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Natural Grounding Guide

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Natural Grounding Intro

Natural Grounding..

This training is for the elite of the elite. Few men in the (modern socialized)
world are privy to this knowledge and I’m not just saying it (and natural
men don’t have to be conscious of it). Other’s have tainted those words but
you will see for yourself the truth.

We are unlike the natural men in a natural environment with natural wom-
en. We deal with all kinds of impossible variables (modern women) that
they can’t understand and don’t have to deal with.

Yet I have isolated the true secret to OUR success that even I didn’t clarify
before (other guru’s haven’t come close).

This information right here I would say is worth more than all of the seduc-
tion books and dating advice books combined. Yet ironically it’s quite sim-
ple. I will show you the ‘missing link’ that no other seduction teacher has
been able to get across. I think Zan has come closest in explaining it so far
but this takes it all to a further level of clarity for many men to understand.

You will soon see what this secret is for yourself.

Natural Grounding (the process involving the secret) is one of the most im-
portant things that I have EVER done and I started doing it ‘by accident’ just
because I caught onto it early. I never knew the benefits that it would bring
and pay off.

Nor did I realize with crystal clarity the magnitude of it all...which has
dawned upon me while preparing this for you guys; the FINAL piece of the
puzzle has been put into place and it will completely alter your reality.
It’s what all natural’s know but this time for the first time it’s made clear and
it will be clear (unlike ‘some’ other parts of even my training). We’ve just
had the wrong ‘model’ of the world.

Now, when women get to my bed it’s sex 100% of the time because of the
strength of my natural character and my simple knowledge of feminine
natural energy. This is how you get to natural Alpha and understanding
women; natural grounding and cognition of a woman’s TRUE sexuality.

You deserve this ability to give women value and share that kind of value
more o�en as well.

This is the hidden secret that other dating experts can’t even grasp because
they’re still trying to do what ‘works’ and improving the ‘man’ and his in-
ner game but they’re on the wrong level the whole time because they them-
selves don’t fully ‘get’ women.

When it comes to dating, mating and relationships..

THROUGH. Without her approval (the real chooser) there could be nothing
but rape so it’s time to start understanding the truth of women.

Up until now it’s been difficult to get her approval because you’ve been op-
erating in the wrong character communication reality; her Inner and Social.
Her natural character is the secret yet we never behaviorally ‘see it’ because
are women actually don’t behave naturally.

Yet her secret is within her and it’s up to you to see it and then she will ap-
prove of you.

Her physiological response which overrides her Inner and Social rogram-
ming/behavior is within the natural realm where you have authority.

The truth is her Alpha feminine root nature. You’ve just seen it covered up
and the masculine favored relation with her exploited.
The nature of women is nothing like you see in our reality yet the path to
sex is what you can’t see. With the true ‘path’,

You’re GOING to get your rocks off, so it’s time to start understanding
women and the truth of their nature so you can a�ract new women with-
out o�en trying and get to sex consistently with them. And how do you do
that? Natural grounding and going to ‘the source’ itself to ‘see’ the natural
reality of women:

Natural Alpha models. THIS is the missing key (to UNLIMITED pussy
with Prada’s & Prickteases too) that I alone have just clarified recently. You
will understand this further...

In America and other countries there are no Alpha Natural role models of
women at all.

That is why we cannot reach to their true sexual nature which is really in
just ‘opening up’ the relationship.

The behavior of women is now convoluted in Alpha Inner and Alpha Social
realms. Their true sexual/natural nature is just repressed and the seducer
brings it out.

By understanding the Alpha natural and true sexuality of a woman, you

will bring that out of her and a�ract it to you.

Other women are impure and only confuse you, so I deal with and learn
from the natural Alpha’s...that’s how I understand a woman’s true nature
am fearless and can seduce without trying in new relationships.

You’re really just a conduit for your leveraged natural character.

I usually have to kick them out somehow because they want MORE.

I recommend that you take this seriously and dive into it the natural
resources yourself to make it a habit as I have done.
If true character growth, power, intuition and lots of sex with women are
your goal, then you’ll do what it takes.

Most men are too damn confused, conditioned and repressed to really have
a confident clue as to the true nature of women.

Do not follow the brainwashed lies of the social matrix.

Natural Grounding is the most powerful ‘technique’ you’ll ever do. It’s a
process and will be unfolded throughout this program. It will ground you
in the proper and effective relational context with women all of the time
you’re doing it to help re-frame your model of the world.

Let’s move on and get it goin’...

Benefits of Natural Grounding

So what ARE the benefits of this

‘Natural Grounding’?

-The ability to see the true sexual nature within a woman and bring it out
of her fast

-Having a COMPLETELY different global paradigm shi� on the truth of a

woman’s sexuality (and it’s not what you EVER thought it was)..from this
knowledge, your reality will change alone

-The ability to accelerate the process to sex because SHE wants it and
can’t resist it

-The ability to bypass powerful inner and social alpha personas to see the
real woman inside

-Having the reality where women trust you instantly when they meet you

-Living life at all times as the stimulus who can heat up any woman b/c
you don’t let any of her social or inner power get in the way of her or your
sexual success anymore

-Infinite leverage of strength in the truth of a woman’s pure natural nature

and the ability to differentiate it and see clearly what is going on in the
world and why relationships don’t happen

-The ability to connect easily (SONARR) with women by having them giv-
ing you nonverbal signals first so you don’t risk rejection and then accelerat-
ing to sex naturally
-Having women responded and interested in you when they see you truly
‘get it’ and are perfectly comfortable and congruent around them

-Intuition that rivals women

The world will be a lot more freaky of a place when you develop the level of
intuition that I have (all through natural feminine energy induction and

You will be a lot more emotional as’s weird but the most alpha of
men have that perfect balance of yin and yang; masculine & feminine en-
ergy. This is what really allows you to melt the hearts of women.

A rare man indeed; to be a STRONG alpha male who ALSO understands

women and how to confidently and naturally turn them on and heat them
up (btw, you don’t need any ‘techniques’ for this because why? it’s NATU- guessed it).

These aren’t just words..this is REAL. I don’t have to hype anything here or
sell you on anything. In fact, the leverage is massively in your favor once
you understand a woman’s true natural character.

It’s not about a man’s f’ed up ‘inner game’’s all about the WOMAN and
they’re DYING to find men who aren’t just ‘Alpha’ or macho but men who
‘get’ their true sexuality and who aren’t gay.

HER natural character is about the most empowering thing to you as a man
too because it doesn’t cut you down, it emboldens you with the essence of
alpha/life itself.

True feminine energy is the opposite of the confrontational, challenging

prickteasing that exists because of social adaption and causality. All women
have natural character and that is your strength.


You ‘know’ the natural through this training and you then live in that
grounded reality

A seducer just brings that true sexual part out of them...that’s it. And it’s not
ANYTHING to do with the exploitation of her body or her physical assets.

And because you ‘are’ operating on a natural reality, this alone will o�en
just bring out the natural side of them without you doing anything.

Sex will make you stronger. Women’s heated response to YOU, will em-
power you.

Sex will be consistent with new relationships as it is for me. It’s VERY pre-
dictable. Why? Because women are naturally and biologically the same.

Other guru’s are just ge�ing their inner and social character mixed up in the
mess but true ladies men and seducer’s know a woman’s natural character.
It’s why we’re ALL here today.

It’s what Casanova and Don Juan worked with.

Her natural character and intuition/femininity are NOT threatening. They

are responsive and supportive. They are humble yet strong. THAT is the
true power of a woman.

While other men are working on superficial surface solutions, you’re mak-
ing the most progress where it REALLY counts.

A woman’s natural character is the only path to sex itself. Her social charac-
ter is the path to fantasy, pornography and higher social status yet isolation.

Differentiating between a woman’s powerfully leveraged social character

and the truth of her natural character/sexuality is the most important thing
you could ever do to get laid and become successful with women.
When you have the solid grounding of truth in what a woman’s true sexual-
ity is and you KNOW it, you can see beyond the lies and fake reality of her
socially adaptive ‘fronting’ and know that you have power over her in the

Power to ‘take care of’ her and KNOW it everytime you see a new sexy
woman without ever being intimidated of her. Power to have HER heat up
and PREDICTABLY respond (which is not that difficult anyways, esp. when
you’re alpha).

You’ve just been seeing with clouded vision this whole time. You don’t
have to know ‘how to make her squirt’ either. That’s not even necessary.
Nor do you have to become a skilled ‘technique’ sex artist.

You see, you really DO hold the power. It’s the power to have them respond
(and then just HAVE TO take in your dick). Why? It’s natural but you’ve
been taught the wrong path of a woman’s sexuality your entire life and the
women themselves have adapted to the false sexuality of exploitation but
they KNOW IT’S A LIE...the social pressure is so strong that can’t do any-
thing but adapt and wait for a real man.

This knowledge you will soon carry around with you in your physiology
because you’re finally representing something that overrules ALL social
conditioning and inner/personality development. You have the infinite
power of nature on your side.

That’s your leverage and it’s waiting for you to use. Apply this training and
you will experience massive results. The more you use it, the more you will
change and the more RESULTS you will see.

Her natural character is different than the prickteasing, flaunting social


Her natural character is how all men who succeed with women get there

They put aside all the other B.S. that she is actually (behaviorally) allowing
to get in the way of her own success and they know how to take care of her

Isn’t it time for YOUR success that you deserve?

Because we live in such an influential SOCIAL reality you will NOT see
natural character. It’s what women are experiencing when they’re fantasiz-
ing with their vibrators and they’re wanting REAL MEN who understand
their natural character and see through the SOCIAL LIE that they’ve been
pressured to uphold.

The social pressure is so strong that they cannot break out of it. They would
sooner adapt and have social power than to live their fantasies unless they
can find a man like you who they’ll forgive for your other (inner) faults who
can fulfill their desired fantasies.

(forgive me if i re-state something but i want you to see it from another an-
gle and it’s SO IMPORTANT)




Women love sex and their pure natural character is the only path. They
essentially know the whole social programming is a lie and it confuses the
hell out of them (just look at their behavior). It’s up to you to KNOW the



Yes, it’s up to you BIG BOY.

That’s why natural grounding is about the most important thing you could
EVER do if you want to be a TRUE ladies man, because you’ll never con-
sistently get to sex otherwise anyways unless you were already grounded,
cognitive, had natural women around you, or just knew.

By building up a bank deposit of natural understanding/truth/knowledge

(instead of having it drained empty), you will gain tremendous courage and
comfort around all women.

You cannot look at mainstream society. They are a part of the same screwed
up system that isn’t helping anyone. Don’t get thrown off by the promotion
of 101 sex tips and tricks.

“But I see so� porn, porn and women enjoying sex Rion and you’re telling
me it’s not their true sexuality?”

Exactly. It’s up to man to lead to the point of sex itself and society is just tak-
ing the culmination of sex (which a woman actually cares less about) and it’s
exploiting that by turning the relationship around where the woman flaunts
herself. It’s not natural, it’s an exploitation to make profit off of a man’s role
in the relationship.

It’s just promoting the fantasy for those who aren’t partaking in it and be-
sides you don’t need techniques unless you’re with one longer term partner.
The more you understand a woman’s TRUE sexuality and natural alpha
nature, the more they’ll connect with you because that is the pure PATH to

We live in a social reality in the First World. We don’t live in a natural real-

Awareness of natural feminine energy and communicating with her on

that plane (which will o�en just ‘happen’) is the secret that will make you a
modern day Casanova.
It is the path that leads to sex.
Your rewards for doing this (natural grounding are this):

Here are some of the benefits (and I lead by example on these)

true confidence
alpha masculine character
lack of any insecurities
predictable sex
unpredictable sex
blow jobs
beautiful women
women a�racted upon sight
women who never want to leave you
women who HAVE TO have you
women who want to have your babies
women who don’t care if you wear a condom or not
women who can’t get enough of you


Because YOU are the man who can bring out the natural (and
true sexual) character of her. Few men are le� in her socio-cultural
REALITY who can do such a thing.

That is fast leverage for HER to forget your other ‘inner’ character weak-
nesses, image issues, or lack of social status as long as you have natural
character, are comfortable in relation to her and can bring out HER natural
character and physiological heated response.

You’ve just had the wrong priorities because you were brainwashed by

With cognition comes power. Can you handle that responsibility oh pad-

Another thing I noticed is that natural grounding is (unofficially) anti-aging.

I just took a leak and looked in the mirror and I look 7 years younger than
I actually am. People and women have said that I look young as well.

My eyes actually ARE brighter, whiter, and shinier than ever in my life.

The Alpha girls here actually look really young to the point where you can’t
tell how old they are (and it doesn’t ma�er).

Compare that to social alpha seeking status women such as Teri Hatcher
whose energy is jaded and actually neurotic. (And you can tell that just
from seeing one photo of her!).

They actually AGE FASTER and guys get grey hairs faster because
of their (‘socially’ based) relationships and the meet-seek power approval
going. Compare Natural to Social. One ages you and the other is anti-ag-

Health is associated with NATURAL a�ributes. Clear skin, bright eyes,

natural foods. Compare that to (socially developed) junk food, fast food,
smoking, etc. Those are socially influenced unnatural derivatives and ele-

Choose natural as much as you can.

Seek Social and you will never be satisfied...people will use and abuse
you for their personal gain of higher social’s all B.S. and will
only damage you.

Those women and people who are dependent socially are damaging and
dangerous to your sanity.

Seek natural alpha and natural purity and it’s a whole different story.
You will actually feel and look younger instead of turning into a tool of
unsatisfied, imbalanced, a�ention-seeking, sold-out, used, co-dependent
neurotic byproduct of a man or woman.

So don’t reward or continue to edify women for their selling out to a

popular social ‘program’. Judge them naturally (and they’ll never meet
your standard) and you’re in the proper relational context of success.
Being socially favored doesn’t really mean anything except to those
within that accepted social group (and the matrix is pre�y big). All these
girls are doing is selling out to that pressure and influence. They’re now
stepping into behavioral pa�erns which defy their natural character.

Fame doesn’t just fade. Anything social does and will. Anything derived
by man will. That of God and nature will last forever and forever. Harness
that leverage and look for the natural elemental quality within women and
cherish them for THAT.

Why do you think certain productions LAST and others are here one minute
and gone the next? Anything that lasts has natural quality, that’s why.

Look at the (fully deserved) success of ‘The LionKing’ which also continues
to be the #1 musical (which I almost saw once but still haven’t). It has
natural elements. ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’...continuing to deliver value a�er

Why are there classic films from the earlier part of the century in black
and white while most of today’s films are here for a quick box office take
and then fade away? Because of the more natural elements vs. the socially
influenced elements.

Don’t you get it yet? I hope that this really dawns on you.

Hip-Hop and Rap which socio-culturally based may win the social
popularity contest but if it doesn’t find ways to maintain a natural base,
it will have to keep re-inventing itself..going upward in a cycle that is
ge�ing out of control and co-dependent on frivolous tastes and cultural

Many people seek religion to balance out the absurd spiraling levels
of socio-cultural development we have now.

When I was in Asia I saw a music video by Ziggy Marley; ‘Love is my Reli-
gion’ and it was quite powerful (I was with a girl then).

It was just refreshing to hear and see. Songs like that will last through
time because they deal with natural or universal elements. Songs of love
that are synergized properly will last a long time or can be re-interpreted
beyond limiting influential boundaries of socio-time (ie. the 80’s)...the entire
development and direction of each genre of music is all based on causality
as well.

80’s songs had a distinct sound and they all grew in a new direction off of
each other to develop into the 90’s. (Mariah bridged that gap).

How did we get on that tangent? Anyways, it boils down to this (and I
wanted to save this for the seminar but by giving you this ‘now’ you can
start ge�ing the MOST out of all of this sooner):

You just never had the right role model of a woman’s true sexuality. Re-
frame your understanding off women off of the proper ‘nexis’ and EVERY-
THING will behaviorally fall into the proper place. That is how you consis-
tently ‘create’ a�raction.

And I’ll show you how to do this.

Do this and you are finally in the proper, unthreatening relational context to
them ALL. That’s how you can be comfortable in your own skin and fear-
less of all women as I am.

You will see this truth and purity within will seek it out and see
through their Inner and Social a�ributes with laser vision.

Because it’s the natural mating path of sexual dynamics. It is ‘THE PATH’
that leads to and guarantees sex. You see, you’re the missing part of that
equation that will make sure you get YOUR rocks off when you’re with a
woman, but it’s the natural context of the stimulus-response relationship
where she is receptive and a�racted to you that leads to that... just heat her up a li�le bit more to guarantee the sex, that’s all. Yet the
architect’s have exploited THAT moment for profit and re-defined the way
countless millions of people see and think they know of a woman’s sexuality
but they’re all wrong.

Take in Natural Alpha models and their behavioral truth because it repre-
sents the effective and consistent path to guaranteed everything. That natu-
ral sexuality is what women really are. Everything these Alpha’s are repre-
sents a woman’s true sexuality..YOUR sexuality is more defined by the sex
act itself, NOT a womans.

Welcome to the next evolution gents. So set these Natural Alpha’s as your
model of a woman’s sexuality.

This will ground you in a woman’s true sexuality that is just suppressed
within them BEGGING for a man to find it. They even think that there
could never be such a man but when they find you! They’ll forgive your
other inner faults for the power of your ‘nature’ and understanding of

You WILL be in the proper relational context with your natural and her nat-
ural character at all times then when you reach a certain level.

And if you have this eBook and don’t have the key resources on the way, do
whatever you can to get one. It will change your life.

“So this will allow me to succeed with the Prada’s and Prick-
tease’s HERE Rion?”

They’re the ones lowest in natural character in daily/public life. But because
you will know the natural truth, they’re on the verge of bringing it out be-
cause they’re literally begging for it.

YES. It is about the ONLY consistent way to do it anyways because other-

wise you’ll never see the repressed truth of a woman’s true sexual nature.
It’s you that guarantee’s sex but only a�er she is receptive and you are on
‘the path’.

It’s time to discover ‘True Feminine Nature’ so that you understand it really
is. This will do more good than any amount of inner game work.
True Feminine Natural Character

We don’t see it anymore in the subjective world around us. That’s why I
had to step outside to uncover these resources (before I even knew it would
turn out like this).

You think it’s the sexuality and behavioral reality that’s in front of you, on
the internet and everywhere in our socio-cultural environment but you’re
wrong. That isn’t it. Truth has been repressed.

The best way to experience feminine natural character is by meeting and

relating with them. Second best is by seeing/experiencing it without being

These resources will ‘show you’ and can continue to train you and provide
character growing power and the ability to see right to the heart of any

VCD’s aren’t the same as relating with natural women but the closest thing
to it. And you’re able to control how o�en you induct from each resource.

Women don’t have to do this because the equivalent is, they’d have already
slept with you because of their level of a�raction. We’re learning from
THEM so that we can give them the value through knowing their true natu-
ral character and smoothly ‘seducing’ them into a win/win relationship
where they usually want it even more than you.

If you want to take power and control back, this is how:

Develop a foundation of natural feminine alpha character awareness AS

YOUR FRAME OF WOMAN’S SEXUALITY and then continue to compare
it to the lie of sexploitation.

When you operate on the natural level like this, women will start being at-
tracted to you like crazy. It’s not just about being ‘Alpha’’s about them
and knowing the truth of them because when you’re in the right relational
context with our Alpha as your paradigm nexis, that is the path to sex be-
cause that’s where women are receptive.

Not having a natural understanding of reality is why most men actually

don’t have success they deserve or want (and it’s understandable in the ma-

They are operating CONFUSED and unclear on the Personal and Social lev-
el of reality instead of a natural one because it actually IS all that is in front
of alpha natural role models at all.

One of the most important things that I do regularly is induct natural ener-
gy a.k.a. ‘natural grounding’ and natural feminine character cognition from
the purest Alpha sources. This guides my physiological change and allows
me to live on the natural plane and connect with that part of women with
energy and nonverbally.

I have developed that ability and do that almost exclusively with the list of
resources that are included within this program. You can too.

Now...within this eBook resource will be information on some things that

you may not yet have..that is up to you to acquire yourself if you can. My
upcoming seminars will be examples of these and I’m just limited on what
else I can get out but I still encourage you to read through everything you

So with that kind of ‘overview’ said. Let me get into more specifics here
about these resources and the importance of them as well as how it applies
to living the lifestyle.

Remember that the 3 Alpha models of women are

Palmy’s (natural alpha), Prada’s (inner alpha), and Prickteases (social alpha)

In the U.S. there are virtually no natural alpha female role models le� any-
more. Maybe Rachel Ray the cook but I have only see photos and she has
strong natural energy (scratch that - I saw an evil picture of her with lots of
makeup on).

We have Inner and Social Alpha role models everywhere but we don’t have
Natural Alpha role models of women. Why? We are so advanced beyond
nature that we’ve lost touch with our roots. Literally NO ONE is exempt
from the power of the social matrix.

