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Corporate Promotional Material

LEXUS 雷克萨斯全球大事记 LEXUS Milestone in Global

• 1989 1 月,LS400 首次在世界亮相。

• January marked the world debut of LS400.

• 1990 LS400 在欧洲,加拿大,澳大利亚和中东上市。

• LS400 spread to markets in Europe, Canada, Australia and the Middle East.

• 1991 SC400 在美国 世。

• SC400 was launched in the United States.

• 1992 LEXUS 成为美国最畅销的进口汽车。

• LEXUS was ranked as the top selling luxury import vehicle in the United States.

• 1995 LEXUS 连续 5 年在 JD Power 美国客户 意度 查中 膺第一名。

• JD Power ranked LEXUS as the NO.1 car line in the customer satisfaction survey

for the 5th year in a row.

• 1996 FLV 概念车在东京车展和底特律车展上亮相。

• FLV concept car was released in Los Angeles and Detroit motor shows. 1997 全

新型 GS300 和更新版 LS400 面世。

• The new generation GS300 and revised LS400 were launched.

• 2007 LS460 车型被评为“2007 世界年度最佳车型”称号。

• LS460 was rewarded as World Car of the Year.
• 英语老师



• English Teacher


---Conduct English teaching according to British education system.



• Requirements:

---University degree and above in English major or normal English.

• ---求知欲强烈,富有 造性,心胸开 。

---Eager to learn and open-minded with creativity.

• ---理解力强并能尊重不同文化的差异。


• ---With deep understanding and respect for different cultures.

(Warmly welcome the fresh graduates to apply for this position.)







Project Management Assistant


---Provide service for the project in Chongqing.

---Provide assistance to the project manager for everyday work.

---Responsible for file management, customer service for students and parents







---College degree and above

---Good English and computer skills.

---Related working experience in the international organization.

---Patient, careful, supportive. Has strong team work spirit.
本店货色齐全, 花色齐全,任凭挑选。

We have a good assortment of goods to choose from.

造型美 beautiful/handsome appearance

色调雅致 elegant color

款式多样 a great variety of models

规格齐全 complete in specifications

瑰丽多彩 pretty and colorful

香味浓郁 fragrant/aromatic flavor

服务周到 courteous service

典雅大方 elegant and graceful

制作精巧 perfect in workmanship

携带方便 convenient to carry

花色繁多 a wide selection of colors and designs

华丽臻美 beautiful and charming

畅销全球 selling well all over the world

驰名中外 popular both at home and abroad

深受青睐 highly appreciated

性能可靠 reliable performance

性能优越 superior performance
选料考究 with careful choice of materials

雍容华贵 rich and magnificent

用户第一 customer first

信誉可靠 have a reliable reputation


– 如果经常使用,能使你的皮肤变得柔软,湿润和富有弹性。芬芳的香味将给你带来一


• Regular use will soften, moisturize and enhance your skin. The delicate fragrance

will add a touch of country freshness.

放置冰箱的地方需有良好的通风条件。上面至少有 10 厘米空间,后面有 1 厘米空隙,两侧

各有 2 厘米,以便空气流通。冰箱四周空隙太小时,会导致工作性能下降并增加耗电。(冰箱)

• Select a well ventilated 通风的 place. Provide at least 10cm over top, 1cm at rear

and 2cm at both sides for proper air circulation. An insufficient gap around the

refrigerator will decrease its performance and result in higher electrical bills.

– 如无必要,勿使冰柜门打开过长的时间。(冷冻柜)

• Do not keep the door open any longer than necessary.

– 小孩使用本设备时必须注意看管。(微波炉)

• As with any appliance, close supervision is necessary when used by children.

– 如发现走时明显变慢,声音变小或无声,表明电池已用完,应及时更换。(电子闹钟)
• Slow timing, weak or no sound are signs of power fade. Renew the battery.

– 为保持饼干松脆,在开封后请把产品重新封好或存放于密封罐内。(饼干)

• To keep the biscuits crisp, re-seal the package after opening or store in an air-

tight container.

– 开袋后,密封保存并放入冰箱冷藏。(干杏仁)

• After opening, store in tightly sealed container and refrigerate.

Answers to chapter 4

据报道 it is reported

据…报道 according to a report by..

援引… 的报道: …was quoted as saying

据…统计 according to statistics released by …

…透露 : …disclosed / revealed that…

据…证实 as … confirmed

新华社 Xinhua News Agency

在…讲这番话的… : … made the remark when…


China and Russia submitted to a UN-sponsored disarmament conference a joint

proposal for an international treaty to ban the deployment of weapons in outer


这里,太空武器表达为“ weapons in outer space”, 简化说法为“ space arms”,部署太空

武器表达为“deployment of weapons in outer space”。

在今年春晚,由众多影视和娱乐明星表演的诗歌朗诵节目《温暖 2008 》鼓舞了民族士气,

歌 了雪 举。

An epic -- "Warm 2008" -- praising disaster-relief efforts, was penned by leading

poets to boost national morale. It was expressively recited and movingly

performed by famous artists, TV anchors and entertainment stars in Spring

Festival evening gala on China Central Television (CCTV) on Wednesday night.

