Piise Duhovnii ii Polliitiickii Ideollog Angelliina "Srpska" Kanadskiim Srbiima P se Duhovn Po t ck Ideo og Ange na "Srpska" Kanadsk m Srb ma

To continue, then: Just as there are forces of Light in this world, serving God and good, there are forces of Darkness in this world, serving Satan and evil. We are spiritual beings as we have soul and spirit; not just body and mind, and we need to realize this and start tapping into this to REALIZE what is going on. So, just as there is the Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, there are Saints and the Rights, Archangels and Angels who can intercede for us and assist us in this Spiritual Warfare, and we need to INVOKE them to do so, as their Power is Greater than the Evil Powers which lurk about, and which people are too unaware of. For just as these Good Spirits exist, so do the evil ones, and I need to apprise you of this. Do not forget that Lucifer was banished from Heaven due to his PRIDE and PRIDE, alone. This is WHY this sin is the WORST, for with this ONE VICE ALONE, we can be banished from Heaven and not see Salvation, which I WARN our Church Board Directors of. Why? - Because for SOME REASON, they feel THEY are the ONES IN CHARGE, the ONES IN CONTROL, the ONES TO CALL THE SHOTS and THE CHOSEN ONES. Well.... my only response to that is, for the most part: they are WAY OUT OF LINE, WAY TOO IRRESPONSIBLE, NOT ABLE TO EXECUTE and DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING and SPIRITUALLY UNENLIGHTENED. Furthermore, I have sat back to SEE what they can do, and EXHORTED them what htey should do, and see they are INCOMPTENT to DO ANYTHING in their CURRENT STATE, so I have NOTHING MORE TO SAY and NOTHING MORE TO WAIT FOR and NOTHING TO SIT BACK FOR as they have BLOWN EVERY CHANCE THEY HAD. They are simply EXTREMELY UNFIT to be where they are, save for a very few exceptions. That is the TRUTH, so let us DEAL WITH IT, instead of petzing around, wasting time, spinning circles and making excuses for ourselves. I say this NOT to condemn them, as they are my brothers and sisters, whom I love, but I say it to WAKE THEM UP and get them on the RIGHT SIDE OF THE FENCE and into ACTION MODE, as this is RIDICULOUS, anymore, their PATHETIC INACTION and PARALYSED SHELL-SHOCKED STUNNED STATE, spinning 'round and 'round on the NEUTRALA ferris wheel, wasting all time with all their energy disspated into nothingness. So much for that... We are going to speak WHAT IS instead of playing games, here, as there is JUST NO TIME FOR IT! I DO NOT HAVE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD TO BE IN CANADA to OUST THIS BUGGER, and I DO NOT TRUST TO LEAVE THIS WAR TO ANYONE ELSE as I SEE HOW THEY ARE GOING ABOUT IT: which is to do virtually nothing, or scrape the boundaries of little to nothing, as I see they