Remember that females are the ‘response’ in a�raction and are much more
likely to adapt (and synergize) with their environment...we don’t have to
hate them for it, just see the beauty of their true natural character within
which will then allow you to get your rocks off.

Look at those that are/were natural (jewel, rachel ray and amy lee) and see
how they’ve been affected, influenced and sold out to the pressure, thus
lowering/repressing their natural character to be within them o�en to bring
it out in romance novels alone.

So since none of American women are role models and some at best have
MEDIOCRE behavioral natural character, what do we do? A�er all we just
don’t know what we don’t we never had the ability to cultivate an
understanding of the truth.

In order for a ‘model’ to be Natural Alpha she would have to meet these ba-
sic requirements;
-Be un-influenced by and undesiring of the pursuit to be ‘Independent’
and taking over the world

-Retained her natural and biological purity if not amplified it

-Naturally knows her role in relationship to man; thus the perfect wife
and mother without any mercenary agenda

-Never ever have sold out to the influence of the Social Matrix

-Never have or ever will exploit her body

-Be representative of all of the a�ributes and characteristics that are bio-
logically within women; intuitive, pure, innocent, caring, loving, emotional,
nurturing, inspiring, magical, demure, happy, serenity, joy and being nice

-Uncorrupted by the advancement and exploitation of Inner and Social

expectations or convoluted in any mix of those character developments (like
all American women are balanced in those areas to different degrees)

-Has infectious and pure natural energy that isn’t repressed or ashamed

-Would never trade her natural soul over to the influence of power and
social status

-Is strong enough to be the one woman on earth who would never ‘sell
out’ because of her natural character

So if you just don’t find natural feminine alpha energy (the absolute most
important to induct and learn from) in the U.S., then where do you go? To a
more natural reality - OUTSIDE the social matrix. You go to a socio-cultural
reality that doesn’t want world domination but instead focuses on humble-
ness and purity.

Social Matrix influence is so strong that it will affect all within it’s grasp and
take the purity out of the women. It will ‘develop’ them (away from natu-
ral) with inner and social propaganda, ideas and ‘opportunities’. Thus the
natural character of women is repressed. Besides, Prickteasers are a dime a
dozen nowadays...selling out isn’t that special anymore.

Fortunately we still have role models to learn from as men. Enough of

Prada’s and’s time for the naturals if you want to change your
reality. They’ve been your view of female sexuality and that’s EXACTLY
WHY millions of men fail.

Our Natural Alpha model is kind of a flower child/hippy which is good as

well because it also represents being a social outcast.

All in all she is THE perfect role model to draw natural alpha feminine en-
ergy from.

What I love about these natural grounding resources is that I never get tired
of them.

You know how you watch American music videos and get tired of them
a�er a few times, while this is something entirely different. Why? Because
we’re dealing with natural and more universal elements, that’s why. They’re
everlast whereas the quick MTV edits of social fickleness of trying to please
certain socio-economic groups fluctuates all the time.

You’ll find that instead of ‘hit it and quit it’ type relationship with the ex-
ploited Social character women, with true Sexual (Natural) women, you
can’t get enough of their character. You miss it. I miss it already.

Superstars will come and go because it’s all ‘social’ and trying to please cer-
tain demographics. Our Alpha Model is the most ‘REAL’ woman you will
find on earth. Learn from her and you will have the simple path to having
more pussy than you’ve imagined (ok, close to it).

Natural lasts forever and Alpha guarantees survival and propagation. She
is and represents why we are all here.

But the irony of your new reality is that a woman’s sexuality is never what
you thought it was in the first place....(feel free to send me testimonials or
blank checks). You now know what 200,000,000 men don’t know including
almost all dating and PUA gurus.

But let’s take it to another level and actually ‘SEE’ this. Follow me as I rede-
fine sexuality.
Sexuality is Redefined
(for the first time in modern history)
This is the real secret. Fortunately it’s the secret women WANT you to
know (partly because you will be one of the few who will by default treat
them right while ge�ing sex).

Sexuality isn’t what you thought it was. It’s time for a new lesson and the
PROPER reference points.

Your entire life you just had the wrong ‘MODEL’ of women and their true

You thought it was this:

You even thought it was this:

You also thought a woman’s sexuality was this:

(Hey, we’re moving on here..)

Or even this:

But none of those are accurate. Those are just the Social (and developed ‘in-
ner’) concepts of a woman’s sexuality exploited for profit, power and influ-

The women have just adapted to it for higher social status. It’s all just a
power game of lies and deception (of their truth), it really is and it’s changed
all of the relational dynamics (with male-challenging dynamics on both the
Inner and Social Alpha women).

The fact that millions of people have adapted to and believe in the great lie
makes it seem all the more ‘real’ and visceral because it defines their surface
behaviors, actions, decisions and daily life, yet the truth and biological na-
ture lies hidden beneath (and it’s the path to sex for you).

That means within all of those women, lies their true sexual nature and
they know it too, they just can’t tell men that. They can’t EVER tell a man
because a man’s ‘supposed to know’ (and SOMEHOW ON EARTH ‘figure
it out’ despite the women living the lie themselves). But you’re in the right
They expect men to ‘KNOW’ and when they find the rare man who does,
ooheeee. Not just an ‘alpha’ man or a jerk or abuser but a man who UN-
DERSTANDS WOMEN and sees through her impossible behavior to the
REAL beauty within her?!

So while you were living in a reality where you

thought a woman’s sexuality was this:

You were living in the wrong (social) reality while you believed that was it.
That belief and behavioral reality (on both sides) affected everything. All of
your communication had different dynamics, different rules and results.

Pu�ing her as the CLEAR prize and as stimulus in your relationship with
her... never works unless you’re at her level socially AND know what you’re

You’re competing with other sausages for her social character while no one
is competing with her natural character, the field’s empty for the proper re-

And goodness knows...some of you have tried EVERYTHING and tried so

DAMN hard..even improved yourself SO MUCH but it didn’t really help.
You were running up against a brick wall and why?

It’s all because you had the wrong model of the world.

And while those women adapted to the socio-popular standard, they are
still le� lonely by the millions at night because men don’t understand their
true sexuality.

“So Rion...What IS the definition or model of a woman’s TRUE sexuality?”

It comes down to this. We’ve never had the proper Model of a woman’s
Everything you were ever taught was wrong (or off). Everything you were
taught by teacher’s who taught everything you thought was wrong are
wrong (literally). It’s time for enlightenment and truth.

It’s time for the one thing that will instantly leverage and transform your-
self onto a path of true success (and love for the first time) of (the nature of)

Are you ready?

Instead of what you always thought their sexuality was..Instead it’s this;

THIS is a woman’s TRUE sexuality:

Yes, SEXUALITY. Their true sexuality. THEIR biological alpha nature free
of all the pressures of sociological influence, cultural ideologies, coercion,
peer pressure and overdevelopment. Their truth.

And there is our Natural Alpha role model: she is Palmy.

“Palmy is sexual? It’s nothing like it Rion...NO WAY..I’m not even thinking
of sex when I look at her.” must think a woman’s real sexuality is the exploitation of the man’s
money shot on a perfect ass then? Not even close. That’s only what you
thought it was. It’s what they wanted you to believe your whole life so they
could profit.

Palmy is the true Alpha model of female sexuality. She’s what our daugh-
ters, sisters and girls would (ideally) become if they didn’t have the corrupt-
ing influence of our power hungry society to affect, pressure, coerce and
mold them into some agenda or socio-popular ideal.

Why? Because all women have their biological nature. It was there first and
is always there. Understand that and it’s a virtual candyland of hot pussy
out there who is looking for and will only let in a guy like you - NOT be-
cause of your inner game or ‘personality’ or even social status, but because
you understand them and relational nature.

That is a completely global paradigm shi�, isn’t it?!

But from that nexis, EVERYTHING will fall into place for you the more you
are grounded in that truth. It is the path of sexual communication, proper
relational dynamics, receptivity and the propagation and guarantee of life

That is why female behavior changes to respond and react to your accord-’re reaching the natural side of her that promotes life itself.

Why? Because this alpha nature is within them and most of them could
only dream of reaching Palmy’s level of alpha natural reality and purity.
You’re the man who can bring it out of them guaranteeing sex because you
know what feminine nature is.


Female sexuality is just ‘the path’ for you to guarantee the sex part of the
equation. Women will help you get there.

Nothing on earth like you thought it was is it?

Sounds impossible even? uhuh..But that’s exactly why you and millions of
others (me previously at times) NEVER understood women, their erratic be-
havior pa�erns, nor had anything NEAR consistent success with them. We
were misled, ignorant and unaware the whole time. NO WONDER..

What you thought their sexuality always was, was the only reason holding
you back.

Millions continue to be LOST based on the simplicity of just having the

wrong model of female sexuality. (They should give me the Pulitzer or
something here, damn).

Understand and be cognitive of the true feminine character and you will be
a Casanova. YOUR ENTIRE physiology will change when you are ground-
ed in this truth.

Trying to fix ‘inner game’ to align to a social program is child’s play com-

pared to this because those teachers are still operating out of the wrong
model of women and sexuality.

Sorry girls, but the reason you can’t study from American women is because
their natural purity is diluted so much that we don’t even see behavioral in-
nocence anymore.

They’re not natural alpha’s without having other characteristics get in the
way (if they’re even at that level) so they’re just shi�y to learn from b/c that
part of them rarely exists unless they’re reading a romance novel.

A woman’s natural character is ‘the path’ to sex. You are the sex itself part.

There just aren’t natural alpha’s le� as role models anymore in the social

That’s why you could try to find it and you won’t because their Inner and
Social alpha traits have covered it up.

Let me restate that; there are no (pre�y) Natural Alpha models in the social
matrix. If they are, I would have found them and they’re not the one’s seek-
ing fame and fortune so you might find them in an Amish village some-

Fortunately, like I said...

I have found the perfect examples of feminine natural alpha character and

she is Palmy

She IS the Natural Alpha Model of which Beyonce and others don’t com-
And yes, she has ‘character’...all women do but you’ve never even seen it or
cared about it because you weren’t reaching that part of them.

Understand and embrace Palmy and her energy and you will understand
the nature of women and their REAL beauty (not social, causally influenced


You will then trigger their natural response and the consistent path to sex
itself instead of the social exploitation of porn or repression of their charac-
ter for career prospects.

You see, things really are simple and entires industries continue to exploit
to keep the secret hidden. You know the secret. The entire dating and se-
duction industry are operating off of the wrong model the entire time..that’s
why there’s so much out there and none of it is purely effective.

Palmy herself is half Thai, half Belgian, grew up in Thailand and was edu-
cated in Australia. She is also popular in Japan as well.

The REAL beauty about her is not her looks (there’s a lot ‘sexier’ and pre�ier
women per se out there by ‘social’ standards) but it’s the magic of her natu-
ral and uncorrupted feminine energy which overwhelms.

What is further interesting is that although she has several hit songs and
music videos, she has not ever ‘sold out’. This is the beauty of Thai people
for example; they retain their natural character and actually ‘entertain’ with-
out an agenda or caring about what others think to thus alter their behavior
or soul.

The Social Matrix influences and corrupts everyone who takes a part of it
because it’s a hierarchy game of power where in order to play, you have to
sell a part of your soul essentially.

But Palmy’s energy, it even seeps through when they are told what to do or
wear and who they are says ‘ I will not sell out’. Jewel sold out to the social
matrix if you remember. New pre-teens and girls sell out everyday in re-
cord droves to the power of the social matrix. Who is truly stronger? Think
about it.

Palmy will never sell out and she has the natural alpha feminine nature to
stand alone against the entire power of the social matrix where millions of
women fall into the trap to repress their own true sexuality. They are secret-
ly envious of a woman like Palmy.

And if more men became cognitive instead of ignorant and realized this,
they would start valuing Palmy 1,000 times more than an a�ention-seeking
man-hater who is socially ‘favored’. The world would change if men could
‘see’ this because they would know it was the truth.

Understand (and even succeed with) natural women and you will hyper-
charge your ability to succeed with any type of woman because you will
know and understand women and ironically you will actually CHERISH
them (their natural character at least).

My observation of Zan is that although he is a great seducer, I don’t think he can

clearly differentiate a woman’s social and inner alpha character from her natural
and that is why I think he gives them too much power and get’s caught up and
probably used at some points as a victim of love.

Once again, the MORE natural energy awareness you acquire, the more
Alpha and effective you WILL be in a�racting and seducing women (even if
you never experience natural alpha’s themselves per se).

If that’s a goal of yours, then keep at it because it only gets be�er and be�er
the MORE aware you are.

These are the Natural Alpha’s (there’s others throughout the resources) and
it’s time to watch them instead of more exploited, status-only-seeking Social
Alpha behaviorism which only leads to further disdain.
From a different angle...

It’s very important that you sense female feminine energy.

Why on earth is it so important for a man like me or you to have such

a level of INTUITION and awareness such as this?

You do like and want more pussy don’t you? Ok then.

Remember how easy everything was when you had a pre-teen girl inter-
ested in you back in Jr. High or high school? Although it didn’t lead to sex
back then (no comment), you didn’t have to do ANYTHING.

All that ma�ered was their interest but they actually HAD interest. Well,
when women are in their natural character in relation to a natural man, it’s
the natural RELATIONSHIP that overrides all other development.

When you have the power to see and know of true natural character, you
are then able to bring that out of the socialized and corrupted women. It’s
what THEY dream about and it’s literally the DEFINITION of seduction.

Again; Palmy is the true alpha role model of female sexuality.

From that nexis, EVERYTHING will fall into (BEHAVIORAL) place. You’ll
be able to see the 3 Alpha Models of female behavior reality and choose for
yourself. And you’d be stupid to not choose the truth because nature al-
ready chose it for you.

You’d also be able to see that the Christina Aguilera’s are Social Alpha cul-
tural byproducts of influence are not the true nature of women, yet the truth
is hidden within them waiting for the impossible (great catch) man to know
If you want some of this:

Then you’d be�er understand that her true sexuality, receptivity, a�raction,
and response which inside of her is really this:

This sexual character is (representationally) the female approval path to the

former male exploitation result that you desire. But it’s because you cherish,
see, value and respect her true alpha nature that you will only end up at sex
(an a�erthought).

Instead of the stimulus, she becomes the response when you’re in the natu-
ral realm because of the proper relational context otherwise you o�en suffer
no chance.

A woman’s true sexuality is her natural character which you haven’t been
cognitive of and it’s within the Prickteases suppressed to a large’s
the young girl inside.

You will begin to ‘see’ this nature within women with enough natural

“But I see so� porn, porn and women enjoying sex Rion and you’re telling
me it’s not their true sexuality?”

Exactly. A woman’s natural character is the path to sex itself (because she
has to approve of it) and society is just taking the culmination of sex (which
a woman actually cares less about) and it’s exploiting that by turning the re-
lationship around where the woman flaunts herself to further provoke and
unnatural relationship. It’s not natural, it’s an exploitation to make profit off
of a man’s role in the relationship.

It’s just promoting the fantasy for those who aren’t partaking in it and be-
sides you don’t need techniques unless you’re with one longer term partner.
The more you understand a woman’s TRUE sexuality and natural alpha
nature, the more they’ll connect with you because that is the pure PATH to

We live in a social reality in the First World. We don’t live in a natural real-
ity yet it does exist beneath the surface.

Awareness of TRUE and alpha natural feminine energy and communicating

with her on that plane (which will o�en just ‘happen’) is the secret that will
make you a modern day Casanova and before you know it you’ll o�en find
yourself having sex with a woman because it wasn’t even your first priority;
her nature was.

It is the path that leads to sex and through natural grounding and alpha fe-
male cognition, your entire reality will change.


Just as natural alpha men are always in proper relational context with (natu-
rally aware) women, natural alpha women are always in proper relational
context to (alpha) men. That is why inner alpha and social alpha women
are NOT in proper (behavioral) relational context to men.

But deal with their natural character and you will always be in proper rela-
tional context; it’s biological. And that includes the most beautiful, sexy and
socially desired women in the fact it’s about the only path. They
want to break through all of the social pressures they are forced to uphold
and bring the truth back out.

And you walk the world (seeing) in truth and light now. Able to a�ract the
most beautiful of them.

Anyways, let’s move on to ‘How to do Natural Grounding’...Palmy will be

our feature star throughout this as well as other Natural Alpha’s.

p.s...and it’s not that she’s more ‘girly’ (ie. ‘Girls Next Door’) because that’s
really just a socio-cultural expectation and alliance..Palmy’s NATURAL and
alpha. She is the missing key out of the entire equation. She is what none
of the other guru’s could get an awareness of. She will complete the puzzle
and it’s time to experience her.
As Natural Alpha, myself it’s this high level balance/synergy that keeps life
going. Just like women can’t get enough of me, I can’t get enough of the
natural alpha herself. That lasts forever.

p.p.s. Unlike social alpha’s, Palmy doesn’t care..she is never acting, just ‘be-
How to do ‘Natural Grounding’

These resources are ‘the gi� that keeps on giving’. I still cannot get enough
of Palmy and her energy and I’ve seen probably 100’s of hours of her alone
on a few music videos. Is that insane or am I onto something HUGE here?

I’m GROUNDING myself in nature; everything the opposite of the Social

and Inner Alpha’s from my previous understanding. The more you frame
yourself on the proper model of female sexuality and ground yourself in it,
the more powerfully a�ractive you will become to women beyond any aph-

You can’t just watch these once and think you’ve ‘got it’. No. You haven’t,
plus you have to KEEP drawing from them. The sooner that you start to
SENSE the true purity of her energy, the more you’ll want to learn from it,
soak it in and grow from it.

AND, you can’t view it on the ‘personal preference’ level or the social stan-
dard level.

So how do you USE these resources? (“Ya ever ‘bop your baloney?” -Family

What’s fascinating is I think you’ll find that you never once really think of
sex with her. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?
You know the prickteases you see that you want to bang the instant you see

That is socially exploited character energy. It is NOT natural. It’s catered to

men and the story is to ‘a�ract’ men but it doesn’t work that way. The man
a�racts the woman who responds nonverbally to him to let him know it’s ok
to approach (SONARR).

This prickteasing and placing the woman as stimulus, it’s what has thrown
the whole natural ‘game’ o�rack. It’s all consciously developed. So
through natural grounding you’re really going to realize what the proper
relationship and path to sex REALLY is.

And it’s the opposite of what you thought.

I don’t ever really think of having sex with these natural girls. It’s not just
some mental fix of let’s think of ways not to think about sex when it’s in our
face. Instead I draw from their natural and feminine ENERGY instead..

it’s easy to cultivate cognition because when grounding, you’re automatical-

ly in the PROPER relational context to their alpha natural energy in the first
place. It’s empowering. It’s everlasting. It’s virginal
It’s eternal and larger than life. It’s inspirational and transmutative. And
it’s exactly what’s missing in the social matrix; that’s why you won’t find it

This is the great paradox that goes against EVERYTHING you were brought
up to believe yet it is the natural way and it’s been like that for centuries;

you actually retain and grow your power as a man when experiencing this.
Natural women know their place and they are the MOST intuitive because
they have not been socially corrupted.

By going through the ‘technique’ of natural grounding and cultivating cog-

nition you’ll start to develop a foundational ‘natural’ reality and way of see-
ing women (the truth) and this will change your behavior itself. It’s truly
amazing and I’ve given you the shortcut path.

You want to have a NATURAL understanding of reality so that you can

isolate and differentiate it from the Inner and Social reality that exists in
women. When your natural paradigm of reality is strong enough, you will
be a modern day Casanova who a�racts, connects (partly on you), gets SO-
NARR, and wants women to seduce them. And a whole lo�a sex.’s how to use these resources; have an interdependent relationship

with them.

Don’t just watch them, don’t get frustrated because you don’t know what
the words mean; instead, just start to sense the natural character and energy
of the women - that’s about it.

Look for value. Draw influence from what you experience.

Interdependence always and you’ll have POWER.

You will have to work at growing your perception of feminine energy but
we’re dealing with an Alpha source. When you can sense it within Palmy,
THEN you will START to sense it within other women. (Remember we deal
with the Alpha role models first).

So just watch the music videos and keep an open mind.

You don’t have to watch it for entertainment value or even compare it to

American music videos etc. (because you shouldn’t). You’re especially
drawing from natural energy (feminine).

Do not be concerned that it may not be ‘your style’. I hope you’re smart
enough to eclipse your ‘personal’ interests or tastes. It took me a li�le while
to FULLY get into some of it on the personal level.

Language Issue; don’t worry about it. You’re looking for natural character
and it actually helps that you can’t understand the lyrics. I’ve been study-
ing Thai for 3 years and I still don’t know everything they’re singing.

You’re an advanced student so I shouldn’t have to say that there’s going

to be one dumbass who looks for the words and ‘doesn’t get it’. That guy
shouldn’t exist at this level of training. You’re the elite and the value is
there. Unlimited value.

