Concept art history

Videogame concept art can trace its history back to impressionism, painters like JMW turner and Monet.

But examples of romanticism also reflect the styles and tones used in modern concept art.

In the fledgling stages of concept art fashion design had a huge influence on video game designs. No one knew how to design characters and costumes, so inspiration was sought elsewhere.

Car design is also a big influence on videogame design, look into it. In the 80s film special effects started becoming more elaborate. Star wars concept art, and especially blade runner. You want to research into Syd mead. An industrial engineer turned futurist. Designed Blade runner. Is a genius. Infact his work inspired mass effect, and is deemed a ‘meadian future’.

Finally look at the works of yoshitaka amino, and relate them to what you find. Note how his works are similar to that seen in fashion art. Look at craig mullins, who trained as a classical oil painter, his works are especially classical in style.

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