are MINIMALISTS, when MAXIMAL ENERGY, POWER, KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE needs to be EMPLOYED in this SPIRITUAL WARFARE at the HIGHEST LEVEL, as this is our SALVATION we are talking about and the FATE OF OUR CHURCH AND OUR FAITH which is being SERIOUSLY COMPROMISED and even SOLD as no one sees just to WHAT EXTENT. I ASSURE YOU, though, that IF YOU ACCEPT GROZNI, YOU WILL ACCEPT THE ANTICHRIST, to put things in perspective for you. For "who is not worthy in a little, is not worthy in alot" Christ says. Hence, if YOU CANNOT FIGHT AGAINST ACCEPTING GROZNI ( a mini-antichrist), you will, IN NO WISE, be able to FIGHT A MUCH GREATER POWER, let it be known! So, in the underworld where dark spirits rule, you have Satan first and foremost who all serve in this realm. Then, you have his demons (which ARE, indeed, VICE such a the spirit of PRIDE, LUST, VAINGLORY, LISENCIOUSNESS, ANGER, HATRED ,etc.) and these are the FALLEN ANGELS who, ALSO, were banished from Heaven. These demons are CALLED UP by THOSE who serve Satan, who are work with Reptilians and the Illuminati, and have special powers they developed (as we are SPIRITUAL beings), and they CALL UP these demons to LEARN FROM THEM HOW BEST to take over HUMANITY as they want to RULE THE WORLD, just as SATAN WANTED TO, and so they are ALL DISOBEDIENT TO GOD. And WHAT, pretell, in STANDING MOST IN THEIR WAY, I ask you? It is CHRISTIANITY. And MORESO than that: ORTHODOXY, as THIS is the TRUE FAITH, where ALL THE TOOLS have been GIVEN TO US HERE, and so the Illuminati works MOST to DESTROY ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY above all else. Please note that the satanic brotherhood and illuminati have a TIGHT BOND and work CLOSELY together. They utilize COVERT FRATERNITIES such as Masonery, Intelligence Agencies (CIA, FBI, UDBA/DBU, etc.) to smooth out all opposition. Now, what most of our people do NOT know is JUST HOW ADVANCED these operations are and HOW MUCH THEY MAKE USE OF SPIRITUAL POWERS and ENTITIES, yet WE are NOT RESPONDING IN KIND! At THEIR satanic rituals, I mentioned to you that those who have DEVELOPED those spiritual powers (in a very bad way as they serve evil), actually CALL UP demons to learn directly FROM THEM. I know this is simply ABSURD for those of you who do know research on these matters, have NOT been through alot of experience in spiritual warfare, have NOT fought the battle, so have NOT dealt with these creatures, before, so are wholly UNAWARE of their presence, as your spiritual eyes are NOT opened yet. So, bare with me as I teach you, instead of YOUR commenting on WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW..... And I will remind you that the KGB (MOST ADVANCED in MIND CONTROL TECHNIQUES and SPIRITUALIZED COVERT BATTLE) who the CIA learned from, FROM WHENCE DID THEY RECEIVE THIS TYPE OF ESOTERIC KNOWLEDGE? - I will tell you. From the MONASTERY...... It was from TRUE MONASTICS, possessing the Spiritual Gift of Clairvoyancy. Only they went in ANOTHER direction and developed it to a STARTLING DEGREE where their EXPERIMENTS are EXTREME and BRUTAL, submerging their SUBJECTS in FREEZING WATER to get them to a state they need them to be in in order to operate on them telepathically and expertly. But that is another topic for another time..... Right now, what I want to tell you is this: the Illuminati engages MIND CONTROLLED SLAVES. This is the Monarch Program, where they utilize MK ULTRA. And WHAT IS THEIR GOAL with this and WHAT HAVE THEY BEEN DOING? First, I will tell you that ALL RELIGIONS have been INFILTRATED by the Illuminati Priesthood. ALL...... OURS, AS WELL. From BIRTH often, they place these people into the Monarch Program (after breaking their personality into many personalities so they can deal with their alter ego, and keep that from them) and they do this in the most insidious, godless ways imagineable, but again, another time, for this..... They, then, brainwash them to become priests. Some have come on board later, but it is from a young age, as with Grozni when he was recruited for the UDBA. And the fact that his mind has been SATANIZED since, I will PROVE TO YOU, also. Please Note: Christianity was ALWAYS under attack from the Illuminati, as the Illuminati are MOST THREATENED BY CHRISTIANITY AND ONLY THIS, and of course, therefore, BY