So open your mind and start to accept this completely new kind of value
into your life. It will balance you out and add more intrigue to Your natural
and inner character anyways.

These resources themselves are not about your current personal tastes in
music (inner character), it’s about natural character growth so I encourage
you to focus on that and then it may become more representative of your in-
ner character as well the more you adopt it as a silver bullet of influence.



Natural grounding and awareness through these vidz will get you effective-
ly there.

Here’s things to be conscious of when watching Palmy music videos or mu-

sic videos from the other natural women. Look for these;

-How completely different it all is from the ‘acting’, choreographed and

conscious behavior of Social Matrix (American) music video prickteases

-Notice how ‘real’, instantaneous and ‘authentic’ her behavior is

-Notice how happy she is

-Note how you don’t feel threatened or intimidated by her energy

-Note how you’re not actually thinking of sex itself for once (what a break-
through b/c it doesn’t throw you off!)

-Note how longlasting her energy is to be around and how you could ‘live
with it’

-Realize how powerful this energy is and how everything socially derived is
complete B.S. basically
-Realize this energy is why we are all on earth today

-Realize this character is what keeps a relationship together, not breaks it


-Realize that if all women were like this, wow.

-Realize that ‘bitches’, ‘ho’s’ and any ERRATIC female behavior is only a
cause of her socio-cultural upbringing and influences which took her away
from her natural character
(remember, your ability to differentiate and know the truth means every-

-Realize that Palmy is actually the (natural) role model for women; not the
homewreckers, Jolie’s or Oprah’s

-Understand that most of the women in the world are still natural but the
Architect’s want you to see the screen directly in front of your face

-Watch as your whole previous understanding of women starts to unravel

as you discover the hidden truth of true feminine energy

-Realize how feminine, intuitive, emotional and perceptive she is and you
are becoming

-See how uncorrupted she is by external influence

-See how her natural character shines through

-Notice how she isn’t exploiting her body or sexuality to get you to ‘re-

-Notice how different she is from the ridiculous behavior of so� porn clones
and their unawareness of their social usage

-Notice how you’re seeing a completely different side to women that you
hadn’t seen before

-Take in how you start qualifying a woman on things other than her body or
physical features

-Notice how you start to see the natural truth within the prada’s and prick-
teases around you as well as understand behaviorally how they got that

-Note how Palmy hasn’t sold out like all of the female Social Matrix artists
have (other than maybe Bjork who is Icelandic)

-Realize that there is a completely different reality out there, that the world
is bigger and there is much more (that has been hidden) apart from the so-
cial matrix

-Realize that there are entire culture’s of ‘good guys’ that are great catches
for their natural women

-And with enough Natural Grounding you will start to see through to the
natural beauty of a woman instead of ge�ing thrown off or rejected by the
other levels of relational reality
You will actually start to see their natural energy and feminine a�ributes
instead of just an object of desire..there is nothing to fear at ALL

That’s just to get you started...with the VCD’s you’ll be able to take in more

NOTE how those are just freeze-frames and how you can sense her energy
is always captured in ANY different shot


The (Thai VCD)
Natural Grounding Resources


The Power Silver Bullets

Resources; in random order

The Best Hits of Palmy

2007 Show Girls

Palmy: Stay

Grammy Hot: DZP

Palmy: Beautiful Ride

Big Hit 2: DZP

GMM: Maximum Hitz

Palmy (self-titled)

Grammy Big - Vol. 3

Grammy Dance 2004: DZP

Grammy Best of 2005

2005 Tiwa Hula Hula

Super Coyote

2002 Rahtree

Other VCD’s

Track Notes:

E = Entertainment use. Not a direct natural grounding source per say but
you may grow to like it yourself as I find it decent.

N = Natural energy evident. Look for it in the women.

SB = Silver Bullet of Influence. Extremely influential track resource for me.

Pre-approved and ready for your growing acceptance of it. Learn from
these the most.

* = Extra personal favor or high quality.

DZP = Danzeplanet


Key Natural Grounding Resources by Group Name (randomly);

2005 Hula Hula
2002 Rahtree
2007 Showgirls
Lanna Commins
Katreeya English
Thongchai McIntyre (Bird)
Grammy Best of Year
RSS Promotion

Note: Why are they almost all Thai? Because I haven’t found as much (nat-
ural) representation much elsewhere yet (although I know it’s out there).
Give me some more time to screen materials from different countries as
well. I plan on going to India in 2007.

Why I will not promote the girls or vidz on

Because is a socially based resource. It destroys not

only the independent integrity and value of any production but it
seeks social ‘approval’ and brings ignorant dipshits into the equation
who can’t tell natural character and real value from a hole in the

Sorry but I speak the objective truth on that one and I will not
subject you to that. also destroys the relational integrity
you would have with that by making it influenced by outside sources
thus you cannot ever have a pure, 100% powerful, interdependent (win/win) and in control
relationship with it or anything on it.

That’s why I 100% encourage you to buy these resources yourself

without my being an affiliate or anything, but because you will be
able to have the proper, empowering relationship with it.

It’s like listening to the radio ‘waiting’ for a certain song to come on
for you to get value from it while you’re giving up all of your power
and the architects have the true control and are influencing you
without your conscious knowledge.

Just go back to the A.R.D. charts on that.






(Most likely it will only be 2 or 3 discs though a�er I re-stock somehow).














Those notes apply to those who upgraded to the original Natural Ground-
ing Package...soon to be altered or phased out. If you got this eBook alone,
not all of the above may apply to you.
You are free to purchase any of the resources you can

find available at your own expense and will.

I recommend You should be able to get almost all of

them on there as listed to the specific links where available.





I recommend that you do NOT watch these videos on if

they’re there. Why? It’s a distorted resource which leads to an impure rela-

It’s socially influenced and there are ALWAYS ignorant haters. You want a
PURE relationship where YOU are the one in full power and control with-
out social influence. Make the investment and be powerful instead of con-

The Power Silver Bullets
Ahh..I’m le�ing my secrets out of the bag.

These specific resources/productions are extremely Alpha in their

scope and have influenced me tremendously. All are RICH in natural

The Power of One (Book) -Bryce Courtenay

*The Power of One (Soundtrack) -Hans Zimmer & Lebo M
Paint the Sky with Stars -Enya
The LionKing -Disney
The LionKing (Soundtrack) -Hans Zimmer & Lebo M
*The Best Hits of Palmy -Palmy
2002 Rahtree (Thai VCD) -Katreeya English, Jenny Politanon, Yaya
Ying, China Dolls
GMM (Secretly Classified) DZP VCD
*Travolti da un insolito destino nell’azzurro mare d’agosto (movie)
It’s a Wonderful Life -Frank Capra
Thai Women

* = BUY NOW!

You can find many of the above on

Other Honorable Mentions (of influence):

Rich Dad, Poor Dad -Robert Kiyosaki

7 Habits of Highly Effective People -Stephen Covey
The Power Principle -Blaine Lee
Awaken the Giant Within -Anthony Robbins

Joe vs. the Volcano

Last of the Mohicans

And, see the Chapter in your Alpha R.D. eBook itself on natural
The Best Hits of Palmy

Music and personal preferences take backseat to the natural energy. Be

smart and know that. If you don’t ‘get’ natural feminine energy, you
don’t ‘get’ women.

I didn’t used to but now I do. Step into the light.

Natural energy transcends personal preference and the radio chart time
of these tracks.

In fact her energy extends and expands beyond her body.

If I’m accurate, relational dynamics of physics are

Universe > Galaxy > Earth > Individual > Organ >
Cells > Molecules > Atoms > Energy

Energy is the root of everything. We are all connected and your spirit
fills the room; Palmy’s and Elmo’s does at least. Start to learn. Welcome
to THE Natural Female Alpha Model of the world: PalmY

The Best Hits of Palmy

GMM Grammy 2006

Disc Notes:

An absolute essential (if you don’t have any or all of her other discs). It
puts the general best of Palmy all in one VCD. It’s an effective sampling
across her albums of her actual best work.

Not just a primer, but the current be-all and end-all at the same time for
THE STANDARD of Natural Alpha feminine character & energy.

This disc should be your FIRST choice and if you only had to get one
disc right now, this is the one I officially endorse. It will help you the
most. I only purchased limited quantity because I was ge�ing past
Palmy discs for others that is why you may have to get a hold of it
yourself (sorry, but now it makes delivers).

This is the gi� that keeps on giving for your natural feminine alpha en-
ergy differentiation, grounding and induction. You will not find a more
pure ‘natural energy’ source elsewhere (though some come close).

I’ve been ‘experiencing’ PalmY for YEARS now and I can never get
enough. Why?

Is it a fickle personal music preference or because she’s so hot?! No. It’s

because of her natural alpha feminine energy. It transcends ANY AND
ALL social or personal influence or preference.

It’s like pussy; you could never get enough because it represents why
we all continue to exist (‘TWO BY TWO, WE MAKE NEW PEOPLE’).

Anyways, I recommend that a�er a while you give this disc and it’s
tracks certified silver bullet relational status for yourself. That power is
always up to you.

As an American it continues to fascinate me how on earth someone can

be so DAMN HAPPY. Welcome to the next evolution.

Track Notes:
Track 2 Pat Mong Chow Wun Ung Karn:

Perfect simple folk-pop music (even internationally). Sheryl Crow

should take notes but even she couldn’t be ‘this’ real because she’s also
been (corrupted and) influenced by the social matrix; it IS true and the
real relationship (look for it). PalmY has not yet sold out and I believe
she never will.

What essentially is an influenced folk-pop music video ends up being

‘the (generic) standard’ itself for others to learn from because of the
pure elements involved (ie. PalmY herself and the simplified instru-
mental collaboration).

I hope that you can start sensing the beauty of her pure natural charac-
ter and energy b/c that is what it’s ALL about (short-term sex and long-
term relationships).

Remember that PalmY really IS the natural alpha female standard (and
I’ve searched the world). She’s just one of the few in the world that
are socially prized but hasn’t sold out to social ‘behavior’. Most of the
women in the world have strong natural character, it’s just that the oth-
er dating guru’s can’t see outside of the Social Matrix which is still a
minority in the world.

Track 3 Goon Jae Tee Hai Pai:

A beautiful song in it’s own right. Palmy’s frizzy hair could look scary
with an inner alpha woman but Palmy’s gentle natural alpha nature
always takes over. She’s so damn sweet!

This version of the music video is different than the one on ‘Beautiful

Remember that the natural character of women and girls is that they’re
a�racted to boys. Don’t forget that. In this video you can see that.

That you’re not thinking about sex and are comfortable in your own
skin around them makes them want to be with you. It inspires them to

If you really want a life change how about this priority. Make it your
goal to marry the most NATURAL woman you can find instead of the
highest social value one or most ‘Independent’ one. You’d actually have
a relationship that lasts and a family that sticks together.

Once you seek the true character/sexuality of women, EVERYTHING

will fall

into place b/c you’ll be in the right relational context with her.

It’s ok as a man to be more stoic. You don’t have to be ‘happy’ but your
ability to see this quality in women (and thus be comfortable around
them) will massively a�ract them to you.

Palmy is the standard. Almost all other artists become corrupted and
sell out by acquiring social behaviour. Thai women have tremendously
high natural character. Their culture is such that there aren’t influences
that will likely corrupt it so they retain their natural character without
selling out. There’s millions of ‘em.

Compare that to the sold out prickteasing bitches on myspace. What

do you REALLY value? Keep learning from Palmy here and ground
yourself in the truth of a woman’s natural/sexual/biological nature.

But Palmy isn’t ‘sexual’ you say? Why do you say that? You’ve been
taught wrong your whole life. It’s time for a new lesson. When you can
see this true character as sexy you will have your priorities STRAIGHT
and there’ll be nothing in the way for either of you to stop sex from

Sex is natural remember. Society just exploited and repacked it to

make it unnatural and change the relational power around for profit.

To me; Palmy is sexy and defines a woman’s sexuality itself. She’s sexi-
er than all those T&A flashers on the internet. They’re all just sold-out
prickteases of social influence (they’re behaviour is).

Why don’t women think ‘dicks’ are sexy? Because it’s about character.
It’s about their response and what they’re going through.

Anyways with Alpha R.D. and your ongoing value receival through
these music vid’s, you should get to the point of being relationally com-
fortable around any and all women like me.

It’s more than worth the price of admission in it’s own right. There’s
heads of state and powerful men who couldn’t pay for that power and
ability that you have. It’s not a ‘mind fix’ or something you can say;
it’s relational dynamics.

Find a woman’s ‘character’ sexy and value her on that TRULY and your
reality will change. In order to have a relationship of sex with a wom-
an, don’t value her on her social ASSets, value her character. Seek it
and you’ll continue to be comfortable with her.

Also remember that being a ‘jerk’ to be successful with women is just

a socio-cultural byproduct. Yeah, those guys have high natural charac-
ter and see through a woman’s social and inner ‘power’ but most cul-
ture’s in the world have nice guys and nice women.
Anyways, this is a beautiful vid. I recommend you start seeing this
type of behaviour as sexy and what you truly desire. It will lead to a lot
of sex for you.

I think the part where the pre-teen girl slides her legs into the
schooldesk is hilarious!

And remember, just because there is a lot of femininity here; that’s a

part of the whole point. We’re understanding women here so that we
can give them ‘the value’ (or whatever you call ‘it’), and nothing is more
masculine than that.

A real ladies man. Now THAT’S being Alpha. So don’t be ignorant to

understanding feminine natural energy. Consistently I have women
a�racted to me especially a�er I sleep with them (and I mean one-night
stands even). Why? Because I am alpha AND understand and respect
women. u2

Track 4 Yahk Raung Dung Dung:

Her first single and big hit. It literally means; ‘I want to shout out loud’

This song encapsulates and defines HAPPINESS.

This is a different video version than the original so it’s kind of refresh-
ing to see something new. The other one took place in an apartment
room where they had the band set up. If you have the other disc you
may know.

This track continues to be influential for me because of it’s sheer posi-

tive natural energy and happiness. It’s hardly possible to be this happy
This is how you should want women to feel when they are missing you
because that is about what she’s singing about (love). Wah tur ruk chun
roughly means ‘you love me’.

Bring out her natural character and they will start feeling infectious like

Look at how pure, innocent, and happy she is. Words can’t describe it.

Balance yourself out by grounding yourself in natural energy like this

and you won’t ever become neurotic, impatient, angry, become suicidal
or any other byproduct of an unnatural society.

This is the roots baby and it’s packaged in a great production. It’s ever-
last because of the natural energy. Note how the guys don’t have to be
a ‘character’ or anything special because they’re just natural too.

Here’s a sidenote; remember that there are cultural differences (social).

So when you see the word ‘dung’, it means something completely
different than what you thought it meant.

It may take you a li�le while to ‘accept’ things like that into your reality
as it sometimes took me some time but that repression holds us back
from faster advancement.

It’s kind of like learning how to sense and know natural energy, you
just didn’t know what you thought you knew.

Remember that we are ‘learning’ to ‘see’ and then we can differentiate

natural character from a woman’s inner and social...otherwise it is
kind of difficult to see it.

But the process of doing so is like ‘training’ have to kind of

‘work at it’ and cultivate the ability of cognition. For the first time,
man can do so. You’re welcome.

It’s just like cultivating cognition of thai words. You’re ignorant until
you become aware and ‘know’. I can pronounce all of these words
and have memorized lines from many thai songs but i’m still ignorant
to most of their definitions. But the point is that of ‘cultivating cogni-
-*3:51 pm Fri. 2/9

Try this out. Remember I talk about extrapolation? Pause the music
video at any point where she is the main subject and just look at it.

You should be able to sense her energy and it’s infectious happiness
just from one single freeze frame. Once you further develop this
cognition it will become more clear. You will have intuition and
that’s how women ‘know’ about a man o�en the split second they
see him.

They’re correctly extrapolating the strength of his alpha character

within a few seconds. And you DO want that happening because
that is when women will start signaling you.

Try this out in the future sometime; get to the point where you reward
women who S.O.N.A.R.R. back to you by approaching every single
one of them and don’t approach any who don’t. Why? Because
you don’t have time for those that aren’t doing their part, not to
be harsh or anything but it’s just a time management tool for alpha
you. Plus you should be ge�ing S.O.N.A.R.R. quite a bit so you
can stick with the proven interest winners.

Anyways..keep watching this music video and you’ll start finding

yourself being a lot happier including instantly. It is infectious.
Melt your troubles away with purity.
You should find yourself wanting to BE WITH HER. That’s real
a�raction; it’s not physical or sexual, instead it’s LASTING. The
perfect balance because the sex would be there anyways. That’s
when you have the right priorities.

Sidenote: ‘kow pai’ sounds kind of funny but i’m sure it means he/she

Track 5 Tick-Tock:

Off of her newest album ‘Beautiful Ride’, this is the lead single.

It’s happiness encapsulated once again and great to see her in

a more upbeat, high-tempo song. It works really well.

I’m blown away by this one. Now, when you’re starting to watch
these videos you may be a li�le skeptical at first (or any new vids
or music) because you’re kind of testing it to see if there’s future
value for you.

But when you reach the point of ‘fully accepting’ a resource as

a chosen bullet of influence, that’s when you can really get the
most value out of it. So I’m just saying it might take a few viewings
before you can reach that optimal level of synergy in your relationship
with it.

And then you’ll be blown away! Crank it up. It deserves to be an

international hit.

The video pits Palmy in different environments or costumes mainly

with a cowboy theme but also a rockstar (refreshing!). Throughout
them all, her supreme natural character shines through.
There’s one point in the video that is extremely noteworthy.

When she’s in the garden of eden and it zooms in on the cow

and she’s inside in a ridiculous social outfit, she isn’t fully
congruent with the costume.

Be�er yet, her natural character PUNKS the social directive whereas
other women would take the social direction seriously and ‘adapt’
socially Palmy doesn’t (she’s above the power of the director!).

Her body language says ‘what the hell is this stupid outfit and
why am I wearing it? but i’m still happy and having fun’.

Enjoy this one. I think you too may also approve of it as a personal
favorite (your inner character) other than just for it’s natural qualities.
That’s what happened to me..I personally approve of certain resources
and have adapted them beyond just natural but also personally.

Track 6 Ooh!:

Last time I found a karaoke bar and ‘sang’ this one at the karaoke bar.

This music video is pure PalmY here. Her natural energy is just amaz-
ing once again.

Note how she does certain things that would qualify as ‘Inner charac-
ter’. Those things you could say are a part of her ‘personality’. But re-
ally they only add more power on top of her natural energy.

If it was all based on personality (as almost all music videos and music
in the U.S. are), you’d have to be a character/performer all the time and
you’d get extremely tired of it.

Unfortunately some people think as a man you have to be ‘Mr. Person-

ality’ or that it’s an ‘inner game’ fix.

But come on...that is a lot of pressure, PLUS if things were based on

your personality whether you would ‘get laid’ or not..there’d be no
hope for some and it’s not how it works anyways or I would have got
laid everyday for 15 years.

Don’t let women get dependent on your personality anyways or you’ll

have to keep ‘performing’ or ‘acting’ for them. Being the jumping mon-
key; that’s the way NOT to get laid.

Use ‘Inner’ character traits (personality traits) as a spice on top of

your Alpha natural character and you would keep the interest of many
a woman. You don’t have to ‘act’ (please don’t), you don’t even have
to speak when you have enough natural alpha character and retain
it in relation to the woman you’re with.

Palmy’s natural energy only seems to grow even more evident and

Compare that to the lifeless, sucked out energy of socialized women

who are used to taking direction from the people with the real power
(the directors and producers).

You will see more evidently the more cognition you gain oh Padouin.

Palmy defeats all American and Social Matrix performers for (natural)
energy. I mean she whups their ass without even trying. There’s no
contest even, she just won.

Her gestures throughout the performance just add more dynamic ef-
Heck, she could just stand there and I’d be amazed. I hope that you’ll
get to that level of respect that I have for her.

This is a good one so keep learning from it and inducting natural femi-
nine energy. It’s actually pre�y easy to catch on and sing (a�er you’re
used to the phrasing and pronunciation). Try it!

Track 8 Top Tuan:

A folk-pop hit from her first album. I don’t have to put in production
notes, rather I’ll just talk more about natural grounding. It’s up to you
to take it all in (and remember that you are consciously choosing the
type of relationship you have here; win/win).

Notice how you’re actually placing less focus on her beauty or if she
even has it. How on earth is that possible? It’s like you can’t even tell
if she’s average or the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen. Her en-
ergy is blinding you to keep the focus on the right things.

You’re not even thinking about having sex with her (it shouldn’t even
cross your mind!); you’re just drawing from her inspirational and up-
li�ing energy.

For the first time in your life maybe you’re valuing a woman for some-
thing other than her looks or ‘tits’. Never thought it was possible did

Yet it’s this type of relationship with women which empowers the man
to be the lead, is why billions of couples have stayed together through-
out time.

