Funding For Your Graduate Education

Cynthia Mitchell, MPA Alumni Associate, Advancement Division, California Institute of Integral Studies

Grad School: How do I become master of my own domain?
Not as many options as undergraduate funding Where do I go to find the best deal & fit? Fees? Who is going to pay for it? Are there programs that will help? How do I perform quality Web Research for resources?

Several Costly Fees Associated with Graduate School
Testing fees for GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT etc… Admission Application Fee Transcripts Tuition & Registration Books Room, Board, Transportation

More about Application Fees
$75 -$125 application fees are not uncommon It is a hardship to apply for more than one school Use fee waivers (testing, application) Eligibility varies due to group affiliation or need (as defined by US Dept. of Education)

How to get fees paid? Programs
Project 1000: 8421/p1000/ GRE Fee waiver is sometimes accepted for admission application fee waiver as well – Be sure to ask Check EOPS offices,, Individual Financial Aid Offices for forms and eligibility

How to get fees paid? Programs Cont.
Teaching Assistantships: Grade papers, teach, office hours –May receive grant or stipend. Check with Fin. Aid & Program Faculty Research Assistantships: Perform research for faculty Ronald McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program

University-specific grants, scholarships, fellowships, and loans Institute for the Recruitment of Teachers (IRT) Please remember to complete the FAFSA form (

By Any Means Necessary: Organize your Desktop
Push Technology: Use RSS Feeds to narrow your search (e.g. Google Alerts) Save your bookmarks by using Chipmark, Backflip, Be efficient by saving whole web pages using eSnips or Customizing your browsers and search engines Use Boolean Logic to narrow your internet search. Use syntax cheat sheets available on Yahoo ( and Google ( )

Do your Internet Research By Any Means Necessary
Use more than one search tool (there is more to life than Google and Yahoo) Internet Prospector Reference Desk Online Public Libraries—Get a card! Just Grants Ohio –Research Fellowships & Call to Papers, Not just for Ohio!

Do your Internet Research By Any Means Necessary
Free Scholarship Search Websites www.

Do your Internet Research By Any Means Necessary
Ask your present school’s librarian if they a subscription to the following funding databases:
COS: Community of Science IRIS: Illinois Researcher Information Service SPIN: Sponsored Programs Information Network RSP Funding for Graduate Students

Do your Internet Research By Any Means Necessary
Check for scholarship web pages at bigger schools. Some scholarship information may not be limited to that institution. Use websites such as:
University of North Carolina UC Los Angeles University of Michigan University of Texas at San Antonio

Check if you qualify for Federal Assistance for the Working Poor
GA: General Assistance WIC: Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children EIC: Earned Income Credit Food Stamps

Look for Employer Funding
Some jobs will pay for an employee to continue their education. Check with the Human Resources Benefits Representative: Key word— Tuition Remission (Beware—may be taxable in some Congressional Years) Check with Federal jobs, Fortune 500, and Unified School Districts

Keep Your Money Straight!
Make a Budget and Keep it Ask questions regarding years of guaranteed funding, stipends, limitation of usage, Conferences & Call to Papers (Cicero Awards) Remember: Summers not always included Pay attention to deadlines & recheck your work Stretch your dollars with Loan Forgiveness: National Health Service Corps ( Perkins Loans, Americorps, VISTA, Loan Forgiveness for Teachers, Childcare Provider (specific states may have more programs available)

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