Advanced Masters Weekend

*** TAPE 1 ***

(1:30) Ross' Patterns & Metaphors for Learning THE BASIC PRINCIPLES (4:20) Altered States - Yours & Hers - Designing Them for Your Benefit. Granted that she's going to put you into an altered state, why not design the state you're going to go into? "What would be the most beneficial hypnotic states for me to be in when I see that beautiful woman? How can I anchor those states so that they happen automatically?" (7:04) Skill #1 - Design and control your own state "you go first" - RELAXED AND AWARE, the experimentation - let's have some fun and let's see what works attitude to LOOSEN UP YOUR MIND AND ATTITUDE. How does this process already resemble something I already find incredibly exciting and fulfilling? (8:16) Skill #2 - Learning the suggestive language - whatever you can get a person to imagine, they perceive as their own thought and they don't resist it because it is perceived as internal. CAPTURE AND LEAD THEIR IMAGINATION. "How can I capture and lead this woman's imagination? Which doorway is her dialogue inviting me to doggie-dinner-bowl her and enter her mind through?" Flashcard #1 - capture and lead the woman's imagination (10:18) Skill #3 - putting seduction in a conversational framework so that it sounds normal and is covert. What is something normal and common available that I can use to inject my state commands? (11:57) Skill #4 - learning from your mistakes and staying motivated. ANYTHING OFFERED IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO REFRAME AND ADVANCE. What is this experience trying to teach me? What is something in this experience that I can use to catapult myself to the next level of mastery. (12:35) The point is to get a strong response: doggie-dinner-bowl-look trance. (13:12) Opening approaches (see newsletter gln08.html) (14:00) Formula #1 A) Break the woman's current state or fixed belief system - break the indifference. Move them/shock them and then move them into a calmer, safer state. What state is she in and what would be diametric to that that would get her attention? B) Focus her attention on you C) Take control of her internal representations - start with building a state of COMFORT - a note on adverbs (17:35) EXTRAORDINARY lust, TOTAL fascination, EXTREME arousal 2 KEY FORMULAS

Establish states of CURIOSITY & INTRIGUE leading to FASCINATION, CONNECTION, the COMFORT OF TIME-DISTORTION. What are the processes that occur in the human mind when experiencing these states? What are life circumstances in which they occur ? (20:55) Two types of women: #1 - easily led (want to be swept off their feet) vs. #2 - wants to have her OWN thoughts, wants her own experience, sorts by self, sorts by her own experience (the talkers - they want their own thoughts reflected back to them) #3 - open to emotions (where you've known that person forever - soul mate) vs. #4 - open to strong sexual feelings (body feelings, sensory-rich description, blowjob pattern) Curiosity and intrigue is a good category to start from NO MATTER what she is into. (24:08) CURIOSITY & INTRIGUE APPROACH - "I have an intuition about you ..." Flashcard #2 - "I have an intuition about you" - pick some piece of obvious truth about her - e.g. the waitress "the fugue-er" Shut your dialog off and observe: Flashcard #3 - "What can I observe about this person that must be true (that everyone knows and is obvious) that I can comment on? ... logically, what must else must follow from this redundant truth? (she will give you more to comment on after this)" e.g. Mark's stripper seduction (I have an intuition about you: you really like to be watched, don't you?) - leading into strong sexual feelings (you know when you feel those eyes on you and it feels like a hundred hands touching you ...) • get PERSONAL TRANCE WORDS as you OBSERVE and LISTEN intuition clue -> 1. genuine intuition (observed truth) intuition clue -> 2. standard rap e.g. highly visual woman intuition pattern (ideal vacation spot)

(32:46) -

"I have an intuition about you: You're a very visual person. You MAKE PICTURES IN YOUR MIND VERY VIVIDLY. For example, if I were to say to you ... IMAGINE your ideal vacation spot, you could SEE IT VERY CLEARLY, couldn't you? (put them in trance) In fact, you ... I don't know whether it's a talent or a habit, but you can be with a man you're really attracted to, you know someone who makes you FEEL THAT CLICK right ... there ... and it's really funny cause on the one hand you FEEL TOTALLY DRAWN TO THIS PERSON so you FEEL ABSOLUTELY SAFE (build a state of comfort). You FEEL TOTALLY COMFORTABLE, like you were meant to know them (emotional connection) ... and on the other hand you FEEL THAT EXCITEMENT, those tingly, thrilling feelings right in there as well (body feelings). I think when you MAKE THAT KIND OF CONNECTION, NOW... WITH ME (binding it to you) ... as I sense it, that guy can think that you're listening to him 'cause you're looking right at him, but you can be having other .., THOUGHTS ... (a state of arousal) by the way, you're probably not aware, how when you HAVE THOSE THOUGHTS, how when you WATCH THOSE PICTURES GET BIGGER AND BRIGHTER, how the feelings get much more intense ... as you GO MORE INSIDE ... (amplifying & deeper trance) Get her to face a different direction, get her moving, step on the gas ...

