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‘Wall's Consumer Care 250 Gunnersbury Avenue LONDON wa sos Freephone: 0800 7311507 vows wall ot 147500. _ Date: 7 Atgust 2007 Mr Abs AGs0 WALL'S Dear Mr Abbsi Trankyouer comactng te Walls Carine regarding the sutabity of Was ee reamstora IMuslen and Vegetarian Dit. |.am pleases that you are interested incur products ant hope you wind he Ess usettin ‘decding which Io Creams ate bes or your det. Please refer othe Sst below as some of our Ioa Creams do contain traces of alcohol and would Fst bo suitable fora Muslim dt. [have also enclosed a isto ee Creams thal are suitable for Vegetarians {pope you wil continue o enjoy our products and should you roquire any futher assistance, poate dont hese to contact ws, Musi Suitably Magrum Cieasic- Not suitable Magram Whites Nov sutabe Magnum Amand - "Not suede Magnum Ecussor- "Net sutabie Magnum Colombia" Netsutabe Mat Magnum: Yes Magnum Double Chocolate - Not suitable Magnum Double Caramel Not suitable Magnum Caramel and Nuts Not sutable Soler Exotic. Not suitable Bolore Smosthie travoory ~ Not sutablo Solero Smoothie Blackoery- Yes Fri MangomRaspbery Yee Fuel ra forest es Frusi Presppleaspbery ~ Yos 120m! Cups Vanilla~ Notsutable ups Stranberry= Yes ‘20m Cups Chocolate Yes ‘Bom Cups Mint Yes Walls Consumer Care ge 250 Gunnersbury Avenue LonDON wasos