Death Note Quotes Light: This world is Rotten.

Rotten people should be killed off to cleanse this world. Light: I am Justice! Light: L, Do you know Gods of Death love Apples? Light: Looks are all that count. Light: I ll make you trust me. And when you ve told me everything I need to know, I ll kill you. Light: You can t ever win if you re always on the defensive, to win, you have to att ack. Light: I ve never considered finding that notebook & gaining that power a misfortu ne. Light: The thing I hate the most is to trample on other people s good will. Light: For murderers, there is no good or evil. I know that. Light: There are a lot of stupid people out there. Light: I must protect my fledging Utopia. Light: But you know the saying playing with fire, and you re bound to get burned. make you regret underestimating L underestimating me. Light: In your eyes lies all happiness for this new world. Light: In the end, L is indeed the greatest detective on earth L: I just can t stand it when someone s cell phone rings when I m talking. L: Kira is childish and he hates losing I m also childish and hate losing. L: Let s show him that the good guys always win. L: This isn t divine judgement, it s the work of some childish killer who s playing at divine retribution, that s all. L: He who moves first always wins. L: I just can t sit any other way than this. If I sit the way other people do, my reasoning ability drops by 40%. L: Risking your life and doing something that could rob you of your life are exa ct opposites. L: I don t like his style it s not like Kira at all. L: Will you be eating that cake? say what you want, but I will be taking the cake. L: If you use your head, you won t get fat even if you eat sweets. L: By trying too hard, we put ourselves at a greater risk. Don t you think so? I ll

I think it s just best to observe closely. have managed. but it only means she got high marks. I do not consider the police as my enemies. Ryuk: I can understand them. because they exchange that money with tons of apple s. Ryuk: I feel like I m watching a sitcom. for a woman again Light. Near: We will be removed. Ryuk: For me apples [are] like cigarettes and liquor for humans. Ryuk: Sorry. Misa: I can t go on in a world without Light. But believe it or not I m a male too Ryuk: Heh. All because of that Chicken-shit President. Near: I don t know what to say. Ryuk: You re using the word destiny tterned approach for women. who ve taken on his name. Misa: What do you mean I use my sexual charm!? Misa: You can t buy peace or love with money. Matsuda: You guys hit at the same time. You always use a one pa Misa: I hate evil & love justice. No. Just call this one a draw. Ryuk: That was worth an academy award.well. and she s actually a stupid woman. bu t my allies against evil. less than Chicken-shit president. nothing. Misa: I don t even use the internet Misa: What a wonderful way to kill Near: If you cannot win at the game. Light. If I m deprived I go into withdrawals. . Near: You said she s smart. Now.L: I know that line is a bunch of Bull Soichiro: No anything obtained by killing people can never bring true happiness. Near: Don t make me repeat the same thing many times. you are jus t a loser. Ryuk: As a rule they say humans haunted by a shinigami have nothing but misfortu ne. far fr om Chicken-shit. if you cannot solve the puzzle. Near: What an obvious lie he is telling. Are those the eyes of a man in love? Ryuk: Shinigami trust Shinigami before they trust humans. Near: You. Near: I ve wanted to make him taste his own pathetic failure with all my heart.

Near: If you are scared. right? Near: Yes. Light: I m not being shy. I want you to know my feelings. You two may go back now. is it about ten million dollars? Ryuk: How many apples could I buy with that? Near: Thank you for your useful information. Lester: . Light: Misa. Ryuk: (thinking) Like hell you do. right? Don t be shy Light. Just another of Matsuda s unimportant idiocies Light: Well Matsuda does have that natual ignorance. I ll ask Lester to go. . he has surpassed us. I don t want you to shorten your life by doing the deal.. Light-kun. Rem: Humans are such ugly creatures. L: Please don t be shy. What are your symptoms? Ryuk: My body begins to twist up like a pretzel And I do headstands. after we catch Kira. I don t want to manipulate you like that. this new L. Mello: He s terribly reasonable. Misa: (hugs) I m so glad! Ryuk: (thinking) All this girl does is hug Matsuda: I wonder. Matsuda: Those two know that we can hear them right? Misa: Light. and how.Matt: It s too boring to keep watching something that has no movement Mello: In the end there is no greater motivation than revenge. you re both dead. Misa: (tearing) Light. Aizawa: You heard that much and just say go back Near: (pouting) And so I thanked you for your useful information Giovanni: If there is shinigami. Shidou: How scary the second-degree means it s next to the first-degree agony Teru: It s God. L: Don t be serious about it either. I might die. Mello: I m not your tool to solve a puzzle! Mello: It s my turn to use you. Rem: Light he can even kill a shinigami. how about you tell me right now whom you d like me to kill. I ll treat cha to it. Won t you sleep with me? Light: Why are you saying that Misa? Misa: I know. Mello: If anything other than the chopper comes within a 2 mile radius of the sp ot. I ve gotten into contact with God at last Light: Okay. Mello: So. Light: What was it? L: Nothing. Giovanni: . I d rather live a last ing life with you in our ideal world.

