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F la t S p eed W o r ld CRM

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F l ta W o d lC R M r
I n f o s yE ’n d - to - ECnRd M p p r o a c h s A

Flat W orldCRM is Infosys’ prehensive R Mapproach com C to help our clientsW in in the Flat World throug Innovation, h Speed, and Predictabilit y. Flat W orl CRM is designedbased on experiencegained d throughhundredsof engagementsaroundthe world in key focusindustries,leveraging Global our D elivery Model,and passionfor innovation.


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F l a W o d lC R M t r
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C R M ra c tic e P P rin c ip le s … C u s to mVarlu e e I n d u s tr y S e r v ic e s ROI Pe o p le I n nva tio n o Createcustomervalue that keeps our clientscomingback Providedeep industryexpertise& industryspecificsolutions D eliverconsistentend-to-endofferingsto help thru the entire life cycle. anywhereon the globe B ringthe best in insightand thoughtleadershipto create effective & efficientC ustom re-C entricOperations Growand train w orldclass consultantswith competencies and skillsets to match marketdemand Systematically focuson innovation customervalue to and create sustainablecompetitive advantages .

3 .

and executionof cost-effective R Mstrategiesfor sustainablerevenuegrowthand C superiorcustomer experience. be inductedinto the H all and y. SAand y n U is assessed by a jury headed by Dr. r B Infosysworks with leadingglobal Fortune clients assist them in aligningtheir 500 to businessobjectivesand technology initiatives throughvisioning. This aw ard is institutedby the B alancedScorecardC ollaborative. to of Fam e for Strateg Ex ecutio .ECnRd M p p ro a c h s A .to . planning. t F l a W o d lC R M t r I n f o s y E ’n d .1 CRM Vision Infosy Performs s In 2007.Infosysbecam e the 1st IT Consulting Servicescompan worldwide. C R M tr a te gA lig n m e n t S ic C R M io n in g Vis C R M u s in eC sa s D e f in itio n B s e C R M p e r a tioD a ls ig n O ne C R M o a M a p e f in it io n R d D C u s to mEex p e r ie n c ea te g y r S tr 4 E m b r a Icnenva tio nWin in th eF la Wo r ld o . K aplan(Harvard usinessSchool). Robet S.

Moderate design and C LO W VA LU E Desired Capability CapabilityGap Potential RoadmapMilestones A D O PT ⇒ Prioritized. Through C R MVisio nservices. reduced time to m arket for cam paigns and implemented . valuedrivenC R Mroad-map C lie n t C a es S tu d y A leadingCom munications Service ProviderengagedInfosysto developa comprehensive C R Mvision. ⇒ Pragm aticC R Mstrateg vision. Customization as required. Contact management 6. customeroperations. No customization. Accountmanagement 2. Service requests 12. Wellness management 14.we worked together the the in deploym ent an integratedC R Msolutionand technology platformthat enhance of d customerrelationships.The full benefits of C R Mcan be derivedonly by aligningbusinessobjectives. map alignedto tangiblebusiness benefits ⇒ O rganizational R Mm aturit maturity C y.Follow ing roadmap. L A G G IN G M A IN L E A D IN G P IO N E E R STREAM Tech n o l o g y a t io n s O per 1. Forecasting 8. and gap bridgingstrategy ⇒ Value drivenbusinesscase and benefits realization methods CRM C V is nio R M E x e c un ti Ion nva t io n o Speed g a n iz an tioe r frC R MTo ta lm a n c e P o CRM CRM CR M Or D aa t P re d ic t a b il i ty C R M C RM V IS IO N IN B E S TP R A C T IC E :X A M P L E G EstablishingCapabilityM aturity Key to IdentifyOpportunities Invest only inareas that are alignedwith the strategy and affectthe business. Claims management 13. U tilize Change Managementto adopt COTS process. Team collaboration Current Capability H IG HVA L U E Priority for design and configuration. Management reporting 9. A ctivitymanagement 3.strategy. Opportunity management 10.Minimal customization.and underlying processes and technologies. AD APT A B configuration.and road y. and roadm ap. Calendar 4. . Customer analytics 7. Campaign management 5. targets. Quote management 11.Infosyshas helped many its clients achieve desired businessobjectivesand convertC R Minvestmentsinto tangible benefits.

5 . significantl y im provin g sales operation and s decision making.effectiv e reportin and g analytics .

