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FDLE Flog Oeparmnec of Office of Executive tnvesigatons Rick Sool Gown aw Entrconent| Poat Ofte ox 140 Pam Sond Atorey Gens “atnhassee Ponca 22002-1480 et Atwater Ct Fnac! Otest eral. Gay Coase ‘Adem Pana, Commiasiner SAGs ommissner Sr i oat Septernher 97,2011 ‘MEMORANDUM To: Case File 2011-€¢-002 VIA: Chain of Commend) aes FROM: Inspector Scott Meinemney JO Office of Executive Investigations SUBJECT: — Preliminary Review re: Email Complaint Resident Agent in Charge Wayne Wey Criando Regional Operations Center (OROC) Brovani/Volusia Feld Office On September 16, 2011, an email was recived by Chief Inspevior Cindy Sanz regarding possible risconeuct on the part of FDLE Resident Agent in Charge (RAC) Robert Wayne Ivey. The email was tiled tom “VolusiaExposed.Com” a website and indicated a ret email address of On September 19, 2011, Special Agent Supervisor Scott Melnerney was assigned to review the email received by Chiet Sanz, In the email, the anonymous sender noted the following concer related to FDLE Resident Agent in Charge (RAC) Wayne Ivey Ag indicated 1p the below enail - you have boon identified 92 the point of Contact regarding information I have seceived eegerding possible misconduct by FOLE Agent Robert Rayne Ivey. First, allow ne to olartfy the following ~ 1 do not personally know ‘agent Ivey ~ nox do I have any first hand knowledge of his alleged Biscenduct invelving Me. Oaances Socord, apparently MOUS is currently unaware of the alleged stecondver. (eontitmed by Me. Maztin's bolow email} VolusisExposed.Cam has received the following infomation FAP Tesoper Robert Ivey and then Probation Officer Jessice Comansiti wore ssgaged to be married. (confirmed in media articles) Trogeer Ivey 42 the son of FDLE Resident Agent In Charge (Brevard & Volusis County) Robert Wayne Ivey. (conttemed in media sreicies) trooper Ivey and Me. Osmanské ended chess engagement. (unconfirmed) neogrer Ivey attempted to rectain sono items of property given to Me Semis +niegy *Respect + avery Osnanak! during their relationship - yp to including a vehtete. (ancoati eed) DLE Agent Ivey contacted Mo. Osmansk! apparently by telephone at her office sithin the Melbourne, Florida Probation and Parole ott ice unconfirmed) Duzing the above phone conversation - FDLE Agent Ivey threatened Mo. Gsmanski shovid she not return the property. (oncontienad) ‘ins celephone convereation was oveshaard by others statt members within the probation office. (unconfimed at this tise) Mat e complaint was LLled, possibly with FOLE, regarding Agent Ivey's above described alleged behavior. (oncontiened) Ms. csnanski no longer 12 empleyad by the Probation and Pasole office. (contirsed via tolephone convorsatian with her ex-supervisor Officer Vanasse) (appareaciy Me. Osnanski ie now employed with she Hillebourgh County sheritt Departeent) During my conversation with Officer Vanasse, ho did contizm that Mo. Osnagstt rodeived such 3 phose eal] ~ but he declined to speak in particulars shout the incident. Upon questioning - officer Vanazve “indicated that a5 far as he wae aware no official documentation wat Generated on the incident, to include any enails generated by hia. Ke Sonsidered the ineidant « personal matter. offices Vanasse would curely Cooperate with aay aéricial FOLK investigation into this matter. Further ~ conveniently, both yourself and Ms. Osmanski are apparently Jocated in the Tampa, Florida area ~ therefore, her interview by yout office coud be easily Facilitated. Volusiaexposed.con anticipates the possibility of receiving supportive Gocurentation in support of the above allegations: F anticipate that FDLB will desire to investigate this aatter as it did regarding the FDLE Agont Mike Taylor situation. (wee ateachad fadia article) snr. fol tovockly..con/docunents/coverstory pat Please advise mo if your agency opts not to open an investigation into the aatter, so that I'am avare that no statutccy ancmptions onist to our Volusisexposed. Con volusizexposedéct i. rr. com On September 19, 2011, RAC Ivey submited a leer of retirement, effective September 22, 2011. A ‘copy of RAC Ivey's retirement letter willbe attached to this preliminary review Ble. After a review of the email it was determined that the noted concerns appear t0 be based on uncenfimed reports f0 an ‘unidentified source using the name of an informational website, VolusiaFsposed Com. The information provided is not supported by any firsthand knowledge or evidenoe and no ofcal complaint was received ‘from the pais named. Additionally, RAC Ivey is no longer employed by FDLE, Therefore, no further investigation is warranted by FDLE. Meinemey, Scott rom: ‘Sanz, Cindy ‘Sent: Fraay, September 16, 2011 11:17 AM To: Melnerney, Scot Subject: FW: [Fwd RE: PRR.