ORTHODOXY, to an even GREATER EXTENT, as it is TRUE CHRISTIANITY in its PUREST FORM with the GREATEST POWER and GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. So when I say: "WAKE UP!", I mean it! As we are in SERIOUS WARFARE here, and YOU CANNOT SIT BY AND THINK YOU KNOW SOMETHING WHEN YOU DON'T AND SERVE YOURSELF INSTEAD OF OUR PEOPLE, AND THINK WE CAN SKIDADDLE ON BY, FIGHTING DIPLOMATICALLY, NEGOTIATING WITH THE DEMONICALLY POSSESSED ENTITY, GEORGE THE TERRIBLE, and everything will all FALL NATURALLY INTO ITS PERFECT PLACE, as always! FAT CHANCE! WAKE UP!!!!! Now, I KNOW this is TOO MUCH to believe for most of you, and TOO INCREDULOUS, and TOO HARD CORE and TOO OUT IN LEFT FIELD, seemingly that you simply can ONLY take this with a grain of salt and extremely BAD TASTE IN YOUR MOUTH; THIS, I UNDERSTAND. Yet still I state it, and still, I persevere. WHY?..... Because I TOLD YOU: I need to take you to where you DON'T WANT TO GO as you are NOT READY, and that I am trying to PACE MYSELF NOT TO FAR OUT IN FRONT OF YOU, as I am CALIBRATING MYSELF, according to YOU and to THIS WARFARE going on, and they are STEPPING IT UP SEVERAL NOTCHES, and hence, SO MUST I. So, you just have to GET CAUGHT UP and IN FRONT OF THE 8-BALL, these will be CRASH COURSES, READY OR NOT, we are GOING FORWARD TOGETHER, as WE HAVE THE PURITY OF ORTHODOXY TO PRESERVE and I DO NOT ALLOW FOR ANY DESECRATION TO BE EXECUTED UPON OUR CHURCHES AND UPON OUR FAITH, EVEN IF I HAVE TO FIGHT OUR VERY PEOPLE AND BOARD MEMBERS ALONG THE WAY: I WILL DO IT, REST ASSURED!!! Now, I want you to START READING the material on this NOVINAR BLOGSPOT because it will give you the CRASH COURSE LESSONS that you NEED for this SPIRITUAL WARFARE. These articles are NOT chosen willy-nilly, but have EVERYTHING TO DO WITH OUR SPIRITUAL WAR at hand. It is ALL PART OF THE SAME FORMULAE, the SAME WARRIORS, the SAME GOAL and the SAME DEVIL that fought against God in the beginning, he continues on to this very day. And we are dealing with him and his demons as some are in HUMANOID FORM and HUMAN FORM - BOTH! More on this later..... Right now, please, in Jesus' Name: start READING YOUR BIBLES, PRAY FROM YOUR HEARTS, ASK JESUS TO COME INTO YOUR HEART AND ENLIGHTEN YOU, PROMISE YOU WILL LIVE, ACCORDING TO HIM, AND HOLD ON FOR THE RIDE OF YOUR LIVES, as He Willed it for us to be BORN IN THIS GENERATION when the GREATEST FIGHT FOR CHRISTIANITY IS TAKING PLACE! As TODAY, their powers are SO EMBELLISHED, and wisdom gained over the centuries, while hurling PROPAGANDA at all humanity, lying them into a STATE of UTTER PATHETICNESS, as you see with OUR VERY PEOPLE in OUR VERY CHURCHES, and we need to SHAKE OUT THESE COBWEBS FROM YOUR MIND, and BUILD YOU UP and EDIFY YOU IN CHRIST, and ENLIGHTEN YOU AT EVERY TURN, for you to PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF CHRIST, and for you to gain HOLY BRAVADO ("SVETA SMELOST") without which you CANNOT WIN in this war, let it be known..... And we are STILL dealing with BASIC, CRUDE and RAW PRIDE of Church Board Members, CLUELESS in this all, but still wanting to be the ones to CALL THE SHOTS: which I DEFY IN JESUS' NAME as a result of their TOTAL OBLIVIOUSNESS TO EVERY FACET OF THIS WAR which they are wholly UNSKILLED and UNKNOWLEDGABLE IN. Alright, this is enough for now.... We are MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER: ready or not: CHURCH BOARDS IN TACT OR FALLEN APART, PEOPLE PRIMED AND READY OR UNENLIGHTENED AND FIGHTING ME, every step of the way: we are moving FORWARD and ONLY FORWARD UNTO VICTORY, so PULL UP YOUR BOOTSTRAPS, start READING THIS MATERIAL ON THIS SITE, and GET ON BOARD as WE ARE ALL ABOUT PROTECTING THE PURITY OF ORTHODOXY AND YOUR SOULS AND OUR FAITH AND OUR CHURCH AND KNOW BEST HOW TO DO IT. Keep God in your Hearts; your Scirptures DAILY on hand, read the material on this site; SET ASIDE THE TIME TO DO THIS

to the BEST of your ABILITIES, and PITCH IN, as this WAR IS YOUR WAR; THIS IS THE FIGHT FOR YOUR SALVATION and I HAVE STILL MUCH TO TELL YOU, but you MUST STAY ON TOP OF THIS so you can UNDERSTAND ALL IN GOOD TIME. God Almighty Bless You Most Richly; May He Enlighten Your Spirits in a Heightened Fashion, as Time has Quickened, and we have NO TIME to lose! All of My Christian Love to Each and Every One of You, My Dearest and Closest Brothers and Sisters in Christ our Lord. May the Holy Spirit pour Balsam on Your Hearts and Souls throughout and Keep you Ever Vigilant to See and Understand All that is Occurring. And May the Ever Pure and Holy Mother of God So Protect and Cherish Each and Every One of You as We are not going on some Merry-go-Round, but the Roller-Coaster of our Lives, where we either SINK or SWIM TOGETHER! AND I AM ADAMANT about our SWIMMING to the OTHER SIDE of the LAKE, where you are SAFE and SOUND and SAVED and can SEE THINGS as you ought to; so HOLD ON, FEAR NOT, and GET ON BOARD. BUCKLE UP, STAY IN TUNE, MAKE TIME, and PITCH IN! Sveta Smelost IV & V will be comin out soon this INFORMATION MUST GET TO YOU ASAP, so that OUR SIDE WINS OUT AND WE FIGHT THOSE EVIL POWERS OF GROZNI AND COMPANY who are ALL ABOUT SPEWING THEIR LIES AND PROPAGANDA, TAKING THE CHURCH AND OUR FAITH OFF TRACK, SELLILNG US OFF AS SHEEP TO THE SLAUGHTER: FIRST TO CATHOLICISM AND THEN, THE ANTICHRIST, and I promise you: it will be NO OTHER WAY, neither do I exaggerate, in the least, but you will SEE THIS FOR YOURSELF, but this will get UGLIER and UGLIER THE LONGER YOU WAIT and the MORE STUBBORN YOU ARE, so: "WAKE UP - in Jesus' Name!!!" Your Sister in Christ, Love in Him, and with His Peace and Grace, Sa Svetom Smeloscu,

Angelina "Srpska"
(napisano krajem 2009 g. iz daleke Afrike u produzenoj borbi protiv necastnog LZE-Episkopa Kanadskoga i Sotonskoga)

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