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Packages Limited is a learning organization where every person whom I interacted during my internship contributes to making this internship report. I would like to acknowledge the efforts of the following persons. First of all, I would like to mention the generosity and kind behavior of Regional Sale Manager, Mr. Kashif Ahmed who gave me a chance to work in his outstanding organization under his kind control. In making this report, I can never forget the efforts of whole of the CPD department Islamabad, which let me, learn the working of department with such an ease and freedom. I would like to thank Mr.Kadir, my immediate Supervisor, who always been kind enough to lend me a helping hand in gathering information from all departments. A special thanks to Mr.Asad and Mr.Atif, the territory Incharge and all the SPOs whose gracious efforts let me learn about the operations of Packages.



EXECUTIVE SUMMARY INTRODUCTION Company Background Nature of the Organization Joint Venture Partner Global Partner Company Profile Mission Statement Vision Statement Environment, Health & Safety Policy Quality Policy Core values Organizational Structure Strategic Business Units of Packages Ltd Paper & Board Packaging Division Flexible Line Corrugated Division Some other Department Involved in Production COATES LORILLEUX (Ink Factory)

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The ultimate motive behind choosing a manufacturing business sector was a large number of personnel management activities which gives a broader way and outlook regarding operations. Hasib Tariq student of BBA HONS from Bahria University undertook the internship with Packages Limited which stands unrivalled in the business of packaging products. The company agreed to make the joint venture with the coates lorilleus which afterwards transfer the manufacturing facility to the company coates lorilluex Pakistan limited. excellent working conditions and feasible atmosphere with tremendous cooperation of the staff of all departments made the learning process so much easy and productive in all respects. In 1982 packages limited has a joint venture with the TETRA PAK INTERNATIONAL and established the TETRA PAK PAKISTAN LIMITED and started with the packaging of liquid products. The sheer interest and concern of higher management. They try to save their opportunities and get the packaging material of their choice from other packaging industry. Therefore. Flexible line packages includes the packaging of these kinds of products like detergents. the duration was divided in such a way that I can get access to sufficient information and able to observe the working as much possible. Basically my internship refers to the Consumer Product Department where by I had observed the operations of their brands. not even the food items got attention for packaging but also the other livelihoods were paid attention in this regard especially when we concern the marketing prospects. the time span was too short to cover all of the aspects. facilitated goods with different type of packaging. 5 . it is essentially to be noted that I had been get aware with other procedures of Packages by interacting with concerned personals. so here I had closely weigh up the procedures of CPD and the Packages as whole while interacting with the personals of other departments. hygiene. merchandise and facilitate the use of the product. To meet the ink consumption in the preparation of the packaging material. As per requirement. Therefore. Even the nature gifted us various items with packaging though they are not labeled. identify. From very early ages men became aware about the importance of the packaging and various processes were started to get safe. I proudly felt satisfaction while working with Packages Limited.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY I. As mainly my area in Packages is Consumer Product Department (CPD). But all is done only to protect it and to provide the ease to user. Packaging is the use of the containers and components with the addition of labeling to protect. It is impossible for all kind of industry to make the goods and then also got the expertise of their product’s packaging. human resource management and else more. Packages limited Pakistan came into existence in 1956 started with the corrugated line which helps in the production of the various types of cartoons and with the passage of time packages limited enhanced the production facility and started with the production in flexible line. However. bags etc.

INTRODUCTION COMPANY BACKGROUND Rapid growth of industrial economy bases on different factors Packaging is one of them. •Easy availability of raw material. And also holding the production facility of the consumer products for various institutes like PIA. Packages Limited was born out of a dream to set up in Pakistan industries of excellence based on local raw material and talent. who was the first managing director of Packages Limited. machinery. Syed Mratib Ali Shah laid the foundation stone on The 26th of March 1956. Pakistanis needed technical collaboration with their Swedish partners. KFC AND PRIME MINSITER HOUSE. Lahore was selected due to the following reasons: •Easy availability of workers. Packages Limited is a leading packaging manufacturing company of Pakistan. went to Sweden in 1954 to negotiate the contract with Akerland & Rausing of Sweden. experts and also training to Pakistanis. Akerland & Rausing had been the leading paper converters in Europe. Therefore. It is the sole largest industry in Pakistan serving about the 35% needs of the country. In Pakistan. size and weight for handling. there was no previous experience of a packaging industry. Packages limited also provides the various facilities to its employee at all level just get them involved and get them motivated. Packages limited always looks toward more improved and innovated products (packaging) for her customers only due to the reason that they believe on continuous improvement in the form of satisfaction from both ends. Today packages limited provide basic facility to its customers in the protection. Finally. Syed Baber Ali was the first Managing Director. In the beginning.Mr. preservation and convenience in shape. The major share is holding by PTC and contributing almost 50% and consumer product division holds total of 10% of the production of packages limited. 6 . 1956 the main shed of the factory was completed. Syed Baber Ali Shah. TULIP AND FEMINEX. labor. •Easy transportation all over the country So. Packages limited also posses the quality standard certificate like ISO 9000. land. PIZZA HUT. Today packages limited almost covering 35% of country’s facility. The construction was started from the Solid Board Department and by the end of October. Ali family provided the capital.In 1982 packages limited established the consumer product division (CPD) and production of the rose petal started and today packages limited has three consumer brands named ROSE PETAL. the first problem was the selection of site. management and local experts while their partners provided technology. 9001 and now she is contributing the ISO 14001.

In 1968 Packages commissioned its own paper mill with a production capacity of 24. Accordingly in 1968 a 24. Usually. It can be thus safely assumed that in this regard.sufficiency in all the raw materials was a pre. . • • 7 . Pharmaceutical products and many other products. Adamjee Paper & Board Mills Ltd. Over the years: • Over the years. paper and board Mill was built and integrated into packaging plant. After the modernization and balancing of the machinery in the paper and board Mill its capacity has been increased to 50. international finance corporation and from the public in 1965. 4. in 1965 it was decided to convert the organization into a Public Limited Company. Initially the emphasis was on conversion business and raw material was purchased from outside. Encouraged by the response and confidence reposed by the industry at large. Packages Limited started operating in May 1957 with a paid up capital of Rs.000 tones. the packaging cartons are for Soaps. ABN Packaging International.94 million as a joint venture between the Ali groupand Akerlund & Rausing of Sweden. It was soon realized that self.000 tones per year In 1974. Packages Limited is the industry leader. Packages Limited remains unrivalled among all of its competitors like Century Paper Mills. It started its business/production in as a private Limited company with a total of about 300 employees.000 tones pulp. Arsam Pulp & Paperboard Industries etc. In 1958 production of packaging cartons for different industries was started. Biscuits. Confectionery.requisite for maintaining growth. The mill produces paper and paperboard based on waste paper and agricultural by-products like wheat straw and river grass. Packages has continued to enhance its facilities to meet the growing demand of packaging products. It is also manufacturing and selling varieties of tissue under the brand name of Rose Petal. Packages started manufacturing of corrugated cartons used for transporting consumer products. With growing demand the capacity was increased periodically and in 2003 was nearly 100. With more than 50% of the total share in the industry. Packages Limited is the outcome of an idea to develop and build local skill and competence in sophisticated packaging industry based upon indigenous raw material and talent. Additional capital was raised from sponsors.At the same time the Swedish engineers with the help of Pakistani staff installed machinery. Tea. Cigarettes.000 tones per year. In the beginning 22 Swedish experts came to Pakistan to run the factory and to train the Pakistani staff.