How can you Heero: It s the only way I know how to live. Heero: My enemy is anything that stands before me and tries to kill me. Duo: I don t want to copy Heero. you will be all dead Gundam Wing Quotes Sylvia: War is nothing but a series of repulsive killings. but the blood they spill is not meaning less. You really turn up in the most unexpected places. Relena: I will not betray the people who fought for me. Duo: Oh. that sounds much better than a hero who commits mas s murder. Dr. Quatre loves to blame himself for everything if you let him. Heero. Dr. . Heero: I m not a pacifist. Let s say Firefighter Wind? Trieze: Heero. Soone r or later. but you re going with me to hell! Duo: The god of death? Well. Duo: Shinigami has returned from hell! Duo: I m surprised. but I might struggle a bit. do not try to get close to him again. Heero: You re going to self-destruct? That s not a bad plan either Heero [to Duo]: Don t complain. Dorothy: Death is a gift given at birth. If you don t want to die. Wufei: Sounds like something a woman would come up with. Trowa: I wouldn t mind if you want to kill me.L: (fakes gun with his hand) Bang! Matsuda: (shocked) HUH? Is this your idea of a joke?? L: If I were Kira. you put on quite a show. Zechs: I would like to have a codename too. Try to get well soon Duo: Anyone stupid enough to get near me dies! Duo: For a quiet boy. J: People who commit war are stupid. man. Trieze: Humans need a higher system than god. Heero: Then I ll give you just one piece of advice dying hurts like hell. he ll start saying that there s no air in space because he didn t work on it hard enough. I won t permit you to die until you have killed me. J [to Relena]: No one can stop Heero now.

Keep me company till the end. Heero: Who Who are My Enemies ? My enemies are the ones after my life My enemies are the ones that are after my life and the ones that toy with my life They re all my e nemies. Wufei. Heero [about Relena]: Why can t I kill her?! Heero: Assumptions lead to mistakes. Trowa: Those who have laid eyes on a Gundam will not live to tell about it.Heero: Life is something that is cheap. I can hardly wait until they re done. Trowa: That girl s tears stopped me. Heero: Same with you. Duo: How bout a little sympathy? In any case I m still glad I decided to come here. At least. ya know. I ve got good news. Duo: Man. Heero: I don t believe in God Heero: There s nothing wrong with acting on your emotions. thinks he s Eval Knieval. Duo: I m not asking you to trust me or anything. I need some sleep. and hardly speaks! Heero: [stops beside Relena] I ll kill you Wufei: Stay calm if you want to live a little longer. your Gundam and mine are being rebuilt as we speak. Wufei: I m doing everything I can just in case that something drastic does happen. Heero: Looks like Oz will be keeping up alive for a while. Heero: I said this before. you still would have done it. Duo: We don t stand a chance unless something pretty drastic happens. Relena: Heero!! I m right over here. It s a good chance so d on t die yet. There s the colonies to fight for. so come and kill me!! Heero: Peace is nothing but a result of war. but right now. Duo: Huh? Duo: Why is it the quietest guys seem to do things in the flashiest ways? Duo [about Heero]: Why did I even bother rescuing this guy in the first place? H e s antisocial. The only way to live a good life is to act on your em otions. Heero: Mission accomplished. this time. Duo: Hey. Duo: You d better come up with a better way to kill yourself than that. I have no intention of dying that easily. Duo: Don t worry about me pal. Just watch me. right? Now you should understand why I admire your strength. Especially my life. I m lonely. If you were in my shoes. Heero: Botched your mission? You couldn t destroy the base and you didn t kill Docto r J and the others. I m the only friend . that s what I w as told. I ll become the God of Death once again but right now. try to use your head.