(36:25) Speed Seduction - doing as much as you can, early (37:45) At this point, you observe the response and see whether or not you need to elicit PERSONAL TRANCE/EXPERIENCE WORDS or ... continue to OVERWHELM & AMPLIFY & ANCHOR Does she want her own experience … or … does she want to be overwhelmed. An altered state will allow you to notice and be aware. You have to build it for yourself. (41:40) Flashcard #4 - "What you rehearse in an altered state will be automatically avai lable for your use anytime you need it." Rehearse the patterns in an altered state. (44:10) Formula #2 - BODY FEELINGS / SENSORY RICH DESCRIPTIONS The waitress: ... You know, I have an intuition about you ... you're a very visual person ... (that didn't get a strong response) ... when you really FEEL A CONNECTION with someone (no response) .... observe something about her (she was dead on her feet tired) .... Now, I bet you could use a vacation. Let me ask you a question ... If you could IMAGINE YOUR IDEAL VACATION SPOT ... what would it be like? ... (omg. I'd be laying on the sand and just let the warmth of the sun soak all through me) yeah. isn't it great? And I bet as you FEEL THAT WARMTH just beginning to really heat up ... you know when you've been lying out there just baking in the sun and you're drowsy with that warm pleasure ... maybe you also feel a cool breeze on your face ... as you allow yourself to drift off in that, don't you feel absolutely wonderful?" (anchor) (off into the blowjob pattern) I just find it so interesting how people connect with their desires, and wants, and daydreams ... because after all, what is wishing for a vacation, it's a daydream, isn't it? In fact, I was reading the most interesting book on compulsions ... and it got me thinking of the difference between compulsion and anticipation ... (fire of the anchor) ... you know I don't know what it is you do when you DECIDE FOR YOURSELF that you really want to spend time with someone ... and you really know it's what you want cause you FIND YOURSELF LOOKING FORWARD to it with a smile on your face ... I want you to know, as that's taking place, I'd also like to spend some time for you ... why don't we meet for coffee and talk about things that make us both feel good ... when would be better X or Y? (50:10) THE FOUR DOORWAYS Trap, Enter, and DESTROY until complete strategy. Broadside her and keep her off balance. #1 - Visualizing (lollipop, vacation) #2 - Use body feelings and sensory rich descriptions (blowjob, discovery channel, quotes) #3 - Feeling emotions (incredible connection, fascination) #4 - Get her talking – listen for trance words and phrases (53:00) If you're a good-looking guy or naturally-blessed, you can afford to take your time. Otherwise, as quickly yet relaxed as you can, find the doorway, enter and overwhelm to the close. (54:00) Glen's pickup strategy e.g. on Paula/Ross (demonstration of Doorway #3 – incredible connection) (56:00) Intuition pattern using EMOTIONS

Pardon me. forgive me for interrupting. I just wanted to tell you .. I find you absolutely stunning. I can tell you're a woman of great taste ... cause you laugh at what I say…

"I have an intuition about you ... When you REALLY FEEL A POWERFUL CONNECTION (emotional doorway), you know that kind of special click right ... there (intrusion principle)... that just makes you feel totally drawn to this person (point at self) ... and its kind of funny, 'cause on the one hand you FEEL ABSOLUTELY COMFORTABLE, you FEEL TOTALLY SAFE (comfort), like you were meant to know them (emotional) ... almost like you'd already known them forever ... and yet on the other hand, at the same time, you FEEL THAT EXCITEMENT, those nervous, tingly feelings right in there as well (physical sensations). I think when you MAKE THAT KIND OF CONNECTION, (binder command) NOW ... TO ME ... as I sense it, there's a strong element of fascination in it for you. You're a lot like my friend Rebecca ... I mean, she was telling me, that when she starts to LISTEN CAREFULLY, and REALLY LOOK ... and HANG ON EVERY WORD ... it's like the rest of the environment disappears and the entire world becomes the warmth of this voice just wrapping itself around her (fascination, deep trance), can you FEEL THAT is maybe how it happens? See, I find that when I FOCUS IN ON THOSE FEELINGS, and just let them build (amplification), sometimes I can just STOP ... and IMAGINE A TIME IN THE FUTURE ... say years from now ... still feeling that special click, and looking back on today as having been the start of it (time distortion). Can you FEEL THAT would be a wonderful thing to experience? (58:10) The Intrusion Principle - get her attention and get her excited … hold on to the hand ... touch the solar plexus ... BREAK INTO THE "INTIMATE" SPACE Binder Commands to yourself "now ... to me ... to this sexy person ... Oh my God ... etc." These are ambiguities – vague. Feel totally drawn to this person … If you want to bind it, you have to anchor it. The conversational framework of stacking 3 levels – 1. Her experience (emotional doorway pattern), 2. Colleen's experience (quotes), I was talking to my friend Colleen, and she says … 3. "I" experience (I/You shift). I find when I …X (Flashcard) Keep the flow going for more commands. If she interrupts, she’ll just be giving you information telling you what she needs.



*** TAPE 2 *** Always start with her experience so that you don’t get cut off. Doorway pattern: You know, I think that’s so interesting … how with some people … it’s like there’s this doorway … this window of opportunity to experience that X, that Y, that Z … It’s like that voice inside, remember when you were a little girl? You have this voice of adventure …you hear this voice in all of your adventure s … whispering to you, guiding you on … it’s like that voice says, “This is the main chance. What you want is right in front of you. You gotta get some. Go for it” You know, it’s too bad we’ll never get a chance to talk without all these interruptions … It would probably be fun, wouldn’t it? (2:20) Going back to closing it with her … I was thinking about that conversation we were having the other day. Remember when we were talking about … X ?

