62 mm NATO

KEL-TEC RFB 7.62 mm HIGH EFFICIENCY RIFLE INTRODUCTION RFB stands for Rifle Forward ejection Bullpup. This concept, enhanced by an improved tilting block breech, gains over a foot of additional barrel length over a conventional rifle. Furthermore, the stock and mechanism cross-section is similar to a conventional rifle, in stark contrast to the bulky bullpup rifles existing today. DESCRIPTION The RFB is a gas-operated semi-automatic rifle in 7.62 mm NATO (.308 Win) caliber. It accepts standard FAL type magazines. Barrel options include 18", 24", and 32". Twist 10" or 11.25". All controls are fully ambidextrous; the reciprocating operating handle can be switched to either side. The trigger mechanism has up to five individual adjustment parameters. The dual action safety disconnects the trigger and blocks the hammer action. A MilSpec picatinny rail is attached rigidly to the barrel. No iron sights are provided. A free floating, four sided picatinny forend or bipod can be attached directly to the barrel.

The improved ballistic efficiency of the RFB rifle derives from a very long barrel increasing muzzle velocity over 10% when compared to similar size rifles. The long range improvement is even more pronounced with a heavier bullet at normal velocity. An M110 SASS shoots a 175 gr projectile at 2500 fps.The RFB will fire a 210 gr bullet at the same velocity, resulting in 65% more knockdown energy at 1000 m. At the same distance the wind deflection is reduced to 72%. This ballistic performance is superior to a traditional 300 Win Magnum and closely approaches a 338 Lapua. Technical specifications Weight unloaded lbs Length " Barrel length " Magazine Magazine loaded (10 rds) lbs Muzzle energy ftlbs Target Sporter Carbine 11.3 8.7 8.1 40 32 26 32 24 18 10 or 20 Metric FAL 0.85 3050 2800 2500

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The Kel-Tec RFB has several new and innovative features which are here divided as sub-functions: Ballistic, feeding, ejection, firing mechanism, and ergonomics.

BALLISTIC The RFB barrel acts as a spine in the rifle. The compact receiver and tilting bolt close the breech. The sighting system is solidly attached directly to the barrel. Forward of the sights the barrel is free floating. Close to the chamber the gas pressure determines the dimensions of the barrel. Further forward, rigidity and mass are more pronounced for the sake of accuracy. FEEDING The hollow, trapezoidal, sheet metal bolt carrier is propelled by a captive, adjustable gas piston. The return force is from two small diameter coil springs with a high pre-load. The mass ratio of bolt to bolt carrier is a favorable 1 : 4. The RFB utilizes a proven FAL metric type magazine. EJECTION Two symmetrical extractors are mounted on the sides of the bolt. The extractors can rotate around a pivot point in the back and can also move sideways to engage the rim in the case. The extracted case is rotated upwards and on the way forward fed into an ejection chute above the barrel. The chute extends and turns right to a forward opening where the case is gently ejected. FIRING MECHANISM



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