it s Trowa. Heero: Could you keep it down over there? Duo: Yeah Sure. That s why I m gonna destroy everything. It s a waste of air. reme mber? Wufei: I ve got no right piloting the Nataku. Duo: D oh! This is such a lame way to die! This is so not cool! Trowa: I have no name. Duo: Damn! What a dinky way to kill us all off. G: If you want to die. they re cheering for us. Quatre: Outer space has lost all reason. Duo: You ve got such a gloomy personality. Noin: Wait. Quatre: That s funny. but they re all really nice guys. wave back to them or something. Duo: Hey. Trowa Barton . Quatre: There is nothing more valuable than life in this universe. It seems I have tears in my eyes but I m not one bit sad. get on with it. Heero s the soul of outer-space. Quatre: Put your hands down. Duo: Thanks for those missiles earlier. Noin: Our troubles are nothing. her smile is everything. Trowa: I know all about danger. So now. why don t you just give up and stop *pret ending* to be human? Heero: Hey! Duo: What is it? You re too late if you think you re gonna ask for my help. Turn back into the nice guy I once knew. Trowa: Hey. Noin: The soldiers I trained They are not trained to die. Quatre: Now I see. Milliardo Peacecraft: This friendship of the past will only last until my mask b reaks. Trowa: I will correct the mistakes brought on by your weakness. don t fire! Tsuberov: What? Why? Wufei: Cause she s a woman! Dr. hey! Don t over do it or I ll have to blow you up Heero. buddy. but if you must call me something. let s accept it. . Quatre. I was the first one to surrender and came out. forgive me for interrupting. I m used to walking on a tight rope. Superstar! Duo: Well she s not your average chick. wanting to see the guy who s trying to kill her. Sandrock has taught me that. Quatre: They re violent and dangerous. Trowa: The five of us have become nothing more than redundant ve got. Now I ll return the favor.

but I must stay alive. Wufei: Offense is the greatest defense. who. What are you guy s capable of? Zoro: Slicing! Luffy: Stretching! Nami: Thieving! Usopp: Running and hiding! Usopp: Protecting what we cherish most as men is the reason why we formed this p irate crew! Nami: What s that Luffy? Luffy: This armor will protect me from harm! Zoro: AHHH! The armor broke! Zoro: Was that a bribe? Luffy: Yup. can I join your crew? . [walks off] Zoro: Well. Usopp: Talking s easy. Relena: A boy with secrets With so many secrets g to be killed? And I know too much ? That s why I m goi Trowa: Perhaps as a human I have no worth. you ll ge t tied down. as long as we hav e the desire to do it! Zoro: I am always serious. Usopp: [he last saw Luffy at the bottom of a cliff] YOU RE ALIVE! Luffy: Of course. Why wouldn t I be? Nami: Luffy. One Piece Quotes Coby: We shouldn t worry about being able to achieve our dreams.Lady Une: Without fighting. nothing can be created. Zoro: [upon learning that Luffy is inside a giant snake] Does he realize what a pain he is? Robin: [she was their enemy just a few days ago] So. Nami: That s what makes you so stupid. or what. at least he s honest. in the world are you? Luffy: What do you mean? Nami: Don t you think it s kind of odd that you smashed through all those buildings and you don t have a scratch on you? Luffy: Nope. but we ll need true strength for the battle. Zechs: Fame makes you a visible target for your enemies. If you think only of protecting.