I find you can just STOP! … (6:30) How to get her talking (revealing trance words) … talk about a subject matter and ask her opinion what I find so interesting … I’m wondering if I can ask your opinion on something … you seem like an intelligent lady … (quote an article or words of a friend) … (7:30) revealing a “boyfriend gap” - testing a committed woman. Pattern designed to get her talking and spill her guts. I think it’s so interesting how women select different men to fill different roles, but no man can give everything (Flashcard#5) A WOMAN NEEDS … Just as there are some men that play the role of caretaker, and provider, and supporter … then there are other men that will play the role of conqueror, adventurer, and seducer … while a woman will turn to the first kind for food and housing and shelter, she’ll turn to the second kind (point to self) for the romance, the adventure, and the passion you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. Then, watch her eyes … if they trance out, then she’s hungry for that sort of attention. (14:57) Another method to get them talking - Set things up to do a handwriting analysis. They start talking about their favorite person: them. Astrology … palm reading … Pickups : the three basic approaches Start funny and go to sincere OR Start sincere and go to funny Ask a question (can be an opportunity as well - if I could show you a better way to X would you Y?) (18:10) What can I observe/notice about this person that I can comment on to make an initial connection? Utilize everything! (Mark’s algorithm) Pace (match and describe what is already going on) and Lead (describe what is about to happen as a consequence of that) to get rapport and reframe. You get rapport – matching her experience – by repeating to her exactly what she is experiencing. “Likes like each other.” Rapport is important to be able to lead her into the desired behaviors and trains of thought. The proper angle to approach. (the sidelong glance - from the side, approaching 45 degrees) STARTING OUT FUNNY (find out if she has a sense of humour) Get eye contact and do something funny (e.g. Groucho impression) Pardon me, Ma’am. I know what your boyfriend looks like. I see his face every morning when I look in the mirror. I'm glad you laughed because I noticed you here and I really wanted to meet you. (switching to serious/sincere) ... I'm willing to make a total fool out of myself just to meet you. ... I'd do anything just to find out if the inner you is as magnificent as the outer one.



(26:00) (27:50)


Hypnotic Induction techniques. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Relaxation - going from funny to serious Startling command “stop …” Physical Equilibrium Misdirection - punctuation ambiguity “… with me …” Confusion


STARTING OUT SINCERE “Pardon me, ma’am. I just wanted to let you know ... I think you are (pause) absolutely stunning … and I just wanted to meet you.” (no apologies, no excuses, no fear, very low key) Sincerity is a powerful trance induction ... your belief and your willingness to risk.

(36:00) • • • • • • • • • •

David the 6 foot 270 lbs. guy who nails Gym HardBodies sits on a bicycle beside them, no eye contact, match bicycle speed and breathing, (non -verbal rapport) mention something (I noticed … approach), not talk for a while, mention something else … fascination commands (Have you ever noticed …) connection pattern (… as you exercise you feel more comfortable, just like when you meet someone you feel more comfortable …) connection pattern #1 sets anchor (with a touch – left arm; watch their pupils to see when they dilate - can you feel that …) attraction vs. love pattern (stages of love pattern) body feelings from cycling visual pattern from cycling (you’ll get more out of this if you imagine …) let them initiate the close


Major Mark - the stripper pickup - observing something obvious and leading it into body sensations. Validating what she says and then moving forward to the next peak or high. Staying calm, relaxed, emotionless, an insider, insulting and neg-hitting the shit out of them. Ask a question to get trance words, then reflect them back. (X … don’t you?) Strippers are more likely to respond to experimental, exciting stuff – power and thrilling excitement. Housewives - talk about things happening around them that are non-threatening. Romance novel hero attitude: extremely assertive, very strong, opinionated, they guard their feelings, they’re driven by a powerful sense of mission or destiny, they care little about what others think of them, they’re capable of deep, meaningful emotion but they guard it from view. “Are you woman enough to get that out of me?” a little dangerous, exciting, who’s challenging, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The PIRATE, RENEGADE. They have needs BECAUSE they’re married. Stuck or trapped. Committed but bored. Not the one who’s looking for an escape ticket or complaining and talking about her husband. She’s


getting the secure, safe guy, but she isn’t getting the exciting, adventurous guy. Adventurous is what you’re looking for. Ones to avoid: those looking for an escape ticket (very clinging and frantic), talking about her husband all the time. You aren’t breaking the relationship, you’re adding something to it. The relationship must never be threatened. … because he FILLED A VOID … You only want to SET UP THE OPPORTUNITY and let them initiate the tryst. She is the one who chooses and throws herself at you. It must be her initiation. Mark uses pirates as a model - what do pirates care about? You only respond to things that serve and interest you. You ignore the rest. Mark’s life experiences as anchors for excitement and adventure. (1:22:10) Glenn Hughes - How to maintain your state. The soccer stadium example (it’s the same type of rich description that should be used for a connection pattern). It’s like when you really feel that connection with a person .. and it just hits you .. you feel it, you hear it, you smell it… you know this is what you’ve always wanted … right here, right now, right in front of you… it’s like a window … like a doorway … an opportunity to experience something … like that voice of adventure deep inside … This is the main chance … you gotta get some. Go for it. The trick is to be in state before you speak so that you have congruence (e.g. Don Juan De Marco). The easiest way to get into state is to be that man (walk around through life in that state). *** TAPE 3 *** Glenn Hughes on a married woman at the mall. (2:28) Strippers • • • • start by insulting the shit out of them but in a funny way - I'm not impressed, I don't give a fuck themes: fantasies and altered states, living on the edge of arousal. establish yourself as an insider (tell her about your girlfriend who’s a dancer). Describe her experience to her to demonstrate that you understand her. finding the altered state trigger "like, for example, for some people it's money (3 -fold description of what it's like to have a shitload of money), chocolate ..."