In 1996. Packages Limited owns 33% of Tri-Pack Films Limited's equity. Saudi Arabia and the public.000 to 300. The Bulleh Shah Project: Packages planned to relocate its paper manufacturing facilities from the existing location. Altawfeek Company for Investment Funds.000 tones per year. Packages entered into an agreement with Vimpex of Austria to provide management and technical assistance to help in the operation. In 1999-2000. to a new site 54 km from the present one. in which Packages limited. NWFP. called Tri-Pack Films Limited.• • Since 1982. has 55% ownership. In 2003. Packages Limited has had a joint venture with Tetra Pak International in Tetra Pak Pakistan Limited to manufacture paperboard for liquid food packaging and to market Tetra Pak packaging equipment. production optimization and capacity expansion of a paperboard mill in Syria. In manufacturing it is renowned specifically for its unique ideology behind packaging. In 1993. Packages Limited now owns 79% of this company. In 1994. Packages Lanka (Private) Limited commenced production in 1998. a joint venture agreement was signed with Printcare (Ceylon) Limited for the production of flexible packaging materials in Sri Lanka. A new 8-color Flexographic printing machine was also installed in the Flexible Business Unit in 2001. This will enable it to radically increase paper and paperboard production from 100. which has limited capacity for expansion. The packaging operation shall continue concurrently at the Lahore site. a joint venture agreement was signed with Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan for the manufacture of Polypropylene films at the Industrial Estate in Hattar. commenced production and sale of printing inks. This project. • • • • • • Nature of the organization Packages is a manufacturing business entity. Mitsubishi Corporation. Company chose this business because the 8 . Coates Lorilleux Pakistan Limited. A team from Packages is currently providing these services and is close to optimizing mill production. commenced production in 1995 with equity participation by Packages Limited. Packages Limited has also started producing corrugated boxes from its plant in Karachi from 2002. Packages Limited successfully completed the expansion of the flexible packaging line by installing a new rotogravure printing machine and expanded the carton line by adding a new Lemanic rotogravure inline printing and cutting creasing machine.

The classic example of nature’s packaging is an egg. and sells. The form and shape of nature’s packaging varies from rigid to flexible. transports. Australia •Stora Enso. For the expansion purposes. logistics. preserve. Basically. plans for Syria. Customers also benefit from the increased knowledge base. Sweden. 9 . protects. Saudia Arabia. Packaging contains. Technical Collaboration: •AMCOR Flexible. business. Management and Technology was sent to Tanzania. Somalia and Nigeria where packaging companies required assistance in running and managing their operations. It seems that the earliest cues were provided by the nature. warehousing. sale. Packages Limited has also provided technical assistance to Tetra Pack for general packaging in Kuban. Indonesia. as well as helping us and our partners develop and diversify our interests. Packaging can be described as a coordinated system of preparing goods for transport. as we transform our market awareness and shared technology into innovative and cost effective solutions for customers. institutional.evaluation of packaging in essence is the evaluation of mankind. Russia and looking forward to expanding its horizons for more multi-cultural experiences. simple to complex. and end use. Our business alliances help us manage our business more effectively. Limited Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan Print Care Group of SirLanka Global Partners: One of the best ways for a business to leverage its products and increase growth is through association. and personal use. Joint Venture Partners: Name of joint venture Tetra Pack Pakistan Limited Coats Lorilleux Pakistan Limited Tri-Pack Limited Packages Lanka (Private) Limited Joint venture with Tetra Pack International DIC Asia Pacific Pvt. Kuwait. It is fully integrated into government. industry. Iran and USA are in pipeline. Packages limited have extended its expertise to a number of Third World countries in the 1972. informs.

A separate Personnel Department is there. with key business partners as diverse as Print Care. and now it has a work force of 3500. to look after the problems of the workers. Today Packages Limited is considered to be a leader in the Packaging field in Asia. replacement and expansion program. modernization. COMPANY PROFILE Board of Directors Towfiq Habib Chinoy Chairman Syed Hyder Ali Chief Executive & Managing Director Khalid Yacob Matti Ilmari Naakka Mujeeb Rashid Shahid Aziz Siddiqui Shamim Ahmad Khan Syed Aslam Mehdi Syed Shahid Ali Tariq Iqbal Khan Advisor Syed Babar Ali 10 . Packages limited is also exporting tissues to •Iran •Bangladesh •Sirilanka •Indonesia •United Arab Emirates & •Maldives.The Packages Group is proud of its long standing network of friends and family. In which union and non union employees are included. Packages Limited has completed the balancing. Packages started with the work force of 500. 3000 workers are from union side and rest of 500 employees is non union. Coca-Cola. This has enabled the company to minimize capacity constraints and improve quality to meet local and foreign competition as well as improve its environmental protection facilities. all the office bearers are non union employees. Tetra Pak and Mitsubishi Corporations. which began in 1994.

.A.G.Karachi Bankers & Lenders Allied Bank Limited Askari Bank Limited Bank Alfalah Limited Bank Al-Habib Limited Barclays Bank PLC. Samba Bank Limited Silk Bank Limited (Formerly Saudi Pak Commercial Bank Limited) Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited The Bank of Tokyo . S.Company Secretary Adi.O.G.F. Chartered Accountants Legal Advisors Hassan & Hassan .Mitsubishi UFJ.A. Deutsche Bank A. Dignam & Co. Limited The Royal Bank of Scotland Limited United Bank Limited 11 . Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited Faysal Bank Limited Habib Bank Limited Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited HSBC Bank Middle East Limited International Finance Corporation (IFC) JS Bank Limited MCB Bank Limited Meezan Bank Limited National Bank of Pakistan NIB Bank Limited Oman International Bank. Ferguson & Co.Lahore Orr. Pakistan Citibank N. J Cawasji Rating Agency: PACRA Company Rating: AA Auditors A.

That is 12 . A Company that endeavors to set the highest standards in corporate ethics in serving the society. management systems. • • Environment. speed of delivery and mobilization. upholding ethical values which the shareholders. and rewards initiative and performance. A company that continuously enhances its superior technological competence to provide innovative solutions to cater to customer needs. To keep investing in technology. technology. A company that attracts and retains outstanding people by creating a culture that fosters openness and innovation.MISSION STATEMENT To be. promotes individual growth. • A market leader by providing quality products and superior service to our customers. To improve on contemporary measures such as cost. To develop relationships with all our stakeholders based on sustainable cooperation. • • • • • VISSION STATEMENT • • To position ourselves to be a regional supplier of quality packaging and tissue products. and market opportunities to achieve profitable growth while providing fair returns to its shareholders. while learning from their feedback to set even higher standards for our products. service. Health and Safety Policies The management of Packages Limited realises this world has finite resources and the Eco-system has a limited capacity to absorb the load mankind is placing on it. management and employees represent and continuously strive for. quality. A company which combines its people. systems and human resources to effectively meet the challenges every new dawn brings.

Packages Limited has formulated its environment. its customers and the public. Develop plans and procedures and provide resources to successfully implement this policy and for dealing effectively with any emergency. without endangering the health of its employees. as is economically and practically possible. to other individuals and to the environment. These guide them to deal with every aspect of any issue that might encounter in personal and professional lives. • • Quality Policy Packages Limited is committed to producing quality products which conform to their customer’s requirements and strengthen their position as a quality-managed company.why Packages Limited is doing everything practically possible to lessen the load placed on the environment and is making every effort so that sustainable development becomes a reality. health and safety regulations. 13 . acquisition of new technology and regular re-evaluation of its quality control and assurance systems. dynamic management team. Ensure that all its activities comply with national environment. These values help it grow inside and outside. Save raw materials including energy water and avoid waste. health and safety training to all employees and other relevant persons to enable them to carry out their duties safely without causing harm to themselves. Appropriate resources of the company are directed towards achieving the quality goals through employee’s participation. This policy shall be reviewed as and when required for the betterment of the same. Packages Limited shall: • • • • Minimize its environmental impact. Provide environmental. health and safety (EH&S) policy to address these issues in a more effective way. personally and as an organization. CORE VALUES Underlying everything Company does and everything it believes in is a set of core values. To meet this obligation. Their pledge is to provide the market with the best quality products at competitive prices through a customer-driven and service-oriented. the company has continued updating of employee skills by training. Ensure that all its present and future activities are conducted safely.