his most prized possession] Then let s go! . Sanji. I ll help him escape! Coby: [looks at him in disbelief] You think you can make anything happen.Luffy: You re a good fighter. pirate. how should I know? Luffy: I ll need tough fighters for my crew. Sanji: Yeah. Luffy: Not really if he s a good guy. Sanji [smiles] Luffy: Bye. that sure was a close one. Lu ffy gets up completely unharmed] Luffy: [still smiling] Wow. Coby: Besides I heard he got arrested. Leave! Leave! L EAVE! Don t you understand. and uphold good over evil! So. ma am! Luffy: When was the last time you had your eyes checked? [everyone stares in shock] Luffy: [after seeing a skinny woman claiming to be Alvita] Don t you mean you re lik e half of her? Coby: Luffy. you are. do you think I can do it? Luffy: Well. huh guys? Coby: [after Alvita asks him who's the loveliest on the sea] Why. how can you sleep at a time like this? Luffy: Because I want to. can you cook this up? Sanji: Sure thing. Nami: LUFFY! Luffy: What s the big deal? Tony Tony Chopper: [after Luffy is taken off the ship by a giant bird] HELP! LUF FY BIRD DANGER HELP! Zoro: [calmly] Did he ask for help? Tony Tony Chopper: Well. Zoro: Dibs on the drumstick. Zoro: Then don t worry about it. so sure. don t yo u? Luffy: Sure do! Coby: I wonder if I should go with him He stands for everything I m against. no. and also. not a pirate! Big difference. he can handle himself. I I I need your help. Luffy: Well. Mrs. yet he makes me feel brave. Nami: [after Luffy falls down to take a nap in the middle of a road] Luffy. How about that guy Alvita mentioned? Coby: You mean Roronoa Zoro? Luffy: Yeah! Coby: But he s a pirate hunter. because I m tired. what are you still doing here? I told you to leave. do you think I could join the Navy? Luffy: The Navy? Coby: Yes! It s always been my dream to serve the law. Alvita. Nami: Luffy. Luffy: [about to be beheaded by Buggy the Clown] Hey Zolo. if he s a good guy. Luffy: [gives her his hat. Luffy: GUM-GUM BAZOOKA! [takes down the bird] Luffy: Hey. of co urse. guys! Zoro: LUFFY! [Buggy is suddenly struck by lightning and the platform they're on collapses.

take a look! Is this enough wood for your fire? Nami: Can you idiots think for one second! Sanji: [dozens of eyes appear behind him] Don t worry wild animals are afraid of f ire they ll stay away! Nami: But they re surrounding us! Tony Tony Chopper: [translating for a wolf] You rotten two leggers better not be . I ll have mapped out the entire world! Zoro: [about Trace Heatfist] Luffy. everyone join! Sanji: I ll find the Great Blue! Usopp: I ll be brave! Nami: And. Luffy: What a rookie move. Robin: What are you saying? Luffy: [both crying] You re always suppose to have a campfire when you camp. that all who enter are never se en again] You mean there s a place we re not suppose to go to? Usopp: Oh no. sort of. that s what makes it *camping*! Nami: It s never ending with those idiots. HEY! Lay off the sob stories! You know how dangerous this island is! Let s not give it any help in killing us! Luffy: Don t care. though. So. not to mention the giant. did you know that guy? Is he a friend of you rs? Luffy: No.Tony Tony Chopper: [after seeing Ussopp's 5 ton hammer break] You mean it was a fake? Usopp: Of course! I can t lift five tons! I quit after five pounds! Luffy: [after learning about a forbidden island. She s never been exposed to th is kind of living. Nami: We are in the middle of a war between knights protecting their king. You hear that Usopp? She want us to put out the fire. I know that look! We are *not* going there! Luffy: Soon I ll be King of the Pirates! Zoro: I ll be the greatest swordsman in the world! Luffy: Come on. [chucks the wooden harpoons over the back of the ship. well yeah. I ll just throw them overboard. if he didn t want u s to go he d send her back. [laughs] Luffy: He s my big brother! Luffy: [about Nami possibly being trapped on a forbidden island] Look at it this way: if he really is omnipotent he d know he d go rescue her. We should be tolerant. and g orillas forging a coup. It s not really her fault. blood-thirst monsters that wai t around every corner to eat us! Usopp: Sky island scary sky island scary sky island scary Zoro: [with giant pill of wood] Luffy. what should we do? Usopp: I don t know. We don t want to announce our lo cation to our enemies. and hits the pursuing Nav y ships] Luffy: Now. Luffy: Nah. which mean he really *does* want us to go! Luffy: Enough running! Let s fight these Navy guys! [trips over a bunch of harpoons the Navy ships fired at them] Luffy: Hey. let s fight these Navy guys! [sees the ships full of harpoons] Luffy: Oh Robin: Let s put out the fires if we don t need them. what are these doing here? Sanji: Ussopp thought we might be able to use them.