(6:20) (6:40)

ALTERED STATES - DHE Breathing for state change - intuition switch Start from low in the abdomen, use the abdominal muscles (get into a centered state)

Look at her in your mind "What is it about her that I can notice that I can comment on to make a connection?" (tapping into your intuition) This is how you can easily get yourself in an altered state to practice patterns. (15:30) D.H.E./Equalizer Technique If you were born blank, what different qualities and states would you like to have in place for meeting and interacting with women? CHOOSE 4 QUALITIES - enter the vivid memory of that experience - push switch up from 0 to 10 as fast as those feelings take hold and back to 0 - then adjust them one by one for different situations Why fix something when you can just create something new that breaks past any limitation? When your life is working, you won’t have to pass laws controlling other people. (54:30) (1:10:50) (1:12:20) Married Women Discussion – Memes and embedded thoughts from society. The advantage of process language. How to do something, not just what to do. Amusement Park Pattern ... I understand. I think because first, it's not that you're not a passionate woman ... it's ... first, you need to FEEL ABSOLUTELY SAFE. You need to FEEL TOTALLY COMFORTABLE. It's sort of like .... you know ... I was watching a show the other night on the Discovery Channel ... and they were talking to a man who makes his living designing rides for amusement parks. And he was talking about what makes for the ideal attraction. And he said, "when you STOP ... and IMAGINE YOUR IDEAL ATTRACTION, Sue, 3 things come into your mind. First, it has to be very thrilling. It has to be the sort of thing where you feel the wind rushing in your face. You feel your heart beating faster, your breathing comes much more quickly. And sometimes you're screaming, you're shouting with excitement. Second, there's a sense of overall safety. You know this attraction is so well designed you won't be hurt. You KNOW YOU'RE SAFE. That means you're so much more free to let go with those exciting feelings. And, finally, it has to be fascinating. It has to be the kind of thing where as soon as you get off, you want to climb right back on. You want to experience this multiple times. I think it's that way wit h you when you consider your ideal connection with a man, isn't it? Simile is when you say A is like B. (1:15:30) Re: Control issues ... I learned that the ultimate form of control is self-control. Not controlling others, but being in control of your self. And the ultimate proof, the ultimate evidence of self-control is FLEXIBILITY. The ability to give up control and take it back whenever you need to. So I think the proof that you really can feel safe is the ability to LET GO and KNOW that you can take it right back again. *** TAPE 4 ***

Getting blatantly caught and reframing. Validating the accusation, reframing it to how is was something meant to benefit her. Handling women: go through your database regularly, make calls, rekindle your voice i n their mind. (1:32) (9:00) Glenn Hughes gets caught over Valentine's day Handling several women at the same time – database. Keep files: values, ideal man, fantasies, trance words … If they ask about other women … make sure you have their rules for Truth & Honesty. Ways to Memorize the PATTERNS • • • • • write it out in your own handwriting say it out loud as you write it out re-write it out in various ways rehearse, in state, out loud get in the posture, imagine she’s like a dog that only responds to tonality and tempo


(26:00) (37:10)

Verbal Pacing to increase Response Attentiveness / Tonality Internet Bulletin & Voice-Mail Dating PROFILE

Physical appearance: Let's see. How do I describe this so you find yourself picturing it clearl y in your mind now. Can you remember your first love? As you stared into his eyes and admired those features that made him special. You felt so happy around him, and melted when he stared into your eyes. It was as if you shared a special connection wit h him, and he seemed beautiful to you, no matter what. That's the type of connection that let's you realize the beauty within me. Personality: Getting to know someone's personality can be a wonderful experience. In many ways, my personality is like that of several people whom you've already enjoyed in your life. What's it like to suddenly discover that someone you're getting to know for the first time is very much like you? where you find yourself sharing the same values and emotions that make it feel as if you've known each other for the longest time already. As you find yourself fascinated by them, and comfortable being around them, because they seem so much like you. That's my personality. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? The concept of change, itself, is interesting. Can you remember judging someone prematurely? At first, thinking they weren't your type, only to just as quickly realize how wonderful they really are now. Where you learned that the search for what really makes you happy extends far beyond your initial perceptions. As you begin to realize this, you know there's no need to change. Because I am who I need to be to be me.

Have you ever shared time with someone you shared an instantaneous connection with? Where you can remember feeling that connection so strong, as if it seemed predestined. Where you suddenly realize, how much that person really understands you in a way which you always wanted to be understood. As you begin to sense your comfort building, you notice how you sense that powerful connection that comes from two people who were meant to share time together. A connection like that takes someone special, I can remember feeling that on those rare and special moments when you know you've met your own special me. VALENTINE'S DAY LETTER

Position yourself as the “treat” they can savour: (1:05:00) Flashcard# People resist directions, they do not resist descriptions.