C R M e n c h m a r k in g B Assess Create C R M r f rom a n cM a n a g e m e n t Pe e C R M l u e e a l i z a tMo o d (e V R M ) Va R i n l C R M r o c e sRs e d e s ig n am o n i z a t i o n P &H r VRM Capture 6 E m b r a Icnenva tio nWin in th eF la Wo r ld o .94% w ere on-tim eand on. create. capture.and measure tangiblebenefitsand businessvalue associatedwith C R Minvestmentsand initiatives.ECn R M p p r o a c h E d A .The industryaverageis around 50%.to . Infosys’ metricsdrivenPerformance Improvement approachis helping our global clientsto assess.94% Infosy Performs s O f all our projects.93.budget.2 CRM Perform ance 93. t F l ta W o d lC R M r I n f o s y s ’n d .

and shareholder value ⇒ Tangiblebusiness value realizedthrougheffective business processes ⇒ Benchm arking business processes and C R Mtargets to of leading C R Mindicators ⇒ Institutionalized value trackingmechanismsand accountability To t a l CRM C R MValue Realization Model Business Goals Competitiveness Fram ework T OTA L C R MB usinessTransformation C lie n t C a es S tu d y A leadingfinancialservicescom panyengagedInfosysto enhanceservicedeliveryprim arily thru call center and branch operations.Companies continueto make significantinvestmentsin C R M initiativesand technologies. r d e 7 . ⇒ Alignment businessobjectivesto performance of improvement initiatives.Infosysdevelopedand im plemented pragmaticroad a map linkedto performanceimprovement initiatives and the bank’s customerservice model.resultin in an im prove custom e satisfactio score by 5%. and a greatly im prove respons time of 15 seconds. metrics.Infosys’ R MValue Realization C Model (V R M ) is helpingour clientsto effectivelyrealizetangiblebenefits. a reductio of g d r n n total cost of custom e contact by 56%. onlya few achieveand/or measure but anticipatedbenefits.

contain costs. services. Infosysleverageshigh-impact CustomerOperations offerings and initiativesto help leading organizations increaserevenue.and billing operations. and achievesuperior customerexperience across marketing.contactcenters.07%of our clients keep returning for additionalvalue added services. C R M p e r a tioO s t im iz a t io n O np C R MPo r tf o l io R a t io n a li z a ti o n C R M a n a g e de r v ic e s M S C R M o sC o n ta in m e n t C t C R M e n u O p ti m iz a ti o n Rev e C R M lty& C u s t o mEexr p e r ie n c e Loya C R M e n te rfE x c e lle n c e C o . sales.92.07% Infosy Performs s Since 1995.3 CRM O perations 92.

8 E m b r a Icnenva tio nWin in th eF la Wo r ld o .to .ECnR M p p r o a c h s d A . t F l a W o d lC R M t r I n f o s y E ’n d .

r improvement impacting retention. and bottom line ⇒ Robus CRM Solution supportin business t s g growt and adaptabilit of Custome h y r Operations with consistent quality across customer channelsin a m easurable pilot K ey tools and concepts: • Custom er interaction strategy • Custom er service strategy/technology • F ulfillm en t strategy and process • K eyaccount m an ag em ent & process • Sales force automation/effectiveness • Consultative/value based selling • Custom er touchpoint analysis • Vo iceo f the C ustomer Customer Interaction O p e r a tin g M odel Customer Strategy Customer Insight and prospects better than any com petito and develop r. s : market share. r Infosys’ CustomerOperationsbest practices and services CustomerOperations Best Practice(Example): offeringshelp our clients to significantly enhance B uild an OperatingModel That Allowsfor Piloting& Proofof Concepts Stay Adaptive& Relevant the Custom er Experience while im proving revenue CustomerInteraction CustomerInsight and containingcosts. Executepersonalized interactions K n o wy o u rmarkets.Excellence custom eroperationswill continue characterize in to leadingcustome-centricorganizations. hypotheses based on these insights Key tools and concepts: • • • • • • • • Custom er Interaction Map M arketA nalysis Custom er Segmentation Custom er Value Assessment O fferAssessment Prod uct rtfolio Po Assessment C om petitive Assessment C apab ility Assessment CustomerStrategy D efineproductand serviceofferings and channelstrategies w hich m ax im ize value fo r y ouand customers enablehypothesis to K ey tools and concepts: • B ran dstrateg y& tactics Value proposition • Prod uct rtfolio po management • C hannel strategy • N ew product development • P ricin g and revenue management C a e S tu d y s C lie n t . customers. reductions and custome experience . CRM C V i snioR M S pee d E n ov C R x e c u t iInn oatio n M g a n i z n Pi e rfCoR M t a l m a n c e a t o r To Or CRM D aa t CRM P re dic tab ility CR M Tech n o l o g y CRM a t io n s O per ⇒ Optimize custome operation and related d r s business processes ⇒ Tangibl revenue enhancements cost e .

e y. 9 . ey results includ a single global CRM K e sales platform. consolidate operations increased d . enhanced cross selling/upselling.In fo sy s d es ig n e d a n d i m pl e m e nt e d a C R Msolution which streamlinedthe sales global business processes for a leading logistics and transportationorganization. transparency of custom e inform ation better sales pipelin visibilit and r .

