop new applications and modes of treatment in the areas of medicine and biology. Kitt Peak Summer Research -..usra. from instrument hardware to data analysis to modeling of the Sun-Earth system.and Kepler Mission light curves. and evolution of stars.engin. Each REU student is hired as a full-time research assistant to work on specific aspects of major ongoing research projects at NOAO which include the origin.slac. Mechanical Summer Institute at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology for college students considering a career in biomedical engineering and medical science. deadline Jan 18th http://lasp. There are two areas of study: Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics. observational cosmology. deadline Jan 22nd http://usrp. deadline Jan 31st http://hst. Participants become part of HST's accelerating effort to alleviate human suffering and disease through applied learning in a variety of biomedical research Solar & Space Physics @ U of Colorado work with scientists at the University of Colorado and at the National Center for Atmospheric Research on projects spanning the field of solar and space physics. with National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) scientists working in the forefront of contemporary analysis of Hubble Space Telescope and Spitzer Space Telescope images. Material Science & Engineering Summer Undergrad Research (SURE) @ U of Michigan – for students transferring to a 4-year university as a junior in the fall locations deadline Jan 29th www.caltech. particularly information from genomics. galaxies and stellar systems. deadline Jan 29th handler=PublicHandler&action=browse&pageId=2043 Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC) – various opportunities.

pdf Center of Integrated Nanomechanical Systems (COINS) @ Berkeley MIT Summer Undergraduate Research Program This summer program seeks to identify talented undergraduates from around the country who could benefit from spending a summer on MIT’s campus.berkeley.gdnet. Summer Programs for Undergrad Research (SPUR) @ UCLA –various programs for many majors deadline Feb 1st and advanced graduate students.Physics/Astronomy and Scientific Computing & Graphics. 10weeks.cbnatl. working in a research laboratory under the tutelage and guidance of experienced scientists and engineers .cens.ucla.shtml Molecular and Cellular Biology Progam @ Dartmouth –for science majors deadline Feb 1st http://www.engage in cutting edge neuroscience.MIT faculty members. food deadline Feb 1st deadline Feb 1st http://research. Developmental & Evolutionary Biology @ UC Berkeley – summer research in biological sciences deadline Feb 1st http://mcb. deadline Feb 1st http://web.stanford.cfm Science Summer Research/AMGEN Scholars Program @ Stanford – for transferring students (one place for international students and rising sophomores) research program for science majors interested in biomedical and biological sciences deadline Feb 1st http://ssrp.dartmouth.molecular and nanoscale mechanics at the interface of hard and soft matter – Biomedical Research @ Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center – for science majors interested in biomedical and related sciences deadline Feb 1sthttp://www. housing deadline Feb 1st Behavioral Research Advancements in Neuroscience (BRAIN) @ Emory University Research in physical sciences & engineering related to biomedical and behavioral science research. Something for any MESA major!! various deadlines in Feb Center for Embedded Network Sensing (CENS) @ UCLA – Embedded Networked Sensing Systems promise to reveal previously unobservable phenomena widely impacting society by connecting the physical world to the Internet.ucla. postdoctoral Cell. stipend.htm Center on Polymer Interfaces and Macromolecular Assemblies (CPIMA) @ Stanford University 10-week program for students majoring in an engineering or physical science discipline.