providing long term benefits to its employees and shareholders. It ensures that every employee has the opportunity for maximum professional development. 14 . it seeks to provide challenging work prospects for all employees. Each person is compensated and rewarded for his or her performance and hard work on a strict merit basis. motivation and guidance. Company partners with leading companies to arm ourselves with the latest technology and provide customers with innovative solutions in the most cost-effective manner available. WORK ENVIRONMENT The policies and core values are aimed towards creating an informal yet stimulating team-oriented work environment with a culture of sharing and open communication. realizes this encourages innovation and develops character. Company ensures employee safety and health by providing various in-house facilities such as a gym and making sure that all staff understand and uphold the safety policy.and injury-free work environment. whether they relate to policy formation and accounting procedures or product development and customer service. To achieve this goal. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Company is customer-driven. CONSERVATION Company expects and encourages employees to actively participate in community service and to take care of the environment entrusted to citizens sharing the earth's resources. PEOPLE The success of any organization is largely dependent on the people working for it. All employees have the right to a stress. Each member of Packages Family is considered equally important and provided constant training.SMART GOVERNANCE Packages is committed to running its business successfully and efficiently. It cherishes the diversity of viewpoint of every individual. goes the extra mile to make sure that clients' expectations are met and exceeded on every issue. Company expects excellence from all processes. and enriching the lives of those whom it serves by fulfilling its corporate responsibility to the best of the ability. All employees are permitted and encouraged to afford time and attention to personal concerns . Company possesses a dedicated staff of the highest caliber dedicated to making business a success.

there is an all-round respect for elders. Company makes sure that all of its processes and methods conform to the highest ideals of professional behavior. The organizational structure is straightforward and need-based. 15 . Managers are expected to lead from the front.ETHICAL BEHAVIOR Company makes it clear that being a sincere. In the Packages family. train junior colleagues through delegation. consistent and both horizontal and vertical. resolve conflicts speedily. accountability is transparent. be visible at all times and act as role models for others. tolerance for equals and affection for youngsters. honest and decent human being takes precedence over everything else.


gloss and machine-ability. poster paper. A specialized liquid packaging board is also produced in our Paper & Board Mill to cater to the need of customers who manufacture and supply aseptic packaging for milk. 17 . Packages Limited is among the first companies in the world to use environment friendly process of manufacturing paper & paper board through a mixture of wheat straw. Wood Free Paper: Packages are specialize in making different kinds of paper which Includes high gloss writing paper. fluting paper and liner for shipping cartons. Food Grade Board: Most common board varieties include Duplex Board. cotton linter. fruit juices and other sensitive food products. Packaging Division o Carton Line o Flexible Line and Poly & Paper Conversion o Corrugated Division • • • Consumer Product Division Coates Lorilleux (Ink Factory) Tetra Pak Pakistan Paper & Paper Board The products of Paper and Board are tested for high performance in terms of strength. Food Grade board and Card Board. stiffness. Bleached Board. recycled pulp and wood pulp.STRATEGIC BUSINESS UNITS OF PACKAGES LTD • • Paper & Board Mill. cream. oil.

g. CONSTRUCTION OF CARTONS:      Straight Tuck-in: e. The Duplex board is used in this form of printing.. These machines use oil-based ink. 4-Point Glued: e. first the Plate (cylinder) takes ink and coats on the Blanket (cylinder) but the reflection is reverse (off) on the Blanket. Crash Bottom: Tuck-in on one side and on the other side crash bottom. Offset printing is the art of printing from a flat surface. six-color machine has six cylinders. This printing facility is available from two to six colors. which are used for printing on duplex board. The cylinder takes the ink from the ink pan and prints it on the paperboard running on the other cylinder. Wall’s Solo. In section. In this method. which is about 55%. Biscuits. Now on the sheet printing is straight (set). Packs of Nirala Sweets. Magic Depoxi Steel carton Reverse Tuck-in: same as Straight Tuck-in but reverse in flaps.e.g. 18 . until the sheet is printed according to the right format.g. PRINTING MODE: In the Carton Line the printing Mode is offset. the sample (proof) of the required job is taken before the bulk production. This department has the largest share in the total Packages Limited sales. There are 12 printing machines in this section. Shoes boxes. Further sheet (white duplex board) passes in between two cylinders. Each Offset machine has different cylinders i. This is done just to verify that after printing and cutting & creasing the flaps or unit cartons are same as required be the customer. Blanket and Impression. OFFSET PROOF: In Carton Line there is a section known as Offset Proof. The weight of board is 240 to 490 grams. 6-Point glued: e.PACKAGING DIVISION CARTON LINE: This is the largest printing section of Packages Limited. Each cylinder is used for the printing of a specific color. The paper goes forward and then another cylinder prints another color and so on. tissue cartons and Tea boxes. and five-color machine has five cylinders and so on. There are two Varnishing machines and one laminator machine. Normally they print Cigarettes cartons.

g. Hinglet Carton: e. ULTRA MAN V Three 5-color printing machines a. Rafhan’s custered glued from both side. TWO LACQUE  MAJOR CLIENTS:     Lever Brothers Nestle Pakistan Tobacco Co. Top & Bottom: e. Procter & Gamble CONSUMER AREA:        Tea Cartons Detergents Soaps Shoe Cartons Food Cartons Cigarette Industry Biscuit 19 . Stitched Carton EQUIPMENT:      One 1-color printing machine HEIDEL BERG Six 2-color printing machines PLANETA a.     Quick Lock Tuck-in Top: Tuck-in on one side and Crash Bottom on other side Full Seal: e.g. ULTRA MAN V GS One 6-color printing machines a.g.g. ROLAND 800 b. Self-Lock Carton ii. Glued Carton iii. 4-Point Glued and Tuck-in Top: e. shoes cartons i. packs of Ding Dong Bubblegum. cigarette cartons. ULTRA MAN VII-G b.

They extrude a number of specialized films which includes oil. With the help of latest technology. up to eight colors flexographic printing can be done on paper. the printing stereos can be mounted with one micron dot accuracy. OPP. makes rotogravure printing an extremely attractive option. Paper and PVC. paper as faster as 250 m/min with continuous production due to auto splicing. With the help of modern machines even the most complex structures of three to four laminations can be done on our lamination facilities. which virtually eliminates the mis-registration from the print. Packages also have the on-line slitting option which makes the system more efficient.and multi-layer extrusion facility that can extrude polyethylene of different grades and colors. Al cylinder making and engraving facilities. Rotogravure Printing: Sophisticated quality packaging with computerized controls. Metallized OPP. poly-coated paper and films. With the addition of Video Mounter System. Commonly used printing substrates on the rotogravures are: PET. Automatic viscosity control system ensures consistent quality. We have the first ever gear.less press in the country which has the ability to print real life images on materials like Polyethylene. Special paper and Polyester. detergent and food films. including online web cams and auto registration. Pearlised OPP. Equipped with Italian technology and computerized control. customers can get up to eight colors of very high quality printing results. The rotogravure printing section also has the latest in. they can laminate BOPP. The Canadian technology with computerized control and monitoring of each layer on 3 and 5 layer extrusion line enables them to produce high output to meet customers' demands and new market trends as well. Bag & Sleeve making: 20 . Match Industry FLEXIBLE LINE Flexographic line: On our flexographic line. These specialized films are known for their strength and high barrier properties. BOPP. . ghee. Polyester. Rotogravure is particularly suited to food packaging where colorful package designs and preservation of food quality are important considerations. Met OPP.E. Extrusion: Packages have our own mono. Met PET. Lamination: Packages Limited has both solvent base and solvent less laminators. R&D center at Packages Limited helps customers develop cost effective laminates to suit their needs.