- Agent Wey] FE PRR Agent ty at's ciscusa on Menday. origins! Message Prom: VolusiaBxposed.Com (] Sent: Tuesday, Septeaher 13, 2011 2:33 ‘Tor Sanz, cindy. Subject? [wat WE: ERK ~ Agent tvey! Ag indicaced in the below email ~ you havo been identified ss the point Df conescs regarding infozmavion r’have received regarding Fostible econduct by FOLE Agent Robert Mayne Ivey. First, allow mo to clarify the following ~ 1 do not personally know Agent Ivey ~ or do I have any frat hand knowledge of hia alleged Blsconduct involving me, Oomanek!- Second) apparently FOLE te currently wneware of the alleged misconduct. eonttened by te. Martin's below ena!) Yolustatxposed.Con as received the following Snfornstion: FAP Trooper Rabort Ivay and thon Beebation Oftiear Jecesea Oemanelké wore ongaged to be navried, (confimed in media srticles) ‘trooper Ivey ia the gon of FOLE Revident Agent Ta Charge (frevard & volueia County) Robert Wayne Ivey. (confirmed in media articles) ‘eooper Ivey and Ms. Oamanaki ended their engagenent. luncenfivmes) Trooper Ivey attented to reciain sone items of property given to Ms oenensk: ducing theiz elationship — up to including s venicle- (unconfirmed) FOLE Agent vey contacted ts, Osmansk: apparently by teleptone at her cftice within the Melbourne, Florid: Probation and Parole office (uncone!enea) During the shove pione conversation - FOLE Agent Tvey thyestened ts. osmanski should she not return the property. (unconfirmed? ‘This telephone conversation was ovarhoacd by othere stuff sambers within the probation office. (uncenfirmed at this tine) ‘That a complaint was filed, possibly with FOLE, regarding Pgent Tvey's above described sLlaged behavior. (anconfimed) Me. Osnanski no longer Le employed by the Probation and Parcie office. {eoufioned via teleahone convergation with ner ex-ovpervisor Officer Vanasae) {apparently Ma. Osi8kt 18 now employed with the Hh.sbourgh County aherst beparemant) During ay conversation with Officer Vanagse, he did conti that is Osnanskt received such a phone cail = but he declined to speak in particulars about the incident. Upon questioning - Officer Vanasse Endicated that as far ae he waz suare no official documentavion was Generated on the Incident, to include any enelte generated by hin. Ho Considered the incident personal matter. Officer Vanasoe would surely cooperate with any official FOLE investigation inte this matters Further ~ coaveniently, both yourself and Ma. Oamaagk! are spparentiy ‘Losetad in the Tanpay Florida! area ~ thezeface, er intervsew by our office cosld be easily facsiitares. anticipates the possibility of receiving supportive Gocutentarion in support of the above allegat tons. I anticipate that FULE will desire to investigate this matter as it did regarding the HLH Agent Mike Taylor situation. (see attached media erties) sews. foL iowoekly.con/docunents/coverstory pdt Jency opts not to open an investigation into Please advise me sf your Ve seatutory exeaptions exist to our the aattez, so taat Fan eure that Helease of’ any infozsations volusiaerosedictl.rr.con Martin, James “Tuesday, Sepiember 19,2011 1:04 PM ‘etuinxposed Com’ Banks, Danny, Sanz Coy; Mememey, Scot; Rockersteln, Calg RE PRR Agony ClnayStnediaterstareset ua ames D. Martin Resistant Gererat Counset Floris Departnent of Law Enforcenent bid, Sem 489) Tallamesae, Florida 32302-1489 850-420-7679 Sanesmrtin?fale. state. fl-us original Message-~ Fron: (gailte:Voluatazaposed¢cflrr.ecn] Sent: Tuesdsy, Sepeeaber 13, 2011 12:35 2 Tor Hartia, Janes Get anka. Danny. Subject: AE: PRA ~ Agent Tvey Me. Martia and Me. Banks: [Az I have stated below - the alleged misconduct attached to Agent Ivey ie connected to Gnother law enforcenent agency ~ in this case the Florida Departnent of Corrections ~ Probation ane Parole. 1 contacted oc and spoke to nenbers of that agency. They appear to have some knowledge of the alleged incident, bat are reluctant to speak with me. about. it. Realizing that these aro allegations against one of your agents, I would imagine that your agency might desire to investigate these concerns to determine it they have any validity. If you would provide me with a contact within FULE that is authorized to review / investigate these concerns, T would being sLlling to forvard the inforsetion, ir order for At to De properiy reviewed. Plesee advise n Tue, 2012-98-13 at 11:18 ~0400, Martin, Janes wrote 3 'rihave checkad the internal lovestigative records of thie department ani there were no esordh pertaining to Aobect mayne Tey 3 Jamee 0. Martin 5 Resistant! Gonarsl. Counsel 3 Florida Department of aw Enforcement, 3 bio, pox 34a) 3 Tallahassee, Florida 32302-2689 > Jamosnactsn#fdle.otate. flue ‘original Message---~ From: Volusiafxposed.con ..ailto:VelusieExposedécf.rz.comy Tuescay, september 13, 2011 1711" alt Tor Martin, Janes Ce: Bones, danny. Subject! FRR Agent Ivey Me. Martin: Volusiasxsesed.Com has been advised, from several sources, that FOLE Rosident, Agent Tn Gnarge, Robezt Mayas Ivey recently nad a complaint of miscondsct tiled against. hin. > artor our review of the accounts given by our sources ~ and given that another Florida State law entarcanent agency Nee apparantly involved, we would inagne that the Florida Departnent of Law Snforcenant would have pene’ an officio: internal review J investigation Inco these soncerae, if such aliegstiona were actually mado, > torefore, please accept this as 2 public record request for copies of any and all Conplainte / Investigative files recelved or generated on Agent Ivey, where misconduct was sStecea. 