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Good for Brass, percussive bass

Range (Fundamental Frequency)

Hollow Sound (only odd harmonics) Fine Tune

Rich sound in low frequencies
Saw Tooth

Softer Square signal Oscillators (Voltage Controlled Oscillator)
Keyboard Used to deliver different sound signals (different electrical signals give different pitches)
Low in harmonics: useful for flute sounds, etc Triangle

Can synchronize different oscillators to create composite sound

Increase frequency to create different effects
Frequency Modulation

Subtractive Synthesizers (Minimoog V)
Can be used for special effects because it does not affect pitch Low Frequency Oscillator

Can affect volume, filters, other oscillators, etc.

Subtraction: cut off frequencies
Envelope Generator Attack: How long it takes for the sound to reach maximum volume

Minimoog: Low-pass filter: removes high frequences (cuts them off) Decay: How long it takes for song to diminish to (Sustain) level
Filter (Voltage Controlled Filter)
Sustain: Maximum Volume level that sound will reach (after decay)
Resonance/Emphasis: amplifies frequency near cut off point

Release: How long it takes for sound to go away once key is released

Can be applied to either volume or filters

Amplifies electrical signal before it is output Amplifier (Voltage Controlled Amplifier)