you said you re going to the island. You name it. I don t know this man! Please don t punish me with him ! Tony Tony Chopper: You re so cool. but that s not stopping Denzel is it? Don t run. Aerith: So Why did you come? Cloud: I think I wanna be forgiven. . Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Quotes Aerith: You came. but I made him a doctor. there s the ship! Nami. K: Dr. More than anything. Even though you re about to break. but what are you gonna do when you get there? Zoro: God s on this island. Nami: Why would you want to meet someone with such horrible power? Zoro: Who knows? I guess that depends on his attitude. Strife Delivery Service. Tony Tony Chopper: Zoro is so cool! Zoro: Why should I pray to someone I don t believe in? Nami: [praying] Oh. Herelock made him a dreamer.trying to muscle in and take what doesn t belong to you! [as himself] Tony Tony Chopper: No. Cloud: There s no cure. Lets fight it together. didn t see that coming! Nami: Do something! Luffy: CAMPING! Usopp: This isn t a party! We re in enemy territory! now calm down! Luffy: Not a party. Usopp. my sweet! I beat the IQ Love Test to rescue you! Love? I thought it was orbs! If that was love. That s a good sign. Zoro: They must be bipolar bears! Dr. and everyone knows you re not suppose to a nger god! That s just common sense! Zoro: Sorry. and the air! Nami: [punches the wolf] Nothing s keeping me from that treasure! Usopp: [wolves growling] Great! Everything s gotten worse again! Now we get eaten by wolves. we re not like that! [translating] Tony Tony Chopper: This is our forest! Everything here belongs to us! The land. I don t ever want to see it again! Sanji: Luffy looks like a girraffe. but I ve never actually prayed to god. Zoro! Luffy: Sanji: Luffy: Usopp: Hey. I remember you. the trees. Tifa: Yeah. Hey. we deliv Tifa: May I ask who s calling? Tifa: [giggles] Yeah. Hmmm. Aerith: [amused] By who? Vincent: This is my phone Tell Yuffie she has no right to reach this number Tifa: [answers phone] Hello. Tony Tony Chopper: Zoro is more arrogant than god! Nami: There are priests on this island. is a BBQ a party? Chopper: Zoro. Lord God. got it. right? I m gonna go meet him.

what the hell am I saying? Reno: [on seeing Bahamut] Hello. Look at you. There isn t a thing I don t cherish! Sephiroth: I ve thought of a wonderful present for you Shall I give you despair? Yuffie: All right. But Clo ud. Rude: Hell no. Yuffie: Oh! Rufus: Say. you refer to Mother that way. Su re you might not answer the phone. Tifa: Stop running! I know. Aerith: [laughs] This one s too big to adopt. friend. When she gets here. Kadaj. really take it in. Even if you find the kids you might not be able to h elp them. Yuffie: Sexist! Cloud: Stay where you belong. Give me the pleasure of taking it away . I think he s found it again. Reno: You re ma s cool you were too. Reno: Is it after us? Rude: I m not looking. Maybe something will happen that can never unhappen. she ll decide what s best. It s only been a couple of years. but already that feeling is gone. Vincent: If they wanted. It seems you don t have a place here. in my memories! Sephiroth: I will never be a memory! Sephiroth: Tell me what you cherish most. Barret: He s got ten minutes Yuffie: What? I don t get it! Why can t we help out? Cid: This is Man Talk. doesn t it? But you need to think about it now. that scares you. naturally. Now.We can help each other. where is off] Mother schmother it s Jenova s friggin head. I ve got a question for you Kadaj: And I ve got an answer. Cloud: [drifting in and out of consciousness. think of the strength we all had when we fought that last b attle. . Aerith's hand caresses his forehea d] Mother ? Aerith: Another one? Why is everyone calling me their mother lately? Zack: I guess they must be fond of you. Who s been touching my materia? Tifa: The bad guys. Well you hate being alone so let people in. I know we can. Zack: [to Cloud] Tough luck. Cloud: You just don t get it. yo u think you ve got it so damn hard. they could make another Sephiroth. Kadaj: So what if I m a puppet? Once upon a time Loz: Mother will know. I guess that only works for real familie s. Mother? Reno: [brushes himself Loz: Hey! Yazoo: I will not have Loz: You meanie! Rude: Our apologizes. but I don t see you throw it away either! Tifa: Two years ago.

