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Asset Integrity
Management 2010
Inspect. Improve. Maintain. Protect

This year’s expert

speaker panel includes:
Principal Integrity Engineer Europe
Offshore Installation Manager
Two Day Conference: 24th – 25th November 2010 Head of Asset Integrity

Pre-Conference Workshop Day: 23rd November BG Group

Hilton Treetops Hotel, Aberdeen, UK
Asset Integrity Manager
Integrity is both a business and a safety
critical issue. Attend to gain industry Group Head of Integrity Assurance
leading insight into how you can:
Upstream Technology Manager
• Eradicate waste by identifying key integrity weakness and Energy Institute
strategies to improve efficiency
• Overcome costly and disruptive unplanned downtime through Team Leader Oil & Gas
Danish Technological Institute
proactive maintenance schedules and target inspections
• Safeguard against major accident hazards by employing and Lead Advisor
monitoring key barrier performance indicators Structural Integrity,
Petroleum Safety Authority
• Unite all the elements within your operation to maximise output
with a holistic asset management strategy Managing Director
Progress Through People
Plus in depth interactive pre conference workshops: Senior Power Plans Engineer
Workshop A: Workshop B: Workshop C:
PIA Engineering & Maintenance
23rd Nov 09:00 – 11:30 23rd Nov 12:00 – 14:30 23rd Nov 15:00 – 17:30
Ageing and Life Extension Maintenance and Inspection Human Error Upstream Technical Advisor
ABB through technology inspection Reduction Strategies
PIA Engineering and Maintenance Operation Reliability Consortium The Energy Institute

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Pre Conference Workshops Tuesday 23rd November 2010
Workshop A 09:00 – 11:30 Workshop B 12:00 – 14:30 Workshop C 15:00 – 17:30
Ageing and life extension Maintenance and inspection through Human Error Reduction Strategies
Satisfy all the stakeholders with an interest in the technology application Protect both your personnel and your infrastructure
integrity of your installation with the deployment Streamline the application of your maintenance and when you go beyond identification to mitigation
of a Life Extension Programme inspection schedules and plan with the application of human error in the application of your integrity
of your existing technologies management programme
The HSE’s Key Programme 4 (KP4) will collate, develop
and share industry learning associated with ageing and Ensuring that you’re taking a modern approach to In the vast majority of root cause analysis the term
life extension, which will raise the bar for both duty coordinating your asset integrity management is e “human error” is likely to feature. Stamping out this ever
holders and consultants who wish to extend the life of ssential. However this may not always require expensive present risk to ensure the successful deployment of your
their assets. Life extension is top of the regulator’s list state-of-the-art equipment. Maximising the potential of integrity strategies is absolutely necessary if you are to
and it needs to be your priority. existing systems and strategies can be just as effective. be assured of the continued safety and security of your
personnel and infrastructure.
Led by experts in Life Extension Programmes, this The key areas you will benefit from are:
workshop will ensure that you have the tools to effectively This workshop will not just look at the identification of
manage and solve the ageing and life extension issues • Discover ways of more accurately measuring asset potentials for human error, but it will look at effective
for Topsides Facilities. integrity performance and reliability strategies so that you will return to your office with the
• Learn how to get more out of your Maintenance tools to:
In particular you will cover: Planning & Asset Information Systems
• Identify new strategies for maintenance optimisation • Identify risk mitigation strategies for the most common
• Challenges & opportunities for duty-holders possibilities for human error
• Maintaining equipment reliability and integrity assisting in combating unplanned downtime
• Learn how to adapt your risk mitigation techniques
• Implications of HSE’s Key Programme 4 (KP4) The workshop will also contain interactive exercises on for varied situations and demographics
Created for both owner-operators, duty holders and reliability calculation and data analysis software to ensure • Design out the problems: Create a bespoke Integrity
consultants this is your chance to discuss and develop that you leave with a thorough understanding of the Management System that accounts for and limits risk
the real issues and challenges encountered in managing capabilities you already retain within your team and caused by human error
asset integrity on the mature North Gas Platforms. its resources.
Facilitated by:
Facilitated by: Facilitated by:
Jane Goodacre, Managing Director
Brian Hudson, Lead principal Consultant Syed Nadeem Ahmed, Senior Power Plant Engineer Operational Reliability Consortium
ABB Engineering Services PIA Engineering and Maintenance
Iain Wright, Principal Consultant
ABB Engineering Services