And women say men are dogs while the women are flaunting and be-
ing prickteases. Step outside of the muck and myre and be grounded
in pure natural feminine alpha energy like this.

Not only will you become comfortable in your own skin around wom-
en, but you’ll have intuition, understand women, a�ract them, grow in
character yourself and be able to naturally ‘seduce’ women into ge�ing
the physiological/sexual value they want.

Remember to value these videos on the natural qualities and you’ll

never grow tired of them because natural transcends beyond personal
interests or social pressure.

Track 9 Glua:
*SB, N

A completely understated secret. Why? ( Because I’m just now taking

the time to find out the depth and beauty of this track). Even I over-
looked this one before as it seemed too modest.

Glua means ‘salt’ in thai. This has just become a new ‘Silver Bullet’ for
me. Don’t take it for granted either when it’s right in front of you. You
came a long ways to a�ract the purest natural alpha source you could
find..don’t stop now. Learn from it.

If you’re ever ready for a strong dose of natural Alpha feminine charac-
ter - here it is.

This is as good as it comes in this track. This is the highest levels of

natural feminine alpha character. Do not overlook this because it is
your key to success with women.

I’m teaching you to ‘see’, ‘feel’, ‘sense’ and ‘know’ (women).

Your ability to sense this and ground yourself in it will give you a foun-
dation of the truth and beauty within women. Why does it ma�er and
why aren’t we focusing on ‘your’ inner game? Because it’s really about
women, that’s why.

And that might be the greatest secret.

It may look like the man is taking what he wants but it’s the woman
who chooses to let him in.

Mind the brainwashed people, it’s NOT about a woman’s inner or social
character, but it really IS about her natural character. It’s that true femi-
ninity and intuition.

The innocence, the purity that calms the world and inspires man. That
makes the perfect mother and wife. It’s the part of her that WANTS to
open up to a man (who is strong and senses it) and let him in.

Remember that we’re not concerned with the lyrics (once you start un-
derstanding them it only enhances what really ma�ers; the nonverbal).
The nonverbal energy and body language is what really ma�ers (that’s
why American music videos which are lyrically or personality based
are so short-lived).

The perfect beauty of this track is that it’s about the most real music
video you will ever see in your life. Why? Specifically (not b/c it’s in a
studio and unchoreographed but) because Palmy herself represents and
believes in what she’s singing...

You can tell that her natural character is very real because she is on the
verge of tears throughout the video. She’s not ‘acting’. She IS real and

Though they are using two ‘takes’ in editing (one where she is a li�le
more stoic) this is where reality meets and bridges (eclipses actually)
fantasy. It’s more important to be and experience what is ‘real’ (and al-
pha) instead of what is fantasy.

To me, that (she is on the verge of tears) is the Most beautiful thing. It
is the most ‘real’ you will EVER find because everything else has an
agenda and is ‘consciously’ (socially) produced..

In fact, I’ve never seen it (at this level of reality) before in ‘ANY’ (non-
Palmy) music video ever. No music video or ‘performer’ ever reaches
this level of representational truth or reality through acting, direction or

Remember with Alpha Relational Dynamics we deal with the purest

Alpha elements.

Palmy is the standard. You’ve had enough (knowledge of) Prada’s and
Pricktease’s to make your balls blue because it’s all you see and experi-
ence in your socio-cultural reality. It’s time for Palmy because she is the
alpha role model of natural female character.

What is repressed WITHIN women is THIS (natural) character. It’s

what you don’t see because it’s not socially acceptable anymore and
we’re so developed ‘beyond’ nature that we lost touch with it.

Being pure and real is a thing of the past. But women are DYING for a
man to see past the power of social influence that they have adapted to
so they can experience THEIR fantasies for REAL.

If most men knew of this natural character there would be a LOT more
sex happening and women’s behavior would change (it will change for
you when you deal with her naturally).

The path to sex (outside of a porn contract) is always through a wom-

an’s natural character and the fact that you don’t even think about sex
around Palmy is exactly why you get to sex (around women in your
past and like this).

Re-read and think about that for a minute. It’s because you finally have
the proper relationship with her and her natural character.

I told you A.R.D. was deep! Seducer’s have a relationship specifically

with a woman’s natural character while knowing their relationship to
her exploited and developed inner and social character. The man has
unspoken relational authority over her natural and gentle character.

Look for (and bring out) the REAL woman inside of her and she’s yours
no ma�er what level of beauty or social status she is because they all
have this natural and biological character within them. They will only
open up to the guys who can see and know it.

Her natural character is the key to sex. Look for the PalmY within a
woman and sex will be an a�erthought but she’ll be ready for it and
that’s how you consistently get there with different women.

Sidenote; right now i have a doublematch on from peru

who has a perfect ass. But what does it say in her profile? ‘..please i
dont like guys who just think in sex’

Kind of ironic when she’s clearly showing her perfect ass at the camera
isn’t it?

But it’s up to YOU to differentiate that social character from her natural

Operate naturally and ironically you won’t be thinking about sex.

You’ll be thinking about the value she can receive from you when she
opens up and let’s you in. You take her social prickteasing out of the
equation and don’t have a relationship with it. If you really want to
‘tap that’, then you operate naturally where you have relational author-
ity and you’ll end up ge�ing there.

I’ve found that out a lot in the past. But if you let her socially prized
beauty or body get in the way it’s going to throw you off and you
WON’T ‘get there’.

Remember; Social (any form of teasing or flaunting) = fantasy.

Natural = Reality.

You ‘really’ want to have sex with some ‘fantasy/social’ girls who really
do have perfect asses? Then deal with reality, NOT fantasy (where they
are the unnatural stimulus).

They’re waiting and expecting guys who ‘know’ because women ARE
the response and choosers. It’s up to you to have the proper relation-
ships in place because it’s all relational dynamics.

The best ladies men in the world (I included) have different relation-
ships with women (in their minds) than do unsuccessful men. We see
through to their natural character and raise her a�raction and interest
around us.

And most of that is already done just by living this nonverbally.

If you end up focusing on her perfect ass (socially prized) you’re not
seeing her natural character. Until now you probably didn’t have any
‘grounding’ in natural character to see or fall back on. That’s the real
reason why men fail with women.

THAT’S WHY THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. You’ll have something to

form a relationship within a different part of her other than her perfect
ass. Her natural character is there..even the most neurotic of women
still have some natural character le�; enough to get to sex again.

Bringing out a woman’s natural character is the new definition of se-


It’s what Don Juan and Casanova did. They saw and cherished her
natural beauty and sex just naturally ‘happened’ (albeit predictably and
consistently). Smart men but they really did love women.

So do I and so will you have a higher respect and appreciation for them
once you know the truth of their inner beauty. It’s what ensures life
continues on earth.

If you can’t see her natural character or be aware of it, that’s why you’ve
failed in the past. All you could see was her perfect ass (for example)
and she kept the power and favor as stimulus in the relationship.

For most guys it’s truly difficult to actually ‘BE’ indifferent when they
see something they want so much right in front of them. That’s why
you have to cultivate the ability to see and know a woman’s natural
character where you have power and authority over.

When you know that it’s there within all women, you’ll be comfortable
around any woman in the world like I am. You will be at peace
throughout all communication with them.

Then they can trust you. Comfort was built the second they saw you.
This vamps up her natural response to you and accelerates the (poten-
tial) relationship.

When you understand women and can be the stimulus (just yourself)
around them, you’re able to satisfy them. They can trust you to ‘open
up’ and
let you in. You do want to accelerate things don’t you?
By learning from Palmy you’ll first be able to realize what feminine
natural energy/character is and that it actually IS there. Then you’ll
be able to start ‘seeing’ it within women around you and you won’t be
afraid of them at’ll respect and cherish that part of them while
still being Alpha.

You’ll also stop over-edifying the ridiculous social and inner behavior
of women which throws even the most powerful of men off.

Then you’ll be able to establish a nonverbal relationship with that part

of her and connect with her on that level.

That is real sexual communication. She’ll feel as if she knows and can
trust you and this allows the relationship to accelerate and all of a sud-
den ‘it just happened’.

So back to the music video itself...I encourage you to soak this one up a
lot. It will ground you in the truth of a woman’s natural character. This
video alone could (and should) completely change your reality and out-
look on women and the world.

Feel her innocence and her lack of corruption or agenda. Feel how real
and authentic she is.

Once again note how you’re not threatened by her, how she is the exact
opposite of prickteasing girls waving their ass in your face which only
a�racts jerks to their lifestyle instead of ‘real men’. Those women are
just following a consciously derived social agenda which is really just
for money.

It’s completely unnatural yet those women would be envious because

they know the truth of their own natural character and continue to
dream about meeting and being with a man who can see it.
So take in her natural character. The more ‘aware’ of it that you are, the
more you will be able to seduce women because they’ll want you for it.
You’ll be able to see past their social and inner character because you
have a foundation (built a lot upon Palmy) to go off of.

All women have this natural character within them. And when you
bring that out of them (o�en just by not doing anything but staying
high in character), they will help you to seduce them because they’ve
been waiting for a real man.

You don’t have to know ‘the moves’ or ‘what to do next’. You have to
have faith in the infinite power and leverage of nature. All people be-
fore us figured it out naturally.

It’s NOT and inner or social thing. The animal kingdom and mating is
natural. Let it be.

This music video is very elemental and pure. Note how sad she can be
and sensitive as well as how happy she can be at other times. Women
at their root natural are emotional and intuitive.

Side Note;

One thing you should notice is that the background thai singers or mu-
sicians always play a completely understated and subtle role. They
never try to steal the spotlight.

Instead they bow their heads in acceptance literally.

Track 14 Far Song Chun Mah:

It’s really the first 40 seconds of this video that ma�er the most. What
a perfect display of real natural alpha female behavior throughout the
entire video though.

This is the type of energy that a man can keep and live with. Not one
that will divorce him and clean him out for all he’s worth (which is just
a social program).

Don’t think that the women you want the most still have this energy
and carefree giggly spirit? They used to. Think back to Jr. High and
how they behaved and how they had ‘crushes’ on guys. And then they
got socially influenced, put as the stimulus and repressed their natural
character (partly because the men further continued to edify them so
they had to ‘close up’).

Seduction is bringing this behaviour back out of a woman. Making her

feel fun, carefree and sexy again. It’s affirming that it’s ok to be like that
again but she has to trust you to ‘open up’ like this.

This natural character that you see displayed in Palmy here is within
these women. Bring it back out of them by not edifying their social and
inner behaviour while dealing with them naturally. It’s the ‘playful’
li�le girl inside that is closest to nature without corruption, she’s just
older now and ‘ready’ for sex.

Keep watching and learning from this video as well. She’s at some of
her happiest here. This is the spirit that is repressed within the women
you think you want to sleep with.

When they’re back in the mode of being a pre-teenager again who had
crushes, they’ll help do the work to seduce her. It’s human nature. It’s
biological. Leverage nature.

Don’t forget to get a good foundation in Palmy (natural alpha) and then
do some comparison work. Look at the differences between inner and
social alpha’s and their behaviour for yourself.

Operate with career woman on career woman level and you ain’t ge�in’

Operate with Paris Hilton on a social status level and you ain’t ge�in’
nowhere. Operate with any and all (single) women on the natural level
and many will help you and reaffirm you to seduce them throughout
the process.

Anyways, great natural energy in this track once again.

15 Yoo Tau Dai Reu Plow:

5 Star. Doesn’t ma�er if it’s a ‘hit’ or not because that’s all ‘social’ any-
ways. If you have power, you’re beyond that like me.

This is really a VERY advanced natural track. There’s no way on earth

you can capture the full value on the first 3 preview/listens. I’m glad
that the music itself is kind of catchy but it’s the natural energy and
value that we’re really here for and can keep drawing from for years
(way beyond lifespans of music fame).

The minimalist approach always works with Palmy yet in any environ-
ment her natural character will seep through.

Again, because even I don’t understand most of the words, we’re focus-
ing on the nonverbal body language of pure natural female behaviour.
Unlike all American performers who sell out, PalmY has retained her
childish, pure nature. She didn’t get corrupted or ‘influenced’.

Also; because these videos have a strong natural element in Palmy (and
other simple, pure elements), they will everlast. The natural energy
contained within this track and others will outlast trends, fads, fash-
ions, personal tastes, preferences, and haters.

Why? Because those things are fickle and based on Inner and Social
a�ributes. Here we have NATURAL elements. The stuff of life itself.
We’re all here because of nature, not because of the porn industry.

All women are born with natural character just as you are. It’s just that
socio-logical development influences and crusts it over. Seduction is
bringing back the natural character of a woman.

Sidenote: Ignorant haters would say things like ‘oh you’re listening
to lady music or fairy music’ but what’s ironic is that this is one of the
most masculine things you can do. Why? Because (understanding
women as a perfect balance to your masculine character) leads to more

Let the ignorant be ignorant. They do not know and cannot see. Look
for value yourself. We’re understanding women here so we can give
more value to them.

And that is about the most masculine thing you can do.

Sidenote: You might be thinking...shouldn’t we be studying porn if we

want to seduce women and deal with the natural character? No. That
CAN be used very effectively to strengthen your natural character but
it all depends on the type of relationship you have with it. Most men,
it will only make the fantasy and their desire stronger, thus throwing
off their behavior because of the unnatural relationship they have with

Palmy will GROUND YOU BABY. She will make you comfortable
around all women. And that my friend is power.

If you saw her in person you wouldn’t be ‘afraid’ or second guessing

whether you should ‘approach’ or not. She’s ‘NICE’. Her energy is in-
fectious, WELCOMING and it shows in her smile.

Around her, there’s nothing to ‘throw you off’ so you remain comfort-
able in your own skin. This is how man was able to procreate with
women for centuries. Deal with her biological character; she IS a wom-
an within there.

/Hey...with Thai you can say works like ‘faag’ (fuck), ‘chit’, ‘kum’, ‘tit’,
‘porn’ and get away with it without ever swearing.


The true natural character of a woman isn’t even sexual. That’s just the
lead-way byproduct you’ll get to.

Instead of just ‘accepting’ what’s in front of you, I’m teaching you to

have cognition of the truth and true relationships. THAT is power my

You’ll find that she is the true balance to an Alpha male natural

I actually have to pull myself away from continuing to watch her, it’s
that infectious (her energy).

With our Natural Alpha role models, there’s no other distracting Inner
and Social alpha-ness to get in the way. All American women are a bal-
ance of the 3, but you’ll never find a pure natural alpha who amazingly
lacks in the other qualities (of overdevelopment and causal agenda).

Other notes:

PalmY redefines sexy. She represents a woman’s true sexual nature.

In thai her name is pronounced like Palm-eeEE where the Y raises. Sev-
eral times I’ve said Palm-eeEE and they didn’t know who I was talking
about until they said ‘oh, Palm-eEE’ (same thing).

The more rooted and aware of natural energy you are, the more
women will be a�racted to you in reality. Natural grounding is
very important for character growth and success with women.

Do you want the reality of leading to sex with women or do you want
the fantasy of the exploitation of the act itself?

Social fades and you lose interest. Personal preferences change

but natural lasts forever.

Social matrix women couldn’t reach Palmy’s level of natural energy if

they tried or tried ‘real hard’..either you have it or you don’t. Inside
they’d be envious of her purity and integrity to her natural character..
about all of them would be because PalmY is truly free of ALL social
pressure and influence.

The strength of her character is that she’s about the leader of a handful
of women in the world who would NEVER sell out to the social matrix.
That to me is the most beautiful thing on earth and when YOU start
qualifying women on this level you’ll truly ‘get it’ beyond a level of the
other top dating guru’s in the world.

THAT my friend is REAL woman. That is the strength of a real woman.

It’s what millions of women WISH that they had (that strength evident).
But that’s leverage for you to bring that truth out of them and they will
enjoy it and hold onto you..many will want to forEVER.

The happiness I live in now is not out of ignorance but out of a global
understanding of the truth and a conscious choice of natural reality.
That is power on ALL levels and infectious to the most beautiful and
desired women in the world who all hold the same natural character
(or less than) Palmy’s.

Put it this way...Adriana Lima doesn’t come close to Palmy on the natu-
ral behavioral level but she and all women have that level of purity
within them and bringing it out is what they desire the most...esp. with
their social pressures. Not just a man who wants to use, abuse or fuck
them but a man who really understands the truth of their feminine na-

Anyways, get as much Palmy as you can and get natural grounding
from it.

The more you do, the more comfortable you will be around women and
the more true physiological change you will go through. You will sense
energy and women will sense it in you and be a�racted to you.

N Palmy Best Hits of Palmy 2 Pat Mong Chow Wun Ung Karn
N Palmy Best Hits of Palmy 3 Goon Jae Tee Hai Pai
*SB Palmy Best Hits of Palmy 4 Yahk Raung Dung Dung
*SB Palmy Best Hits of Palmy 5 Tick Tock
*N Palmy Best Hits of Palmy 6 Ooh!
N Palmy Best Hits of Palmy 8 Top Tuan
*N/SB Palmy Best Hits of Palmy 9 Glua
N Palmy Best Hits of Palmy 14 Far Song Chun Mah
*N Palmy Best Hits of Palmy 15 Yoo Tau Dai Reu Plow

E = Entertainment use. Not a direct natural grounding source per say

you may grow to like it yourself as I find it decent.

N = Natural energy evident. Look for it in the women.

SB = Silver Bullet of Influence. Extremely influential track resource for

me. Pre-approved and ready for your growing acceptance of it. Learn
from these the most.

* = Extra personal favor or high quality.

DZP = Danzeplanet


2007 Show Girls

2007 Show Girls

GMM Grammy 2006-2007

Disc Notes:

I finally just saw this recently myself a�er ge�ing back and preparing

As expected, my girls, their energy and the production delivered again.

Their natural energy is so strong and entertaining that it’s great to see
them again in a different style of production.

2002 Rahtree was hardcore Thai and 2005 was more internationalized
beach fun but this one I knew would be a li�le different because of the
glitzy entertainment Las Vegas style approach. From the outset, it’s
MUCH more ‘social’ in scope than the other two were.

They’re going in a more ‘social’ direction with the idea of being the
stimulus as more stereotypical prickteases, but as I predicted, their nat-
ural energy still shone through and over-powered any choreography.
What few people know is that when you have natural energy girls like
this ‘combined with’ social choreography and production..with the
right synergy the effect can be very dynamic. That means, this resource
delivers on all levels.

Jenny’s never shined be�er. Her natural character and energy is infec-
tiously contagious.

She’s hands down the #1 natural energy girl here.

2nd and 3rd place are Bell and Yaya Ying (who o�en trade places) and
unfortunately Katreeya English is understated throughout the entire
production (and I’ll tell you EXACTLY why).

One way you can tell a strong Natural Alpha woman is that her eyes
shine brighter than others. This is a fascinating li�le observation I’ve
had. The pupil AND whites of the eyes are actually BRIGHTER than
other women with less natural character.

And this is without any photo retouching (too much of a pain in music

One thing I noticed about this from what I’ve seen so far is that there’s
finally a production where the thai words completely synergize with
the music. In that sense the production really fulfilled it’s job.

It’s like it’s more international because the (quality) music is the basis
and the words just kind of ‘flow’ with the music. That’s a great rela-
tionship. Thai language has some definite cool words but sometimes it
can be awkward. They did their job right of synergizing the words and
music (ie. track 6) so that it doesn’t ma�er:

it’s Thai but can work internationally as well.

I’ve been waiting for that result for quite a while now. A more ‘interna-
tional’ placeability basically.

The social concept of this album would be to use the women as stimuli
prickteases but fortunately the sensibility of the producers but more
solidly the natural integrity of the women themselves wouldn’t let that

They don’t end up being prickteases, yet instead idyllic muses as they
have always been for me personally.

What you can also expect (and the beauty of this all) is that you will
continue to get more and MORE value out of these resources. You’ll
be able to see the beauty within women and take them consistently
to the bedroom and you’ll a�ract more women instantaneously than
ever in your life.

In America and the rest of the social matrix, women just DON’T ever
retain this level of natural character which they were born with unless
they’re extremely ugly (and that’s in just some of the cases).

Track 1 Ooh La La:

The most socially influenced track of them all. It tries too hard but it’s
still ok even as a socio-popular ‘hit’. The natural character of the wom-
en is still there, but it’s harder to see as it gets washed out by all of the
social programming and influence of the entire concept.

I hope you can see this when compared to the the other tracks. Do not
value the social nature of it (or anything) ever above the natural a�ri-
butes. That is how you have power.
It’s still good to enjoy it but you’ll find that your interest in it fades
faster than the less ‘popular’ tracks which are grounded in natural ele-
ments and less social distortion to please the masses for profit.

Track 2 Siam Murng Yim:

This one clearly represents Thailand the best and does it very effective-

It’s overflowing with infectious natural energy from the girls and I hope
it will ‘open your mind’.