Gala 一词作名词用时,意为“欢庆,特别演出,表示欢庆的演出”

She starred at a fund-raising gala. 她是筹款义演中的主角。

gala adj.“欢庆的;欢乐的” a gala night

中央气象台发布暴雪橙色预警,预计周五(1 日)晚到周六(2 日)我国中部、东部、南部地


The National Meteorological Center issued an orange alert, saying snow and sleet

will sweep across central, eastern and southern regions from Friday night

through Saturday.
橙色预警表达为 orange alert, 为暴雪预警信号里面强度第二的警报。暴雪预警信号分五级,

由弱到强分别用绿色 green、蓝色 blue、黄色 yellow、橙色 orange、红色 red 表示。

alert 警报,警惕 恐怖威胁预警 terror alert



The Bush administration raised the terror alert from yellow to orange, the

second-highest level on a five-color scale。

华东师范大学体育与健康学院副院长李小英介绍说,硕博连读通常要花 6 年时间,刘翔的情



硕博连读 successive postgraduate and doctoral programs of study

单独授课 face-to-face lessons

保研 postgraduate recommendation

研究生入学考试为 postgraduate qualification exam

Li Xiaoying, vice-president of the School of Sports and Health Care (SSHC) at East

China Normal University, said "The successive postgraduate and doctoral

programs of study will usually take six years, but the time is not a problem for

Liu Xiang as long as he can finish and pass all the courses, because he is a

special student. ”“We know Liu has to spend most of his time in the training
base. So we will send his teachers the Shanghai Xinzhuang training base to give

him lessons individually," Li added.




The mainland is ready to hold exchanges, dialogue, consultations and

negotiations with any political party in Taiwan on any issue as long as it

recognizes that both sides of the Straits belong to one and the same China, Hu


He also vowed to make every effort with the utmost sincerity to achieve peaceful

reunification. "We will never allow anyone to separate Taiwan from the

motherland in any name, or by any means.



The rise of foodstuff prices may lead all the other commodities to follow suit“ 跟着

做,随之 ," NDRC Vice-Minister Zhu Zhixin said. He made a cautious forecast that

China's price level would remain high and that the growth rate would slow down.

截至 9 月底,全国基本养老保险、基本医疗保险、失业保险、工伤保险和生育保险参保人数

分别达到 19676 万人、18896 万人、11473 万人、11530 万人和 7327 万人。
The number of Chinese covered by insurance against old age, medical problems,

unemployment, work injuries and childbirth reached 196.76 million, 188.96

million, 114.73 million, 115.3 million and 73.27 million, respectively, by the end

of last month (September).

基本养老保险、基本医疗保险、失业保险、工伤保险和生育保险可以说“ insurance against

old age, medical problems, unemployment, work injuries and childbirth”

养老保险“endowment insurance”, 医疗保险“medical insurance”,

失业保险“unemployment insurance”, 工伤保险“work injury insurance”,

生育保险“childbirth insurance”。


他们的工作看似简单,但是他们为维护首都的交通秩序做出了很大的贡献。在绿灯亮的 90 秒

内,有交通协管员的时候,40 辆车可以通过十字路口,没有交通协管员的时候只能通过 15


The traffic police assistants are recruited and managed by Beijing Traffic

Management Bureau. They mostly age in their 40s and 50s and as simple as their

job may seem, these people are playing a major role in maintaining the capital's

traffic order.

During the green light, which lasts about 90 seconds, about 40 vehicles can pass

the crossroad with an assistant keeping the order. Without the assistants, only

about 15 vehicles can pass the crossroad."
到目前为止,北京市人口已经突破 1700 万,距离北京市政府设定的 2020 年 1800 万人口的

目标仅差 100 万。其中,1204 多万人持有北京户口,其余 510 多万为流动人口。

Beijing is bulging as its population has exceeded 17 million, only 1 million to go

to reach the ceiling the city government has set for 2020.The figure breaks down

into 12.04 million holders of Beijing "hukou", or household registration

certificates including 5.1 million floating population.

暂住证” temporary residency permits


The ministry also called for simplified procedures for migrants to get their

temporary residency permits.