After we’ve had lunch, and you’ve discovered just how charming and fun you find me, I don’t know if you’re going to wanna do it with me again, right away, or if you’re going to savour me … keep me as a special treat for yourself … you know when you wanna reward yourself for doing something good? … Pace yourself: as your speaking to them, give them time to savour and experience the processes you are feeding their mind.


"Corny language" is a value judgment. As a communicator, your responsibility is to use the best words and code that the subject wants to use so that they can understand. (Harry had cut and pasted into online chats and the women were eating it up). Attitude (toward strippers): that they're freaks, insulting towards them, fat freaks in an iron lung Tell them their circumstances. Talk to them like you’ve known them for a long time – give them process. Flashcard#: Many women want to surrender to you, they just need you to teach them how. Resistance is a request to be taught. *** TAPE 5 ***


You select the woman who's responding the strongest. You know sometimes in these situations, there's really only one person you want to talk to, isn't there? Just lay aside preconceptions long enough to try things out long enough to really find out if they work, or not. With more than one girl you can learn to find out who is responding to what stimulus. Shotgun model. Preparing by rehearsing the patterns and actions properly. Write it out and say it out loud at the same time ... also, do altered state work - candle meditation


You don't have any patience for people's self-defeating belief patterns - you destroy them. Gangbang in New York. Weasel Phrase Review You always want to present these thoughts so that it appears that SHE'S the ONLY one having them, and that her thoughts are her own, beneath the 'innocent' conversation. weasel phrase + verb + state/process/description If you don't have looks or celebrity, then you're going to have to create the emotional and body feelings by implanting them, then accelerating and amplifying them.



If you were to ... / If I were to .. (command). If I were to say to you "What's important to you in a relationship?" What might you answer?


Notice what it's like ... when you / as you A person can … (which person?)


Keeping the patterns going all night - memorize a few of the weasel phrases - use the flashcards - use a weasel phrase to get her into a state through a certain doorway


Trance Words find yourself imagine mysterious/plain remember/forget pay careful attention to notice realize picture suppose look listen instantaneously/slowly convince yourself

Never resist what is offered. Take it, harmonize with it, and lead it into the desired direction. (38:00) CARD-TRICK PROGRAMMING - You're not sure if you're interested in her. This presupposes that you've gotten rapport and have run some patterns and small-talk. - She's surrounded by a bunch of people and you don't feel comfortable pulling her away. ... sometime during the coming week, and I don't know exactly when (open-ended), you'll find yourself thinking about this conversation (command). And you'll think to yourself "I gotta talk to that guy again." You wanna (child-like desire) call him. And you'll look for my number right (take an action) ... here. When they laugh or giggle, that's when you know it's sinking in.

(45:00) (45:50)

4 Basic Doorways Review Conversational Frameworks - We want to stack the frameworks 3 deep. (CONNECTION pattern) Level 1 - quote a book, movie, lecture, radio program. I was reading, watching, listening to the most interesting … _____ … it said that when you X and Y and Z …it got me thinking how ____ Level 2 - quoting someone else's experience (someone just like her – in a similar position). Now, my friend was saying … Level 3 - your own personal opinion When you’re dating a woman you see her personality when things are working, you see her character when things are not.


Linkage phrases On someone you already know "I just realized something about you ..." Resuming an old theme "... remember the other day when we were talking about ... " Waitresses "... as you think of your ideal vacation spot, what would it be like ...? I think it's so interesting how people ... X (daydreams, fantasies)" Nested loops (the implanted loop throws off the conscious mind and allows the command or idea to be implanted into the subconscious mind)

*** TAPE 6 *** Glenn continued ... PICK-UPS continued - responses to the sincere approach ego, distrust, bad attitude,

- I never get rejected, I only discover if a woman has good taste Excuse me, excuse me. I don't mean to interrupt, I hope you FEEL OKAY with that. I just want you to know your friend is ... Humour is better on women who want THEIR OWN EXPERIENCE. (14:20) - learning the "I just wanted to tell you ...." approach - focus on commenting on the obviously BEST feature (20:00) (23:40) Major Mark's Psycho State - he absolutely totally believes what he is saying Glenn and the housewife in Sears.

(29:00) (36:50)

Glenn's I'm so nervous approach Women to avoid: Avoiding drug users, butt-plug stupid, no sex drive …

Is there such a thing as resistance? or is she saying that isn't working, try another approach. (39:00) Handling Objections

Boyfriend Destroyers How surprised would you be to actually be accepting my invitation to go to coffee anyways? Original boyfriend destroyer was generation 2 Generation 3/4 - great/fine ... I can only promise to control my feelings, I can't promise how naturally and easily you'll find your feelings changing for all the right reasons ... Create doubt - oh, I see. so you're telling me this guy is so perfect that you've never thought about the kinds of things that exist in your relationship that let you know that it's not going to be a long -term thing. Like perhaps, there's something in there that you already know, that you're already thinking about, that tell you this guy isn't perfect for you. because if he's no t perfect for you at some point you'll be looking for someone else. And as that's happening ... now, with me, I know for me that would mean Negation - It's too bad you can't ... I bet you couldn't think of one thing that you hate about him ... Elicit the state she gets from him, get her to describe it, anchor it, re -link it to you, implant posthypnotic suggestions. (47:00) The Female Interruption Mechanism F.I.M. - protects her against having sex with the wrong guy. The mental processes that doub t their lover and aim to preserve the ideal. e.g. "I'm not ready yet. It's too soon." Negation: You're right ... we shouldn't be doing this ... I shouldn't be X ... I shouldn't be Y ... There's no need to Z .... I absolutely mustn't ... ... first of all ... this is not aimed at you as a person, this is aimed at you in your position as manager of this restaurant .... if you still insist on X and I don't think that's fair .... I understand that it's difficult, and difficult is not impossible. Time distortion to overcome F.I.M. "I'm not ready yet": You're right ... this is the sort of thing that, really, is completely natural after you've been together for a while and you just know someone so well. In fact, if you can imagine a time off in the future where we feel so close, we've shared so much, and we feel so good about one another, it's almost as if you were to go that far into the future and look back to now ... you could see where it all started ... and you could see how wonderful it would feel to have enjoyed that feeling all that time. Can you feel that now? Maintain eye contact for at least 7 seconds. (55:30) Eliciting rules and values in a relationship