garments and shoes. for example. A gluing unit is also attached with the Flexo machine. the corrugated are processed through the Flexo machine where they are shaped according to the requirement of the customer. which sticks the cartons on specific places. Afterwards. Packages Limited has been manufacturing “Corrugated Cartons” since 1971. MAJOR CONSUMER AREAS:       Sports Product Textile Industry Food & Beverages Yarn and Poly Products Match Industry Fruit Cartons MAJOR CLIENTS:  Pepsi Cola.Bag making is an integral part of the Flexible Line. Some time stitching is required which is done at another machine. Bottom Seal. MACHINES FOR PRINTING: There are three machines for the purpose of printing. •Two 2 color machines •One 3 color machine The printing machines used in Corrugated Division have the capacity of printing 250 Cornwall cartons per minute. Double side seal. Packages have the capability to provide the following variety bag constructions: Side Seal. Paper needed for this purpose is also prepared within the factory premises at the Paper & Board Mill. into a rectangular or square shape. CORRUGATED DIVISION For large-scale packaging. Three Side Seal. which is second after the Carton Line. Pakistan Mineral Water 21 . A wide variety of gums tapes for sealing corrugated cartons are also manufactured The production process completes in two halls. Corrugated cartons are of great value for the export of fresh fruits. Then this paper first processed through the corrugated machine. These cartons are produced in different sizes and are used for transporting consumer products from manufacturer to retail outlets. The share of Corrugated Department in Packages Limited total sales is almost 20%. which transforms the paper into single wall and double wall as required and mentioned earlier. They have automated sleeve making machines on which they can make shrinkable PVC sleeves. Bottom Gusset Bags and Side Gusset Bags.

which laminates the paper on single side or double side. the job is packed in boxes and sent to dispatch department. job comes in the Cutting & Creasing Department. they record these goods. This lamination process is started after printing. the job comes to Folding and Gluing Department. Folding & Gluing Department (FG): After cutting & creasing. The die is attached to a machine called “CUTTING & CREASING” machine. extra white upper layer or both sides. it is send to the Coating Department. Also they have to load and prepared dispatch notes. Color coating of paper and board is also available. 22 . The various functions performed by Dispatch Department are like that they receive finished goods in this department. It has very sharp cutting blades that do the cutting. special dyes are used which are made for the specific job. Dispatch Department: This department is responsible for the dispatch of finished goods to the customer and also takes deliveries of products to Packages Limited from the trucks or railway station. They have to keep the record of dispatch figures with receipt records.      Pakistan Tobacco Company Lever Brothers Nestle Rupali Group Murree Brewery Kunjah Textile Mills SOME OTHER DEPARTMENTS INVOLVED IN PRODUCTION Coating Department: When paper & board is manufactured in Paper & Board Mill. Cutting & Creasing Department (CC): After printing. shining. it must have smooth finish. Lamination Department: This department has two machines. they also have to arrange trucks from trucking companies for dispatching these goods. Last examination of quality control is conducted in this department. For this purpose. For smooth finish. as the customer requirements. As the name implies. this department cuts or creases as the requirement of the job. From this department. The machine folds and glues the sides of the sheet to form cartons/boxes. Care is taken that the folds are correct and the sharp and right amount of the glue is applied where required. For printing purposes. its both surfaces are coarse. they arrange the goods according to the delivery schedule given in the job card. where it is processed to a smooth.

Research. In Research. These orders are accepted only on cash basis. All such information is collected for research. It helps the Production Department to maintain a standard of the products being produced. RESEARCH. Development and Control Department. raw materials and machines. Research: This section is directly answerable to the Production Manager. This Department is considered as one of the most important department. which are used to test various chemicals. All the new materials are tested according to the certain specifications. work is done with the new ideas. Some time it works for other industries. It normally accepts the orders of Roll Grinders. Development and Control Department has well equipped laboratories and pilot machines. grammage of paper or board and compare them with customer specifications and prepare reports about results. It also has a lot of interaction with the Marketing Department. the experiment is divided into parts and on each part attention is focused and conclusions or suggestions are given. The Research development and Control Department has three major areas for his research:    Research Development Control 1. They make tests about the quality of printing.Quality Control Department: This department examines the quality of products producing by Production Department. 23 . Technical Department: This department is responsible for the repair and maintenance of machines and construction of building and roads in the factory. Development & Control Department works in close collaboration with the Production Department. Packages Limited. It enables Packages Limited to provide better quality and latest packaging to the consumer industry enabling it to introduce new product lines and develop new materials. The Research. In case of emergency third shift is carried out. It works in two shifts. There are 130 employees in this department. Technical Department is responsible for making tools and spare parts. DEVELOPMENT & CONTROL DEPARTMENT: To keep up with new demands Packages Limited has a Research. It provides the necessary spare parts and machinery to different departments. tries to get as many information and technology which is possible and beneficial to the organization.

which help in working consistently towards attaining better results for customers. Raw materials for inks are purchased but inks are prepared in its ink factory. There are three sections of ink factory: 1) Store: This section is responsible for the arranging raw material for inks. from raw materials to dispatch Department. Packages Limited has set up its own Ink Factory. Control: Packages Limited Research. To ensure constant quality and improvement this department managed by qualified scientists. Development and Control Department make stringent requirements on quality control. Packages Limited has a paper & Board Mill. The Research. It is responsible for the development of new shades of ink and formulates different kinds of ink.2. The Research Development & Control Department developed new way of reducing pollution and always tries to meet EPA standards. 2) Laboratory: This section formulates different kinds of ink and develops new shapes of ink. observed at every stage of the production. study of new production methods and new products. This is all due to the strict Quality Control standards. Initially. Packages Limited used to import all the ink used in various printing process. This factory is very economical and also supplies good inks for printing to Packages Limited. The "Environment Protection Agency" has set some standards for reducing pollution. The incoming raw materials and end products leaving the factory are constantly checked to make sure the items produced meet the expected standards. COATES LORILLEUX (INK FACTORY) To keep up the trend of self-sufficiency. But due to increase in demand and to keep quality control. A lot of development is the result of feasibility studies. 3. Development and Control Department ensure the quality standards off all the products produced in the factory. Packages limited has set up its own Ink Factory in 1957. Every package made by Packages Limited guarantees the use of quality materials and processing. 24 . so it uses largest number of chemicals. Development Development is a continuous process in any organization. This factory has the following sections. Quality is synonymous with Packages Limited.

this section is responsible to make ink for the specific jobs. The factory started its production in January 1983 with the capacity of 16 million packs per year. That office is responsible for the Management.A. Sales. Tetra Pak deals with the packaging and sale of liquid foods such as milk. The head office of Tetra Pak is in Switzerland. "COATES LORILLEUX PAKISTAN LIMITED" in which Packages limited has 55% Ownership. The Company operates from its office in Gulberg. and Technical Services. 6% Shares Owned By Syed Babar Ali. But now it has a maximum production capacity of 900 million packs per year. This building is acquired from Packages Limited on lease. Marketing. The shares of Tetra Pak Pakistan are distributed as follow: 49% Shares Owned By Swedish Group. Packages Limited own ink manufacturing facilities now transferred to the new company. In 1993. The Production Plant works at Packages Limited. TETRA PAK Tetra Pak was established in 1982 as a joint venture between Packages Limited and Tetra Pak Development S.3) PRODUCTION: With the help of Planning Department. Packages Limited has made an Ink Division and they intend to develop it into a separate independent department. The material used in the production of tetra packing is:    Paper Aluminum Plastic Coating 25 . 45% Shares Owned By Packages Limited. Ink Factory not only fulfills its own requirement but also sells printing ink in the market. of Lausanne. Switzerland. the company agreed to form a joint venture with equity participation from “COATES LORILLEUX". The Tetra Packing milk can stay fresh up to three months without any refrigeration. Tetra Pak has a growth rate of 15%. juices etc. world’s second largest printing ink manufacturer to produce ink for Packages Limited and the general market. In the year 1993 Tetra Pak sold 750 millions packs. With the increase in demand and popularity of "ROSE" brand ink. There are 130 employees in the factory. Tetra Pack factory works in three shifts. A factory produces packaging material for Tetra Standard Aseptic and Tetra Brik Aseptic. Tetra Pak produces packaging material in premises leased from Packages Limited.