社会主义和谐社会 harmonious socialist society

又快又好的发展 sound and fast development

“民生” people's well-being

维护社会公平和正义 to safeguard social fairness and justice

社会主义新农村 new socialist countryside

农 村 最 低 生 活 保 障 制 度 basic living /subsistence allowance system for rural


最低生活补助 minimum living/subsistence allowance

新型农村合作医疗制度 new type of rural cooperative medical care system

沼气 methane
企业所得税 corporate/enterprise income tax

物权法 property law

房地产市场过热 overheated property sector

廉租房 low-rent housing

县级市 county-level cities

节 能 降 耗 减 排 to save energy, lower energy consumption and reduce pollutants


适龄儿童 school-age children

助学金 tuition assistance

职业教育 vocational education

医患关系 doctor-patient relationship

不合标准的食品和药品 substandard food and medicine

食品医药安全 food and drug safety

农业特产税 tax on agricultural specialty products

社区医院 community hospitals

社区医疗保健制度 community healthcare system

留守儿童 stay-at-home children

农民工 rural migrant workers

外汇储备多元化 diversification of foreign exchange reserve

弱势群体 vulnerable group/disadvantaged group
• 地震的“震级”

• 地震的强度( magnitude )一般按照里氏震级( Richter Scale)划分,它是将震级范围从

1 到 10 的一种对数标度,用以表现地震放出的能量总数,是根据美国地震学家 Charles

Francis Richter 命名的。下面请看两个例子:

• The Seismology Research Centre says the earthquake measured 3.8 on the

Richter scale with an epicenter about 80 kilometers south-west of Sydney.

• 地震研究中心称这次地震的震级为里氏 3.8 级,震中位于悉尼西南 80 公里处。

• The tremor was placed at 5.6 on the Richter scale.

• 地震的震级被测定为里氏 5.6 级。

• “地震多少级”是用级数加上 on the Richter scale 来表示的。

“地震强度 magnitude”来表示震级

• A powerful magnitude-7.6 earthquake struck off the Solomon Islands on Monday,

sending a tsunami wave crashing into the country's west coast and prompting

region-wide disaster warnings.

• 周一,所罗门群岛发生了里氏 7.6 级地震,引发海啸席卷该国西部的一些岛屿,该国已发布


• 报道中的“magnitude-7.6 earthquake”“7.6 级地震”

• “××级地震”“a magnitude ×× earthquake”。
• Yesterday more than 600 soldiers reached Yingxiu township of Wenchuan - the

epicenter of Monday's 8 magnitude quake - where not a single building was

intact, Xinhua reported.

• 新华社消息,昨日六百多名士兵抵达震中、汶川映秀镇。周一这里发生了里氏 7.8 级地震,


• a magnitude ×× earthquake

• a ×× magnitude earthquake

• “发生地震”怎么说

• 中国日报网就这次地震所做的专题的标题:jolt

• Strong earthquake jolts SW China 四川汶川发生强烈地震

• Experts with the China Earthquake Networks Center said strong aftershocks may

still rock Wenchuan, though quakes exceeding 7.8 on the Richter scale are


• 中国地震台网中心的专家们说汶川可能会发生强烈余震,但震级不会超过 7.8 级。

• When he was working on Monday afternoon, Tan said he suddenly felt the ground

was shaking.

• 谭先生说周一下午他正在工作,忽然感到地面开始晃动。

• Vocabulary about earthquake :

• shake 震动;摇晃

tremor 颤动;震动
• hit 袭击、打击,使遭受

strike 突然发生;打击

jolt 使颠簸,摇晃

rock 摇,摇动,使振动

roll across 波动,起伏,横摇

rip through 裂开,破开;突进,横撞直闯

• damage 损害;损伤

destroy 毁坏,破坏;摧残

shatter 破坏;捣毁;破灭

devastate 蹂躏,破坏;使荒废;毁灭

level 推倒,夷平

flatten 夷为平地

• seismology 地震学

• aftershock 余震

• epicenter 震中

magnitude 震级

Richter Scale(1-10) 里氏震级 tsunami 海啸

rock and mud slides 泥石流

tsunami warning system 海啸预警系统

tidal waves 潮汐波,浪潮
natural disaster 自然灾害

wreckage 残骸

death toll 死亡人数

survivors 幸存者

victims 受灾者

international contributions 国 援助

evacuation 撤离

rescue team 救援小组

• 众志成城 万 一心

• The entire nation is united as one.

• Unity is the path to victory.

• We can vanquish any disasters together.

• 限塑令

• Ban on ultra-thin plastic bags

• China is banning the use of ultra-thin plastic bags, or those thinner than 0.025 millimeters,

from Sunday in a bid to reduce energy consumption and polluting emissions. However,

Chinese shoppers may need a while to adjust to the new rule.