Conference Day One Wednesday 24th November 2010

08:30 Registration and Coffee 11:15 Panel session: Communication and assessment of KPIs –
what role should they retain in the integrity sphere?
09:00 Chairman’s opening remarks
All organisations measure with them, most organisations report with them but
09:15 Create a holistic Asset Integrity Management strategy to many organisations fail to utilise them effectively. Use this as your chance to get
maximise ROI for your overall integrity programme an insight into the use of KPIs in three different integrity programmes across the
• Consolidate resource usage by ascertaining common structural problems across North Sea. You might want to ask your panellist how they:
your asset portfolio • Ensure effective reporting within the KPI parameters
• Establish a method of prioritisation that is applicable across your infrastructure to • Ascertain the areas and core competencies which should be covered by KPI analysis
streamline your integrity programmes deployment • Maintain visibilities over parts of the asset or integrity performance not covered
• Apply network-wide improvement strategies to accelerate the impact of your by KPIs
integrity strategies Matt Wood, Head of Integrity, Europe
Shell Exploration and Production
10:00 Case study: Extending the life of a North Sea Platform by 25 years Mark Nishapati, Head of Asset Integrity
• Examine the methodology used to extend the life of the platform BG Group
• Identify details of the integrity issues considered beyond the topside conditions Jim Sanderson, Asset Integrity Manager
• Analyse where the key issues for the topside upgrade were Apache
• Identify the some of the wider issues uncovered during platform life extension studies
Andy Hollins, Principal Consultant, ABB Engineering Services 12:00 Major accident hazards: Moving beyond theorising to the
actual deployment of barrier performance indicators
Safety and Integrity Management for offshore facilities ABB Engineering Service is • How effective are the barriers? Are the systems in place to form barriers to
an international technical consultancy providing support to offshore, refining, storage prevent major accident hazards reaching their potential?
distribution and gas processing operations to improve operational performance and to • Measuring the effectiveness of these barriers and identifying weaknesses in the
meet regulatory compliance. Our consultancy services include: alarm management; applications of your assessment methods offshore
ATEX compliance auditing; criticality assessment; HAZOP and process hazard Review • Ensuring that you relate to your work force and find out how to provide feedback
(PHR); human factors; inspection services; KP3 auditing and improvement; maintenance and develop action plans for those responsible for the effectiveness of the barriers
and reliability; platform life assessment and extension; pressure relief; process safety Mick McNally, Offshore Installation Manager
management; Safety Integrity Level(SIL) assessment. Nexen
Web: Tel: +44 (0) 1642 372000 Fax: +44 (0) 1642 372111 Email:
10:45 Coffee and networking break 12.45 Lunch and networking break

• Asset Integrity Managers • Offshore Installation • Maintenance and

Who will • Corrosion Engineers Managers Inspections Managers
attend? • Materials and Fabric
Maintenance Advisors
• Structural Integrity
• HSE Managers
• Safety Engineers

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+44 (0)20 7368 9300 +44 (0)20 7368 9301
Day One continued

THE SAFETY SESSIONS 15:15 Afternoon tea and networking break

13:45 Meet the regulator’s requirements by establishing the 15:45 Extended Interactive Session: Address human factors and
progression from the HSE’s KP3 to KP4 projects their impact on the operation of safety and business critical
• Review the outcomes of the HSE’s KP3 asset integrity programme elements of your structure
• Prepare your installations for improvements required following KP4-led inspections • Stop costly failures by meeting the needs of end-users, stakeholders and personnel
• Establish the scope of improvements to your structural integrity and monitoring • Guarantee success by analysing the tasks to understand where human failure can
processes in the light of HSE led initiatives occur before a costly incident
• Understand why performance is key to success and often reduced by ineffective
14:30 Assess asset integrity issues in relation to their safety and communication and workforce involvement
business criticality to optimise your efforts • Develop processes that ensure effective understanding of human and organisational
• Certify that your safety critical elements are robust by establishing clear guidelines factors and thus there impact on safety and performance
in regards to prioritisation of spend across your integrity budget Tim Southam, Managing Director
• Identify and prioritise efforts according to two criteria – the safety of your Progress Through People Ltd
personnel and the impact on the efficiency of your operations Jane Goodacre, Managing Director
• Create a clear road map for improvement to meet the needs of the regulators, Operational Reliability Consortium
all stakeholders and personnel
17:15 Close of Day One