Track 3 Lady Moonlight:

It’s most other music videos it usually doesn’t work to


So much of Hollywood and music videos are about overkill. Even

when they take the opposite approach of stripping it completely down,
something doesn’t feel right partly because the performer o�en expects
to take direction or have choreography.

What would Beyonce do if she was just told to ‘dance’?! It’s all so damn
conscious and choreographed that many women wouldn’t know what
to do...even so it’s all conscious in their mind what they’re doing. Com-
pare that to Coyote Girls.

Anyways, this music video only has a few elements yet is still o.k. to
watch because the beat (though familiar) is good and the girls have nat-
ural energy. This makes it captivating even if they were literally doing
NOTHING. You don’t get this with socialized women...
even the damn hot ones who may be ho�er than these girls yet your
interest in them actually fades (a�er consummation of some sort).

Track 4 Can Do Can Dance:

Although familiar, this unique and original interpretation deserves to

be an international hit.

Excellent music and video production on this one.

It’s actually quite infectious. Once again Jenny rules for natural energy.
She’s the one on the far right (if you didn’t know yet). She’s the tallest

It’s not who just has the ‘biggest’ smile, but who has the most real smile
that stems from somewhere deep.

I literally swear that you could capture the natural energy these women
have within the first medium ‘frame’ of them and harness it to produce
enough electrical energy to cover Boston for a weekend.

Kat is the biggest ‘star’ of them all socially but she continually takes last
stage compared to the natural energy of her peers.

Ironically you can’t just tell (stars) performers to ‘act’ more natural.
Rarely will it be fully congruent. They actually have to be uncorrupted
and that energy has to come from a core of natural character.

Subversively, you can punk up a natural girl or try to have her ‘act’ seri-
ous yet her natural character and happiness will still seep through.
Once again, Jenny is just TAKING OVER this one. When you develop
the natural intuition as I have (which will be one of the most important
things you could ever do in your life), you will more clearly be able to
‘experience’ and ‘see’ this.

The most entertaining portion with the most value is not the choreog-
raphy but it’s the medium close up shots where it pans.......across the
four girls.

Freeze frame ANY time of the medium close-up of the 4 girls and ex-
trapolate that!

Notice also how the men in the video take backseat to the women yet
unlike American and socialized videos where the men are truly BETA
in relationship, here the focus is evidently on the female natural char-
acter which despite ‘stage time’ still leaves room for open and massive
response to a man’s character..

Yet it ironically is truly at the highest levels of power...I mean the level
these natural alpha’s at really equal and are o�en greater than most
natural alpha males in the world today even.

*When you understand women, you’re not afraid of them. It’s like be-
ing gay but with the massive benefit of not being gay and having the
women a�racted to you and being clearly able to fuck them and fulfill
your own desires.

Natural grouding’s worth it, put it that way. Women are looking for
that ideal yet real man who respects their true natural/sexual nature but
can deliver which is something gay guys just cannot do.

Gay guys can synergize with women on the inner and social levels in
relation to them but really just can’t deliver on the natural or physiolog-
ical levels. That’s up to you bad boy.
Track 5 Kon Jai Ngai:

Bell (the one Chinese one) shines in this one. She looks quite hot and
represents here. She also looks and acts the most congruent with her
outfit. It’s a great balance.

Of all the girls, Jenny’s officially my new #1 at this point in time. Why?
Although Kat is famously single and the most social alpha, Jenny has
the purest natural character.

You’ll find that they’re not congruent wiith their clothes. They’re still
true ‘good girls’ at heart but it actually adds a great kick to it.

It’s important to note that they’re not the most beautiful or sexiest wom-
en (even with makeup) in the world per se but their natural energy
blinds you to any kind of rating system like that.

Like with Palmy, you’re ‘judging them’ on their (natural) character.

This is exactly what it likes for women. Women judge men on charac-
ter. That is why they’ll o�en ‘forgive’ any physical flaws; because your
character blinds them to it (see ‘Beauty & the Beast).

You can also look at it as the ‘nice’ phenomenon and how great guys
will se�le down with a woman who’s ‘nice’ instead of one who is ‘hot’.
In America, that beauty combined with the social matrix and sexploita-
tion = a lot of neuroticism.

Which is why a natural culture like Thailand is so damn refreshing for

Anyways it’s good to see the girls moving a bit here without choreogra-

It confirms their natural character when they pass that ‘test’. Once you
have cognition you’ll still be able to tell that Kat has the least natural
energy evident.

Bell & YaYa do a great job here. They’re a li�le more carefree. Bell
looks hot again..nice and hardcore Asian. I love it. BTW, it makes you
think what culture has the true relational authority when two girls
come over to Thailand, learn the Thai language and take part in Thai
productions..think about it ;)

Track 6 Eyes in the Sky:

A li�le French (Moulin Rouge), Mexican (flowers) and Japanese influ-

ence (fans) melded together in this one.

It kind of sounds like a li�le J.LO production influence. But if you’re in

the inside circle of upper echelons, music production is ALL about cau-
sality, power and influence.

With several viewings (as usual) the music track will grow on you.
This should be a radio hit a while a�er released but the video is filled
with di-synergy.

Decent choreography but the costumes and colors aren’t very synergis-
tic with each of the girls. They should have spent more time in pre-pro-
duction on wardrobe for a be�er synergy with the costumes.

(When I say production notes like this I would hope that you would
learn to ‘see’ and think like a producer above the influence instead of
just ‘accepting’ things powerlessly).
YaYa Ying looks the most synergistic with her outfit here but barely.
The girls clearly do the best when put in mise-en-scene that allows their
original culture (even global-seeking) to shine.

Kat looks a li�le sultry in some of the close-ups however she has the
most ‘social’ experience.

Notice how completely comfortable and unpressured you feel while

enjoying the vidz. Your secret weapon is a relationship with the natu-
ral character of all women you meet. That is where you are completely

For the first time in your life you might not actually be thinking about
sex with women. That’s why you’re not thrown off. Sexploitation is
unnatural and purely social..anything that changes the natural relation-
ship of a woman’s natural behavior or throws a man ‘off’ is.

Track 7: Chun Ja Doo...:

This one’s got a li�le 60’s americana influence (causality is everything

and even builds the foundations of originality -rw).

The music itself is actually a li�le more grown up to good effect yet
still happy. I don’t why they gave it such a long damn name.

Simple visual concept for this video. It’s easy to keep it simple
when you have such high quality natural elements such as these
girls. The girls sound more mature in this one..very desirable as
serious girlfriends I think.

Notice how Kat (on the le�) is so zen-like and absent of energy.

Heck, she’s almost BORED. In fact, I think she IS bored. You’ll notice
that socialized women get like this quite o�en yet natural women can
laugh or get excited about the simplest things or NOTHING even (re-
member pre-teen girls when you were in jr. high?).

That’s why you should love women who have retained their natural

I hope that you can sense this observation about Kat also on the first
viewing (even though I told you).

With such natural energy women (as producer), all you have to do is
sit them in chairs and they’ll be entertaining (to the enlightened target
market like us ;)

This video is minimal movement because they all stay in the same
position but amazingly enough, their natural energy still seeps through.

Tell a social matrix woman to just sit still for an entire song and she’ll
go nuts; she wouldn’t be able to pull it off effectively.

3 of the girls are fine but in this video Kat’s energy is really zapped.
YaYa is the most mature and understated again. Jenny’s energy and
Bell’s make them appear to be youthful and young; a natural a�ribute.

Kat’s previously released successful solo album (social alpha anyone?)

has affected her. She’s been influenced too much by fame and power.
That’s why these other women outshine her.

And it’s not that they have ‘more to gain’ socially..that’s not it. Sure
they may be aware (as women) of her lower energy and upgrade their
energy a li�le more but that’s not the basis. In other words, they really
HAVE this level of natural character, happiness, innocence and purity.

Kat’s just been too socially influenced by higher social status and it’s
clearly affected her here. Am I the only man in the world who can see
this? What a rare gi�; intuition. Anyways, I hope you can start to
actualize this as well.

Even when Kat meets the standard of energy that the other women
have, it’s still like she’s ‘acting’ and she’ll go back to her bored/zen state.

In Bell’s voice you can hear her enthusiasm yet in the video where Kat
is in the foreground she is actually (nonverbally/visually) bored at the
end of her phrase.

Do a freezeframe of Jenny at ANY time and you’ll easily be able to

extrapolate her natural alpha nature. It’s VERY clear to me and I truly
hope you can develop a level of intuition like that.

When you’re a man and understand even MORE than the woman does
about her true behavior, you have a power that only women are ‘sup-
posed’ to have. THAT alone is tremendous POWER.

When you know how they act, WHAT they think, and can determine
THEIR level of energy, you will be an extremely WANTED man. You’ll
be extremely sexy in character because you really HAVE masculine
alpha AND the balance of intuition of female energy.

By understanding women, you’ll be able to synergize with them with-

out trying, knowing or being conscious of it. You’ll melt their hearts
and want them coming back for more JUST BECAUSE you have devel-
oped intuiton through these resource and A.R.D.!

Once again...I don’t know about you but I’m still not thinking of the sex
act itself (per se) when I watch these women. Once take the
actual female stimulus of prize/sex object out of the equation and you
have the power - yes YOU have the power like you’re supposed to.

When watching these videos, I’m not thinking of sex. All of their root
energy is natural. They’ve just put some social choreography on top
of it but unlike American social alpha pricktease bitches, these women
have not ‘become’ the social brainwashed standard.

Everything you essentially see in the social matrix is the social exploita-
tion of feminine natural character.

Your differentiation of that fact is worth $1 trillion if sex with many

women and the consummation of that is literally worth that amount to

Natural grounding is balancing yourself out..going back to your roots.

It’s actually a VERY healthy thing to do psychologically. It will keep
you balanced, zen and centered compared to the neuroticism of ie. ag-
ing strip dancers.

Track 8 Taung Garn Arai Jark Chun: haven’t seen a real smile until you’ve been to Thailand (or Africa)!

This is a cute li�le di�y with sexified (higher) voices.

If you think about things going back in history even. Women weren’t
used as pure prickteases who ended up making men think about their
own status as men but the women were rather a muse which is some-
one who inspires a man through POSITIVE sexual transmutation.

Show Girls is effective because of the mostly natural energy of the


The sexuality is just a spice ‘on top of’ their energy instead of being the
exploited focus. It’s a great synergy here.
They can entertain and inspire you without intimidating you, threaten-
ing you, making you feel unworthy and beli�led or making you think
about how you could possibly ‘tap that’ social alpha of a ‘prized’ wom-

Their relationship with you is that you’re still a man and they actually
RESPECT that. They maintain reality. THAT my friend is a muse and
what has inspired men through the ages.

Their bodies and sexuality isn’t the main focus. It’s never being exploit-
ed. It’s always such that it adds an element of excitement but you’re not
actually thinking I want to just ‘tap that’.

Their energy remains priority. SEX (ITSELF) IS AN AFTERTHOUGHT.

That’s the true relationship of power and Casanova-ness.

Sexploitation is purely a SOCIAL device used by the Architects (who

consciously KNOW what they’re doing) to exploit and profit off of the
culminating end result of nature. It started innocently enough with the
muse of Marilyn Monroe but now it’s a fake reality.

Unfortunately it has the guise of being ‘reality’ because of behavioral

adaptation which only reinforces it (which fools entire sub-cultures
of people).

Compare that to the sold-out stripteasing prickteases who actually

believe they’re more important than men and take all of the a�ention
for themselves on stage and expect men to pander to them and give
them the (social) world.

There is a subtle yet big difference.

Compare the girls against say the Pussycat Dolls. Who has more
popularity and social alpha ‘favor’? That’s a no-brainer. Look at what
really ma�ers. When you have cognition you’ll know what’s really
going on.

I have seen a few of the Puddycat Dolls videos and they actually DO
have (retained) natural character. They are just purely being
a social device, really. They just think they’re entertaining but millions
of people including men and women (and most of the audience) are
taking the fantasy TOO seriously because they can’t actually see
that it’s entertainment.

It’s up to you BIG BOY to see through to that truth and bring out their
natural character because if you play it socially you’re crushed before
you even begin.

A muse or true show girl isn’t one who makes a man feel beli�led but
one who inspires him while retaining (and gaining) positive favor and
interest in herself. It’s healthy.

Track 9 Gra Sae Kow Ma Si:

This one will grow on you. Wow, this one is just TEEMING with
positive sexual transmutation and energy. This one holds a special
standard of differentiation for relational dynamics. I’ll probably use it
as an example in the future though it and a few others can get annoying
music-wise if you just view it on the personal level (but we’re here for
natural value foremost).

The most important thing I can say is that their feminine energy and
character take first place while (social) sexuality takes second place
and only adds to a growing desire of wanting them more for a LONG even wifey levels.

This is the level of a muse. When a woman adds her sexuality and
that option (of tapping her) on’ top of’ the tremendous character value
you’re ge�ing, you start really wanting them more.

Compare that to the ‘hit it and quit it’ quality of prickteases which
are just social adaptive devices for the profit of people other than you.

Compare our Show Girls here to Las Vegas strippers and the type of
character and relationship going on.

You could get 1000 times more value out of this if a friend copied it
and gave it to you (literally) than watching and spending on stripteases.

That is the power of a muse vs. a prickteaser. With prickteases they

actually feel ‘used’ themselves a�er it’s over (or want to collect their
money and be gone with you to restart the cycle).

With natural women, there is about nothing you can do to take their
integrity away.

With muses their energy is real and life-giving.

Once you truly ‘get this’ it will be like an ongoing (mental) orgasm. I
don’t know how else to say it.

When the girls turn around and have their backs to you (yes you), I
hope that you can get it at the level as I do. It’s infectiously irresistible.

Granted you have been desensitized by social influence of nonstop

pricktease programming but when you can sense the truth of these
women and the sexuality-as-a�erthought it will be like an addictive
inspiration without the co-dependency to you...and yes I mean in
that moment alone specifically.
You’ll feel (ideally) as I do that when you see their smaller non-african,
non-in-your-face asses facing you that you’re just receiving a euphoric
ethereal dose of sexual transmutation and power yourself. It’s like a
newfound yet everlasting lust that you have where you can never get’s like a fountain of youth yet where you retain full relational

Energy first, sexploitation and sex itself as/is an a�erthought. Judge

women on their character first and you’ll be going places. And this
especially means (ironically) with the sexploited social alpha women
you have lusted a�er in the first place.

Get that relational reality right as such and you’ll have more pussy
than you can deal with (not to mention guaranteed pussy that keeps
coming back to you). How do I know? That’s my reality. Lifestyle
Dating baby.

With the Jenny and Bell, their natural alpha character is amped up
and improved from 2005 Hula Hula. It’s be�er showcased here but
really is improved instead of corrupted socially in the opposite
direction...the end result is an incredible synergy and balance instead
of just being a social fad.

YaYa Ying is about the same as before being more understated as she is
and Kat is the only one who has dropped in energy/character.

You’ll notice that although each of the women has strong natural ener-
gy (-Kat), that you’ll start to appreciate and see their different ‘indepen-
dent’ (personality) qualities that make them different from each other.
Most of this is rooted in causality growing up; nurture.

When you can ‘see’ and base the women on their natural character (es-
pecially the inner and social alpha’s you desire), you can actually ap-
preciate their inner and social a�ributes because you have the proper
relationship (and relational authority) with her.
The natural character of these women is so strong that they would not
only NOT be a�racted to being sexually exploited for profit but that
they wouldn’t let it happen if they were in that circumstance or under
that kind of social pressure. They maintain their (natural) integrity at
all times.

Compare that to the countless millions of women who sell out every-
day to the power of the social matrix every month.

A�er being with enough Thai women even on one-night stands, their
natural character remains in tact and they are less sold out than virginal
social matrix prickteases who adapt to socio-cultural ideals.

How’s that for a mindfock for you?

If you thought a muse was a money-sucking mercenary strip-teaser it’s

time for a new lesson.

We’re talking about natural character vs. social character.

Back to the video again...the sexual energy here (remember, we have

a new definition of it) is amazing. Kat’s even fine again here though
their armwear is a bit ridic, they still SHINE THROUGH.

Oh and if you had the limited perception that you don’t like Asian
women, it’s time for an awakening. A�er all, that perception was in-
fluenced and limited by your own socio-cultural environment and up-

I grew up in a big redneck area yet I have seen the light. Call it the
Asian Persuasion. My best friend only likes Asian women but I’m a
li�le more open-minded, as long as they’re pre�y, hot and natural is a
Remember to see things not on the social (what others think and how it
compares to other songs) or personal level (your personal like or dis-
like), but rather for the natural qualities the most...this will help you
keep listening to it without it ever ge�ing ‘too annoying’ because you’re
on the natural plane.

Track 10 Gep Num Tah Wai Hai Gub Tua Eng:

The one ‘slow song’ on the disc which is just ‘ok’ on the personal level.
I knew there had to be one and they saved it for last but it’s the weakest
of all the tracks.

Note that you don’t see the women in thongs or the use of exploiting
their bodies. Although it would add a li�le more front-end excitement
to the program, it would actually cheapen the overall effect and you
wouldn’t feel ‘good’ a�erwards.

Natural women know how to keep men around and interested in them
because of their infectious, joyful nature where sex is just a part of
the overall balance.

Here anyways, their integrity is never compromised. They retain their

true feminity. Social prickteases have already sold out a long time ago.
Don’t value them for selling out. Instead, see through to their natural
character and you will seduce many a woman.

Muses vs. Prickteases

/a woman who is extreme social alpha has to have a higher level of trust
in her
man. He has to have a completely 100% real integrity to who he ap-
pears to be in order for her to ‘open up’ her petals to him.

She also has to trust that having sex will be ‘ok’ and that he won’t be a
Stifler and go telling everyone in the world what happened.

There’s no difference...if anything these repressed social alpha’s are

even HORNIER once they are around a man they can (finally) TRUST
to ‘let in’.

2007 Show Girls ROCKS! It’s a new Silver Bullet of mine.

Learn from it.



*E Kat, Jenny, YaYa Ying, Bell 2007 Show Girls 1 Ooh La La

*E Kat, Jenny, YaYa Ying, Bell 2007 Show Girls 2 Siam Murng Yim
*E Kat, Jenny, YaYa Ying, Bell 2007 Show Girls 3 Lady Moonlight
*E Kat, Jenny, YaYa Ying, Bell 2007 Show Girls 4 Can Do Can Dance
*E Kat, Jenny, YaYa Ying, Bell 2007 Show Girls 5 Kon Jai Ngai
*E Kat, Jenny, YaYa Ying, Bell 2007 Show Girls 6 Eyes in the Sky
*E Kat, Jenny, YaYa Ying, Bell 2007 Show Girls 7 Chun Ja Doo Lae
Took Nah Tee Jark Nee Pai
*E Kat, Jenny, YaYa Ying, Bell 2007 Show Girls 8 Taung Garn Arai
Jark Chun
*E Kat, Jenny, YaYa Ying, Bell 2007 Show Girls 9 Gra Sae Kow Mah Si
*E Kat, Jenny, YaYa Ying, Bell 2007 Show Girls 10 Gep Num Tah Wai
Hai Gub Tua Eng
E = Entertainment use. Not a direct natural grounding source per say
you may grow to like it yourself as I find it decent.

N = Natural energy evident. Look for it in the women.

SB = Silver Bullet of Influence. Extremely influential track resource for

me. Pre-approved and ready for your growing acceptance of it. Learn
from these the most.

* = Extra personal favor or high quality.

DZP = Danzeplanet


Palmy: Stay

Palmy: Stay
GMM Grammy 2006-2007

Disc Notes:

Sorry but I’m not going to take the time to do track notes on this one.
This disc is good because it’s still her but I recommend to get this only
as you grow to appreciate her a lot more and start with the ‘Best Hits’
Grammy Hot DZP

Grammy Hot DZP
GMM Grammy 2005

Disc Notes:

DZP stands for Danze Planet..the production remix crew. This disc
has some enjoyable numbers but most importantly we’re looking for
natural energy instead of something new to your personal preference.

See track notes for further info.

Track Notes:

Track 4 Mr. VJ:

These girls have great nonverbal natural energy. One is more shy and
reserved but you start to appreciate that about her. I hope that you can
clearly see which one is more reserved.

Note how none of it is ever threatening you or making you feel like less
of a man. There is no sense of slu�iness at that to Chris-
tina Aguilera for example.

Keep grounding yourself naturally so you have a foundation of truth

and magic things will start happening.

Social women believed and became the great lie but dying inside there
is still a natural woman that is just waiting for a man who KNOWS.

Track 6 Tum Arai Suk Yahng:

You can tell the singer’s voice fluctuates like he’s an amateur and a li�le
nervous. It’s scary but he instantly turns gay towards the last part of
the video so that’s when i turn it off.

