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Mr Mudit - Mishra

Your Tata Indicom No. Account Number Your Tariff Plan Bill Number Bill Date Bill Period Credit Limit

0200409289 605425916 DSL DS379-New Res 1024kbps Plan 932623603 27/11/10 25/10/10 to 24/11/10 9,866.00

Acc No: 605425916

BSNO: 29

Previous Balance Rs. 9337.00

Last Payment/ (Mode) Rs. -7,836.90

Adjustments +/+ Rs. -1,500.00

Current Charges Rs. 1,479.23 =

^#Amount Due Before Due Date Rs. 1,479.00

*#Amount Due After Due Date Rs. 1,529.00

Due Date 14/12/10

^ Bill is rounded off to nearest rupee.

**Your Base Tariff Details (Methodology for calculation of bill amount)
Total Monthly Rentals Data Tariff Free Data Usage 1,599.00 Rate/1MB 0 MB Rs.0.70 Rs.0.70

* It includes Late payment fee- Rs. 50

Save paper & say no to printed bills SMS <NOPRINT> to 121 To register SMS EBILL <your mail ID> to 121 followed by SMS <NOPRINT> to 121

Data Peak(8.00 AM-8.00 PM) Data Off Peak(8.00 PM-8.00 AM) Outgoing Charges To Tata Phones To Non-Tata Phones SMS Charges

Local Charges

STD Charges

**Rates differ for add-on pack.Rates are for maximum calling Jurisdiction. For detailed ISD call charges please callcustomercare or visit

Your Nearest Bill Payment Locations * Cash - CA, Cheque - CH,Credit Card - CC, Skypak dropboxes included in Payment Location.

Other Bill Payment Options:

Instant Pay through Internet

Pay through Oxigen Outlets

Auto Pay through Bank Account / Credit Card

To avoid unwanted telemarketing calls, register your telephone number in NDNC Registry - Call 1909 or Send SMS "START DND" on 1909".

Payment Slip
Please attach this slip with your cheque/DD Cheque/DD should be payable to TATA Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd. A/c No. 605425916 Account No. : 605425916 : 0200409289 Dated Cash Credit Card Cheque / DD Bill Date : 27/11/10 Bank E-Payment against my card no. Expiry Date(mm/yy) Due Date : 14/12/10 Branch Bill Amount: Rs.1,479.00

Cheque / DD No. Mode of Payment :

I here by authorise TATA Teleservices(Maharashtra)Limited to charge Rs. Master VISA Diners Amex Card holder's name

m m

y y Signature.

Please register me for auto debit facility based on the above information.* Conditions apply.For detailed terms & conditions,log onto
TATA TELESERVICES(MAHARASHTRA) LTD. Registered Office : Voltas Premises, T. B. Kadam Marg, ChinchPokali, Mumbai - 400 033. Corporate Office / Correspondence : Plot No. D-26, TTC Industrial Area, MIDC, Sanpada, P. O. Turbhe, Navi-Mumbai - 400 703.

UPE. Usage Charges Phone Calls Number of Units Duration (hh:mm:ss) Total Numbers Data Services Internet Data upload Charges Data download Charges 237 1577 165. Ganesh Khind Road.68 1.CH.KA.BH.70 ------------------ SUB TOTAL : ----------------------------- Rs. Al Aqmar Building.Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd. For change in Billing address You can ask for change in billing address by calling our call centre at 121 or alternatively you can visit our nearestt TVH/Public Office with the latest address proof.NE Charges (Rs. Mr.AP. Shivaji Nagar. 1.80 Total Monthly Rentals : Dial 121 from your Tata Indicom phone or call 9225000121 toll free Leasedline /PRI Helpline: 1515 Toll Free 022-64001515 Chargeable DSL Helpline: 9225500008 Toll Free Photon Helpline: 1800266121 Toll Free Blackberry Helpline: 18004190121 Toll Free 011-66200121 Chargeable Public Grievance Mechanism:If you are not satisfied with the response of the Customer Service Centre.AS.00 -1. recoverable by TATA Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited on their behalf. Service Category: Telecommunication Services. Opp.HR..411005.HP. (D) In case you disconnect our services.90 7.tataindicom. you will earn interest on the security deposit@10% p.500. Samit Dey with your complaint.OR.70 -257.80 Total Usage Charges : 2.341.Page 2 of 2 Bill Number Bill Date Bill Period Credit Limit 932623603 27/11/10 25/10/10 to 24/11/10 Rs. 134.103.) Totals (Rs.helpdesk@tatatel..a.tataindicom. Monthly Rentals DSL DS379-New Res 1024kbpsPlan Monthly Rental 1.) 1.JK EAST. (C) We do not levy any charges for any additional service without your prior consent.90 at nodalofficer. Sancheti Hospital.RJ.UPW. PAN NO AAACH1458C .TN.90 -1. Time 9:30am to 6:00pm (Monday to Friday) Correspondence Address . (E) To Know about model calculation of financial implication of tariff plans. Al Aqmar within sixty days of closure of telephone or Fax to 020 66096400 or Call at 020 66005555.DL.KRL WEST.f. It also includes payments for services/equipments provided by Wireless TATA Tele Info Services Limited and DriveIndia Enterprise Solutions Limited.e.500.00 Payment Details: Date 04/11/10 29/10/10 Payment Type BILLDESKPYMT-TTSLonline Cheque Payment Cheque No NA 167784 Total Payments:Rs.(B) There will be no increase in tariff under any item for a period of six months from date of enrollment under your tariff plan.PB.269.00 Your TATA Indicom No.VAS : : : Rs. register your telephone number in NDNC Registry .7.GJ. reference number and details of the complaint/grievance at email . STC: AAACH1458CST004 w.00 Rs.90 1. Behind Kala Niketan. Please contact the Nodal Officer of your circle. 1.0% (Excludes Handset EMI. -1.80 Total Discount and Other Charges : ----------------------------- Rs. Discounts and Other Charges Discounts Temporary Suspension Discount from 25/10/10 till 29/10/10 (On VAS and Rentals prorated) Free Unlimited Data Usage PM Rs. we will refund your security deposit. if any.90 Amount (Rs.836. Shivaji Nagar.KOL. please visit our website at www.479.) 587. (F) Collection policy is updated on web and is available on demand @ TVH.10 ------------------ 4.269. (G) For making appeals to Appellate Authority please refer TRAI's regulations (3 of 2007) dated 4th May 2007 orcontact TN Srinivasan at appellateauthority. or Fax to 020 66096300 or call at 9225525252 from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm (Monday to Friday) Correspondence Address .599.rom@tatatel. -1. 28/05/2009.MP NORTH.00 Visit our Website at www. 9. Ganesh Khind Account Number Your Tariff Plan 0200409289 605425916 DSL DS379-New Res 1024kbps Plan Details of Current Charges Zone Details: SOUTH.Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd.599. This bill includes payments due for services provided by TATA Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited. Opp.In case of delay.ROWB. Service Tax @ Email us at cs.11 2. (H)"To avoid unwanted telemarketing calls.269. Pune .rom@tatatel. Customer Information : (A) Migration to any other Tariff plan is absolutly free.23 -1. wherever applicable) Educational Cess @2% (On Service Tax) Secondary and Higher Educational Cess @1% (On Service Tax) Total Current Charges Account Level Adjustments Account level ADJ Adjustment on Recurring Charges .MH.527.34 Rs.249. Behind Kala Niketan. Pune .Call 1909 or Send SMS "START DND" on 1909". Sancheti Hospital.

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