How do you know when you’re receiving X in a relationship? How can I show you that I X in a relationship? (1:07:30) Standard intros and mindsets - intuition values, job-challenge values segued into relationshipvalues, It’s important to me, as I’m learning about a person, that I find out the things important to them, the things that really make a difference … Just as we get to know each other here, I’m curious Look at their self-image … how she sees herself … her composite of who she is. Dressed how she is, her hair, … how she puts that image out to the world. Start talking about her job … Most people would ask what you do, but I find so much more in finding out What is the challenge in what you do? I have this friend that feels X about Y … Do you think people know what they want? Well, I think some people might think they know what they want or how to get it, but they don't really know. .... For example, to me X is important in Y. If I were to ask you to think of something important to you in a relationship ... as you are thinking about that ideal relationship ... what would you say? (1:15:50) Demonstrations on Claudia – vacation pattern -> blowjob pattern -> Mary Had a Little Lamb tonality -> zip anchor -> colour expansion pattern -> values elicitation -> *** TAPE 7 *** Claudia's Values continued ... (Watch how Ross goes first and offers information and values - FIRST) Values elicitation. When you’re X what does that allow you to experience? How do you know …Y? Peak experience. Linked back to someone who makes you feel swept off your feet. Using her own trance words. Harmonizing with objections (e.g. skepticism): I know there's a part of you that's skeptical (stepped away from it) but that's because there's another part of you that's passionate and longs to surrender; that's just a guardian. Overcoming F.I.M. Of course this wouldn't work. First you have to feel absolutely safe with someone. You have to feel totally safe. You have to realize that this person is totally worthwhile. Women aren't closed. They're protective and selective. Ignore the conscious sign s (e.g. verbal content – what she is saying). So, pay attention to the physiology and emotions because they are subconscious. (24:50) Major Mark's altered state for speed seducing - powerful visualizations that are affirmations of what he wants - opening your senses to a high state of awareness - anchoring her to your voice

MARK'S MINDSET AND ATTITUDE “Great to see you …” state before he approaches. FUN. Picture over her left shoulder “us” having totally orgasmic sex running all the time you’re talking to her. Open your senses to get into the sexual. Sensory rich description. You need to become an admirer of human experience. Over the left he sees an image of her face when she is at the point of surrender – a calibrator. You don’t fight against defenses, you slip past and inside her where you’re both in the same place of intimacy looking out at the world. Structuring continual opportunities for her until she finds the courage to go for it. What is it that she finds irresistible? What is it that she has dreamt of all her life? There is an individual, unique process that turns the key to her lock. It's your genuine curiosity as to What makes this woman wild with pleasure and activates her desire to experience ecstasy. What is the process that turns the key inside her ecstasy lock? It's about continually constructing these opportunities for her to satisfy her desires and get what she really wants, and setting the need for taking action immediately. (33:18) Using Her Inner Voice (developing trust rapidly by harnessing her inner voice of Experience) What is it in her memories that generates the voice that she's listening for when she needs really good advice? (you can mold and shape this "inner" voice to do whatever it is you want her to see, feel, or do) (34:00) Have you ever had the experience … you must’ve … people have experience … where they just STOP and when they LISTEN to that voice inside, they HEAR a voice that give you really good advice …and I just think it’s so fascinating because I have a voice like that (I have a voice like that)… and isn’t it interesting about how … if you think about one of those experiences … if you just CLOSE your eyes and think back to a time in your past when that voice gave you really good experience … I’ll bet, as you do that, you can HEAR that voice now, can’t you? As you hear that voice, now, and you relive that experience, isn’t it interesting how if … if you just start moving forward in time from that past experience and think about all the times when you’ve heard this voice giving you that advice you can rely on when all else is chaos, confusion … you just need someone to just tell you straight out, “This is what you need to do now.” Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to look back on that entire body of advice and experience … isn’t that an incredible feeling? You have to concentrate on giving her what she needs, and not necessarily what she wants - especially in times of struggle. (45:20) Violating this belief structure to help her enjoy something she isn't supposed to, and to let her see that she's had an increased experience and she's learned something and listened to a voice that she can trust. SAVING YOURSELF TIME, ENERGY, AND MONEY Determine their responsiveness right away. If this was the only girl I could ever have, would I be willing to keep her? Does this girl respond to my language patterns? Is this girl loyal emotionally? Is this girl desiring exclusivity?