3 vour assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. Yolusiatxposed.Com > co. Danny Ranks ~ FDL re Brevard/Volusia Field Office Florida Department of Law Enforcement 810 Fentress Court, Stite 110 Daytona Beach, Florida 32117 (800) 226-1512 seus file state flue To: Gerald Bailey Commissioner, FDLE From: Robert “Wayne” Ivey Resident Agent in Charge, FDLE Date: September 19, 2011 Re: Letter of Retirement Almost two months ago I announced my candidacy for Sheriff of Brevard County. At the time of ‘announcement I submitted my intext to contin working a the Resident Agent in Charge of the Brevard Field Office until Decenbs 31, 2011. Since oe announcement, the pace and immediate successes of the campaign have been truly amazing. Everyday new opportunities preset themselves to meet with members ofthe community who are eager to ear my vision for the future of the Brevard County Sheriffs Office. While the opportunities of the campaign are citing it isenticipated that the campaign will require more of my time as it moves forward. AS ‘result, and in consideration of wy personel life and time management, my family and | have ‘ecided that it sin the best interest of everyone to retire frem FDLE effective September 22, 2011 While the dession to leave our agency at this time is a difficult decision I know that itis the right decision for FDLE, my candidacy, and most importaatly my family. The tming ofthis decision 5 we discussed also affrds you he oppoctunity to fill the supervisor vacancy ereated by my departure during. the currest promotinal process and interviews you are facilitating in “Talldhassce. I strongly recognize the ned fora seamless transition of supervisors and will make myself available to ensure that FDLE resoures in the Brevard aren are not impacted by my departure, [As you can imagine this was not en easy decision for me but instead is one that I know in my eae the right decision forall concerned. Iwill never be able to thank you enough for the ‘many opportunities you have given me to represent our agency. Your leadership examples and ‘iendship wil always be appreciate Committed te: Soreice Integrty Respect Quality Meinemey, Scott From: Bridges, Cindy ‘Sent: Thursday, September 29,2011 2:18 PM To: Melnerney, Sott ‘Subject: Retroment Aesepied 922/14 Geral M, Batey Commissioner Florida Department of Law Enforcement Post Coe Box 1489) ‘Talahasseo, FL 323021480 (950) 10-7011 oftoe (@50) 410-7022 fax FDLE From: vey, Wayne ‘Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2011 3:04 PM To: Boley, Gerald (Cc: Maden, Ji; Dawe, Joyce; Banks, Danny Subject: Retirement Commissioner, Please s2e the attached memorandum concerning my retirement rm the Florida Deparment of Law Enforcement Ihave been truly blessed to serve as @ member of hs agency and wat fo personal thank you and yaur staffer every opportunity you have gwen re. My tme wth FELE has boan the mst amazing part of Iny law enforcement career to dale and for hat | am grate. Twi never beable to thank you enough er ging Ime the osporunty to serve as a member of our agency Wayne Robett Wayne" Ivey Resident Agent in Charge Breverd/Volusia County Field Otfice Florida Department of Law Enforcement You * Motivation = Success! sn9n011 OGC REVIEW FORM En MEMBER INFORMATION ‘MEMBER POSITION:_Resident Agent in Charge Swom [X]_Non-Swon ] REGIONAL/PROGRAN AREA: —OROC/ Brevi Vota FO EOD/FDLE: L Date: Date [secs 2 | SUMMARY OF INVESTIGATION Investigation completedby: Scott Mclncmey _Spesisl Agent Supervisor _ ‘oF tyP6) Title J Si Date EE INVESTIGATIVE FINDINGS/RECOMMENDATIONS ‘Violation (F.A.C. 111.01 Title Classification Ena LEGAL REVIEW/OFFICE OF GENERAL COUNSEL Investigative Case File Reviewed by:___Cxaig Rockenstein AGC ‘Name Title Legally Sufficient Not Legally Sufficient (Comments: Signature of tome: 0a te TT 1 nape REVIEW / CRIMINAL JUSTICE STANDARDS AND, TRAINING COMMISSION/BUREAU OF STANDARDS/ PROFESSIONAL COMPLIANCE Investigative Case File #_2011-CC-002. a Refered io: NA ‘Name Tite A Sworn Member Only ‘Comments; __Pretininary Investigntion/ Email Complaint Referred by: NA ate

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