This Division is totally separated from Industrial Products Division and follows its own policies. wet tissues. the tissue reels are cut into individual tissues and then packed. CPD manages 43 different tissue paper products. 160 workers and 10 supervisors. Packages limited got back the distribution facility from TETRA PAK and established a new division with the name of consumer product division (commonly known as CPD). In 1985. Packages Limited is producing tissues for various companies like UTILITIES STORES etc. paper napkins. Over all. is manufactured at Packages Limited. Multi purpose rolls were introduced was introduced in October 1986. This division performs the activity of selling products to the ultimate consumer. which include tissue paper rolls. the distribution is handed over to Tetra Pak. 5. The other brand in tissues is “TULIP TISSUES”. Wax The Paper. 2. the distribution function of the consumer products was handed over to TETRA PAK. Initially. kitchen rolls. Apart from ROSE PETAL. 26 . Toilet rolls in 1983.000 meters. In November 1986. The Marketing Manager supervises this Consumer Product Division. 6. But in1986. 9. The "ROSE PETAL" line of products includes facial tissues. it dealt only with industrial goods. Packages Limited took the distribution back. The Aluminum Foil is imported. Tissue Paper at Packages Limited is manufactured at Paper & Board Mill in reel form. Packages limited started producing consumer products with the introduction of Rose Petal (Facial Tissues) in April 1981. With the passage of time consumer products family increased. facial tissues were offered in pocket pack. In the end if 1985. 1. Since then CPD is responsible for the consumer products. tissues for particular organization. facial tissues. 7. CONSUMER PRODUCT DIVISION (CPD) Since the inception of Packages Limited. Tissues of pink color were introduced in 1982 3. In February 1986. 4. In the production hall. 8. formally rose petal started production in 1986. company entered into new era and starting dealing in consumer goods as well. and afterward in 2001 they introduce the FEMINEX . Production of table napkins started in 1985. Luxury pack of Rose Petal (Facial Tissues) in 1981. toilet rolls. Economy size pack of Rose Petal (Facial tissues) was introduced in 1984. paper cups & plates. The raw material for tissue paper is imported from Scotland. This department has one CPD manager. It makes its sales plan freely. A brief history of all the consumer products is given on next page. Multicolor tissues were also introduced in 1984. Now in Tetra Pak daily production is 200. In 1981. which is used in tetra packing. it was decided that the industrial sales division would also look after the affairs of consumer products. 10.

wet tissues were introduced. Feminex was launched. Before the introduction of flying tissues. Sales people are working on classic marketing idea “find as gap and fill it”. After its establishment this problem was removed and CPD people were able to establish a distribution system which covers the whole country. 16. TYPE OF BUSINESS: 27 . they want to get “maximum share by maximum sales”. Each sales officer is a product or brand manager and deals with the particular product assigned to him. In 1992. They are trying to cover every noted inefficiency in their main departments to improve the performance. The production of plates and cups were started in 1987 12. Before the establishment of CPD. and are doing very hard job to give best quality. There was no local production of tissues to meet the population requirements and at that time the tissues were imported from abroad to fulfill the demand. But right after its introduction. So the packages ltd has decided to start the production of tissues to meet the requirement of population and at low price to target the whole market that it can be in the reach of medium and low-income classes. which is used to clean the glasses of spectacle. GOALS: Goals of rose petal are to expand and increase the consumer demand of tissues and to break the cultural barriers like replace towels and handkerchief with tissues. In 1988. product used to take 12-15 days before reaching to the customer who had placed the order. Packages Limited has the sole monopoly over the tissue market in the country. Tissues were imported only through the personal baggage and they were only target the elite class. In 2001.11. Perfumed tissues were launched in 1987. 14. MISSION STATEMENT OF CPD: Rose Petal is going on the road of progress very successfully and according to the marketing department of the company. But after its introduction they improved their quality by making tissues on a new machine. it gave a tough time to the Rose Petal family. 13. In 1989. 15. CPD introduced Feminex CPD is responsible from production to the distribution of all these products. Although CPD people do not accept that Flying is giving them a tough time. It was thought earlier that the tissues are for upper class but they target the whole market including the all-social classes. which is far better than a previous one. In the presence of imported and local tissues they have to create the demand of their brand so they provide their tissues at reasonable price and good quality. Along with they are also very conscious about the quality. they manufactured a special kind of wet tissue.

Rose Petal is the product that was the first consumer product introduced by Packages Ltd. They produce: • • • • • Tissues Paper Plates Paper Cups Feminex. SALES FORCE 28 . & Tena Slip The sales and marketing teams of Consumer Product Department is shown in the following illustration.

MARKETING FORCE PRODUCTS AND ITS VARIENTS ROSE PETAL • • • • • • • • • • • • • Perfumed ORO Multicolor Luxury Supreme Pop-up Toilet Rolls Kitchen Rolls Paper Towel Wet Tissue Pocket Pack Napkins Party Product TULIP • Perfumed 29 .

Their distribution covers the entire country while Flying is only limited to big cities. MAJOR COMPETITOR IN TISSUE • • • • • • Flying Fay Jasmine Moveeta Lily Kleanex MAJOR COMETITOR IN FEMINEX • • • • Always Trust Butterfly Some other local brands 30 . but still the Packages Limited is the market leader and has (75 to 80)% market share. which covers the whole country. which covers the whole country. After its establishment CPD established a distribution system. There is some major competitor of the company in tissue sector.• • • • • Multicolor Supreme Twin Toilet Roll Double Horse Toilet Roll Pocket Pack FEMINEX Without Wings Regular 8s Large 16s TENA Slip • • Medium Large With Wings Regular 8s Large 16s MARKET SHARE OF PACKAGES LIMITED IN TISSUE MARKET: Consumer Products Division is responsible from the production to the distribution of all these products. Now Consumer Products Division has around 211 distributors. Packages Limited has the monopoly in case of paper cups and plates and enjoys more than 80% of market share. Though flying tissue has been there in the market for the last 7-8 years.

There are 211 distributors in all over Pakistan. Their distribution network is very strong. Every business has a strategy for achieving its goals. MCDONALDS. Goals indicate what a business unit wants to achieve. PEARL CONTINENTAL etc. strategy answers how to get these goals. PIA. These institutions include PIZZA HUT. first of all I like to discuss about the distributors. Hotels and Restaurants and Take away etc. Sales teem is assigned targets and they have to meet these targets and one of the important thing is the institutional sales. The marketing strategy can be presented in a list form as follow.MARKETING & SALES STRATEGIES: In Packages Limited the sales force is strict to spend almost 80% of their time in market and 20% of their time in the offices. KFC. and only in Lahore they have 5 distributors and whole 211 distributors are divided among 5 zones and these five zones are: • • • • • Lahore Islamabad Karachi Sukhar Multan After these 5 distributors Packages limited has 7 sales supervisor to check upon their performance they have meeting of supervisor in department on every Friday where they discuss about the ongoing problems and about complaints from market and customers and about distributor’s performance. Food chains. In institutional sales they targeted the Corporate. PRIME MINISTER HOUSE. OTHER DIFFERENT COMPANIES LIKE PARCO. •Target market •Positioning •Product line •Price •Service •Advertising •Sales promotion •Research & development •Marketing research MARKETING BUDGET: 31 .