your speech was cool and all. Naruto: I m not going to take back my words. it s not a surprise. Kakashi: Hello students. of course. you re going to die. Naruto. A lot comes out. hate me. right? What. I understand there are orphans living with you. did Kadaj say that? Well. Gaara: I fight for my sake only and live to love no one but myself. together we can rebuild Shin-Ra! Cloud: Not interested Vincent: Kadaj is a remnant of Sephiroth. Yuffie: LARVA?! You mean he s some kind of insect?! Naruto Quotes Sasuke: I understand now. Like how you found that flower. and cling to life. you ask? The insides . Don t you want to put smiles back on their faces? Cloud: I don t know. Ino: There s no meaning to a flower unless it blooms. I felt alive Tenten: The weaker you are the louder you bark. but if you lose any more bloo d. Think of him as some sort of larval fo rm. Perhaps you can find somethi ng interesting to do while you are alive. Sakura: All I ve been doing is watching you two from behind my back! now. Reno: C mon! With you help. get a good look at Orochimaru: There probably isn t any meaning in life. I must gain power .Cloud: What s this about Mother ? Rufus: Oh. and then some day. Kakashi: Uh. I am an avenger. despise me. Kakashi: I am Hatake Kakashi. Gaara: A soul needs a purpose to live and so I concluded that my purpose was to k ill everyone besides myself. come before me. As for my dream I have few hobbies. when you have the same eyes as I do. Like h ow I found you. Uchiha: If you want to kill me. I have no intentions of telling you my likes and d islikes. Then drag it out . Kakashi: Too late Konoha s hidden village secret taijutsu technique [sticks fingers in Naruto's butt] Kakashi: ONE THOUSAND YEARS OF PAIN! Naruto: GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Gaara: Yeah I m going to tear him apart. All children wish to see their mothers. That s my way of the ninja! Lee: A dropout will beat a genius through hard work. today I got lost on the road of life. and live in an unsightly wa y Run. Even if I must take the devil s fruit.

You don t interest me at the moment. and so he scrapes away at the edges of it with fire . Lin: What s going on here? Kamaji: Something you wouldn t recognize. That s depressing. Naruto: It s true that I dont know anything about parents or siblings. have become my best friend. It s called love. Zeniba: You pea-brain! Can t you even tell me from your own mother? [turns Baby in to a mouse] There now. Sasuke: Why would you go this far for me? Naruto: This is one of the first bonds I ve ever had. I can t bear to lose. I wonder if this is what it s like having a dad and when I m with you i f this is what it s like to have a brother. And in front of him. Kakashi: Underneath this mask is another mask! Spirited Away Quotes No-Face: Wipe that smile off your face. Yubaba: Aren t you even going to knock? You re the most pathetic little girl I ve ever seen. Man: Huh? No-Face: You re still smiling! Chihiro/Sen: Just one rose isn t a bouquet. Kakashi: How should I put this? My first impression of this group is that your a bunch of idiots. To me. That was the first tim e you said that to me. You were my inspiration. That s why At t hat time. Sasuke: It wasn t meaningless.Hinata: [explaining why she refuses to withdraw from her fight with Neji. I was really happy that you finally accepted me. you. Rei: Man fears the darkness.. Itachi: Go away. your body matches your brain. but When I m w ith Iruka-sensei. despit e the fact that he is trying to kill her] The boy that I have watched for so lon g is finally watching me. Sasuke: [clenches fist] WELL GET INTERESTED! Naruto: I really wanted to become like you. Chihiro/Sen: I finally get a bouquet and it s a goodbye present. Neon Genesis Evangelion Quotes Misato: Survivability takes priority. .

can I buy you a drink? Cup o tea? Shinji: Kaji. Cheap wasn t it? Toji: Oh yeah? Well here s your change! [He undoes his trousers and exposes himsel f to Asuka] Rei: [to Shinji] You re the jerk who was staring at my panties! Asuka: Hey. brushing. Misato: So. Hey. About his work. so make yourself comfortable. You just think you understood. I m a boy. and sleeping toget her! Hikari: Oh no! You re living in sin! Shinji and Asuka: *It s not like that!* Asuka: It s time to get up. you were the one who was flashing them! Rei: Why are you defending him? Are you riding his baloney pony? Asuka: [sweatdrops] WHAT? We re just really good childhood friends! Makoto: You look pretty worn to the bone. you re such a pain in the ass.Misato: This is your home now. And take advantage of everything here. Misato: I have reasons for being worn. you can t really understand Misato either? Kaji: The Kanji we use for the word she a woman far away. Ritsuko: Kaji s bone? Misato: SHUT YOUR FACE! Kaji: So. Misato: Cerebellum don t you mean his heart?! Rei: I will not be a puppet for you to control Ikari-kun is calling me. I said. you re wrong. Is that what happens when you start y our period? Asuka: WHAT? What did you say? . Major Katsuragi. women will al ways appear to be on the shore across. it s not like I m going to put the moves on him. To us men. except me. no matter how stained it is with sin. It means there is a river deeper and wide r than the ocean that divides men and women. Private ones. that s why people try t o know each other. Fuyutsuki: I d rather live in a world with people in it. Well. Shinji: So. That s why life is interesting. I ve already got permission from the b rass. my mother Kaji: No. you dork! [pulls off blanket] Asuka: Ach! You stupid pervert! I didn t need to get *that* up! Shinji: I can t help it! It s morning! Asuka: Hurry up! Shinji: Jeez. I ll take care of Shinji. shame on you! Misato: She just can t take a joke. Shinji: But I have learned many things about my father recently. Ritsuko: The interaction of men and women isn t very logical. Shinji and Asuka:It s Misato s idea! She s got us eating. Ritsuko: Of course you re not! How could you even think of such a thing? You re alwa ys like that. Shinji: I can t understand grown-ups. Toji: [after Asuka slapped him for seeing her underwear] What was that for? Asuka: Viewing fee.