• 根据国务院在一月份发布的一项法令,从六月一日起,禁止生产,出售和使用 0.025 毫米厚

• From June, 1 on, the production, sale and use of plastic shopping bags 0.025

millimeters thick or thinner will be banned, and retailers will be prohibited from

providing customers with free plastic bags, under a State Council decree

released in January.

• 考虑到食品的卫生和安全,用来包装像生肉和面条之类的食物的塑料袋仍然免费使用。

• In consideration of food safety and sanitation, bags which are used to pack food,

such as raw meat and noodles, are still free.


对外宣传:publicize China overseas

international communication


reporting on China for audience abroad

When you entered politics

When I got involved in government

进入政坛:get involved in government

go into the government


Spiritual civilization (spirit)

To promote cultural and ethical progress (进行文化和道德建设)


Local officials extended a welcome to the fourth group of Fujian officials to Tibet and

gave them advice on how to deal with different conditions of work in Tibet / the special

work in Tibet / special conditions of work in Tibet .


There must be extensive promotion of and publicity about the knowledge of having

healthier babies and better upbringing of children.

eugenics/having healthier babies


两岸三地 Greater China

中国大陆 the mainland of China / Chinese mainland

对外开放 opening up/opening up to the outside world

亚洲四小龙 nies (newly industrialized economies)

反国家分裂法 Anti-secession law

台独运动 Taiwan Independence Movement (TIM)


After it takes effect, the law will contain the Taiwan secession activities, and will well

protect the interest of all the Taiwan people.

Peaceful reunification does not mean that the mainland is to eat off Taiwan, still less

that Taiwan will eat off the mainland. (Beijing Review)

… that the mainland is to annex Taiwan, and vice versa.

… that either the mainland or Taiwan is to eat off the opposite.


The phrase “iron-rice-bowl”, which refers to the job-for-life system, has been replaced

by a new term, Tiao Cao, meaning “to seek better troughs.”


five merits to advocate – civilized behavior, common courtesy, hygienic conditions,

proper discipline and public morality; and four virtues to promote – lofty sentiments,

polite language, good manners and environmental awareness.

Five speeches and four beauties

全国人民代表大会 The National People’s Congress, China’s legislature

希望工程 Project Hope, a program to aid the poor children who are unable to continue

their studies

海峡两岸的三通 three direct links across the Taiwan Straits, namely, the links of trade,

travel and post


解物质后,几个月内就会被细菌吃得一干二净。 由中国科学家最新研制成功的这种分解物质被认为

Plastic products that normally wouldn’t disappear in a hundred years on a rubbish heap

or in soil can now be eaten away in several months when a newly developed catalyzer

is added. Chinese scientists consider it the best method to tackle the “white pollution”

caused mainly by non-biodegradable materials like styrofoam or plastic sheeting.

863 计划 the State March 1986 High-tech Program

老区 old revolutionary bases

一要吃饭,二要建设 the principle of subsistence first and development second

鼓励对口支援 To encourage industries in advanced regions to assist their counterparts in

western regions

中国人社会参与的深度和广度空前扩大 Chinese More Enthusiastic for Political Participation



In today’s China, the most exciting story is the emergence of farmer entrepreneurs.

Yesterday’s weather-beaten farmers have today become renowned business people.



As advances in ground transportation would require a tremendous investment, the

development of air transportation is undoubtedly the best way to achieve quick results.

Get the same reward of pay as everyone else regardless of one’s performance in work

Pay not according to performance but on an egalitarian basis


To carry out the plan to assist 80 million people in having sufficient food and clothing

within seven years.



The audience gave the performers long and warm applauses when the two-hour opera

was over.

• 据中央电视台报道,凌晨 4 时 43 分,T 195 次北京至青岛四方的列车与 5034 次烟台至徐州

的列车相撞。铁道部称 T195 次列车在相撞前已出轨。

According to a China Central Television report, T195 passenger train, heading to

Qingdao from Beijiing, collided at 4:43am with passenger train No 5034, running

from Yantai to Xuzhou. The Ministry of Railways said train T195 derailed from the

track before the collision.

derail ---run off or leave the rails

• “出 ,脱 ”,某人“出轨”,或者事情“未按计划进行”等意思。列车“在轨正常行驶”,事情“正

常有序进行”就可以用 run on the rails。

• 由于你的粗心,所有的事情近来都乱了套了。

Things are running off the rails recently due to your carelessness.
• 我们尽了最大努力以确保仪式正常进行。

We have made every effort to ensure the ceremony to run on the rails.

• 卫生部发出预警信息表示,今后几个月手足口病的发病数量将有所增加, 6、7 月份为该病高


The Ministry of Health warned that cases of hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD) will

possibly increase in the following months since June and July are the peak

seasons for the disease.