For example. While in past and in present they have the same percentages In terms of price and competitors it is cheaper than imported tissues but expensive than local brands. They have such a wide product line. which helps the company to achieve its objectives and Rose Petal is doing the something and achieving their desired objectives. the brand name is used. A good brand name is the goodwill of the Rs. . they always try to target each and every individual and that means they are using the aggregation segmentation strategy. So. Neilson Aftab Associates does marketing research for Rose Petal. Packages position their brand at higher price than their local competitors and cheaper than imported competitors. Demographics because Rose Petal is trying to target each and every person in the society. Rose Petal brands are very succeeded in the market has a good image. all the psychographics. Tulip etc. which satisfy the needs and wants of each and every individual. They have the packs of different sizes in different quantities and for different purposes. Packages are making Rose Petal and Tulip Tissues where rose petal is sold at higher prices for higher income level consumers and tulip is sold at lower prices to cater the demand of lower income level consumers and in this way they increase the market share and the number of consumers. Again. which in fact covers the whole family. MARKETING RESEARCH: A. 5/.Marketing budget is allocated to each brand individually and almost each brand gets Rs. in case of facial tissues. So.0 million each year. MARKET SEGMENTATION: Packages Ltd has defined and identified its target market for its consumer products. MARKET POSITIONING STRATEGY: The growth rate of CPD is 10-12% per annum. 60/-. the selection of the brand name is the responsibility of the marketing people. This is brand image. the family brand name is Rose Petal. plane. The brand name of Rose Petal is used in advertising campaign while it has many sub brands like perfumed.C. in the promotional campaign. Packages Limited itself also helps Rose 32 . 2. Price ranges from Rs. BRANDING: Every company tries to establish its brand in order to maintain a brand loyalty. multicolor etc. they have this estimated target for future market share. Packages Limited has the policy of separate family names for each of its product line. Target market for facial tissues includes all the geographical areas. Apart from research they send their employees on recreational tours that they can bring new ideas from abroad.

Pearl continental hotel wants to print of PC on the tissues which are using by their customers. Fortunately. Some organizations demand to print of their logo on the tissue paper. these customers demand different type of modifications in packaging. for example. colors like Sometimes quality and also certain other features of the different product of tissues. Packages Limited has a separate packaging department. MACDONALD’S. PIZZA HUT. These special customers are like the big organizations like PIA. which is responsible for developing package for new products or to modify the existing package. PACKAGING: Packaging is an essential part of any product and particularly for consumer products. As some pharmaceutical companies demand wet tissues with certain special colognes. then he has to pay for all those expenses. Special orders are almost the 5 to 10% of their total production and they have no problem to manage these. The marketing people spell out the guiding principles and then the Packaging department design and prepare the package in the light of these guidelines. Sometimes. SPECIAL ORDERS: It has already discuss that Rose Petal also get some type of special orders of tissues from the market and fulfill the needs of these special order customers by providing them desired features. These are the some examples of special orders satisfied by the CPD. style. packaging like PIZZA HUT or KFC etc. They have certain limitations in which they produce. Marketing people also provide their services to different big organizations in respect of packaging and order size and certain other facilities. which the company has made on the previously approved samples. KFC and pharmaceutical companies etc. Special orders are placed only for big organizations or certain events. PC hotel. PRICING STRATEGY: The basic formulae for price determination of Rose Petal products are: COST + PROFIT = PRICE 33 . If the customer wants to make some alterations in the approved design. some organizations wanted to print their own design on the packaging material as PIA placed special orders of luxury size tissues with packaging of PIA colors green and white although trademark and logo of Rose Petal is also placed on the packaging. the packaging for special orders is done according to the requirements of the customer or client and certain modifications are made in design or styles etc. PIA wants print of his logo on the packaging box.Petal to create a quality image in the mindset of their customers and make it symbol of quality in the market. they made economical and adequate packaging of tissues for the convenience of all type of consumers. Special orders are provided in bulk not small in numbers.

PRICING POLICIES: The company has the policy to charge ex-factory prices. b) Type of material. For example they sell wet tissue below cost to create its market. 34 . Sometimes Packages sells its products below cost also. e) Future prospects. So. The marketing people set prices by considering the following factors.high quality pricing strategy as Packages never compromises on quality of the products. d) Time of competition. or to sell at the break even. they have to take keen interest on the pricing policies of the competitors. After this a reasonable amount is charged in the name of profit. Although quality play a leading role in their products.The first aim is to cover the cost. But the first objective is that to cover the cost of production. because majority of people is not familiar and accustomed to use the wet tissues. All such costs are borne by the buyer. Packages adopts the “Maximum Sales Growth” pricing objective. which might be internal as well external. f) Nature of the market and demand. And profit margin is set in order to maximize the market share. c) Number of colors to be used in printing. but prices have also its importance in the development of the product image in the market. g) Economy. which has limited demand in the market. These are a) Quantity of theorder. The management of Consumer Product Division (CPD) also makes their price decisions on the basis of the competitors on going rate prices. They are not concerned with the freight charges. There are certain factors. which affect this profit margin. The company actually wants a higher turnover. h) Organizational interests. Mark-up pricing Packages adopt “mark-up pricing” method. j) Marketing mix strategy. k) Consumer purchasing power l) Competitors’ products prices Packages Limited selects the medium price. i) Marketing objectives. The basic objective behind the price determination of consumer products is to maximize the market share. COST OF PRODUCTION: Every organization strives to sell its goods on Maximum profit.

broachers. and other district taxes PROMOTION: Promotion is the last and very important component of company’s marketing mix program. These various methods together are known as “promotion mix”. Basically promotion is an attempt to influence the target market. AREA PRICING: Rose Petal has the policy to charge a homogeneous price for all of its consumer’s products through out the country. It is the promotion part of the company’s marketing mix. print media ads. GOVERNMENT TAXES: Another factor. Packages almost use the entire medium for advertising and promotion that lies under the constraint of below the line and above the line promotion. then definitely it is going to loose its market share which is the major objective of the company. in which the company communicates directly with the potential buyers. because other components of marketing mix program of the company like product and price are performed mainly within the organization. The promotion is very vast field. There are many methods in use for promotion of products. In this regard. billboards. Marketing manager has to pay full attention on the purchasing power of the target customers. If the company starts charged higher price as compared with the competitors. enough margins are kept to cover the freight. radio ads and other out door campaigns 35 .CONSUMER PURCHASING FACTOR: This is also very significant while determining the final price. Marketing department always keep an eye to track any movement by the competitors. is the taxes imposed by the Government. Promotion is that element in an organization’s marketing mix that serves to inform. Again the objective or the philosophy behind the whole pricing concept is to maximize the market share. PRICING POLICIES OF THE COMPETITORS The prices charged by the competitor also play very important particular in case of consumer products. These tools includes TVCs. Since price is the basic factor. Rose Petal has the policy to increase as with the increase in the taxes. which affects the pricing policy. persuade and remind the target market of the organization.

The advertising campaign of the Rose Petal. 4. Increase the sales. Guiding of goodwill. The basis premise is that whether the organization can afford the budget or not. 2. no consumer product can be successful. Advertising can reach masses of geographically dispersed buyers at a low cost per exposure. Outplace the competitor. PROMOTIONAL BUDGET: The management fixes the promotional budget. In-fact.PROMOTIONAL POLICIES: It is the job of marketing department to promote the business of the organization. advertising is the most popular and effective media to persuade the customers. Advertising. 3. A part from this fact. ALLOCATION OF THE PROMOTIONAL BUDGET: One of the hardest marketing decisions facing a company is how much to spend on promotion. These include: 1. Promotional activities are an integral for marketing consumer products: 1. Increase the market share. In consumer product division. Sales promotion. There are number of tools that are used to promote a business. Higher turnover. there are a lot of other factors. These are: • Cost of media. • The number of products already in the market. Informing the consumers 6. Advertising accounts for about 80% of the total promotional budget. ADVERTISING: Packages Limited arranges advertisement on different electronic media. Broad cast media. This is because of the fact that all the products are of the convenience type and hence. It enables the seller to repeat a message many times. marketing people have different promotion plans for each product. • The number of new products the company is going to launch. Rose Petal division develops the promotional budget by defining specific objectives and estimating the costs of performing these tasks. 5. require frequent advertisement. There are many forms of advertising contribute uniquely to the overall promotional mix. 36 . which the marketing people have to consider. Without promotion. 2. and it lets the buyer receive and compare the messages of various competitors. Feminex division includes the following: a. Tulip. Consumer product division of the packages Limited normally follows the “PULL STRATEGY”.

