Version: 16th June 2009 ER A.1 ER name
Design Category

Documentation General description of the type General product description: - type of product - main particulars, (e.g. Length, Beam, Draft) - boat design category General description of the type CIN – code General description of the type Builders plate, including Builders plate information

Standard EN ISO 8666:2002

A.2.1 A.2.2

Craft identification Builder’s plate

EN ISO 10087: 2006 EN ISO 14945:2004/AC:20 05 EN ISO 15085:2003


Protection from falling overboard and means of reboarding

Design and manufacturing drawings Deck plan Detail drawings - hand grips, railing, toe rails etc… Reboarding means e.g: Protection: Choice of option and solutions specs of fittings required in prevention of falling overboard. Motor driven craft only Drawing with compliance to 11591 Description of the craft and its operation. Manual should draw special attention to risk of fire and flooding and shall contain the information listed in 2.2, 3.6 and 4 as well as the unladen weight of the craft. List of applied standards or documented solution followed


Visibility from the main steering position Owner’s manual

EN ISO 11591:2000 EN ISO 10240: 2004




Design and manufacturing drawings General arrangement Lines plan, if used for assessment Deck plan Construction plan (with cross sections over bulkheads and several frames)

Detail drawings - engine mounts and other strength critical items

EN ISO 122151:2000 EN ISO 122152:2002 EN ISO 122153:2002 EN ISO 122154:2002 EN ISO 122155:2008 Page 94/196

structural details.mast support . Keel root (configuration) and bolts (number. transition of forces into hull. EN ISO 12217-1: 2002 EN ISO 122172:2002 EN ISO 122173:2002 Page 95/196 . details of fitting attachments.GUIDELINES 2009 Version: 16th June 2009 ER ER name Documentation . location.hull connection . A. anchoring in keel. plan view. laminate plans for FRP construction.g.3. pressure head. thrust bearing.2 Stability and freeboard Standard EN ISO 122156:2008 prEN ISO 12215-7 prEN ISO 12215-8 prEN ISO 12215-9 Design and manufacturing drawings Sail plan. welding specification Rudder: Geometry.hull connection .keel .cockpit drainage Laminate details Manufacturing details List of fitted materials GRP schedule / Sandwich schedule Details of welding procedure Details of laminate construction / laminate procedure (e.strong points . propeller bracket.deck . hull. weight. Chain plates: Related to rig dimensions.chainplates . inclining test). working loads. cross section. seats). Mast step/mast pillar. if used for assessment Lines plan. connections. transition of forces into hull structure. resin / core) Details of wood construction Calculations / Tests Scantlings calculations (if available) e. deck superstructures: Structural members in side view.g: CG position (calculation. transitions. dimensions.g: Material specification for structural members. Ballast keel : Geometry. bearings (material. if used for assessment General arrangement Calculations / Tests Stability calculations. engine foundation. incorporation of stock in rudder blade. fastening). dimensions. rudder stock dimensions. material). centre of gravity. bolt diameters. test reports e. glues. built-in tanks (dimensions. material. shaft tube.

: Sill heights.3.g. doors.3. lines. hatches e.3.4 Openings in hull deck and structure EN ISO 12217-1: 2002 EN ISO 122172:2002 EN ISO 122173:2002 EN ISO 12216:2002 A.strong points e. towing Handling Design and manufacturing drawings .6 Manufacturer’s max.4 . positioning) Calculation.3.3.GUIDELINES 2009 Version: 16th June 2009 ER ER name Documentation hydrostatic clause 5 for prefabricated) degree of watertightness of closing appliances A.g: Hatches.9 Escape hatch Anchoring. 8849:1990) Electrically operated bilge pumps Break down to be mentioned in owner’s manual EN ISO 14946:2001/AC:20 05 A. cockpit drainage. mooring. portlights (see Annex II.8 A. test (documentation) Design and manufacturing drawings Deck plan .7 A.g. including list 1:1997 EN ISO 9093of bilge-pumps and capacity) 2:2002 e. recommended load Liferaft stowage A.5 Flooding Design and manufacturing drawings Detail drawings EN ISO 11812:2001 EN ISO .g: Feasible position in relation to size (number of persons) Size. system drawings and circuits EN ISO 9093Drainage (e. position of through. position when boat upright and inverted (multihulls only) Designated strong points. EN Bilge pumping arrangement (pumps.28849:1993/A1: 2000 (ISO hull fittings. proof of stability for relevant load cases.cockpit drainage 15083:2003 Schemes of components.3.2 Buoyancy and flotation Standard Design and manufacturing drawings Calculations / Tests Buoyancy calculations e. back-flow prevention).3. discharge. bilge and toilet.liferaft stowage area . closing appliances A. transfer of forces into hull structure Prevention of overpowering (motorboats only) EN ISO 15084:2003 EN ISO Page 96/196 A. :(where applicable) Buoyancy tanks and devices (material.