What’s important here are the 3 girls and their natural energy. The en-
ergy of the girl on the le� is infectious. Compare the smile of a Thai
woman to anyone else who is consciously ‘thinking’ about smiling. It is
what it is and it’s real here.

The middle girl is more shy and reserved and a li�le self-conscious but
she of course has good natural alpha energy as well.

Note the humility and respect the foreground people have. In America
it might be the opposite..trying to take up screen time for themselves,

Once again..this one is great natural energy (feminine) because of the

Track 8 Yeuk Yug

Las Vegas influence. This girl seems more jaded in energy and social-
ized, but there is still a lot of high natural character within her.

Look for behavioral signs that women give out. If they get angry ‘all of
a sudden’ that is a ref flag for you. Extrapolate that into the future. If
they start complaining about helping you out..another sign. But those
are actual ‘relationship’ things.

Anyways, maybe you’ll like this one for entertainment purposes.

Track 9 Kon Kee Ngow:

I love this one. I know the words and can sing along to this one.
It’s kind of relaxing and energetic at the same time.

Notice the natural quality of the women and observe their nonverbal
body language and see how DIFFERENT it is from social alpha women
who are only playing the game of using/abusing people for more pow-

Take in the authenticity. I like to think about which one I like the most
but sometimes never fully answer the question because I go back to
inducting their energy.

Remember that the more aware you are of natural energy and the
more you have cultivated cognition of it, the easier it will be to see
it and/or bring it out of un-natural women and the more they’ll respond
to you all over the place without you doing anything.
The background dancers are important here. Note how that they can’t
really dance at all compared to ie. Caribbean women. But it doesn’t
ma�er because they are authentic and real.

One of the few questions I haven’t been able to answer yet is whether
the ability to dance is nature or nurture. Look at a Sean Paul video
and the girls there and you wonder if it really is in their blood or if
they were just influenced by their socio-cultural environment to adapt.

Too many guys value women for their exploited sexuality because it’s
promoted so much by the social matrix and defines the social climate
of our day. But all that’s doing is edifying the women further out of
unnatural place. It’s all ‘social’.

And if you desire a woman ‘socially’ as a prize or for her (exploited)

sexuality, then you’re not going to have successful relationships leading
to much sex.

Get your priorities straight and value a woman on natural character,

though you may walk alone, you will be a ladies man and these other
women will want you because you are comfortable in your own skin
and can finally bring them value instead of trying to ‘get some’ of a
socially prized woman who can choose from the sausagefest.

I love this video personally (inner character) as well. The part where
she leans, is happy and the fireball explodes behind her..look at
her supreme happiness and how far down her jaw is dropped.

That means she is ‘open’ and receptive (to lead to sex). You see,
sex really isn’t what you thought it would be. It’s just been convoluted
around the women you knew and what thought it was. Porn is the
social display of sex and sex itself is the natural process/culmination.
Great vid.
Track 11 Glah Paw Mai:

The best part of this is now the white guy who can be painful to watch
at times, but the understated simplicity of the lead singer and the band.

Compare this energy to American violence, in-your-face, be�er-than-

thou-ness and it’s a complete different reality. Why? Social influence.
A DIFFERENT socio-cultural influence.

You thought Western culture was everything? It’s time for a new les-
son. Cultural differentiation is what saved and enlightened me.

There actually ARE good and nice people in the world. There are ac-
tually women who won’t clean you out for all you’re worth or desire
higher social status while crushing guys hearts, etc. You’ve just been
limited to social program in front of you.

Anyways, these guys don’t have to be jerks to match the level of the
‘bitches’ a�itudes...none of that hardly exists in thai culture. What a
mindfock eh?

And you don’t have to be a jerk at all you CAN be a NICE GUY b/c
you’re supposed to be. You just haven’t been around nice women that’s

Anyways, get the zen value out of this one and compare it to Ameri-
cana and think about which is healthier and which is just socially based
for more power in a fake reality.

Track 12 Fan-Jah:
This Bird guy is quite prolific. He’s had many albums and hit singles
out in different styles of music. Another ‘nice guy’. He doesn’t have
to be a jerk.

These guys deal with fame a lot be�er and still remained healthily bal-
anced because they have a proper relationship with it. In America, peo-
ple will kill for more social status and it’s quite ridiculous what people
will do just to rise up in the fake, unnatural reality.

Anyways, this is a catchy track.


E, N VJ Woonsen & Pi�a Grammy Hot DZP 4 Mr. VJ

E, N Nakarin Kingsak Grammy Hot DZP 6 Tum Arai Suk
E Apaporn Nakornsawan Grammy Hot DZP 8 Yeuk Yug
*E Oh Yada Feat. Oak Dragon Grammy Hot DZP 9 Kon Kee Ngow
Potato feat. MC Tino Grammy Hot DZP 11 Glah Paw Mai
E Bird Thongchai Grammy Hot DZP 12 Fan-Jah
Palmy: Beautiful Ride

Palmy: Beautiful Ride

GMM Grammy 2006

Disc Notes:

See my notes on ‘Best Hits of Palmy’ to cover this one. I spent so much
time on that and have to get this grounding package out that I’m not
going to re-do it.

Otherwise this album itself is incredible. Get it if you can or don’t have
the ‘Best Hits’.

Track Notes:


*SB Palmy Beautiful Ride 1 Tick-Tock

*N Palmy Beautiful Ride 2 Ooh!
N Palmy Beautiful Ride 5 Mai Mee Kum Jum Gud Kwarm
N Palmy Beautiful Ride 6 Jark Gun Trong Nee
*N Palmy Beautiful Ride 7 Goon Jae Tee Hai Pai
E Palmy Beautiful Ride 9 Mai Mee Krai Choke Rai Ta Laud
Big Hit 2: DZP

Big Hit 2: DZP

GMM Grammy 2005

Disc Notes:

This whole disc is pre�y much up-beat and crowd-pleasing to

those with the acquired personal taste.

Track Notes:

Track 1 Kaub-Far:

This was the only version I had of this song until I found the original on
another disc. The original version is MUCH be�er however this ver-
sion is decent.
Track 4 Gaun-Ma-Li-Bahn:

This track is a clear Silver Bullet for me and I hope that you might get to
approving it for that relationship status for yourself. In fact, it’s so
powerful that it’s worth buying this entire disc JUST for this track alone.

The zen like energy and humility alone is completely mind-blowing

the more you can sense it. It represents everything that’s right in this

Women can sense energy and character. By going through these you
will have the ability as well. And by learning from a Natural alpha en-
ergy track like this, it should inspire and re-energize you.

Your goal is to reach higher levels of ‘awareness’ of energy.

Going back to your roots naturally will clear away the useless clu�er
of social garbage/programming.

This track is different from the rest because of it’s clear zen energy. Yes,
the singers are Buddhist and that is a big part of that influence. It’s a
religion where the ultimate goal of nirvana is done through stripping
away everything and essentially being in a pure natural state.

To me, that energy is quite clear and that’s just within the first couple
seconds where it shows the band.

THEN it gets to the innocence of the kids. Don’t forget that children
(even in the social matrix) have that pure, innocent, natural energy
before it gets corrupted and clu�ered too much.

What’s amazing is that ADULT people in Thai culture have still

retained natural energy. It’s not the only culture by all means, but
it’s a clear standard.
Compare this purity to a photo of Teri Hatcher and the level of neurotic
energy she has now just from seeing one photo of her. Developing
this ability and qualifying women based on their natural character
is how you’ll get laid a LOT. What happens?

These women aren’t in touch with their natural character and don’t live
up to your standard so you stop over-edifying them, you’re comfortable
and they KNOW YOU are the one to bring out the repressed natural
character within them (culminating in sex).

This track gets me everytime. If you aren’t shedding any tears during
any of this you’re just not ge�ing it. BTW, all of this is very indepen-
dent when you’re doing it so don’t have any distractions..have a pure
relationship with the resource so it’s ok for you alone to ‘tear up’.

The more tears you shed, the more naturally grounded you will be and
the more you will strip away all of the social garbage that has clu�ered
you. You will end up more zen and truly comfortable as a result.

I personally like to drink a li�le (a purely interdependent relationship)

to open the gates of value a li�le more in my relationship with these

It’s weird but the world becomes a more interesting and freaky place
when you become more ‘emotional’. You are more like woman in a
way and you can feel and understand them as well as seduce them.
You’ll balance out the yin and yang within yourself; masculine and
feminine and be the ultimate desired man instead of just being the
guy who throws lumber in the back of his pick-up and doesn’t ‘get’

Still..most of the dating guru’s out there not only don’t study women
but the women and their behaviour continues to remain a complete
mystery to even them. They’re just finding ‘ways’ to ‘get some’ or
deal with their behaviour whereas the metaframe of that relationship
is she has the relational authority.

It’s time for A.R.D. but you know that. Through these natural ground-
ing resources you will especially become aware that there IS natural
alpha feminine energy and it should completely ROCK your world
as it does mine. It’s my secret weapon.

But back to this track again. A�er you get used to it, don’t be afraid
to truly GET the most value out of your relationship with it. Though
crying is a touchy subject, this is the place and time where it’s ok
because you’re just ignorant and will continue to be if you keep the
truth (which has been hid from you your whole life) repressed.

Besides you would only repress something because you cared what
other thought anyways, which is social influence. If you want real
power you act unabashedly and independent. You do what YOU
want (as long as it doesn’t harm others) DO open up and you
don’t have to tell no one. It will give you a stronger and more mascu-
line foundation actually to do so.

If you want to be fearless of any and all women in the world then may-
be you ought to start tearing up.

The natural purity is what you are inducting so there are going to be
physiological changes but you have to be receptive to them by allowing
that synergy (high level rel.) to take place. This is a growth process and
by no means should be confused with other situations where even
I agree man shouldn’t cry, yet it actually makes you stronger so you
DON’T cry

in those situations...yes, ironic.

This track and the energy contained within are mind-blowing. Com-
pare the spirit of the women to the zen like energy of the men here. As
stimulus, you can be zen like and women will go nuts over you.

Track 6 Hula Hula:

Excellent. I love this one’s quite entertaining and the girls
of course have lots of effervescent energy.

It’s a slight remix off of the original album version.

Track 10 Sieng Jark Kon Glai Tua:

The energy of the two side girls is more Zen like and even the lead
singer is one of those high-class yet shyer girls you’d meet through
friends but it’s all good here...good stuff.

Track 11 Raun:

This version is actually a lot be�er than the original version. They
pumped up the beat here.

Good, entertaining and full of great energy. Even the choreography

takes second place to their energy whereas in America the focus
in a similar situation is on the quality of the choreography or the
amount of slu�iness she can get away with without stepping over
the top.
Be wary of anything or any behavior that puts the woman as stimulus
or tries to get a ‘response’ out of you. It’s all a social device/program
with an ulterior motive.

Compare that to the natural, open energy of more natural women

who don’t have an agenda other than wanting to be with a great
guy and being happy. The more cognitive of this you are, the
stronger you will become as a man.

The more you know of Natural, the more you’ll be able to clearly
differentiate it (like I can and do in real-time) from Social female

Good track here but get this disc for Gaun-Ma-Li-Bahn if you can or
don’t have it yet. The rest is almost supplementary!



E Bodyslam Big Hit 2: DZP 1 Kaub-Far (Remix)

*SB Time Big Hit 2: DZP 4 Gaun-Ma-Li-Bahn
E 2005 Tiwa Hula Hula Big Hit 2: DZP 6 Hula Hula
Zaza Big Hit 2: DZP 10 Sieng Jark Kon Glai Tua
E 2005 Tiwa Hula Hula Big Hit 2: DZP 11 Raun
GMM: Maximum Hitz

Maximum Hitz
GMM Grammy 2002

Disc Notes:

This one is difficult to get a hold of because it goes back in time but
is FILLED with tremendous tracks and energy.

It took me over the course of a few years to realize the value that was
within here.

Track 1 Krai Krai Gaw Mai Ruk Pom:

A complete Thai Hit standard. It’s so good that it should have been an
international hit and still can be.

What the title says is loosely ‘who who .. no loves me’..

What detracted me was the first part of the song and I didn’t see it for
2 years because “I don’t want to see this kid sing a slow song”..but
then I finally watched the full of it and wow.

Infectious as music. This one is just great for entertainment and

representation. It’s a high quality ‘element’ in itself that represents
thai culture such as ‘dragostea din te’ represents Romania.
Track 2 Pid Pai:

You know how naturals seemingly hardly ever have to ‘do’

anything while other guys try so hard?

Well, when you truly are comfortable in your own skin and
retain that relationally around women..that’s when it starts.

So in this video, he is just a comfortable, average guy whose

energy is pre�y zen.

You can take that a�ribute of being more zen-like in your behavior
when applying A.R.D. and natural cognition and you don’t have
to do much at all because you’re the stimulus as you are for
the women to respond to.

This is obviously a love song with some pain. Kind of good

guitar solo near the end.

Track 4 Yok Yai:

Fun stuff. I met Da Jim and he gave me his drink in Bangkok one
time. And he was real and friendly. So friendly (actually a strong
natural trait) and without a social agenda that he decimates the
bitchy unfriendly girl who rejected you.

Get your values and priorities straight like I’ve done and you’ll stop
edifying in ANY way the behavior of those women and see right
through them looking for natural a�ributes instead.

It’s only when us Alpha’s get ‘crossed’ or universal principles are

denied that our Alpha nature comes out to defend the truth..otherwise
we’re nice guys.

Only once on my last trip did that side of things come up and
it was with a neurotic, socialized woman actually who I had to
put into place or she would have unrightfully walked over me.

How on earth do you ever find grounded ‘celebrities’ in the social

matrix anymore? You just don’t. Maybe an outcast like Sean Penn
but otherwise they all ‘care’ too much about what others think
that they become co-dependent on it.

These Asian artists and celebrities are still grounded and are
just giving value to people...they don’t ever ‘sell out’. Compare
that to the myspace ho’s who have already sold out, behaving
like their pop princesses when they don’t even have a career.

Natural vs. Social once again and natural wins. Social is the
candy flavor in front of your eyes and is all that millions can
see but I’m teaching you to see ‘naturally’ because it’s missing
in our society.

In the video, the girl is so damn skinny but you’re still a�racted
to her (and it’s OK to be because it’s natural dynamics instead
of skewed, backwards social ones) because of her energy.

Track 5 Top Tuan:

(see ‘Best Hits of Palmy’)

Track 12 Jeb Sum Sum:

This one is powerful. VERY strong natural alpha feminine nature here.

Unlike Beyonce singing there’s another you coming here in a minute,

there are women in the world who sing about love and pain and
actually mean it.

It’s not that they’re not independent, they just aren’t overdeveloped
like man and they retain the purity of their true feminine nature and
the benefits that it brings including emotion.

This one should blow you away and will continue to, the more
cognitive you become. Gets to me everytime here. Yes, my cold
heart is finally warming up again a�er all these years.

Natural women and power will do that. You will see that there is
good in the world.

Embrace the pure authenticity of her when she’s wearing her

glasses. It rarely gets any more feminine natural than this right

It’s kind of funny though how tragic some of the love song videos
can be but it makes it more emotional.

If you can, get this disc SOMEHOW or join a waiting list to get it
because this track is worth it alone. I’ll show it at my seminars.
Track 13 Purng Roo Wah Ruk Tur:

Yes, even the Sage likes some love songs but don’t tell anyone
or it’ll ruin my reputation ;)

The lead woman in here is amazingly pure and high in natural energy.
THAT is the ideal type of wifey right there my friend.

This track has really grown on me. You can see for yourself the
storyline but I don’t pay much a�ention to that anyways or production
value or what’s ‘cool’..I’m concerned with the tremendous value of
natural energy I’m discovering and inducting.

And when seen in the love story format such as this, it will start to
reshape your reality of what you find perfect in a woman from what
you thought it was.

Other Notes:

Why are we studying thai women when you might not be interested in
Asian women at all (yet) when the women you want are over here
where you are?

Because of the universal and natural quality within alpha role models,
that’s why..and you’ll see it too. Once you are AWARE of natural en-
ergy you will be able to see it and a�ract it in your current reality.

Even if you never take any of this over to the ‘personal’ or inner charac-
ter level of approval, learn from the natural.

Our women are living, walking, breathing contradictions. They’re

fighting against nature with all of the social influence they’ve adapted
to but the pressure is so strong to ‘fit in’ that they adapt.
Track 14 Jark Kon Eun Kon Glai:

Marsha. This one is subtle but grew on me a�er a while. Great natural

If you think about it, this is really the perfect type of girlfriend. She is
just absent of all of the drama and baggage of American or socially in-
fluenced bitches.

That drama is just non-existent here. There are real and great women
in the world and they’ve been there throughout history...that’s why
we’re all here today and it’s just the incredibly modern changes that
have taken place socially in the last 30 years that have changed people’s
understanding of the’s been covered up.

Ground yourself in real women like this and you will be comfortable
and less interested in social matrix ‘bitches’ in your entire physiological

Also, you will bring out the natural side of them while a�racting them
TO you instead of them rejecting you in a social power game.

Can this video do all that for you? YEP. Get enough natural grounding
and YOU will change. This is MUCH deeper than the limited ‘inner’
and ‘social’ scope of the other dating guru’s out there but you already
knew that.

When a woman is a�racted and in natural character, you are King yet
ironically you don’t want to abuse that power you love her more for be-
ing a real woman.
Disc 2: Track 2 Annita Tur Yoo Nai:

Incredible Silver Bullet for me. This is a great welcome to the Thai
experience. Years later I still can’t get enough of this track. That
option just doesn’t exist with social, money focused productions which
are here today, gone tomorrow.

Natural roots are the foundation upon which great production ele-
ments are added on TOP OF. In American videos, o�en the natural is
washed out and the focus is only on social status, power and approval.

Celine Dion is so damn effective because she’s retained a lot of her nat-
ural character. You’ll notice that element in these women even though
it’s in a different language with it’s own socio-cultural influences.

Besides..once you start bridging the language gap and accepting the
women ‘personally’ you will gain even more cognition and awareness
and the fact that you can’t quite fully ‘figure it out’ on the personal and
social levels makes it ALL the more damn intriguing and fascinating
to you as the perfect muses. It has for me but will for you only if you
open up to it.

The natural energy of the women is evident throughout the chore-

ography and their movements only add power on top of the effect of
their natural character instead of just being socially based and ‘choreo-

You see their energy and feel it shine through. See how white their eyes
are and the natural energy behind their smiles.

Any limitations you’ve had about women (of other cultures) has only
been a socially influenced program in the first place. I grew up around
rednecks and didn’t know about Asian women or have interest until I
really discovered them.
Other notes:

..How do you love a woman and keep it going? Have her a�racted to
you and maintain relational authority in the metaframe of the relation-
ship..that’s how.

I’ll do li�le yet powerful things that will blow a woman away and it
will keep her a�racted to me even more and around longer but I still
maintain relational authority.

Track 14 Ying Jeb Ying Ruk:

An effective slow love song which is kind of emotional. There’s always

more effect or punch to love songs when the elements are natural and
not with the pure mercenary goal of achieving higher social status,
fleeting fame and money.

This by the way is our girl of the 5. And this is before she
temporarily ‘sold out’ on a more conscious and socialized production
(cared too much about demographics and pleasing people like Ameri-
ca..called ‘Lucky Girl’).

This actually is a beautiful track and when you hear the female side of
things and what they’re going through emotionally because they’re at-
tracted to a guy like’s quite powerful.
Track Notes:



*E Plub Gmm Maximum Hitz: D1 1 Krai Krai Gaw

Mai Ruk Pom
Silly Fools Gmm Maximum Hitz: D1 2 Pid Pai
E Da Jim Gmm Maximum Hitz: D1 4 Yok Yai
N Palmy Gmm Maximum Hitz: D1 5 Top Tuan
*N Titimah P. Gmm Maximum Hitz: D1 12 Jeb Sum Sum
*N Pa�arapon S. Gmm Maximum Hitz: D1 13 Purng Roo
Wah Ruk Tur
N Marsha W. Gmm Maximum Hitz: D1 14 Jark Kon Eun
Kon Glai

*SB, E Annita Gmm Maximum Hitz: D2 2 Tur Yoo Nai

(Where R U)?
N Kat English Gmm Maximum Hitz: D2 10 Ying Jeb Ying
Palmy (self-titled)
Palmy (self-titled debut)
GMM Grammy 2002

Disc Notes:

Palmy is the #1 Natural Alpha female role model. See the ‘Best Hits of
Palmy’ for more info on these specific tracks.

Otherwise I’ll say that on her original debut album, track 1 is the origi-
nal version. Very natural and unlike other artists she not only RE-
TAINS her innocence, but actually becomes MORE innocent with her
latest release...that’s damn near impossible because it’s never happened
in the history of the social matrix or the entire music industry’s history.

Don’t underestimate her (natural) power and potential influence. She’s

TREMENDOUSLY influenced me and I am who I am. Think about
what she can do for you and your character growth as well as your cog-
nition cultivation of natural energy.

