Beginner Step 1 Unit 2

Q: Where’s (where is) the photo frame? A: It’s (it is) on the wall. Q: Where’s the clock? A: It’s on the wall. Q: Where’s the computer? A: It’s on the table. Q: Where’s my cell phone? A: It’s on the book on the table. Q: Where are the books? A: They’re (they are) on the floor. Q: Where’s the cat? A: It’s on the floor. Q: Where are your DVDs? A: They’re on the bed.

Practice: Answer these questions
1. Where’s the TV? 2. Where are my pens? 3. Where’s your book? 4. Where’s the dictionary? 5. Where’s my MP3 player? 6. Where are the fruits? 7. Where’s the board? 8. Where’s my jacket? 9. Where are my shoes? 10. Where is the remote control?

dictionary chair wall bookshelf notebook table desk bulletin board computer map clock whiteboard chalkboard pen pencil board marker

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