Conference Day Two Thursday 25th November 2010

08:30 Registration and Coffee COMBAT CORROSION
09:00 Chairman’s opening remarks 12:00 Detect and mitigate Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion
(MIC) in oil field systems with a DNA-based diagnostic tool
09:15 Incorporating strategic maintenance into your integrity • Overview of current and novel MIC detection technologies in oil and petroleum
management system to minimize downtime systems
• Shift from reactive to pro-active maintenance and cut the back log • Examine a detailed case study on topside corrosion monitoring and applied
• Engage the workforce by addressing your maintenance culture and change mitigation strategy
management • Explore examples of MIC diagnostics and control in oil producing wells, fuel
• Identify problems early with clear strategies for the monitoring and reviewing storage tanks and oil pipelines
of individual asset performance
Dr. Torben Lund Skovhus, Team Leader DTI Oil & Gas
• Reduce the possibility of human error by introducing a computerised maintenance
Danish Technological Institute
management system
Syed Nadeem Ahmed, Senior Power Plant Engineer 12.45 Lunch and networking break
PIA Engineering and Maintenance
13:45 Limit the effects of corrosion in your carbon steel frameworks
• Eradicate instances of pit propagation by treating the cause
10:00 React quickly to costly and dangerous defects in your • Assess the likely cause of this attack to your structure by establishing the key
infrastructures integrity with the application of an effective features of the material involved
monitoring system • Establish an effective action plan through assessment of the damage
• Ensure threats to your asset’s structural integrity are mitigated through effective already caused
monitoring of the key structural aspects
• Use this knowledge to prevent the disruption of your production by limiting 14:30 Improve the organisation of your Integrity work programmes
unplanned downtime enhancing offshore to onshore communication and work plans
• Achieve a fully integrated system by linking an intelligent monitoring system • Cut reporting times by standardising the use of communications technologies
to your data and process management systems such as video conferences, PC links and fibre optics to create onshore images,
photos and surveillance
10:45 Coffee and networking break
• Overcome challenges of discontinuity between offshore shifts by moving asset
integrity management work onshore
11:15 Control and manage external corrosion by creating an • Improve engagement with offshore personnel through more effective
efficient life cycle management plan communication of requirements and time frames
• How to change the management culture so as to operate an efficient life cycle
external corrosion management plan
• Learn effective methods to discover the asset condition 15:15 Afternoon tea and networking break
• Understand how to quantify risk and prioritise critical elements that require 15:45 Industry update: developments in the Energy Institute’s
protection technical programme
• Recent deliverables to industry
“Improved my network and some of the • Safety and integrity projects currently being run
• Project focus - management of small bore tubing
presentations will become very useful for internal • Integrity related projects for 2011
sharing and learning!” A 2009 AIM Summit Delegate Keith Hart, Upstream Technical Manager
The Energy Institute

Maximise Your Involvement: 16:30 The Future of Integrity: Ensure that new infrastructures
Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities and additions to existing installations are not prey to the
The Asset Integrity Management Summit 2010 will provide you with the unique opportunity to current problems
profile the solutions that operators are looking for. By sponsoring you will gain invaluable face- • Make certain that the material is adequate for the intended use with proper
face exposure with the key decision makers over a prolonged period. This event is the perfect
opportunity to promote your services in an environment that is both business and information consideration to the operating environment
orientated it is the perfect setting for social interaction and networking. A focus on getting you • Guarantee its design life is realised by assessing the maintenance requirements
direct access to the key decision makers across leading organisations will ensure that your according to item design
investment is well placed. We understand that the needs of all our sponsors and exhibitors will • Assess the appropriateness of the structure for extended use and consider
differ. That’s why we don’t limit you to specific packages. For more information contact
Craig O’Dell on 0207 368 9300 or email him at and he will be able the impact f any future regulatory requirements
to tailor make a package suited to your company’s strategies and needs.
17:15 Close of the Summit

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