Track 4 Kow Leum is a live performance probably at one of her first


Track Notes:


SB Palmy Self-Titled 1 Yauk Raung Dung Dung

*N Palmy Self-Titled 2 Yoo Tau Dai Reu Plow
N Palmy Self-Titled 3 Pat Mong Chow Wun Ung Karn
E Palmy Self-Titled 4 Kow Leum
N Palmy Self-Titled 5 Top Tuan
Grammy Big - Vol. 3

Grammy Big - Vol. 3

GMM Grammy 2005

Disc Notes:

This disc has two good modern rock hits but I haven’t taken the
time to go through the disc more clearly to find more value but
these two stood out.

BTW, I saw ‘Big Ass’ live in concert at Hollywood in BKK on my

first trip and didn’t know it was them until like a year later.

On a side thai women have asses? (this is a personal/inner

character thing..) Believe it or not, yeah. You’ll never see more tail-
feather until you go to thailand. There were even some big asses (in a
good way). Dont’ get me started but thai women don’t turn into over-
weight hogs when get older...they age more gracefully than most all

Track Notes:


E Big Ass Big - vol. 3 1 Len Kaung Soong

Pang Nakarin K. Big - vol. 3 2 Man
Grammy Dance 2004: DZP

Grammy Dance 2004: DZP

GMM Grammy 2004

Disc Notes:

I’m not gonna do track notes on this one...I will say that this disc is
decent. It’s more on the personal preference kind of tip though and
the whole disc has a certain blend mode theme to it.

Actually hold on...there’s two women that really stand out.

Track 7 is another thai woman who is very skinny but has incredible
natural energy. Once again, you’re judging and valuing them not on
their exploited sexuality (because it literally doesn’t exist in this
culture) but on her purity..she’s in the proper place in relation to
men put it that way yet capitalizes on her femininity.

Track 10 is tremendous. This girl I dare say is almost more natural than
Palmy even but it’s completely unofficial partly because the images of
are small, broken up and within the context of all of the flashy graphics.
But you can quite easily see her natural feminine alpha character.

She is incredibly girly it’s almost unreal yet it’s the most real thing
that there is. This girl is insanely natural alpha. Can you sense it?

Note how she’s not le�ing any prohibiting thoughts get in her way,
she’s just ‘being’. She’s not thinking, ok I should act, behave, dress,
think, act like this...she just ‘is’. Now that’s beauty. That’s what you
should qualify women on and you’ll be making massive ground.

Ironically the secret is that our social matrix women are envious of
pure women like this. It’s the happy, free, fun, giggly, spirit that didn’t
have pressures and influence to corrupt them...POWERFUL STUFF
HERE. Learn from it.

Track Notes:


E Lanna Commins Grammy Dance 2004: DZP 3 ?

N First Stage Grammy Dance 2004: DZP 7 ?
N Hum Grammy Dance 2004: DZP 9 ?
*N Jazzy Grammy Dance 2004: DZP 10 ?
E TAXI Grammy Dance 2004: DZP 14 ?
Grammy Best of 2005

Grammy Best of 2005

GMM Grammy 2005

Disc Notes:

Three POWER tracks here, primarily #1 and #2. Track 3 is just a

really good personal preference of mine and is quite entertaining and
singable actually. You should find yourself wanting to sing a long to
it a�er a while.

And hey, I still don’t know what the hell most of it means but it doesn’t
ma�er. It’s au naturale. You don’t have to understand either because
that’s on the social level. We’re operating naturally.

Track 1 Oh La Naw (My Love):

An incredible silver bullet of influence right here.

THE living definition of S.O.N.A.R.R. is at the beginning of this video.

Never will you see it more clear than right here. The nonverbal body
language says EVERYTHING.

I could go on and on about this video and will at my seminars but just
experience it for yourself. This is one of the strongest silver bullets
that I have in my arsenal.

Look at the relational dynamics going on between the men and the
women. You don’t even see this in America (in which the fantasy and
individualist separatism or ‘idea’ of love is promoted on both the male
and female side instead of the actual connection reality.

The women here are all natural and know their natural role because
some other agenda wasn’t brainwashed into them. It just wasn’t a
part of their culture. These women are actually stronger than the
sold-out women because they have the pressure to resist selling out.

Think about that. They know their role and are PROUD of their role.
They’re perfect mothers and wives.

The one which you can tell has quite some additional independent
strength but she still knows her role and submits to the man’s
rightful and natural authority EVEN if he’s more beta than her, just
like my maternal grandmother.

Everytime I watch this video I tier up and if you are ‘ge�ing it’ you
will too. Maybe part of it is that I have the leverage to influence
other’s who have been repressed from the truth their whole life
into seeing the truth which is this.
GET THIS DISC. This track is not only a cultural pop hit but the
natural energy and PROPER relational dynamics between men
and women (which you never see anywhere) are PHENOMENAL
and real.

This is the where the women are running through the mud in
‘The Secret to Women’ video.

Their representation here isn’t ‘acting’ or some bitch stepping off

the set to check her cel phone..this is a real interpretation of how
the relational dynamics really are for (natural) people.

I’m so excited about continuing to promote this one...experience

it for yourself.

Track 2 Kaub Far:

Epic. This tracking is epic. Music and quality wise alone it

meets mainstream industry standards but that’s all social anyways
but what really rocks are the natural elements used here.

THIS TRACK ROCKS. It’s kind of like on Creed’s level for their 3 big
hits. It’s about a boy and girl who grew up together and he’s about
to lose her to death metaphorically.

When they’re on the cliff it’s the same as in one of my other secrets,
‘Joe vs. the Volcano’. They’re about to take the metaphorical leap
of commitment together on faith.

Another thing is the visual fx have a different quality about them

in Asian videos compared to American ones and although you
may not be used to it at first you’ll find that quite o�en they are
(socio-culturally influenced) damn effective.
This track is inspirational just to rock along with it mentally as it
shows the man’s side of ‘love’ in a relationship in this interpretation.

‘Proong nee mai mee laaw tur’. Through my own knowledge of

thai I know it means ‘tomorrow i will/may not have you.’

You’ll notice (hopefully) that with American lyrics you are ‘quick
to judge’ and base them on their ‘personal’ value. When you
experience something like this where you’re in unfamiliar social
territory and can’t interpret it (translate it) personally, you’re le�
to mostly interpret the natural energy by default.

This is a damn good thing. But when you can START to bridge
the gap and understand what a word means here and there, it
will START piecing the mystery of the puzzle together for you
and the value of it means a heck of a lot more.

That’s why (through experience) you will have a higher synergy

with foreign women on the smallest of things or if you know
a word or two of their language, then it accelerates your
relationship on the personal level. I’ve go�en laid I don’t know
how many times because of that alone so you might want to
re-read it.

But the ongoing mystery of these videos to figure out on the

personal level just add more fascination and growing interest
in them because youre relationship is already at a high level
and gaining even more synergy and true understanding/exchange
of value.

Epic. Kaub Far (which i STILL don’t know what the hell it
means even though I can sing the lyrics and massively kept
this one girl a�racted to me who was great doggystyle..) is
very universal in scope.

Don’t overlook it. It’s like the LionKing; it just starts off on the
right foot because it’s using pure and natural elements the
whole time. You know there’s a special quality about it the
first two seconds you hear it. Welcome to the reality of
intuition my friend. It’s what women live in and it’s what
will a�ract them to you because you’ll be in proper relation
to them.

Site note; although I actually know and can pronounce 100’s

of thai words, it’s just the actual definitions (my cognition of
them) that I’m weak on. When I get those I’ll be conversationally
fluent and well beyond.

Track 3 Kae Kow Jai:

A personal (thai) favorite video. A�er time you might be singing

along to it too. This one show’s more inner character (Lanna).

It’s great to ‘see through’ to the truth of her without being intimidated.

Track Notes:


*SB Bird Thongchai Gmm Grammy Best of 2005 1 Oh La Naw

(My Love)
*SB, E Bodyslam Gmm Grammy Best of 2005 2 Kaub Far
*E Lanna Commins Gmm Grammy Best of 2005 3 Kae Kow Jai
2005 Tiwa Hula Hula

2005 Tiwa Hula Hula

GMM Grammy 2005

Disc Notes:

This is a recommended VCD and one of my faves.

Always buy the vcd karaoke versions so that you can see instead of just
hear. It’s imperative otherwise it just goes down to personal preference
if it’s just audio.

Great fun production where they internationalized the beach concept

with some Hawaiian and South Pacific influence. I’m glad they did that
because it’s starting to break limitations the Thai hold on themselves
and promoting something in a different light for further influence.

This disc will not only take you away but put you in a happier more
peaceful state of mind. There’s escapism yet also the realism of their
character; a perfect balance!
Take it all in and enjoy how joyful they are.

Track 1 Hula Hula:

The lead single and deservedly so. All out fun that I think you might
move into your area of personally approved instead of just using it for
natural induction.

Track 2 Oh-Oh-Oh:

This one will serve you well as a man. It should relax and inspire you.
You’ll feel like you’re living the good life partly because these women
know their relationship to men. You can talk to them and they’re ‘real’.

They don’t think they’re ‘be�er than you’ like the social alpha’s
do...(look how bored and serious Victoria Beckham is?!) She cares too
One especially effective burst of energy for you as a man, is where Kat
is doing the hula in the ocean.

The sexual/natural energy of the women is incredibly high in this one,

especially towards the end of the track.

There’s a turbo boost of energy when they pause and continue swirl-
ing at the same time..I think you’ll know at which point. My jaw drops
everytime there and is it because they’re the sexiest or ho�est women in
the world? No.

It’s their natural (and true sexual) energy packaged in good-looked-

ness...but soon you’ll start realizing too that they ARE about the most
beautiful women in the world and b/c they have their heads screwed on

Track 4 Mon Jun:

Kat looks luscious in this one..great tropical moonglow visuals.

Track 7 Hua Jai Mai Koey Lup:

This is like the one track that almost crosses the line if you view it from
one angle. In other words, it’s almost too feminine and ‘girly’ but it’s
the only track that goes this far in that direction (of ANY of their work).

Still, it’s ok to appreciate it as their natural energy is quite strong.

The reason this is more feminine is because they’re bringing in a li�le

more of the social expectation of what a woman is ‘supposed to be’
and have a ‘girls time’ together.

You don’t sense that in any of their other videos but you do here.
Anyways, it’s still happy and joyful and I like that it’s right on the

Take note again how in your cultivating of cognition of their ‘natural’

energy it’s almost more like a neutral gender type thing b/c you’re not
associating their energy with ‘girliness’.

Track 8 Huang Laaw Huang Eek:

Jenny’s solo lead track with a li�le R&B influence.

It’s got a tremendous amount of natural purity and innocence.

Jenny is my new #1 of the girls and energy wise, she eclipses
Kat even in this outing.

From one angle she’s not congruent dancing this style of music
and it’s kind of awkward but if you’re smart, you’ll realize that it
doesn’t ma�er. If you’re socially influenced you might ignorantly
say ‘she can’t dance’ this.
Remember there are the 3 different levels of reality and relationships.
Natural, Personal and Social. Look for the natural communication
that exists and don’t view it socially by your limited perception as
there are different social realities even.

Her natural energy rips up any social matrix bitch. Shania Twain
had decent natural energy and Celine was the int’l standard. Mariah
is polarized; she’s a natural alpha (nice) and yet extreme social
alpha at the same time where you can obviously guess which one
rules when she’s in public anywhere. Unfort. she has an Inner Alpha
range fan. Being tri-Alpha as a woman = Aphrodite but death to live
with...she will OWN you.

But my girl Jenny here, what you see is what you get. They don’t
have to ‘act’..this is the real them. No pretension at all.

It’s unlike Beyonce who is actually nice but then turns into a (social al-
pha) diva/maneater on stage.

Xtina’s overkilled the social alpha-ness..she’s become it and it’s

ridiculous how much of a slu�y pricktease she is even though she
has talent. Pink’s an Inner Alpha who is a product of marketing
herself who talks about ‘stupid girls’ (social alpha’s) but actually
is one herself with platinum hair.

Playboy’s girls next door are natural alpha’s and social alpha’s
with almost no inner character (hey, I’m not stereotyping here..).

Anyways, back to Jenny. When you can love a woman’s a�ributes

like this, they’re going to love you back even more in a relationship.
It’s what’s good in the world and I hope you’re ge�ing this new lesson
which is damn near impossible to find anywhere within the social
Track 9 Hello Ta-Lay:

Talay means ocean/beach. This is just a good fun one. A hint

of the girly togetherness but not overwhelming at all.

You don’t even have to do anything and you’ll have fun with girls
like these. How do I know? You mean you haven’t been to Thailand
yet? It’s the hidden secret bro.

Track 10 Happy Day:

They are happy, they pursue happiness and they even SING about
happiness. Compare that to the extreme materialistic desires of
American musicians and how millions of people will live and die by
the seriousness of it all when it’s just a fake reality. And they’ll say
‘this is life’ but what they’re really saying is, ‘this is the only life i know
or have ever seen thus I can’t compare it to anything else because i’m
still ignorant in some ways’.

‘Social’ is the root of your’s programming is only intended

to give some people more power and profit. That’s what the matrix is
all built around. Natural is not only your ‘salvation’ from that reality
but your return to strength, power, truth and success with women.

I hope this will start to really give you a new viewpoint. You’re
experiencing cultural differentiation baby.

This is another fun track. I recommend this album but it’s third place
out of the 3 releases the girls’ have.
Track Notes:



*E Kat, Jen, Yaya, Bell, Wawa 2005 Tiwa Hula Hula 1 Hula Hula
*E Kat, Jen, Yaya, Bell, Wawa 2005 Tiwa Hula Hula 2 Oh-Oh-Oh
E Katreeya English 2005 Tiwa Hula Hula 4 Mon Jun
N Kat, Jen, Yaya, Bell, Wawa 2005 Tiwa Hula Hula 7 Hua Jai Mai
Koey Lup
E, N Jennifer Politanon 2005 Tiwa Hula Hula 8 Huang Laaw
Huang Eek
E Kat, Jen, Yaya, Bell, Wawa 2005 Tiwa Hula Hula 9 Hello Ta-Lay
E Kat, Jen, Yaya, Bell, Wawa 2005 Tiwa Hula Hula 10 Happy Day
Super Coyote

Super Coyote
RS Promotion 2005

Disc Notes:

This disc by RS Promotion (the lesser of the two big hi�ers yet leader of
the go-go girls) continues to grow on me.

It’s really just thai girls dancing the whole time without ANY choreog-
raphy but that’s the beauty of it all.

You could tell a Beyonce to just ‘dance’ for an hour and she wouldn’t
know what to do because she’d be so damn self-conscious and
concerned about ‘how she should act’ or how to please the target
With these don’t damn ma�er. Are they the sexiest? Hell no,
not even by thai standards but it’s the natural energy that leaves you in
a constant freeze-frame of perplexion where you can’t tell how beauti-
ful they are because you’re CAPTIVATED by their energy...that is the
true essence of women.

They are ‘nice’ and real. Ironic that Coyote girls are natural because in
the U.S. as in the movie itself, it’s CLEARLY a stimulus-response
relationship whereas here the women are impossibly stuck within the
unlimited realm of their own femininity where the power of a man is
always the real authority; yes you bad boy.

I recommend you get this disc if you can. Lots of energy in it to further

Track Notes:


*E Super Coyote RS/Siam: Super Coyote

2002 Rahtree
sŌme Pàhn sŌme rah-tree

2002 Rahtree
GMM Grammy 2002

Disc Notes:

So powerfully effective and influential I’m not even going to touch on it

now. It changed my life and it’s power and influence only grows stron-
Other VCD’s
Here are some other discs of interest.


Karaoke VCD : Grammy best of the Year 2002


Karaoke VCD : Grammy best of the Year 2004


Karaoke VCD : RS - Best of the Year 2005


Karaoke VCD : Grammy best of the Year 2003


*Concert VCDs : Palmy - The Rhythm of The Times

Get this one; it’s amazing. It’s where I drew the background to
‘The Secret to Women’ from

VCDs : Palmy - Special edition


Karaoke VCD : Palmy - Stay


Karaoke VCD : RS : Dance of the year 2002


VCDs : Hot Star Dance - Nat Kesirin Vol.1+2

Karaoke VCD : Natalie : Episode II - Arkantuka’

Palmy concert
2007 Show Girls Overview

Fast Synopsis of the girls.

For the first time they’re missing WaWa. She was one half of the two
China Dolls. Albeit she was clearly #5 of them in any survey but still
held her own enough to be a part of the group (but barely).

Katreeya English:
The former unstated ‘leader’ and #1 of the 5 original girls, Kat is now
last place when it comes to natural energy (and quite clearly so).

She WAS the overall a�ention-ge�ing alpha of the group but now she is
dimunitive in light of the other girls’ energy. She now takes last place
of the 4 in energy.

What happened was she went ‘solo’ and had her own album. That al-
bum was not natural. It was filled with a lot of J.LO-esque ambitions
(of the producers) for her to fill that spot in the sub-Asian demographic.

You can even have great production ‘socially’ but anything derived
social with ambition and purpose of making record sales will fade
away with time unless there are lasting qualities about it.

Look at the American market quick and artists come and go, just ‘hop-
ing’ for a quick shot at the big life. Those that last (ie. Jay-Z) at least
continue to deliver value in relationship with the people even if it IS all
a social fantasy which they say is life because they’re living at the high
‘social’ end of things yet none of it’s natural.

So back to Kat. I urge you to look for the true relationships and the
truth of character. (It’s well worth the effort because it will pay off in
the most rewards).

Fame affected her and zapped her energy...she started becoming too
conscious of what people thought and started thinking about her ac-
tions and behaviors too much to see if it falls in line with the image she
was supposed to project.

However Kat is still incredible


Wow. Jenny was always #2 for me and sometimes even took over Kat’s
place as #1 one but now she is clearly #1 for me of the girls because Kat
dropped to last place a�er gaining social alpha status.

In fact, (of the clear role ‘models’) overall Jenny is #2 in Natural Alpha
feminine energy behind Palmy. Keep an eye on her and freeze-frame
her at anytime to extrapolate her energy.

Remember that these girls are communicating nonverbally at every

millisecond and so are you. You want to be ‘communicating’ the right
things instead of the wrong things. The right things are the ones that
open and inspire connections.

I’ve noticed (clearly) that the more natural the women are, the more
they will respond to me (also being influenced by the relational envi-

Prada’s don’t o�en respond because they’re too damn independent.

Get a girl with Jenny or Palmy energy in your environment and they
WILL give nonverbal signals to you (as a student of mine ;). With Pra-
da’s it will o�en take a while until they realize what’s right in front of
them as long as you stay high in natural character throughout the com-

I could go on and on about Jenny. That is the type of woman I would

want to marry..maybe even her herself someday, who knows. I can’t
ever get enough of her (energy).

How do you succeed with women and what is the REAL secret?
Natural grounding and understanding the truth of women.

Go to the pure Alpha natural source and cultivate cognition and she
is it. When you can understand women like this, you will not only be
comfortable around them but you will a�ract them and be able to se-
duce them as a natural.

Few are doing it (in the social matrix) because there’s no natural
grounding or understanding of true feminine energy (the only path to

I don’t care if you print out a freezeframe of Jenny and induct natural
understanding and awareness of her or what (in fact I officially recom-
mend you do this) but it will do miracles for you.

And I’m not just talking about being happier in your day to day life..
I’m talking about the most important thing there is; women and bring-
ing into focus the truth of their natural character that CONSISTENTLY
leads to sex.

I have been with DOZENS of women since I started inducting energy

from these girls and it’s just ge�ing be�er because I’m taking my own
natural grounding to a more synergistic level through more awareness,
more receptivity and more time in grounding.

Doing this will have women drop their jaws at you because who you
are (and your understanding of the woman inside of them) will melt
them. It speaks so loud that they can’t hear what you’re saying.

This is the secret; natural grounding. Learn a lot from Jenny.

YaYa Ying:

(on the right; Bell 2nd from le�)

She actually has a more understated, reserved, subtle yet demurely

proud quiet strength about her. These are o�en the most exciting in the
bedroom whereas many Prickteases I’ve found to be somewhat docile.

She would make a GREAT girlfriend or wife (to a deserving or lucky

man) who would continue to realize her hidden beauty and her more
serious yet personable (with him) a�ributes.

She was off the charts in energy on 2002 Rahtree, o�en taking first place
even. She’s subdued down a bit more since then and part of it is prob-
ably due to the socio-cultural social status/fame.

She is impossibly adorable in Can Do Can Dance and still has great
natural energy but not as nuclear as Jenny’s. On track 5 you can see she
has a very sexy ta�oo you know where (there is a lot of sexuality she’s
still with-holding).