Gifts Sales promotion is defined as short-term incentives to encourage purchase or sale of Rose Petal products. In Rose Petal Consumer promotion in sales promotion is designed to stimulate consumer purchasing. It includes: • • • • Sampling. COMPETITIVE STRATEGY: Their competition strategies are based on the competitor’s strategy (flying tissues). If agency is not fulfilling their requirements then they switched to another agency. Sales force promotion in sales promotion is designed to motivate the sales force and make sales force designed to motivate the sales force and make sales force selling efforts more effective. allowances. From their CPD sales they spend almost 10 % on the advertising. Out Door Media ADVERTISING AGENCY: Packages Limited is doing intensive advertising for Rose Petal products. gifts and sales rallies. Print Media. Trade promotion in sale promotion is design to gain reseller support and to improve reseller selling efforts. cooperative advertising. For this they are engaged with the well-known advertising agency LAWE& RAUF AND second one is PRETIGE. contests. price off. For the compensation of advertising agency they give them a fixed fee. c. They changed advertising agencies according to their requirements and demands. free goods. including gifts. push money and trade shows. SALES PROMOTION: Its share in promotional budget is about 10%. PERSONAL SELLING: They don’t do personal selling. including discounts. But they have spot selling FUTURE FORECAST OF MARKET: Future forecast according to the management of the Consumer Product Division is 1012% per annum. Gifts Schemes. They follow the standard of product and quality in competition.b. Cent of scheme. They do not follow the price war competitive strategy. Pop Media d. and similar in the other two brands like Tulip and Feminex. 37 . including bonuses.

While HR involves personnel activities for Junior Executives (JE & above). The success of organization mainly depends upon personnel department. contractual 2. HUMAN ESOURCE IR and HR are the back bone of framework of any organization. 1. Union negotiation and recruitment of workers up to grade I to V. First priority of the CPD is to improve the different features and characteristics of the core product. Rose Petal is satisfying most of its customers by providing the quality product. Permanent b. IR department is directly headed by IR Manager who is autonomous in decision making regarding factory workers. In Rose Petal. They also follow up the rules of total quality management to provide the best quality product to its end users. strength ness and absorbs ness of the tissue. In Packages. Labor Welfare TIME OFFICE WING: It is the largest wing of IR department and performs most of the HR activities. Legal Cell 4. Employees working on monthly basis a. Rose Petal is the ISO 9001 certified and has the standard of their products in the tissue market. Time Office (Packages. which is key to success in the market. The IR department consists of four sections. It keeps the record of employees. Quality in the Rose Petal means the softness. Employees working on hourly basis 38 .PBD) 2.QUALITY CONCEPT IN MARKETING: Quality is one of the marketer’s major positioning tools. There are two types of employees in Packages: 1. calculate wages and salaries and marks the attendance of the employees. The system of record keeping is electronically organized in data management system (SAP). marketing people also deliver the marketing quality as well as production quality to their customers. In case of special orders a margin of 10% of variation is considered as normal variation and the customer has to accept the order as such. which not only provides best human asset for an organization but also add to the value of its performance. Establishment 3. They follow different quality improvement program to increase their profitability as well the image in the market. IR & HRD work in collaboration with each other.

keep a check on the end date of contract of contractual employees etc. the accuracy in payment is ensured because the pay of employee is directly proportional to the time worked. overtime additional payments. Thus total working hours are determined and wages are paid according to card information inscribed on it. The record is kept for 3 years and in some cases it is kept for 10 years as per directives of Tax and Audit department. which contains the information of all shift timings of entry and exit. This information is noted through punching machine and manually done and verified by immediate supervisor or shift in charge. Other responsibilities of X3 includes. A file of a new employee after test and interview is prepared here. in short all deductions and earning of employee is added to each employee’s account and salary slip is prepared which is sent to the accounts department. Sr. a personal identity card is issued to the employee who is to swipe in the swipe card system. Payroll process is a electronically controlled program which reads the data like leaves deduction. This very file is used for further record keeping of job changes. Temporary (for 85 days) b. overtime and fortnight attendance. incentive addition. Shift workers Hourly workers get their wages through a card system. It is concerned with the documentation of whole of the recruitment process and other reports relating to it.a. This gate pass is duly signed by the concerned supervisory authority and is shown to the gate office before leaving the premises. Furthermore. gate pass leaves balance. These gate passes are then sent to the time office on next day where personnel officers check them in their Time Wizard attendance system. entry of record of each newly hired employee into the system and amend and maintain the record of existing employees. SAP APPLICATION IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONS: 39 . His/ her appointment letter . Moreover. ESTABLISHMENT: Establishment is the main communication bridge between employee and management over and above all internal and external communication and data flow or correspondence. Senior Personnel Officer who is in charge of whole wing heads all these activities of Time Office. Personnel Officer directly reports to IR Manager. This system gives workers flexible hour of duty and their performance improves. bonuses. personal bio data form and joining report is filled up here and all related documents are also buckled up in the file. The establishment section issues this card. Gate passes: A gate pass is issued to the employees if they go out of the factory during working hours for any personal / official work.

Salary or payroll process is maintained and entered in the system which increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the HR functions.IR department is partially automated with SAP system. Process of Training at Packages Four components are involved in training at Packages 1. Limton attendance system. These competencies include knowledge. The goal of training is to master the skills. skills or behaviors that are critical for successful job performance. Thus. which was introduced by the Limton Group Of Companies. Selecting a training method 3. Following are the reasons for which training may be required in Packages: • • • • • • • Introduction of a new technology New job (transfers. the whole integrated system has made the Packages a centrally controlled automated system which has increased the working capacity. Need assessment 2. reliable data which at any time can be retrieved through its auto generation of information reports. knowledge and behaviors emphasized in training programs and apply them to their day-to-day activities. Training prepares employees for higher and different assignments and to accept future challenges. The work is more error free. It has a complete module of personnel administration. Training evaluation 40 . TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT: Training and development refers to a planned effort by a company to facilitate employees' learning of job related competencies. coordination and ranked it a technologically adaptive learning organization. is made compatible with SAP system so that the attendance system acquires the necessary data from employment record. rotation) Low performance Legislation Customer requirement Lack of basic skills High expectations of the boss. Selecting the source of training 4. Whole record of newly hired employees to packages family and existing employees is kept maintained and updated in the system.

whether resources are available for training and whether managers are willing to provide support for training activities. In-House Training ii. 1. TRAINING METHOD The next component is to determine the best training method out of the following. Departmental heads and Human resource manager participates in need assessment.Off-The-Job Training (a) In-House Training: At Packages in-house training is conducted at Irshad hall and the method used for inhouse training are • • Guest speakers Panel discussions 41 . Task analysis Organization analysis determines whether the training is in line with the company's business strategy. Person analysis 3. Person analysis involves: • • • Determining whether performance deficiencies result from a lack of knowledge. skills & behavior that need to be emphasized in training for employees to complete their tasks. It continuously encourages its employees to learn new things and apply it to improve their quality of work through proper feedback. Packages is a learning organization. Need assessment Need assessment is done at the following three levels out of which person analysis is given most importance in Packages. i.1. On-The-Job Training iii. skills and ability or from a motivational or work design problem Identify which employees in the organization require training Determining whether the employee is interested in training or not Task analysis includes identifying the important tasks and knowledge. Organizational analysis 2. Performance appraisal plays a vital role in need assessment.