deadline Feb 1st http://www. and mathematical biology. medicine and public health.php Biomedical Researc @ Sloan-Kettering for students interested in pursuing a career in biomedically related sciences.a variety of programs w/one structural biology and Past participants: Jeremy Morales Madrigal Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) @ Rockefeller University -students work with leading scientists in a broad range of areas including biochemistry. neuroscience.html IBM Almaden Research Center .ibm. .http://www.Projects in the summer will focus on: Invasive Plants. electrical. Austin. physics.deadline Feb 1st http://www.polymer science. . systems biology and more -.stipend. Pests & Pathogens.cfm Summer ACCESS @ Weill Cornell Medical School -.0 and should have completed at least collegelevel general biology and/or introductory chemistry. Interns are given hands-on experience in a biomedical research lab.cfm Summer Internship Program (SIP) @ Johns Hopkins School of Medicine-biomedical and/or public health research is to encourage students to consider careers in science. computer science or Plant Genome Research @ Cornell – Plant genomics.cornell. Selected students are placed in laboratories at the Weill Cornell Medical College under the mentorship of an experienced faculty member. Plant nanoscience. deadline Feb 1st . Population and Community Ecology.rockefeller. food and airfare – 20% of last year’s participants were community college students .bti. molecular biology. TX or New York. molecular. cell and developmental biology. deadline Feb 1st http://www. physics. immunology. including Summer Research Training Program (SRTP).in San Ecology Biology Research @ Harvard Forest -.cfm UCSF Summer Research -. deadline Feb 1st http://cpima. GPA of 3.hopkinsmedicine. Molecular Biosciences Research Experience for Undergraduates and Biophysics Program Internship deadline Feb 2nd materials science or engineering. chemical.for students in the biomedical sciences. virology and microbiology. and materials at interfaces.ucsf.shtml and program for WOMEN majoring in mechanical engineering deadline Feb 1st http://www. biochemistry. nanotechnology.deadline Feb 1st http://weill.aps. College sophomores and juniors are eligible to spend 10 weeks during the summer in a Rockefeller University laboratory.apply online. .com/almaden/diversity/diversityform. housing. deadline Feb 5th http://www.

aspx . engineering. and marine sciences.opto-electronics. chemistry. physics. deadline Feb 9th http://www. earth.nnin. and the life sciences.000 stipend. optics.ipam. physics.php California Academy of Sciences (in SF) – info on volunteer opportunities (unpaid.fas. Forest Ecosystem Response to Global Change.harvard. Majors -. materials meals and travel deadline Feb 12th stipend deadline Feb 12th http://research. a $300/week stipend. electronics. Free housing and meals.html Math Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS) @ UCLA (plus sites in China and Germany!) Sponsored by UCLA's Institute for Pure and Applied Hands-on nanoscience and technology research with applications to bio-engineering.400 plus paid housing and travel – apply deadline Feb 5th http://harvardforest.reu. stipend.Large Ecosystem Experiments and Permanent Plot Studies. deadline Feb 12th Physics Research Experiences @ UC Davis Strong preference is given to students who have completed at least one year of calculus based introductory physics. housing and travel. deadline Feb 8th http://www. yearround) http://www. physical sciences. plus room and board. deadline Feb 14th http://www. Will accept non-citizens only if they can provide their own funding. Open to engineering and science students with interests across disciplines focusing on nanotechnology. computer Center for Nanoscale Systems Research @ Cornell – $3. $3. computer science.Opportunities at various locations to participate in energy-related research.mathematics. mathematics. Applicants should have completed upper-division math classes and have some background in computer programming. $3. chemistry. statistics rolling admissions. Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics and more. food and airfare – addressing the physics. Conservation Biology and Paid summer internship – 8-week. fabrication and analysis of next generation information technologies -.html Bodega Marine Lab Summer Research (UC Davis) – interested in marine science? stipend.cornell. housing.ucdavis.800. deadline Feb 10th http://www. apply by early Feb Engineering @ Cornell – 10-week. Stipend. chemistry.ucla.calacademy. this program creates teams of four undergraduates paired with faculty mentors and industry liaisons to investigate real-world industrial problems sponsored by an indusry partner.ucdavis.cns.apply online. and travel. housing and paid housing.html National Energy Technology Labs environmental sciences.cornell. engineering.html National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network – 70 ten-week summer internships at 14 sites! $4. environmental.