• 专家表示,手足口病是婴儿和儿童常见的一种疾病,典型的症状有:发热,口腔溃疡,以及


HFMD, characterized by fever, sores in the mouth and rashes on hands and feet,

is not a new infection and is common among infants and children, experts say. It

can be triggered by various viruses and usually does not lead to death.

• 该报道中, hand-foot-mouth disease 就是“手足口病”,英文报道中常用 HFMD 来简称此


• 与其相关的表达有: sores in the mouth (口腔溃疡),rashes on hands and feet (手

足疱疹), slight fever(低烧), blister (水泡)等, 相关英文报道中的 mouth ulcers


中国移动还表示 3 月 15 日之前他们每天大约收到 4000 条关于垃圾短信的投诉。根据该公司最近的

一项报告显示,上述投诉量已减少到每天 2000 条,但是该公司没有透露具体下降情况。
• China Mobile said it had received about 4,000 complaints each day over spam

messages before March 15. A statement from the company reported the number

of daily complaints has now decreased to 2,000, but did not provide details on

the reduction.

spam message “垃圾短信”

spam :unwanted e-mail (usually of a commercial nature sent out in bulk) “ 垃圾邮


• 生活中很多 unwanted 信息都可以被称作“spam”。

“猪肉罐头”Spam. V.“发送垃圾邮件”

• E.g. 垃 圾 邮件 是最 遭人 痛恨 的因 特网 产物 。 Spam is the most hated product of the


• 如今,杂货铺里都不怎么卖猪肉罐头了。 Nowadays, you can not easily find spam in a


• 北京奥组委执行副主席蒋效愚在本周三的新闻发布会上说:“目前,拉萨已经基本恢复了正常

秩序,西藏自治区政府会努力维护当地的稳定并确保跨过世界之巅的火炬传递活动顺利进行 。

"Lhasa is now basically restored to order and the Tibet Autonomous Regional Government

will ensure the stability there and the smooth operation of the torch relay scaling the

world's highest peak," said Jiang Xiaoyu, executive vice president of the Beijing Organizing

Committee for the Olympic Games (BOCOG) in a press conference Wednesday.
• Torch relay “ 火 炬接 力、 火炬 传递 ” relay 在 体育 比 赛 中指 “ 接 力 relay race “ 接 力 赛 跑 ”


• E.g.请把新闻转播给村民。Please relay the news to the villagers.

• 我 们 通 过 中 转 站 接 收 北 京 的 电 视 节 目 。 We receive telecasts from Beijing through relay




Set up the “One-Stop” Service Center to provide a coordinated process service for

foreign investors in obtaining approval.


We tried to delegate power to lower levels on a number of occasions. But this was

limited solely to readjusting the administrative power of the central and local

authorities and of the different departments and regions.


We must unswervingly give equal importance to economic development on one hand

and to the development of socialist culture and ideology on the other hand.


The Party Central Committee with Comrade Jiang Zemin at the core, in adherence to

the principle of placing equal emphasis on material progress and ethical and cultural
progress, with neither aspects neglected, has promoted ethical and cultural progress in

all fields.


We must see with a sober mind that “attaching importance to material progress while

neglecting ethical and cultural progress” has not been solved.


The most serious error in the previous 10 years were made in education. Some things

were stressed while others were neglected.


In going for modernization, efforts must be made to keep economic development as the

central task, and equal importance should be attached to both aspects for stressing

only one aspect is not enough.


Development is the most essential criterion. The key to seizing the opportunity and

developing ourselves lies in expanding the economy.

发展是硬道理, 中国解决所有问题的关键在于依靠自己的发展。

Development is the absolute principle. The key to the solution of all China’s problems

lies in our own development.

各级预算都要量入为出, 一是吃饭,二是建设。
In preparing their budgets, governments at all levels should make sure they can make

both ends meet and the budgeted expenditures cover both material and construction



A basic principle guiding our economic work is “First, feed the people and second, build

the country”.


Our comrades should take note: don’t live on the power of your office, your high

position and seniority.


There have been many reports on how law enforcers violate the law, and how judges

take bribes from both the defendant and the plaintiff.


It is necessary to persist in the system of the city mayor’s responsibility for the

“market basket” and that of the provincial governor’s responsibility for the “rice bag”.


We must adhere to the principle of letting one hundred flowers bloom and hundred

schools of thought contend.

胡同 hutong 四合院 siheyuan 流动人口 floating population

让一部分人先富起来 Let some get rich first
三个代表 three represents



The Chinese economy has successfully made a “soft landing”, a result of

macroeconomic control.

形象不同, 但喻义相近


We can’t allow any black sheep among our employees.



