Beginner Step 1 Unit 3

am is I? he? she? it? you? we? they?

WHERE ARE YOU? (Preposition– IN) Places in the house
I’m (I am) He’s (He is) She’s (She is) It’s (It is) You’re (You are) We’re (We are) They’re (They are) in the bathroom in the kitchen. in the bedroom. in the garage. in the attic. in the living room. in the basement.



Q: Where are you? A: I’m in the kitchen. Q: Where is your sister? A: She’s in the dining room. Q: Where is your father? A: He’s in the yard. Q: Where are you? A: We’re in the living room.

Practice: Answer these questions
1. Where are you? 2. Where are Mr. and Mrs. Kolca? 3. Where are you and Terry? 4. Where is Cindy? 5. Where is grandfather? 6. Where is Mrs. Topuz? 7. Where are the kids? 8. Where is Savas? 9. Where are you? 10. Where is Neslihan?

1. 3.


4. 5. 6. 7.




Attic Bedroom Bathroom Living room Dining room Lanai Basement Garage Yard Lawn Driveway

Kitchen Patio

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