Beginner Step 1 Unit 8

Q: Where is Jason? A: He’s in the kitchen. Q: What’s he doing? A: He’s eating breakfast.


Q: Where are Mr. and Mrs. Ozer? A: They’re at the park. Q: What are they doing? A: They’re having a picnic.

Practice: Answer these questions
1. Where’s Neslihan? What’s she doing? 2. Where are the children? What are they doing? 3. Where are you? What are you doing? 4. Where’s Mrs. Brown? What’s she doing? 5. Where are Eva and Jonathan? What are they doing? 6. Where’s Ayfer? What‘s he doing? 7. Where are the dogs? What are they doing? 8. Where’s your friend? What’s he doing? 9. Where’s the repairman? What’s he doing? 10. Where’s Jessica? What’s she doing?

In the park In the kitchen In the bathroom In/At a restaurant At the post office At home At the beach At a party At the mall At the movies Eating breakfast/lunch/dinner Studying math/science/history Drinking coffee/milk/tea Playing cards/chess/badminton Playing the violin/the cello Listening to music/to the radio Cooking dinner/spaghetti Repairing the computer/TV Dancing tango/hip hop

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