We should not impose “cutting by one knife” on the implementation of policies.

impose uniformity

清理“三角债”To clean up the “triangle debts”/To break up the “debt chain”


We should develop our city’s economy into a pattern of its own feature with tourism as

its stage and economic and trade as actors./… with tourism paving the way for

economic and trading activities.

We should not issue blank paper to the farmers./We should not issue IOUs to the


很多人很骄傲, 尾巴翘得很高。

Many people are very conceited with their tails stuck high./… and apt to get cocky.

What happened in China in 2008?

• Fighting Blizzard “滞留旅客” stranded passengers

• 停电,限电 power failure

• 由于湖南省大雪,造成铁路南北主干线京广线南端瘫痪.

The southern end of the Beijing-Guangzhou rail line, a north-south trunk railroad,

has been paralyzed because of heavy snow in the central Hunan Province.

• 全国 14 个省份约有 82.7 万人被疏散。

Some 827,000 people have been evacuated in 14 provinces.

• 抢险抗灾 Disaster Relief

• 两会 two Conferences NPC/CPCC

(i.e. the National People's Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative


最受关注话题 topics of most concern
• 物价上涨 price hike 价格过度上涨 excessive price hikes

• 社会保障 social security 低收入人群 low-income population

• 藏独分裂分子 Tibetan separatist

• 民航总局调查东航“返航”事件

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) launched its investigation into

China Eastern Airlines' pilots, who turned back midway on flights to airports they

had set off from.

• 18 个云南省内航班返航影响到 1000 多名旅客。

18 flights returned to their departure points in southwestern Yunnan province,

affecting more than 1,000 passengers.

• 列车“出轨”至两车相撞

• 据中央电视台报道,凌晨 4 时 43 分,T 195 次北京至青岛四方的列车与 5034 次烟台至徐州

的列车相撞。铁道部称 T195 次列车在相撞前已出轨。

According to a China Central Television report, T195 passenger train, heading to

Qingdao from Beijiing, collided at 4:43am with passenger train No 5034, running

from Yantai to Xuzhou. The Ministry of Railways said train T195 derailed from the

track before the collision.

• “手足口病”相关词汇

• 卫生部发出预警信息表示,今后几个月手足口病的发病数量将有所增加, 6、7 月份为该病高

The Ministry of Health warned that cases of hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD) will

possibly increase in the following months since June and July are the peak

seasons for the disease.

• 专家表示,手足口病是婴儿和儿童常见的一种疾病,典型的症状有:发热,口腔溃疡,以及


HFMD, characterized by fever, sores in the mouth and rashes on hands and feet,

is not a new infection and is common among infants and children, experts say. It

can be triggered by various viruses and usually does not lead to death.


• 〈1〉鹦鹉学舌式的硬译

创一流服务,迎四海嘉宾。 改译:First class service to all guests.

• 北 岭 旅 游 度 假 区 是 您 的 投 资 宝 地 。 改 译 : Beiling Resort is a

promising land for investment.

• 收银台 silver receiving counter

• 〈2〉囫囵吞枣的误译

创优秀旅游城市,为名城争光。 改 译 : Build a Top Tourist City of China
for the honor of our famous city. 弘扬体育精神,促进国际往来。 改译;

Promote sportsmanship and international exchanges.

• 随心所欲式的乱译

• ××市人民增创优秀旅游诚市 .改译:Build XX into a Top Tourist City of China.


• slogan 标语、□号. battle cry /gathering word

• striking and easily remembered Slogan 喊出来是口号,写出来是标语,

• 〈1〉引人注意,令人难忘

• I want you to the army!

• Tobacco kills more people than heroin & cocaine.

• XX 市公安局报警中心 改译:Police Report Centre of X X City

• 来 xx 两天,游两个名城: 国家级历史文化名城,国家级风景名胜区。

Two Days In xx,/A Visit To Two Cities.

i.e.The city famous for historical culture and scenic attractions at

State level.

• 2 语声铿锵,语韵感人

• 例 11:酒后勿驾驶。 译文:If you drink, you can't drive.
• 例 12:服务传统,以您为尊。 改译:It's our pride (that) you're satisfied.

• 例 13 : 龙 舟 传 友 谊 ,X市 奔 世 界 。 改 译 :

Friendship through dragon boats, / X X City towards the world.

• 3 语言洗练,扼要简明

• 提高生活质素,迈向美好未来。 Better Living, Brighter Future.

• 今年更多新货,价格更加优惠。 More for less this year.

• 4 句法独特,扼要有力惠康超级市场,价格始终最平。

译文:Wellcome prices still lowest.

安全环境齐手创,各行各业乐安康。改译:Work for a safer place for work.

• 立足中华,面向世界,走向未来。 Base on China, orient to the world and aim at the


全面开创社会主义现代化建设的新局面。改 译 : Create a new situation, modernize in

all fields.