•Monopoly in wet tissue. •Effective distribution management with proper check and balance through proper distribution networks and its division of areas.the-job training. •Specialized management personnel and highly motivated staff. •A long listed product line and length as compared to the competitors i. •Leader in paper technology in Pakistan. (c) Off-The-Job Training HRD department sends employees from different departments to different institutes for off-the-job training where the variety of techniques for off-the-job training which includes: • • • • • Simulations Case studies Business game Role-play Behavior modeling SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS: •People are more familiar with Packages than its competitors only due to the reason that they are pioneer in the packaging industry. •Large R &D budget. •Major market share in tissue paper in which rose petal covers almost 75 % of tissue paper industry. Self directed learning takes place in on.e.• • Audiovisual techniques Presentations (b) On-The-Job Training: New or inexperienced employees learn through observing managers' performing on the job and trying to mould their behavior. rose petal has 7 variants only in facial tissues. 42 . its competitors use imported one. almost 34 % of the investment is made in this section. •Manufactures own tissue papers.

who in his absence. •High prices as compared with competitors. •Mostly. •Can target young generation with different variants. Hier is going to establish the packaging firm. •Tough competition is expected in future. •Analysis of sales on primary sales report not on secondary. (EXTERNAL ANALYSIS) OPPROTUNITY 43 . •Different kinds of smuggled tissues. •High costs. •Particularly consumers are not satisfy with their price of RUMMAL (Rose petal) OPPORTUNITIES: •Demand of tissues and other disposable products are increasing. the orders are not completed on time. •The promotion process is very slow in the company. sometimes reluctant to attend small shops. •When the sales executives go out on customer’s visits. due to the communication gap between the marketing people and the production people. THREATS: •Different kinds of taxes levied by the government. not much softer. may deal with his allotted customers. as its awareness is increasing.WEAKNESSES: •Sell their products on cash basis. there is no one in the department. •High gram age tissue. •Highly paid sales staff.

My second task was to visits the markets and understands the spot selling concept and their implications. the relationship with institutions and how are the competitors. After that I had practically done all the tasks of the CPD department over the period of around eight weeks. an over view about the production process and raw materials. The first task is to get aware with brands of packages that includes their variants. Packages Limited has great opportunity in the export market in the Middle East and other third world countries. what is the pricing and marketing strategy. how the distribution channel work. we usually did the free sampling and organized some recreational elements for the customers. At the end of every day I used to made the daily sale reports and record it. A sort of orientation process was gone on the first two days and I got aware by the whole organizational behaviors and procedures. During the first two days of my internship. how the raw material is procure. what are the target segments. DEPARTMENT IN WHICH I WORKED In my whole internship. what is the whole supply chain of the product. the territory Incharge briefs me about the Packages as an organization and their departments. Through market visits.•Being one of the best packaging manufacturers in the Asia. Basically the targets are set for the whole quarter and then that are divide on each month. due to greater use of Polyethylene and disposable packaging. •The use of offset packaging is decreasing day by day. On the last day of every month i prepared the report on the whole month sales and see that how much had been achieved this month and compared it with the last month and with same moth of last year. In these activities. While doing this I had revolved around the different markets of Islamabad and develop an understanding about them. THREATS •Advertise taxation policies of government are causing reduction in profitability. what are their strategies Mean while my immediate boss placed me on the distribution channel to observe their working and learn them by participating in their activities. •Quality awareness & consciousness among the customers are increasing. the market share and capacity of production can be enhanced. relationship with the distributors. 44 . •As yet. how they placed in the markets. I had also learned the concept of merchandising and its applications. The starting day of the next month I did the forecasting for the coming month and set the targets. During my internship tenure I had also participate in the management of many out door promotional campaigns with the collaboration of SPOs. I spent majority of time in Consumer Product Department where i take the understanding of the routine operations of CPD. there is no rival company within the country at the level of Packages Limited.

•It is leader in pulp & paper and packaging industry in Pakistan.The regional sale manager had gave me the project in which I had to conduct a market survey on one their unstabilized brand and made a report on the existing marketing strategy of that brand and gave the inputs on their improvements. •It pays a huge amount annually in the form of taxes to the government of Pakistan.085 million against the sale of TENA which was one of my another prominent achievement in my internship. Due to some what reasons TENA didn’t show some reliable results and were still in the surviving stage. 45 . •It also assists the other countries in paper technology and management. I had prepared a list of these institutions which become a healthy client of Packages in future. For that project I had conduct a market survey while considering the markets of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Packages had imported that product “TENA Slip” in 2007-08 and launched it in Pakistani market. I had observed the market behavior of the competitors and their strategies. and 20%-25% in packaging sector. I had also generate a order of Rs 0. TENA slip is basically a adult diaper and a medicated product which didn’t used as an common item. CONCLUSION •Packages is one of the latest and pioneer packaging units in Pakistan. I directly collect the primary data by interact with the retailers and tried to extract the reason of not clicking of TENA in the market. •The management of Packages Limited is very loyal to its “quality policy” •Company’s advertisement budget for Rose Petal. •It has more variety in tissue line as compared with the competitors. During my internship I had identifies the potential institutions to boost the sales of institutional sales and succeed in developing one of them. Tulip and Feminex is very high as compared to its competitors (Flying & Fay). •“Rose Petal” tissues are very popular among customers. •Company’s distribution channels are very effective. •The packing of Rose Petal tissues is much attractive as compared with its competitors. •The market share of Rose Petal is 75% approx. Basically it is relatively a new product that is import from the Sweden by Packages and markets it in the Pakistan. •It has monopoly in wet tissues. I had made a complete analysis report on it which is attach in the annexure.

•The prices of the products of Packages are higher than the competitors due to the fine quality. •They should realize its constant market share. I make a humble effort to give some recommendations to this well performing organization.e. 46 . it provides. in electronic media. Although it is quite difficult to suggest some thing to such an established organization yet in the following lines. •Since the people are getting easy going day by day so the future of Packages Limited is very bright as it makes disposable products. RECOMMENDATIONS During internship in Packages Limited. so its management has very vast experience in these fields. So the management of Packages must take some measures to cope with this problem so as to attract new customers. •In consumer products the management of Packages believes in “pull strategy” i. There is a need to exploit these opportunities before the competitors use them up. say. due to this it loses a number of customers. The production capacity of this industry should increase. I conclude that it is an excellent organization. •The most important issue is the high prices of the products of Packages Limited. Both the packaging and consumer products are the market leaders. If they let the public know their plans and operations.•Packages Limited is in pulp & paper and packaging material manufacturing business since 1957. it is hopeful that the people will consider the organization with a sense of still greater esteem and this can add to the growth of their consumer products. •The Paper & Board Industry is presenting many new opportunities in the future. So measures should be taken in order to expand the target market and increase market share. •Packages Limited mostly deals in industrial goods for which they never advertise. which is not exceeding from 25-30%. it does not tend to be stationary at one point. •It can also be concluded that Packages should reduce the prices of its tissues. •Recently consumer promotion has been introduced for certain consumer products. creating pull through advertising. in domestic and foreign markets. Apart from its excellent operations. •They can enhance the image of their company by entering into the field of public relations. in the packaging division.

•Consumer Product Department is producing disposable cups and plates. 47 . special emphasis should be laid on to the management development part of the training programs at all level especially at SPOs level. •Although the management has given many attractive incentives to its employees. some departments are decentralized but still there is a need of more decentralization in some departments.•In Packages Limited. instead of paying big amounts to the advertising agency. The advertising budget should be increased and it would be better if an advertising department is opened. They should educate consumers about these products with an effective promotional program. •Packages Limited does not offer the credit base sales which effect the sales and as well as losing the more other opportunities. but they are not promoting these products. •The Packages Limited follows an unsound advertising strategy. •As the training procedures are also very important to have qualified people on their jobs. but there is a need of workers' colony in Packages Limited.

48 .

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