Business Quiz Questions

Question: Which vehicle took its name from the fact that it was made to be used for general purposes? Answer: Jeep (GP)

Question: What is the name of the mascot on the bonnet of a Rolls Royce? Answer: The spirit of ecstasy

Question: Who invented jeans? Answer: Levi Straus

Question: Which company owns 'Hotmail', the Internet based e-mail system? Answer: Microsoft

Question: South Africa is the world's largest producer of 3 metals. Platinum and Gold are 2 of them, what’s the third? Answer: Chromite

Question: Which designer is credited with inventing the mini-skirt? Answer: Mary Quant

Question: Which car is featured in the film Back to the Future? Answer: De Lorean

Question: The Baht is the monetary unit of which country? Answer: Thailand

. Nepal.Question: What is the national airline of Spain? Answer: Iberia Question: Which was the first company formed to manufacture motor cars? Answer: Daimler Question: Which car manufacturer uses a badge consisting of 4 interlocked circles? Answer: Audi Question: In which country is Sikorsky Helicopters' head office? Answer: America Question: What is the currency of Turkey? Answer: Lira Question: Which company manufactured Lancaster bomber? Answer: Avro Question: How many old pennies were there in Half a Crown? Answer: 30 Question: In which country are Saab cars manufactured? Answer: Sweden Question: Excluding India name 2 other countries that use the rupee as currency. Seychelles and Sri Lanka. Mauritius. Answer: India. Pakistan.

Question: Apart from water.Question: London's Drury Lane is associated with which industry? Answer: Theatre Question: What commodity is traditionally measured in units called a Truss? Answer: Hay/Straw Question: What is the national airline of Spain? Answer: Iberia Business Quiz Questions Question: What is the national airline of Ireland? Answer: Aer Lingus Question: What clothes designer said: 'A woman is as old as her knee'? Answer: Mary Quant Question: Complete this advertising slogan 'Murraymints. Tea or Coca-Cola? Answer: Tea Question: What is Colombia’s chief export? Answer: Cocaine Question: What is the official currency of Portugal? Answer: Euro ..'? Answer: The too good to hurry mints. Murraymints.. what is the most widely consumed drink in the world. Coffee.

Ken's last name? Answer: Carson Question: Which car company owns Jaguar? Answer: Ford Question: What is the most famous product manufactured by the American company Anheuser Busch? Answer: Budweiser beer Question: What breed of dog advertises Dulux Paint' on TV? Answer: Old English sheepdog Question: With regard to the record label what do the initials RCA stand for? Answer: Radio Corporation of America Question: Which drink was named by its inventor after rejecting the first six names that were offered? Answer: 7 Up Question: JVC launched VHS format in 1976.Question: What company was formerly known as Computing Tabulating Recording Company? Answer: IBM Question: What is Barbie's boyfriend. but what does VHS stand for? Answer: Video Home system .

Question: Which country is Red Stripe lager originally from? Answer: Jamaica Question: Whose autobiography was entitled 'Losing my Virginity'? Answer: Richard Branson Question: What is the name of Hong Kong's airline? Answer: Cathay Pacific Question: What was introduced by Barclays Bank for the 1st Time on June 17th 1967? Answer: First Cash Dispenser (ATM) Question: Which goldsmith and jeweller was famous for ornate easter eggs? Answer: Peter Faberge Question: Which company is responsible for 'Mates' condoms? Answer: Virgin Business Quiz Questions Question: Who designed the original 1936 Volkswagon? Answer: Ferdinand Porsche Question: What won the toy of the year award in both 1980 and 1981? Answer: The Rubik's Cube Question: What does CNN stand for on the TV or Internet? Answer: Cable News Network .

What is the Star? Answer: Broadsheet Question: What was the only type of wood used by Thomas Chippendale? Answer: Mahogany Question: Which company based in Clemont-Ferrand. is the largest producer of tyres in France and is now involved in Formula One racing? Answer: Michelin.Question: What was the first country to issue postage stamps? Answer: Great Britain Question: What was the name of the Japanese virtual pets that became very popular throughout the world in 1997? Answer: Tamagotchi Question: Which company who make toy cars and other models won the first toy of the year award in 1965 for a model Aston Martin from the first James Bond film? Answer: Corgi Question: What is the subject of speciality publishing company Haynes? Answer: Car manuals Question: Which company sponsors both Manchester United and the England Cricket team? Answer: Vodaphone Question: The Citizen is a tabloid newspaper. .

of California adopt? Answer: ESSO Question: What giant car company almost went out of business in 1981? Answer: Chrysler .Question: In which country was the Audi car first made? Answer: Germany Question: Walter Fredrick Morrison sold the rights to his 'Pluto Platter' in 1955. but under what name did this toy become popular? Answer: Frisbee Question: What do the initials 'MG' stand for on the British made car? Answer: Morris Garage Question: What is the name of the USA's national rail network? Answer: AMTRAC Question: Which company opened the first Burger Restaurant in Britain in 1954? Answer: Wimpy Question: What did Martin Stone invent in 1888 that millions of suckers use every day? Answer: Drinking Straw Question: On what street in London is the Bank of England situated? Answer: Threadneedle Street Question: What name did the Standard Oil Co.

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