I’d say she’s my new #2 of the group with Bell #3 and Kat#4 now.
Amazing isn’t it? I really AM judging women on natural character and
guess where it leads? sex. lots of it.


The stronger half of the China Dolls, Bell definitely holds her own in

She does a great job and it’s nice to have a Chinese girl involved. It
adds another depth to it which you won’t realize until you can differen-
tiate more.

Bell’s the shortest one. Jenny’s TALL and thai girls are o�en the
tallest girls in asia though some japanese are tall.

I think you’ll enjoy her fresh and natural energy too.

Of the girls;

I could probably close my eyes and have them walk in the room and
I’d be able to guess which one it was from her energy.

These girls here deserve to be the next Spice Girls internationally but
they’re still kind of a secret. They’re about the only women who could
put up with the fame and fortune and not sell out their character;
THAT is feminine strength.

When you realize this, you’ll see that no social pricktease could ever
live up to your standards and you operate on the natural level with her
and that’s how you actually GET somewhere.

“So you’re saying that by studying Thai performer’s I’ll be able to have
more success with women here?” Exactly.

When you start valuing the women you meet on their natural character,
it’s going to be so low that you’ll hardly be interested in them but that’s
how it works.

With natural is guaranteed for an Alpha. It’s inevitable

with enough time and/or connections.

And if you dont’ have natural women in your environment, then bring
out the natural character of the women that ARE there. That’s the
only path anyways.

Social consciousness..people all caring about how they look and what
others are thinking. Being comfy in your own skin is maintaining
relational independence.
Spice Girls Energy Synapse
Why the hell not; i thought about this way back when.

Fast Energy synopsis of the Spice Girls. Posh Spice was hands down
my favorite Spice back in the day. She had the most reserved and de-
mure a�ributes of all of them.

The whole concept is ‘social’ and based on stereotypes anyways (which

is also a social device).

Posh Spice: Victoria Beckam. Some women take social status and fame
too seriously as in the case of her. She’s clearly had several cosmetic
surgeries done but I actually preferred her more back in the Spice days.
Her face was beautiful enough.
Listen, the ONLY reason women do plastic surgery is not because of
personal preference, it’s because of social influence PERIOD. Society
has influenced them so much that they consider plastic surgery and
then put it as a ‘personal’ preference and decision but it’s all because of
their socio-cultural environment.

Anyways I liked her because she was the shyest and didn’t have to say
anything in public; she was naturally beautiful. (I love ravens). But
look at her now and she takes her social alpha status WAY too seriously.

Ginger Spice: Geri Halliwell. In a sense the most prickteasing of them.

My faves were in this order:


Note that it’s kind of from the darkest hair to the lighest..anyways..

Baby Spice: Very natural and bubbly energy despite the ridiculous
social outfits.

You’ll notice that o�en the unpre�iest women have (RETAINED more)
natural energy (aka ‘niceness’) because they have SOME quality to
succeed with men.

When I was in NYC (the one time so far), I had some british girls follow
me into a Subway restaurant and I talked to one of them (because of
her nonverbal interest) and they were from the countryside outside

It’s too bad I already had plans that night for a no-guests one time
only reunion conference (and I cross-checked it twice in my mind then)
or I would have invited the group to my room where I had a bo�le of

Anyways...the closer to natural roots a girl is, the more natural she is
and the more she will show her interest in a man because that’s what
it’s all about. And it’s about HER level of interest. That’s why if you
can’t see their level of interest (they’re only repressing it because of
social influence) then you have to operate with her naturally and bring
it out of her in ways where you prevent rejection.

But Baby Spice just reminded me of those girls although she was still
my least favorite Spice Girl because she wasn’t really that pre�y.

BTW, you can cultivate the ability to see through ‘makeup’ and see
or estimate what TRUE beauty level a woman is at. IE.
ratings are (now especially) competely off.

Women will receive and extra 4 full points just because they’re wearing
makeup because whoever is ‘judging’ is ignorant and can’t tell the
difference. Try actresses without make-up..same thing...they’re only
about an 8 at best..many of them. Britney even. She looks downright
ugly in some pictures but her ‘social’ make-up can ‘transform’ her into
a 9.9 sexy stimuli where ignorant men respond and start drooling with-
out seeing through all of it.

I appreciate natural beauty where make-up

These girls out there are like Tammy Faye except there’s a relationship
of synergy so you can’t tell the damn difference. You don’t see ‘em with
their make-up off or know how long it actually takes them to get to that
level...see guys can’t do that. We throw a shirt on, glance in the mirror
and we’re good to go.

Women ‘make’ themselves up to improve their looks because they can

and it = higher social status. If you saw some of the women you think
and dream of with makeup off you’d be awakened.

Look through all of it. Cultivate that ability. Hotornot is WAY off track
anyways. They’re edifying and overrating the wrong women because
they’re just seeing ‘the sizzle’ and not the steak. That means many
women ARE underrated; natural beauty.

I even tease an Aphrodite girl-friend of mine about how much make-up

she uses (she’s a 10 by the way).

The fact my rating has ranged from 2.9-9.9 just says something else.
It’s more like right now but doesn’t ma�er because my
relationships are in their proper place. I’m not dependent on what oth-
ers think.

Anyways..back to the ‘quick’ (yeah right) energy synopsis.

Sporty Spice:

Mel C. I remember her to be more Inner Alpha...a Prada. Note that

independent women will o�en get ta�oo’s which is a manly thing to do.
Why will they do it? Because they’ve acquired a�ributes of power such
as men have; independence.

Look at Angelina Jolie for chrissake.

Scary Spice:

Mel B. Wow, did I say Sporty was independent? Yikes...Scary takes

that prize but they all had GREAT natural energy when they came out
and that was a key to their success as well. They really did have FUN
and then things came to socially focused and started wearing them

Just thought I’d throw this mini-chapter in here.

But when you cultivate enough natural grounding ‘foundation’ within

you (much is necessary to balance out and reframe your reality from
the social alpha model you had of the world), you will be able to see
right through all make-up, sexiness, social status and prickteasing to
the truth of the woman. And when they know it, it’s on like donkey

The social alpha female model (and inner alpha) of the world that we
have does not have ANY plans to put natural alpha as the model be-
cause it’s unprofitable. The architects will continue to promote the
social alpha model of the world. It’s up to you to ground yourself in
the natural alpha model of the world so then you can have the proper
and effective RELATIONSHIPS with these social alpha’s or women you
might like.
Natural vs. Pornography
Other Notes;

Natural Grounding vs. Pornography

Remember that everything comes down to control over your relation-


When you watch porn, in most cases it’s only making things worse be-
cause you’re physiologically edifying the pussy and wanting it more
than ever. That’s the relationship you have with the photos/videos and
you a�ribute that desire to the same types of women.

So what happens behaviorally when you’re around hot women who

you equate to porn stars that you want to bang? You’ve already edified
the pussy and put her above you on the pedestal; you ‘want’ something.

Architects succeed financially this way but you will NOT succeed this

Man is the stimulus naturally (because he has the ability to heat woman
up), NOT women.

But if you have a strong ‘deposit account’ and knowledge base of natu-
ral grounding and the TRUTH of female sexuality built up within you,
you’ll be able to differentiate the social process of sexual communica-
tion (prickteasing) from the natural one (flirting).

And that makes all the difference in the world. Essentially it’s the only
thing that countless millions of men are missing but no one out there is
promoting or teaching
NATURAL (feminine) energy and thus it seems near impossible to suc-

Develop strong relationships with as many natural grounding resourc-

es as you can so you can grow faster.

Pornography and social propaganda is harmful to your real sex life if

you don’t have the proper relationship with it.

Am I saying that other countries and cultures are closer to nature, pu-
rity and sex itself than the U.S./U.K.? That’s EXACTLY what I’m saying.

Other than these natural grounding resources and trials by fire;

THE most important thing you can do (for natural grounding) is to ex-
perience natural women yourself (especially if you never have yet). It
will change your entire reality.

I talk about it in the full Alpha R.D. program; get outside the social ma-
trix and go to where there are more natural women. At least so you can
start inducting natural energy and growing in character faster.

If you’re just surrounded by dismissive Prada’s and power hungry

Prickteasing blonde clones, then how on earth can you experience natu-
ral feminine energy?! Hey, it’s NOT your fault but you have to take
some accountability to ‘get on top of’ things.

You don’t know enough about the true nature of feminine natural ener-
gy yet to consistently bring it out of even these prada’s and prickteases
yet so that’s why you have these resources. Much be�er looking men
than you or I don’t even know how to do this.

That’s why growing in awareness and perception of natural feminine

energy is so damn important; so you can bring that sexuality out of
women and they’ll help you bring it out.

The ultimate level is where you don’t just succeed with natural women
but you can succeed with Prada’s and Pricktease’s as well by bringing
out THEIR natural character.

That’s where I’m at and that’s where I think you’d want to be, because
then you have all kinds of choices!

Think you have personal problems and inner game issues? Well, get a
woman in bed and get her all heated up with great sex and you just by-
pass any of those other ‘inner game’ problems. How? Because you’re
leveraging your natural assets.

You don’t have to be the perfect man right here, right now. What mat-
ters is what she is going through and how she feels around you (and
esp. in bed).
A.R.D. Notes

When women see that you ARE a social alpha ‘catch’ and they’re
essentially in competition with other women over YOU, they’ll con-
tinue to be a�racted o�en leading to sex with you. It’s more leverage in
your favor.

When you’re like ‘oh yeah...there is some sexual skin there’ as an

a�erthought you’re in the proper relationship. When it’s being exploit-
ed in front of you as the stimulus you’re in the wrong and ineffective
relationship with her.

And why is this important? Because the reality of man ge�ing laid
and women ge�ing the physiological experience/value is more
important than the sexploitation and isolative fantasy world. How?

Because we’ve unofficially taken babies out of the equation and can
capitalize for win/win relationships on the essence and nexis of life
itself. Women LOVE sex too and want it just as bad (naturally by
default they have to or we wouldn’t be here), they’re just the choosers
and have to trust you physiologically first in order to open up and
let you in.

Welcome to the next evolution gents. Use this track as a great source
of positive sexual transmutation and differentiation! I LOVE IT.

You’ll start to appreciate things like how Bell has her legs spread a
li�le bit wider than the other girls. You’ll also appreciate how Jenny
shakes her hips a li�le more than the others on the sexyback view.
Tiny things like that will start to turn you on in a major way yet while
still maintaining your relational authority and power in the situation.

You ought to be damn proud of all of this. For once you’re not feeling
beli�led by the exploited power of a social neurotic superbitch anymore
(such as talented yet complete sell-out Christina Aguilera) who takes
all the energy, power and glory for herself while only making other
women jealous (of her social status) instead of truly inspiring men.

This is the REAL sexual transmutation..not the jack-off kind of stuff

that you get bored of a�erwards. Because our girls here don’t have
‘big ti�ies’ or ‘big asses’ that you just think of them ‘sexually’, you
start to appreciate their core feminine nature instead. This is the
main reason I’ve been enlightened enough to appreciate and grow
in my favor of Asian women. Not to mention that they’re unofficially
the nicest women in the world.

Many men in their limited social reality (the screen in front of them)
including most top dating guru’s really are limited. They see that
ok, I can choose a hot woman and she’ll be a screwed up neurotic
bitch who is used to a�ention or I can choose an ugly woman who
is nice. But they just can’t see the bigger picture.

Two words;

‘cultural differentiation’. It’s what I told David DeAngelo himself when

I met him.

You might be Alpha when you know one woman and get with her
friend the next night.

You might be Alpha when you can’t get with her friend the next
night because you have the original too a�racted to you.
You might be Alpha when you’ve done it both.

Why are we doing all of this natural grounding? Because women

understand energy and when you can see it in them or value it
within them, you will be in the PROPER sexual relationship to them.
That’s the natural trigger. That is real sexual communication.

Guys, you’re valuing the wrong thing in a woman completely and

that’s why you’re failing. What propagates confusion and failure
is that you can’t see it within women partly because it’s repressed
and taken over by their Inner and Social character and I speak the

By natural grounding, you’ll be able to value the RIGHT THING for

the first time in your life PLUS you’ll be in the proper sexual relational
context with her by default. You’ve just never been in that clear rela-
tionship with her but when you are, you’re in like flynn.

That’s what all naturals do anyways. They have the proper relationship
with the woman inside of her instead of being thrown off by her inner
or social a�ributes which is all that’s ge�ing in your way.
Natural Grounding Notes

Other notes:

Ironically Thailand means ‘land of the free’ and Bangkok means ‘city
of angels’. Kind of familiar isn’t it? Yet thai culture was here centuries
before America and was the only southeast asian country never to be

Watch Ong Bak 2; the protector and see some serious ass-kicking.
Thai has it’s own independent and proud culture. There is a lot TO

You want to talk about the ‘Dawn of Happiness’. Thailand is known

as the ‘land of smiles’. Why is that? Because the people (and their
Buddhist culture of respect and minimalism) keeps them close to
their natural roots which we were all born with.

You can also look at the smiles of African villagers and see the purity
within...something that millions of ‘socialized’ people have lost touch
with. Who is really richer? Think about that.

In the U.S. constitution we talk about ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of
happiness. You will rarely find happier people than Thai people. We’re
so caught up in our own social endeavours that we forgot what real
happiness is.

If you want to change your life around, leverage off of it and induct

natural energy into your life. It may blow your mind how some people
living in poverty can be so damn HAPPY yet in America those that
look like they have it all aren’t even close to true happiness.
You CAN have it all but get your priorities straight and you’ll a�ract
beauty and happiness more into your life.

Asian women; there curves are natural and in place so your relation-
ship with them and their sexuality is in a more proper place to begin

They’re not overstated, bubbled up or in your face. It’s ridiculous the

level of plastic surgery which is purely and only a Social derivation
which men will fall into a triggered behavioral response to that condi-
tioned stimulus of exploitation.

Promoting and exploiting it is easy; get the Social Alpha’s to adopt it

and others will adapt it.

With asians, their bodies are like an a�erthought where it’s more like ‘I
could keep hi�ing that in a long-term relationship’ instead of wanting
to ‘hit it and quit it’ leaving her feel like crap and you completely losing
your interest in her other qualities because you ONLY view her sexu-

Qualify women on their natural character and they’ll start bringing that
out of them and they are dying to but they have to have a MAN to lead
them and help bring it out. Men who don’t ‘know’ don’t do it despite
the wrong irony of the women’s socially adapted behavior.

I’ll admit that it is kind of hard to see the natural character of women
when they’re waving their asses in front of you and have no iota of
natural character in their behavior and/or are dismissive of men.

You just understand it all what’s going on. The TRUTH is that she is
a woman and has natural charater within her. That faith leveraged off
of the truth is your key to seducing the Prada’s and Prickteases
In Thailand it’s really just dressing up completely innocent yet real
good girls (who agree to it and enjoy it) to dance ‘sexy’. Yet they
never EVER reach the prickteasing level of strippers in the U.S.

The more you can differentiate this truth, the stronger you will become.

NO, you actually STILL don’t think about banging these girls the entire
time you’re watching them. It only crosses your mind a couple times
because you’re primarily valuing them on their natural energy (this is
the consistent path to sex BTW).

That right there is complete change of reality for millions of American

men I know right therr.

So if that representation is the consistent path to sex, then why aren’t

you doing natural grounding EVERY night you’re not having sex?!

I can’t prove it for sure because it’s all Causal but my true secret to
sleeping with countless dozens of hot women in the past few years
I would say is rooted in my Natural grounding.

I’ve been ge�ing natural grounding from Thai music videos since 2002
when my best friend inadvertently introduced me to it and my Platoon
Sgt. said ‘yeah I took a military hop to Singapore for free’.

Don’t forget to set aside times to get value out of your relationship with
these high quality natural resources.


ATTRACT, SEDUCE AND F*CK WOMEN. But it’s always about
win/win value.

And there isn’t another dating teacher in the world out there who has
told you THAT and part of it is because many-most are still trying to
figure out women themselves (shhh).

Pu�ing a Natural Alpha as the model of sexuality is the clearest path to

all success that you can take.

Once you get to a certain level you will truly appreciate and LOVE
women for their natural character. Don Juan and Casanova did and it
was the proper kind of relationship.

Now the inner and social character’s are o�en bloated and exploited (in
their habitchual behavior) so you just have to see through to her natu-
ral character but it’s that beauty that when you value it, will truly make
you a ladies man on a global level like me.

I admit that I was a li�le hardcore ‘harsh’ and even mad when starting
out with ‘Men’s Guide’ eBook but I’ve moved way beyond that. There
probably will be and maybe should be a purging period for you too
when you realize the Truth, but beyond that you will see women in
a whole new light...even the Prada’s and Prickteases because you’ll
be banging them too because of your change.

Go Alpha!
Other Thoughts

1. the goddess or the power regarded as inspiring a poet, artist, thinker,
or the like.
2. a. A guiding spirit.
b. A source of inspiration.

[Origin: 1350–1400; ME Muse < MF < L Mūsa < Gk Moûsa

You’ll find that the natural alpha women are beyond inspiration to you
if you ever come close to the level of respect for them that I have. They
are life giving, respectful, and always in the proper relational context
(natural) WITH you to keep grounding from. They are so real it’s un-

You’ll realize there are qualities of women that actually ARE more im-
portant than sex.
“But Rion, the women here just aren’t like that..they really do act and
behave like Prada’s and Pricktease’s.”

Exactly, you will come across that but what’s important is that they
DO have a natural character within there. And anyways if there is
li�le to no sign of it, you should run away and never be interested in
a woman like that.

The alpha natural energy of Elmo, popularity and his infectious joy that
millions of people can’t get enough of: more info to come in the future

the power of one

bright eyes = natural character

jenny #1 on energy hands down. kat is 4th

Look I’m very wary of new material but I also know true quality when I
see it...especially a�er
I give it a while to prove itself. With such a culture shock change with
some of this as it is, once
again do NOT close yourself off to it. Give it a while and remember
your true relationship. You’re
looking for value that extends all cultural boundaries.

“You’ll realize that there actually are more important things than sex
and that is how you will consistently get there..You just haven’t seen
these a�ributes in women, but now you will.” -Rion Williams

u can’t ‘control’ nature but (as an alpha male) you can harness it to
both advantages -rw 12:14 2/10/07 fri.

I’ve noticed that Malaysian people are almost scared to go to thailand

or just never get around to it. Why is that? Because Thailand is just a
strong Alpha culture and it’s so close yet different than Malaysia.

Rarely is there a difference from border to border such as this one.

Bell is Chinese yet gets involved in Thailand..once again, can you see
where the relational authority is? Countless travelers KNOW that Thai-
land is about the world’s best kept secret. You just don’t know what
you don’t know and now you know!

/American music productions are extremely high quality and high

synergy of the elements but because it’s entire purpose and foundation
‘social’ and subject to unnatural interest, that’s why they’ll be big hits
and then fade away.

Other Notes:

/u Don’t EVER have to apologize to anyone (unless you accidentally

defy universal relational standards).

/Guys, you’ve to develop your own foundation of natural grounding

for reference. Why? Because you won’t get laid consistently without
it..that’s one way to put it.

/It’s the understated natural or real beauty that you should be looking
for instead of the make-up gloss. The raters/haters on hotornot have
it all backwards.

They’ll fall into a behavioral RESPONSE when they see a 6.8 wearing
make-up that makes her look more like a social alpha clone and
nothing more. Those guys are ignorant to the truth. They can’t see
past the make-up. They’re qualifying her on social character where
they have no power anyways in that kind of relationship. They are
culprit’s quite predictable actually.

You see want to fuck ‘em but you don’t have to. Why?
Because you never have co-dependencies that’s why. And that’s how
you ALWAYS keep your power baby.
For those who think that you escape the social matrix because you
‘can’t get any’ in the U.S. that’s just limited, ignorant thinking. Obvi-
ously they still have their priorities screwed up and are still over-edify-
ing the socially influenced destructive, abusive neurotic women that are
in their neighborhood and aren’t enlightened yet therefore don’t have
any information to truly differentiate or even see the natural character
within those women.

Few American’s know the true secret that Thailand really is. Why?
They’re too damn distracted and kept busy by the tractor-beam hold
of the Social Matrix’ programming to know any be�er. It’s up to you to
break free and see for yourself.

Escaping the social matrix and ge�ing natural grounding will further
strengthen your natural character, help you re-arrange your priorities
as well as allow you to ‘score’ more than ever with matrixized women.

I was fine before during and a�er cultural differentiation but it really
made the difference that made the difference when it comes to CON-
SISTENT success with women and having the ability to continue to suc-
ceed with
women whenever I’m with them around the world or in the states.

It’s worth it.


Thanks for enjoying this presentation. Now go ahead and get busy
with Natural Grounding and cultivating cognition of feminine natural
alpha energy. It’s the fastest way to true change and will allow you to
be comfortable, a�ractive and effective with the women you desire.

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Rion Williams
‘the sage’

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