Does this girl value intelligence and consideration? Does this girl come from an intelligent and responsible family? Is she intelligent … strong visual sense … suggestible (can be tested by asking her to do things flat out) … responsive … sane? (56:17) Glenn’s Stories. Boyfriend confrontation. Good example of Glenn’s patented shock/confusion working principle. Get her talking, get her personal trance words, reflect them back and morph it into a connection with you. … Dealing with women simultaneously (target the one you don’t want and it’ll sink into the other one who is more relaxed). Ask more detailed questions that already take into account what she does for a living or aspires to be … What’s the part about X that challenges you the most? When did you first realize you wanted to be an actress? (1:21:00) Glenn's “Sleepless in Seattle” Pattern *** TAPE 8 *** (0:01:30) How to deal with girls who haven't had experiences yet. If a person could just STOP ... and imagine it, I bet it would happen just like THIS ... Have you ever imagined …? (0:04:20) Morphing from one topic to another - esp. from trance words e.g. the girl who likes feeling at one with her animal when she's horse-riding (she's lighting up as she tells you). Yeah, when I'm with my horses I feel X, Y, and Z. Oh, yeah. I agree. I find that when I feel (X, Y, and Z) and make that connection ... it's like you A, B, and C. … It's too bad that some people probably couldn't just STOP ... and imagine having that same X with another person ... they probably wouldn't even know that THAT’S what's taking place ... until after it's happened ... and you're looking back on it as one of those wonderful memories that you'll treasure for the rest of your life. NOW ... WITH ME ... I just think it's a fascinating concept, isn't it? This gives you the ability to utilize whatever she gives you to your advantage. What did this woman just finish telling me that she needs to have to feel extremely good? (16:55) (0:18:50) Flashcard method of interconnecting anything together. Street Pickups (when they're moving)


1. break her state 2. focus her attention on you 3. take control of her internal reps - the sincere approach with a ... pause I just wanted to tell you .... you are absolutely ... stunning a shining example of genetic perfection Laughter breaks any tension that might be there (31:00) I have an intuition about you ... (feelings version) Pardon me. forgive me for interrupting. I just wanted to tell you .. I find you absolutely stunning. I can tell you're a woman of great taste ... cause you laugh at what I say Speed seduction = you want to hit her speedily and powerfully – she’ll learn faster and more easily. You want to keep her in confusion so that her conscious faculty cannot pickup the process that is happening to her. You have to communicate in words that are MEANINGFUL to her. Holding on to her hand Intrusion principle/Anchor point – tension release principle creates an altered state. Aim for a genuine intuition -> 2nd choice is to use a visual pattern -> 3rd choice is the default connection pattern (50:40) (54:20) Sneaking in under her radar - the flaming gay approach Ignore what her conscious mind is doing. If she picks anything up ... ignore it, reframe it, make it look like she's flattering herself, utilize it to your advantage ... Major mark on concentrating even in a strip bar. Closing Techniques ... it's too bad we'll never get the chance to just sit and talk without all these interruptions (pause here - this is a take away) ... it's too bad we're so busy we'll never really get the chance to have this type of fun again ... well, I don't have much time ... I could only spare about a 1/2 hour ... It’s too bad you’re not at the point in your life yet where you can really understand and appreciate what goes on in my life … when you begin to understand your mine that’s really the key to having a wonderful and exciting life … You want to stress certain things: - you are valuable and your time is valuable - you are someone who she has incredible levels of pleasure with; to the point of ecstasy - she may never get the chance again

(1:00:00) (1:04:50)

- someone else will get you first when they realize how great you are - time distort her so that it has already happened and feels totally natural After we’ve had coffee and you’ve discovered how fun and fascinating you find me, I don’t know if you’re going to want to … do it with me right away or if you’re going to savour me like a special reward a special treat you give yourself when you’ve been really good. As you think about it just like that, when would you like to go? How surprised would you be to find yourself accepting my invitation to go and grab some coffee so we get rid of all these interruptions? (1:22:30) The yoga chick - values elicitation, etc. Let me ask you a question, because I really want to understand this … *** TAPE 9 *** I know something else about you. You like process language. You like things to be your own thought. No one can convince you of anything. You like processes. You like the process of meditation. In fact, you love vague language. So if I were to say to you, you know Eneida ... I don't know what it is you do ... when you decide you really want to be with a man ... and you know that it's what you want, because you find yourself imagining it/looking forward to it ... and thinking about how great it would be ... you know, sometimes, I think a person isn't even aware that that process is taking place ... tonight ... with me, as I think about it ... it's an interesting thing, isn't it? ... as you find that process taking place, in a way that really surprises and delights you , I'd just like to let you know that I'd really like to hang out/spend some time with you too. Wouldn't it be fun to go out for coffee? Wouldn't it? Don't you think that would be fun, wouldn't it? YOUNG WOMEN Any plan you make beyond 48 hours, you might as well TRASH because it's not going to take place particularly with a young woman. Young women have very little sense of time. (06:40) DEALING WITH BLABBERMOUTHS Learn to listen for PERSONAL TRANCE WORDS. Deep, important meaning to them and no one else. Feed it back to her, amplifying it and connecting it to you. The next step is to Doorway Pattern ... you know, I think with some people, there's this doorway ... this window of opportunity to experience that X, Y, Z. And it's like that voice of experience deep inside your mind just says to you, just whispers to you "This is the main chance. You gotta get some. Go for it." Doorways are fabulous things that you can look through ... and see fabulous opportunities that are not yet realized. And, if you can summon the courage, if you can summon the excitement, the sense of adventure ... RIGHT NOW ... to just get a grip on yourself and STEP THROUGH that doorway. To say