998% Infosy Performs s Since 2002. t F l a W o d lC R M t r I n f o s y E ’n d . support.and maintenance superiorbusinessdrivenIT of solutions. deployment.Infosyshas worked with M thousandsof clientsin the design.ECnRd M p p ro a c h s A .developm ent.998%error-free.4 CRM Technology 99. integration.to . testing.our projectshave producedtechnology that is 99. configuration.by leveragingleadingbusiness and information technology practicesand commercially availablesoftwarepackagesand C R Mtechnologies. implementation. C R M c k a gSe o lu tio n s Pa C R M r c h ite c tu r e A C R Mn f r a s tr u c tu r e I C R M p p l ic a tionnte g r a tio n A I s C R M u s to S o lu tio n s C m C R M s tin S e r v ic e s Te g 10 E m b r a Icnenva tio nWin in th eF la Wo r ld o . A s the pioneerof the GlobalD elivery odel.

Infosysexecutedthe solution design. l Delivery Model A leadingmobile com puting organization engaged to implement comprehensive Infosys a C R Msolutionacross multiple countries. manage services and Globa d . s y l y d d t y Infosyshas worked with leading global organization to deploy s Flat W orld CRM ImplementationMethodology world-clas CRM technolog solution successfull aligned s y s y to business strategy and objectives.CRM busines strateg is most successfu when effectivel execute and supporte by robus technolog . within budget and aligned to business benefits ⇒ Reduc Total Cost of Ownershi and integrat end-to e p e end services from busines concept to technology . ⇒ Realizecost-effectiv CRM Solutions implemented e . . m inim izin produc returns. g l s C lie n t C a es S tu d y . deployment of SiebelCustomerServicesolution resultingin a more and the effectiveserviceorganizationreducin call handlin tim e. on time. development. g g g t increasing enterpris support revenue and improvin overal busines performance. s implementatio and support n ⇒ Benefi from increase value-ad resultin from the t d d g use of our world class implementatio n methodologies. e .

11 .

Data Cleansing Conversion and and Solutions associated with customer operations new initiatives. o n a s Pe r D a ta u g m e n t a t io n A C l e a n s in g o ve r s io n &C n . and C u s to mDe a ta n te g r a tio n r I D a ta o e rn a n c e ewa r d s h ip Gv /S t A n a ly tic R e p o r tin g &s M a s teD a ta a n a g e m e n t r M 12 S e g m e n ta tio ns. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Performance Infosys’ data management serviceofferingsassist our clientswith the designand implementation effectiveC R MData Governance Stewardshipm odels. of and Customer Data Integration Solutions.5 CRM Data Importance Client Value Survey Results 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Delivers gnificant business insight Demonstates r quan tified financialbe nefits Delivers ractical recom me ndations ovides prope r amountof fact-based d creativeanalysis Helpsclient beco me m ore competitive Infosy Performs s Infosyscontinuesto receivethe highest satisfaction scores from our clients.

EC R M p p ro a c h E nd A ace I n nv o a tio n .to .E m b rF l ta W o d lC R M r I n f o s y s ’ n d . Win in th e F la t Wo r l d .

solutions To t a l CRM CustomerData IntegrationSolution 1 S tr e a m linCeu s to mD r ta d ea P r o c e ss & sWo r k ow s e fl S e tu p C u s to mRe e p o s itoD a ta r y. C lie n t C a es S tu d y Infosysim plem ented C D Isolutionfor a utilitiesmajorto manifesta singleand true a versionof the customer.seamles integratio of CRM and C DI capabilities closed loop data s n .Infosys CRM Data Integratio service are designe to provid an ’ n s d e architecture platform and on-goin governanc structur for a . y r ⇒ Accelerat results and achieve better solution quality e utilizin Infosys prove methods tools. s s We strive to provid data integratio solution tailored to the needs e n s of each particula industry and client. r ⇒ Improv qualit of custome interaction and servic with e y r s e ubiquitou access to 360° custome s r information ⇒ Infuse your busines with agility and efficienc driven by s y real-time high-qualit custome data and analytics . r c le a n s in gI n te r n S ly n c h & a Custom er Data Reposito ry 2 D a ta Cleansing D e le te In ac ti ve Internal s yn c hto ens uretha t all s ys te m s ce ss n e ve rsionof ac o truth M a in ta in F in an c e sy ste m s CRM sy ste m s O the r sy ste m s 3 E le c tr o n ic g r a tio n In te w ith 3 r d p a r ty n d o r s ve Customer U n i rm g lo b aclu s to m e r fo H ie r a r c h ie s Reporting hierarchies C 4 A Customer B Customer Geographichierarchies Customer Data Repository E tc. . . K eybenefits include. g e e single.timely view of customer across channel and business lines. availableacross enterprisein real-time. and g ’ n .