• 标语英译的可接受性

• 桂林山水甲天下。East or West, home is best/East or west, Guilin landscape is best!

• 发展是硬道理。 改译一:Development is the top priority.

改译二:Development leads top prosperity.

• 您的意见是我们决策的重要参考。 改译:Your views will help shape our policies.

• 请勿乱丢宣传单张,违者可被检控. 译文:It is an offense to litter handbills.

• 做名城市民,讲社会公德。 改译:Be virtuous citizens in our famous city.
• 法律规定:前面座位必须让给耆英或伤残人士。

• 美国的老人公寓,叫 Golden Age Village, 敬老院则叫 Home for Golden Agers。

It’s law. Front seats must be vacated for seniors and persons with disabilities.

• 有困难,找派出所。 Have problems? Please contact the Police Station.

• 建设花园式生态型现代化大城市! 改译:Build a modernized garden city of ecotype.


1 悦耳效果

小草青青,足下留情。改译:The grass so fair, / It needs your care!

• 欲穷千里目,更上一层楼。

• For a grander sight, / To a greater height.

• Landscapes are everywhere, / Guilin’s is beyond compare!

2 悦目效果

• 珍爱生命,远离毒品! Yes to life, No to drugs!

• 携手合作,共创未来。

Cooperate hand in hand to create our common bright future!

改译:Prosperity Through Partnership.

3 意会效果
• There is no hospital here! 办好石展会,创造新商机!

Run a successful stone fair for more businesses!

4 神会效果

• Better late than the late!

• 来也匆匆?去也冲冲!Come with a rush?/ Go with a flush!


乘火车 “晕机”?

• Air sickness bag

• Air sickness, car sickness, sea sickness

• Train sickness

• Travel sickness, motion sickness


• Brief Instruction

• instructions :statements telling somebody what he should or must do

• Brief Introduction

• 更舒适、更时尚、更环保、更美好

• more comfortable, more fashionable, more environmentally and more wonderful

• more environmentally friendly
• 从国外引进的技术

• technology introduction from abroad

• technology introduced from abroad


• 请勿大声喧哗,以保持车厢安静

• Please do not make much noise, and to keep the trains quiet.

• keep the compartment quiet .

• Keep quiet please.

• Please be quiet.


• 全列车各个部位不得吸烟 .

• Smoking is not allowed in every part of the train.

• “all”,“both”,“every”,“everybody”,“everything”,“entirely”,“absolutely”,



• “All that glitters is not gold.

• Every couple is not a pair.

• Smoking is prohibited in any part of this train.

• Smoking is prohibited.

• 倒开水时请不要满杯,以免烫伤。
• When you adding boiled water please do not fill your cup too much to avoid


• When you are filling your cup with boiled water, please do not overfill it so as not

to scald your hands.

• Don't overfill our cup with boiled water.

• 洗脸间设在单号车厢。

• Toilets are in odd numbers compartment.

• Toilets are in odd-numbered compartments.

• 到站的旅客,请往前门下车。

• Arriving passengers,Please forward door alight.

• Arriving passengers, please exit from the front door.

• 垃圾可以放在座椅背后的一次性纸质清洁袋里。

• Garbage can be thrown in the pockets of clean disposable paper.

• Garbage can be thrown in travel sickness bag/motion sickness bag .


 旅行 journey, trip

 旅游 tour

A trip with visits to various places of interest for business, pleasure, or

 旅游者 Tourist

 旅行指南 , 旅行路线 itinerary

 出境游 outbound tourism; outbound travel

 出境游客 outbound tourist

 往返旅行 return journey; round trip

 单程旅行 outward journey

 套餐游;包办游 package tour; inclusive tour

 旅游散客 independent traveler

 票价 Fare

 单程票 single ticket

 往返票 round-trip ticket; return ticket

 半票 half-price ticket

 旅游景点,游览胜地 tourist attraction;/tourist destination;/scenic spot;

 自然景观 natural splendor/attraction

 避暑胜地 summer resort

 国家公园 national park

 出土文物 unearthed cultural relics

 古建筑群 ancient architectural complex

 国画 traditional Chinese painting

 文房四宝
the four stationery treasures of the Chinese study including writing brushes, ink

sticks, inkstones and paper

 湖光山色 landscape of lakes and hills

 依山傍水 enclosed/surrounded by the hills on one side and waters on the other

 山清水秀 beautiful mountains and clear waters


 太和殿 Taihedian /Taihedian Hall/Hall of Supreme Harmony

文华殿 Wenhuadian /Wenhua Hall/Hall of Literary Glory

坤宁宫 Kunninggong /Kunninggong Palace/Palace of Earthly Tranquility

 北京的腿,西安的嘴,桂林的山和水。

In Beijing, the tourist guide has to walk a lot because there are so many places

to see; in Xi’an, he has to talk a lot because there are so many histories to tell; in

Guilin, he doesn’t have to talk or walk a lot because the beautiful mountains and

rivers are attractive enough for the travelers themselves to see and enjoy.