"I've gotta go for it" It's like ... maybe everything that had been holding you back is left behind on the other side of that door ... and as you look ahead, now, you can see this wonderful new life unfolding right in front of you. Trying to overcome a limitation still incorporates the presence of a limitation. The best way to eliminate it is to create something totally new that operates at a superior level. You must act out of the position of ABUNDANCE. Make sure you know what it is that YOU HAVE IN ABUNDANCE. This will protect you against hand-outs. (17:20) ATTITUDES Telepathically implant images into women's minds. Altered state. #1 Being with me is the best possible thing that could happen to her. #2 You always come from the place of being determined to do what works. (22:30) The proper mind-set to prevent attachments to you. Mad, bad, and dangerous to know. Position yourself correctly as an intense thrill-ride, but not a long-term prospect.

THE LOCKET PATTERN Look. There's something you gotta understand. And that is, what we've been doing together is over ... but it's not as though it's gone away ... because, you know, what you can do is ... if you were to just stop and think right now ... and remember all the things that we've shared ... how it feels ... what we said ... how we looked in each other's eyes ... all the tremendous meaning that we shared together ... and how much we wanted that ... how much we enjoyed that ... and it's like ... if you were to take the essence of all those wonderful experiences and just hold them in your hand ... it's like you could take them and put it in a locket ... and as you take that locket, and you SNAP it shut, ... it's something that could be preserved in time forever ... and if you take that locket now ... and if you put it deep, down inside ... deep down near the essence of who you really are, then you may find that with every heartbeat, with every breath, with every thought you take, it's like you're taking a little energy f rom those memories ... and they stay alive ... forever ... and, in time to come ... maybe when you're feeling sad, when you're feeling a little down ... days when you're feeling alone, things aren't really working out for you ... you can take those memories out again ... and you can share them ... you can relive them ... and remember just how wonderful it's been ... #3 You never attach excess meaning to being accepted or rejected. You don't care what her personal reaction to you is. All you care about is her subconscious processes and long-term response. #4 You only give a woman a little of what she wants and then you pull back and make her work for more. Like drug dealers - you give a little sample and then you raise the price. (33:40) LEARNING CURVES Glen Hughes - go at the proper pace so that you can hear your voice of wisdom speaking gently. (42:25) Major Mark - changing his identity. You must BECOME speed seduction. It isn't something you DO, it's SOMEONE YOU ARE.

(45:00) (50:00)

Mark selling a chairman on a consulting job. SUBMODALITIES & THE BLAMMO PATTERN on Kim McFarland - determine picture locations of people they dislike and like - using submodalities to change your identity (paired with breathing) and pump up google


Blammo Pattern You wanna see something really cool about the way you make pictures in your mind? L.A.A.L. Location, Association, Anchoring, Location

(1:17:50) (1:19:20)

How to condition someone over time. Wouldn’t it be neat, that whenever you begin to feel tension throughout the day, you could just hear my voice feel my soothing hands and see that soothing red colour spreading through your body? I don’t suppose you could just stop … and imagine a time like that come up and see how naturally and easily you slide right into that way of thinking.

(on the phone) You know what I think is so interesting? How sometimes you’re going through the day and all of a sudden you hear this person’s voice? You know how you have that place deep inside your mine? Where you hold the voices of the people who touch you the most? Who you want to be touched by the most? And I don’t know what cue in your environment will cause you to hear my voice speaking to you in exactly the right tonality … in exactly the right w ords … but it sure is going to be neat to discover it won’t it be? Maybe it’ll be the sound of running water or everytime you flick on a lightswitch … something like that can remind a person to hear that voice speaking … in the most pleasant tonality … I don’t know what cue in your environment will remind you to hear this voice … soothing you, wrapping itself around you like a pair of powerful yet gentle arms, pulling you in magnetically to the point where it can’t be resisted … it can only be surrendered to ... or when you hear running water … (1:22:00) (1:24:00) Poetry - negation "Commitment" pattern to overcome boyfriends/committed relationships That's really great ... I've been married before and, in my case, it didn't work out in the long run ... and, you know ... I remember back that when I was married and I was really committed, these are one of the happiest days of my life ... but, you know, with my experience now, and as I look back, one of the most fascinating things about the whole experience is ... there's a point in your life where you make that commitment and it's like a fork in the trail ... And you decide to head off in that one direction ... and your whole life changes ... but, you know, the really interesting thing is that when you look back at that time ... there can be a time in your life that for some mysterious reason you start to think back and you wonder ... you think about the girl who stood right at that point ... when she made the commitment ... and took the one path ... what about the woman who was meant to take the other? if you think back now, to that woman who was so full of excitement and joy, wonderment, exploring her life, what was she meant to be? And if you take that image of that girl and move her forward in time ... it's like she's still inside you ... and she's watching, and she's listening ... and she's learning ... and it's like you can find yourself suddenly allowing that girl to step out of the shadows ... and as she steps forward now ... it's like she brings all that energy and life back in ... so much that it fills you,

and builds even more on everything that has gone before and brings all that she can be into this new experience ... this fantastic new life ... with me ... that's a reality ... that's a life.