a n d powerfu l custom e r analytic s enablin our g client to access new opportunitie s and increase wallet share. 13 .q u a li t y .

t o . t F l ta W o d lC R M r I n fo s y s ’n d .6 CRM Organization Infosy Performs s In 2007 Infosysw as rated by Fortune/CNN one of the top 10 as companiesin the world for its practicestrainingand developing leaders in a globaleconomy. C R M u s in eU sn it o l la b o r a t io n B s C O r g a n iz a t iC n a ln g e a n a g e m e n t oh M Tr a in i nf o rH ig Pe r f rom a n c e g h C R M ern an ce Gov C R M n w le d gM a n a g e m e n t Ko e 14 E m b r a Icnenva tio nWin in th eF la Wo r ld o . assist our M We clientsto effectivelymanagetransformational engagementsand institutionalize pragmatic C R Mgovernanceand organizational models. (O Train in g .EC R M p p ro a c h E nd A .and Knowledge anagement. Infosysoffers world-classtalent and methodologies addressOrganizational to ChangeM anagement C M ).

and effective com m unicationssignificantl increasing . achieve throug proactive integrate project governanc and d h . reducing risk and increasin project effectiveness.Two critica succes factor for transformationaprojec succes are l s s l t s user adoptio and stakeholde engagement This can only be n r . g ⇒ Achiev projecte returns and intende impac of e d d t initiative and programs s ⇒ F acilitat su ccessfu lu tio ad o p tio a nd sta ke h o ld er e l so n n en g age m e n nd buy-in ta ⇒ Effectivel train projec personnel solutio users and y t . n stakeholders. Infosyswas able to assist this client to realize valuabl stakeholde engagement. d e organizationachange management Infosys imbeds these activities l . into the core structur of transformationaprojects effectively e l . e r organizationa transpa l rency. leveragin our world class trainin g g and capabilit buildin expertis and solutions y g e Organizational ChangeManagement Methodology C u l tu r e C hange S tra te a n d gy Vis io n Jo b a n d O r g a n iz a ti o n D e s ig n OCM New Way s o f Wo r k in g L e a d e r s h ip d C lie n t C a es S tu d y Infosysw orkedw ith a leadingfinancial services organization increase the skill-focus to of their Share Services organizatio while improvin proces and organizationaefficienc d n g s l y. nd e 15 . of im proved custom erfocusand long-term sustainableresults. y overal customer satisfaction The implementation a Centerof Excellence generated l .

to . This fram ework also alignedwith the Project M anagem en Institut ( P M ).Infosys’ methodology been appliedto M PM has thousandsof globalengagementsand is specifically designedto address the m ultidisciplinary aspects of com plex R Mbusinesstransformation businessdriven C and IT implementations. is t e I Visio n& strategycan only materialize throughsuccessfulexecutionand effective Program/Project anagem ent(PM ).EC R M p p ro a c h s nd A .7 CRM Execution Infosy Performs s InfosysPM E lite is a demandingand rigorousProjectManagementCertification Fram ework designedto developworld-class Infosysprojectm anagers. t F l ta W o d lC R M r I n f o s y E’n d . P r o g r a & P r o je c t a n a g e m(e nM ) m M P t P r o je c t a n a g e m O nfti c( e M O ) M ef P P M /P MGov e r n a n c e O P M /P MTr a i n i n g O P M /P MCOe n te rfE x c e ll e n c e o P M /P MKOn w le d gM a n a g e m e n t o e 16 E m b r a Icnenva tio nWin in th eF la Wo r ld o .The demanding capabilitiesrequiredfor certification make it uniquein the industry.