htm Biology Research @ Pepperdine University – for students who have completed one year of biology and are interested in biological and engineering students from around the country will be invited to participate in research at the Laboratory. and hematological plus paid biofuels. on-campus housing deadline Feb 15th Research Internships in Science and Engineering (RISE) @ UC Santa Barbara UCSB's Materials Reseach Lab and College of Engineering host a 10-week internship.cornell. up to $5. deadline Feb 19th http://www. $3.lepp.ucsb. free housing & travel – science & engineering majors deadline Feb 19th http://www. Stipend. and digestive. deadline Feb 15th Nanotechnology @ Northwestern Univ – $4.colorado.niddk.htm STEP-UP Summer Internship Summer Multicultural Access to Research Training (SMART) @ U of Colorado at Boulder offers 10-week summer research projects in science. .800.interested in physics or astrophysics? spend 10 weeks at UCLA doing research. and engineering fields under the guidance of a faculty mentor and see firsthand graduate student life.ucdavis.html Center for Biophotonics @ UC Davis –science & engineering majors will learn more about Bioimaging. science education. nutrition. travel deadline Feb 15th http://cbst. deadline Feb 15th http://www.html Physics & Astrophysics Summer Research @ UCLA .nsec.CREATE-REU @ UC Davis –science & engineering majors will learn more about plant biotechnology – plant-made products. environmental science or biotechnology.html Materials Research Lab (MRL) @ UC Santa Barbara– 10 weeks. deadline Feb 19th http://reu. deadline Feb 15thhttp://www.northwestern.ucdavis.pepperdine.000 stipend. deadline Feb 15th http://stepup.mrl.nih. $4. Stipend. housing.500 stipend. biorefineries and environmental sustainability s– 10-week. free housing and travel. Elementary-Particle Physics @ Cornell University . obesity. food and airfare – apply online. food. kidney. various sites funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) offer summer research in the areas of diabetes. Molecular & Cellular Biophotonics and Medical Biophotonics.

Engineering & Technology (INSET) @ UC Santa Barbara– 8 weeks.cfm Nano-Bio Interface Research Program @ U of Pennsylvania -.html Internships in Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) @ UC Davis -. deadline Feb 26th a/mstp/surf/ American Society of Plant Biologists created SURF to encourage students to pursue advanced degrees and careers in plant biology.html Med Student Training Program @ UC San Diego Med School Research for students interested in biomedicine and the medical sciences. and electrical engineering . deadline Mar 1st http://www.nanotech. mechanical engineering.000 stipend.the science and engineering of light and its applications to engineering. bioengineering. deadline Feb 19th http://www.ucsb.research experience in nanobiotechnology with structured professional development focused on cross-cultural issues. stipend.cnsi. deadline Mar 1st Princeton Center for Complex Materials– 8 weeks.mrl.ucdavis. SURF helps students conduct meaningful research in plant biology at their home institutions early in their college years. deadline Feb 26th http://www.princeton. biology. board and Boston University Photonics Center -. housing.upenn.materials science. $4. arranged housing and travel.$3. Majors . and single molecule probes. chemical engineering.research program in photonics-. deadline Feb 28th http://www.ucdmc. chemistry.htm Hugh Edmondson Research Internship @ UC Davis Med School – for students with a strong interest in the health sciences such as clinical laboratory scientist and cytotechnologists.Stipend. Science. deadline Feb 26thhttp://www.000 stipend & travel – science & engineering majors deadline Mar 1st http://www.gradstudies. chemistry.bu. and opto-electronic function of biomolecules. physiology. free housing & travel – targeted for community college students apply online deadline Feb 28th http://education. The focus of the research is molecular interactions at the interface of physical and biological systems organized around themes of molecular Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (Chem-SURF) @ UC Irvine .aspb.

