Free Your Mind from Limiting Beliefs PSYCH-K® Weekend Workshop

What do you want instead of what you have now? Your beliefs create your life. Change your Beliefs, change your life!

February 19th and 20th, 2011 Saturday/Sunday, 9am-5 5.30 pm
Cost $450.00 - $50 Registration Fee due by February 1, 2011. Please mail to Breia Wood at

Location: Neuro Fitness Center - 29260 Franklin Road Suite 126, Southfield, MI 48034 (Turn into the Claymoor plaza driveway off Franklin Road and drive all the way to the end. Make a left at the end of the driveway.
Neuro Fitness Center entrance is on the left.)

Contact: Breia Wood 888-645-6746, and Saryu Dalal 610-277-0690,
Is there a part of your life that stays stuck no matter how hard you try to change or improve it? Are you repeating the same old patterns again and again? The part of you that wants to change is your conscious mind. It creates your goals and direction. However, there is also a part of the mind that can paralyze you from achieving your goals--keeping you from living the life you truly want. This part of the mind, the subconscious mind, is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind and it can support you or sabotage you! Even life-long patterns of struggle can be changed quickly & easily by simply "re-programming" the subconscious mind to support you! You are invited to a workshop where you will learn to use your WHOLE MIND to create the life you want now!! PSYCH-K® is a powerful tool for life transformation. Whether you are looking to improve your financial success, your relationships, your health, or to create peace in your life, PSYCH-K® can assist you in realizing your dreams. People have achieved success with phobias, stress, anxiety, depression, procrastination, health problems, smoking, enhancing relationships, self-esteem, job performance, prosperity and much more! PSYCH-K™ is a user-friendly way of changing self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs into self-supporting ones, for rapid and enduring changes. How you perceive events is largely determined by your subconscious beliefs. Hence altering your unwanted subconscious beliefs, promotes cellular healing. It is our beliefs, not our genes, that control our lives. As you transform the disharmonious programming within your thoughts and mind, your body then produces the healing chemistry that matches your beliefs and you move into life-affirming experiences. In his best selling book, "The Biology of Belief", Cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, says " PSYCH-K® represents an important step towards the New Psychology for the 21st century, and beyond. These are simple, empowering techniques to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at the cellular level". In the two-day experiential Basic PSYCH-K® workshop, you learn tools you can use for the rest of your life. Learn how to communicate with your subconscious mind to create the future you want! Rewrite those outdated programs that no longer serve you into empowering beliefs that propel you to your desires and dreams. Go beyond affirmations, willpower and positive thinking. Simple but powerful, PSYCH-K® will empower you to release the painful past and embrace a joyful future!

She is one of thirtyfive certified PSYCH-K® trainers in the world.inner-discovery. Integrative Life Coach. Energy workers. none has facilitated the shifts I have seen with Psych-K. Saryu will teach you the inner-technology tools. powerful and effective!! Synthesis of many other modalities I have studied. TESTIMONIALS: PSYCH-K is the most powerful system for personal growth that I have encountered. Philadelphia . graciousness and energy are incredibly powerful.Chuck Lynch. PA Saryu is a gift on the Planet! She brings her passion and divinity to PSYCH-K ! Her wisdom.This quest led led her to PSYCH-K® which brings out the best in every individual. New Jersey Saryu’s presence made this experience very memorable! Graceful. Breast Cancer Surgeon. AK PSYCH-K® is a very valuable tool . relaxed. www. -. flowed rather than a lot of "work"! of the very few I have encountered that helped me get to the CORE of what is causing the blockage on separation from what one wants . Randall. There has been noticeable improvement in a number of areas of my life. She is a licensed facilitator for Franklin Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. And I've just started to use it! -. -. Medical Doctor.-. While I could see some benefit from most. www.brucelipton. deeply intuitive. and how to tailor the process to your own unique circumstances through a verifiable feedback protocol. Houston . What a gift to us all ! The workshop's effectiveness was enhanced by Saryu's sensitivity. Her confidence and clarity made the program simple and enjoyable! Dr. and DDI Management Training and Emotional Intelligence. very passionate and supportive. Russell Manuel. leadership trainer and Energy Worker. Director of Media Wellness Center I was amazed at how simple it is to make changes in basic limiting beliefs using PSYCH-K. and passion makes her a rare and much loved teacher. intuition. Just outstanding!!! Her smile and warmth created safe place for people to open up. Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Chiropractor. President.F. Furlong. Saryu has a warm and gentle style that puts everyone at ease. Most exciting is its simplicity and immediate application in daily life. Biofeedback. I am now able to pursue avenues that normally would have caused some level of self-limiting anxiety and experience much less or no anxiety.psych-k. skillful. Delightful. Energy Worker. ease & real essence. Anchorage . Manager-Sales Training. simple and it has permanently changed my life. etc. Donna Angotti.R. CEO. clarity. TX Wonderful simple.Dr. All health care professionals would greatly benefit from this fascinating two-day workshop.Patricia Salvitti. a great number of body/mind techniques. personally and professionally. It's fun. Davidson. She deeply cares about all her participants which created a safe and sacred workshop environment! -Kelly Kosow. Her blend of business and spiritual experience.Saryu Dalal is a Life www. Neurofeedback. Self-actualization seminars. professionalism and her divine presence! -Susan Gravely. Her mission is to bring Spirituality into the corporate world . Florida . I love that the workshop was easy. PA I have spent thousands of dollars on Psychotherapy. She has a Master's degree in Economics and has held various executive positions in Finance and Management. Meditation instruction and NY The two day PSYCH-K workshop was a wonderful balance between theory/practice/experiential learning and energetic transfer.

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