have include a multi-fol increas in "Custome Satisfaction"and a 37% reductio in T C O . Speed. within budget and with a 99. y.Tools and Templates ⇒ W in Throug InnovationCustome servic is necessar but h : r e y To ta l CR M not longer sufficien for loyalt and retention Faster t y . Innovatio is n require to stay ahead of competitionInnovatio is not d . d c s l Clarif whil keepin the "light on" for existing systems to ensure smoot transition Benefits y e g s h . LeveragePM Elite & G D MBest Practices. and Predicatibilit .Design . & Predictability . error free track record You can count on us for successfu . n . t s M onolithic CRM B lackB ox Decompose & Analyze • CustomerOperations • Business Processes • C R MApplications • C R MTechnology • C R MAccelerators • C R MProcess • Templates • CRM Benchm arks Innovate Optim izefor & O ptim ize Predictability • C R MP M Templates • C R MSolutions • RepeatableCode • Integration Connectors • Sequencings • Shift Optimization • Tools Infuse Innovation Optim izefor Speed C lie n t C a es S tu d y Infosy is managin a mega-p s g rogram for a leadin CommunicationService Provide.to-end ownership our 569+ team has develope key strategi platform based on Siebe & . ⇒ Succee Throug PredictabilityNearl 94% of our projects d h : y are execute on time.Operate T E ST IM PL E M EN T SU PPO R T Functionality & Business Requirements ExecutionProcesses ⇒ Prevai Through Speed Time to marke and realizatio of l : t n benefit make the differenc betwee leaders and s e n followers. g For Innovation.Leverage our G D M tools. n the “eurek moment but the effectiv executio of visionin a ” e n g and winnin strategies. y d e s C R M PM professional and CRM practitioners deliver togethe all the element require for Excellenc in s . W ith g s s r end.Implement PRE PAR E AN A Z E LY PR O T O T Y P E C O NF IG U R E .Infosy PM approach tools. s outpace competition. and methodolog. l and timely enablemen of your busines CRM strategy. and accelerator to . d d e r .998% d . combine with the experienc and caliber of our world-clas s . r s d e Execution through Innovation Speed.

Accordin g to the client' s Head of Operatio ns “Our platform has never been better before”. 17 .

ECnRd M p p r o a c h A Infosys’Flat W orldCRM is designed to be flexible in bringingvalue to your com panyat different points of the C R Mlife cycle.and requirements.dependingon yourspecific timing.F l ta W o d lC R M r I n f o s yEs ’n d .to .t o .needs. CRM 18 E m b r a Icnenva tio nWin in th eF la Wo r ld o . t To ta l F l a W o d lC R M t r I n f o s y E ’n d . Flat W orldCRM can be appliedin a modularor integralform.ECnRd M p p ro a c h s A .

19 .c hS e rv ic e s rg a n iz a tio n Te O L e a d inFin a n c ianl s titu tio n g I L e a d inFin a n c ianl s titu tio n g I L e a d inFin a n c ianl s titu tio n g I L e a d inCgo m m u n ic a S e rvsic e srov id e r tio n P L e a d inEgn egy O r g a n iz a tio n r L e a d inFin a n c ia le rv ic e so m nya g S C p L e a d inDgis c r e M a n u f a c tu Cin g nya te r om p M a joEr n egy C o m nya r p M a joM a n u f a c tu Cin g nya r r om p Vision Performance Operations Technology Data Organization Execution F o ra detailed descriptionof engagementsand servicesplease refer to our InfosysG lobalC R MP ractice contacts.1 5 s a m pIn fo s yCs R M n g a g e m e n t s le ' e T OTA L C R MD IM E N S IO N S Client G l o b Hl i g Te c hD is tr ib u to r a h L e a d inCgo m m u n ic a S e rvsicPe rov id e r tio n G lo b a lo g is ticns dD is tr ib u tioonm nya L a C p L e a d inHg i g h .

com +33 611.co m +1 972.F l ta W o d lC R M r I n f o s yEs n d .t o .6636 R ajesh K .0096 .900. Murthy E M E AC R MS ales & Engagement Leader rajeshm_@infosys.EC nRd M p p r o a c h ’ A TCoRt Ma l G L O B ACLR MP R A C T IC E N C T S C O TA R aulFabre G lob alC R MPractice Head raul_fabre@infosys.com +1 678.777.148 Ram siGanesan A m ericasC RMSales & Engagement Leader ramachandran_ganesan@ infosys.150.com +1 281.300.1215 R ob Holland C RM Senior Engagement Leader rob_holland@infosys.

such information is subject to change withou notice Infosy acknowledge the s . s s proprieta rights of the tradem ark and product names of other companie m entione in this document.w ww . s s n n t . i n f o s y s . ry s s d . r . India Infosy believe the information in this publicatio is accurate as of its publicatio date. c m o © 2007 Infosys Technologie Limited Bangaloe.

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