com/psd/reu National Institute on Drug Abuse Summer Research for Underrepresented Students – various locations. In our summer Majors -biological sciences.urop.uci. and other research labs in the LA area.html Prepare to Apply .grad.800 – located in Menlo Park – apply online (materials will be updated soon). related scientific disciplines deadline Mar 12th toxicology. Also included are projects in other areas of organic. X-ray crystallography.stipend. plus travel (materials will be updated soon).Materials Will be Updated Soon MicroEngineering Summer Research @ Tx A&M – $ free furnished on-campus housing. chemistry. computer sciences. etc.tamu. hundreds of project SRI Molecular Physics Lab –$4.000 stipend. the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.html Science & Engineering (AGEP) Summer Research Program @ UC Irvine – for students transferring to a 4-year university as a junior .sri. travel reimbursement. Deadline late Feb or early March http://reumicro.htm . plus travel (materials will be updated soon). $2. medicine.usc. Deadline Feb TBD http://www. free housing & travel deadline Mar 12th http://chemsrvr2.500 stipend. you will work one-on-one in a lab with a faculty advisor and graduate student mentor.aspx?Program=10137 Chemistry Summer Research @ USC -.html Chemistry & Biochemistry @ Cal State Fullerton– 10 weeks. mathematics. inorganic.Projects involve experimental techniques such as molecular-scale imaging. and ongoing support after the program ends. Theoretical investigations exploit computer simulations and graphics to investigate processes of biochemical and material applications. deadline Mar 2nd http://www. deadline Mar 15th http://chem.on-campus housing.html National Center for Toxicological Research .orau. We will have weekly meetings on scientific topics as well as graduate school applications and scientific ethics. stipend. and physical chemistry. 8-10 weeks (materials will be updated soon) Deadline March the Molecular Robotics Lab. deadline Feb femtosecond time-resolved observations. Included will be tours of the Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute.uci.opportunities to participate in research on the biological effects of potentially toxic chemicals and the solutions to toxicology problems that have a major impact on human health and the environment.

REU students choose among many research projects such as forest canopy transpiration. field trips. soil science. ecology. plus free housing and travel (materials will be updated soon) http://www.for students transferring to a 4-year university as a junior in fall 2010 majoring in a variety of science and engineering disciplines.html Neuroscience & Technology @ U of Idaho – science & engineering majors choose from a diverse menu of research topics including cell patterns in regenerated retinas. and applications of neuroscience to sports science.600 plus paid housing. and watershed restoration. (materials will be updated soon) http://www. geology. deadline early March . water resources natural resources. neurogenesis and cell survival in zebrafish. effects of shoreline development on large deep lakes.students.stipend. including biology. to name a Physics Summer Research Program @ U of Idaho . food. food and travel – apply online (materials will be updated soon). and other environmental science and engineering programs related to water resources.mrc. hands-on team projects.webs.summerscienceinstitute.ucmerced. computer analysis of models of neurons and glial cells. deadline early March discovery of new artificial neural network topologies via evolutionary computing. live on-campus at SFSU (stipend plus free housing and food!). civil Last year's deadline was May 1st SFSU Summer Science Institute (Pre-Health Majors) – 8-week program at SFSU for science majors.canadacollege.Yosemite Research in Environmental Science – 9 weeks. food and travel – apply online (materials will be updated soon).edu/default.links to lots of LOCAL internships in healthcare! ScienceNet .uidaho.uidaho. focused on students interested in health careers. tools for simulation of artificial neuron circuits. $3.html Last year's deadline was April Directories -. stipend available http://www. ecohydrology of managed forest ecosystems. programming and testing of adaptation algorithms.Huge searchable database of interships for science & engineering majors • Pathways to SCIENCE • .aspx? pid=26952 Cañada/SFSU Summer Engineering Institute (SEI) – 2-week program at SFSU for engineering majors or students exploring engineering as a possible major. Stipend plus paid housing. stipend. materials will be updated soon www. psycho-physical vision studies.Find MORE Summer Opportunities • GoIntoHealthcare. effects of diet and exercise on Environmental Research Experiences @ U of Idaho -. housing and travel included.

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