Major Katsuragi. This is that which is mine. Sky of red. my shape It fades from view. My classmates . My death is the only absolute liberty Gendo: I m not used to being liked. Yes. The pilot of Unit 02. Commander Ikari. But that changes with the passage of tim e. A human creation as well. I can stay here! Asuka: When a wind-up doll like you starts being sympathetic to me I ve really hit r ock bottom. One. Flowers.Rei: Mountains. on the other hand. What your eyes can see. Sky. Man can never completely erase this sadness because all men are fundamentally alone. The sun. my heart. So many the same. EVA. the colour I hate. Rei: I am not a doll. Heavy are the mountains. blue sky. that which forms what is me. ripples. who was here. I might be allowed to stay here. It drips. I have to go to bed. I am nothing but I. home. It is a grey pool. Asuka: Shut up! You do anything you re ordered to. On the red soil the humans come. Who is this? This is me. My life. But while you might not be hurt that way. I am able to die. City. What are humans? Are they creations of God? Humans. I can no longer see myself . Red the colour. just like I thought! You re an unthinking. My body feels as if it is melting. you mustn t forget that you must endure the loneliness. To be or not to be. so many without purpose. Shinji: Kaworu: Shinji: Kaworu: It s time. I wish to be I. I am a vessel for my thoughts. Blood. Awareness dawns of someone who is not mel. It makes no difference to me. don t you? You d kill yourself if C ommander Ikari told you to. But I might be able to love myself. emo tionless doll and I hate you! I hate everyone! Kaworu: I ve been destined to live forever. Kaworu: The fact that you have a place to return. That is a good fact. and pours. I want to stay here. will lead you to happine ss. wouldn t you?! Rei: Yes. Commander Ikari? Who are you? Who are you? Who are you Shinji: I hate myself. With me? . Scent of blood. the throne of the soul. The entry plug. The liquid flows. Humans made by man and woman. only one. Shinji? This person I know. woman who does not bleed. This is the self that c an be seen and yet it is not like that which is myself. Asuka: *slaps Rei* Then you re a toy. and that which is created by humans. I can be I. A strange feeling. However. is quite famil iar. there. Kaworu: You are extremely afraid of any kind of initial contact aren t you? Are yo u that afraid of other people? I know that by keeping others at a distance you a void the betrayal of their trust. I would. What your eyes can t see. Time to go? Yeah. Who am I? What am I? What am I? What am I? What am I I am I. Sky. A human creation. This object that is myself. even if humanity is annihilated as a r esult. Water. Being hated. beyond me here. my form. Doctor Akagi. People.

You a re delicate like glass. Misato: W-What?! Gendo: I said. Launch it immediatel y. pain is something that man must endure in his heart. that they gave you I mean.Shinji: No! I think you have your own room. You know. Gendo: I want Evangelion Unit 01 taken out of chryo-stasis. that is. And since the heart fills pain so easily. some men believe that life is pain. Shinji: It is? Kaworu: Yes. LAUNCH IT! Misato: Yes. sir. Asuka: Why for her? Am I so worthless you couldn t do this for me? . Shinji: Empathy? Kaworu: I m saying I love you. this is worth earning my empathy. Kaworu: Okay. your heart is.

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