 故宫耗时 14 年,整个工程于 1420 年结束。

The construction of the Forbidden City took 14 years and was finished in 1420.

72 years before Christopher Columbus discovered the New World. (14 years

before Shakespeare was born.)

 林边有一个洞,叫白龙洞。传说《白蛇传》的白娘子曾经在这里修炼。
 ear the forest is the White Dragon Cave which is said to be the very place where

Lady White, the legendary heroine of The Story of The White Snake, cultivated

herself according to the Buddhist doctrine.

 P40:The 64-meter-high Dayan Pagoda in Xi’an is the place where Xuan Zang, a

great monk, once lived after returning from India.

In front of the gate of Zhanshan Temple stand a pair of exquisitely carved stone

lions. By the side of the temple there stands the Yaoshi Pagoda (the Druggist


LiuBei died of illness in 223.

 P41:Qing dao, like a cluster of brilliant pearls, is located on the southwestern

coast of Shandong Peninsula boarding the Yellow Sea. With a mild climate,

Qingdao is famous for its scenic beauty and is renowned as the seaside summer

resort in China.



 我们应当趁热打铁。We’d better make key while the sun shines.

 每个人必须守口如瓶。Everybody must be dumb as an oyster.

 物以类聚,人以群分。Birds of a feather flock together.
 这篇文章一点也不切实际,纯属纸上谈兵。 This article deals with nothing but birds in

the bush.


 深 圳 四 季 常 青 , 风 景 秀 丽 。 Shenzhen is green all the year round and has a

picturesque environment.

 这个故事百听不厌。You will never be tired of hearing this story.


 仙湖植物园以其梧桐山之高、仙湖之美、沟壑之幽、岩石之奇、树木之秀,赢得了游客的喜


Xianhu Botanical Park attracts visitors’ attention with the height of Wutong

Mountain, the beauty of Xianhu Lake, the depth and beauty of the valleys and

streams, the strangeness of the stones and the beauty of the trees.


 市政府利用这种得天独厚的自然环境,投入了很大的精力发展旅游业。

The local government has taken this exceptional advantage and made great

efforts to develop tourism.

 驻足其间, 回归大自然的感觉会油然而生。

Entering the gardens, visitors feel they are returning to nature.

• 但愿人长久,千里共婵娟。

We wish each other a long life so as to share the beauty of this graceful

moonlight, even though miles apart.

• 富贵不能淫,贫贱不能移,威武不能曲,此之谓大丈夫。

It is a true great man whom no money and rank can confuse, no poverty and

hardship can shake, and no power and force can suffocate.

• 海内存知己,天涯若比邻。A bosom friend afar brings distance near.

• 举头望明月,低头思故乡。

Raising my head, I see the moon so bright; withdrawing my eyes, my nostalgia

comes around.

• 礼尚往来。往而不来,非礼也;来而不往,亦非礼也。

Propriety suggests reciprocity. It is not propriety not to give out but to receive,

or vice versa.

• 江山如此多娇,引无数英雄尽折腰。

This land so rich in beauty has made countless heroes bow in homage.

• 人有悲欢离合,月有阴晴阳缺,此事古难全。

People have sorrow and joy; they part and meet again. The moon dims or shines; it

waxes or wanes. Nothing is perfect, not even in the olden days.

• 三人行,必有我师焉。择其善者而从之,其不善者而改之。
Among any three people walking, I will find something to learn for sure. Their good

qualities are to be followed, and their shortcomings are to be avoided.

• 天生我才必有用。Heaven has endowed me with talents for eventual use.

• 天时不如地利,地利不如人和

Opportunities vouchsafed by Heaven are less important than terrestrial advantages,

which in turn are less important than the unity among people.

• 学而不思则罔,思而不学则殆。

Learning without thinking leads to confusion; thinking without learning ends in


• 学 而 不 厌 , 诲 人 不 倦 。 Never be contented with your study; never be impatient

with your teaching.

• 学如逆水行舟,不进则退。

Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back.

• 有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎。

It is such a delight to have friends coming from afar.

• 天将降大任于斯人也,必先苦其心志,劳其筋骨,饿其体肤,空乏其身,行拂乱其所为,所


When Heaven is about to place a great responsibility on a great man, it always first

frustrates his spirit and will, exhausts his muscles and bones, exposes him to
starvation and poverty, harasses him by troubles and setbacks so as to stimulate his

spirit, toughen his nature and enhance his abilities.