CE marking.2 Fuel tanks Design and manufacturing drawings Tanks e.5. test results. Ventilation of petrol engine and tank spaces Schemes of components. insulation material. Fuel lines.g. AC/DC E. vibration.GUIDELINES 2009 Version: 16th June 2009 ER ER name characteristics Standard Rudder size. system drawings and circuits Electrical system. 11592:2001 Assessment only by sea trial.: Details of ventilation for engine and fuel spaces. system drawings and circuits Engine installation. EN ISO 13590:2003/AC:20 04 EN ISO 10088:2001 A. profile and position suitable for the craft.3 Exposed parts A. support. routing) Detailed checklist for ISO 10088 advisable. power generators and batteries (location.5. Schemes of components.2. connections. EN ISO 21487:2006 A.: Material.2. Maximum rated power to be stated in the owner’s manual.2 Ventilation Design and manufacturing drawings .g. easy access to engine parts needing servicing.1. fittings. including possible exposed parts Exhaust system e.5 Personal Watercraft running without driver Fuel system – general (to be defined) A. unless engine is covered. system drawings and circuits Engine installation.g.1. including possible exposed parts e. hazard from fumes.: Minimising risk of fire and explosion.5. exhaust system. 1 Inboard engine A.g. system drawings and circuits Fuel system e.: Shielding of exposed parts. support. board. Schemes of components.5. fittings (material.g.5. chafe protection. noise. EN ISO 11105:1997 A.1 Schemes of components.5.1.: Cables (routing. heat.engine room ventilation e.1. risk and spread of fire.3 Electrical system EN ISO 10133:2000 EN ISO 13297:2000 Page 97/196 .g: Separation from living quarters.5. Documentation A. positioning.

wiring diagram.g.5. type.rudderstock . including emergency arrangements (= steering system only) e.6 Fire protection Schemes of components.5. escape hatch sizes. power source system Design and manufacturing drawings Detail drawings .7 Navigation lights Colreg / Cevni A. Test results. conduits. wiring (colour code or traceability.g. fixed extinguishing system Portable extinguishers: number.g. EN ISO 10239:2000 A. location.GUIDELINES 2009 Version: 16th June 2009 ER ER name Documentation type.: General layout.g. protection. accessibility of components. system drawings and circuits Drainage (e. ventilation).5. alternative escape route. switch shielding). Schemes of components. grounding / bounding.: Escape route.8 Discharge prevention EN ISO 8099:2000 Page 98/196 . flexible lines (routing.g. including list of bilge-pumps and capacity) EN ISO 90941:2003 EN ISO 90942:2002 EN ISO 14895:2003 A. class).and/or portable. CE marked consuming devices. system drawings and circuits Steering system.5 Gas system Standard A. GFCI devices. position on craft.5. Compliance with Annex II. capacity protection of engine and fuel space Liquid fuelled galley stoves Schemes of components. bilge and toilet. system drawings and circuits Fire extinguisher system (permanent. expansion).: Certificates.rudder construction . battery disconnect switch (max amps). including volume and capacities) e. emergency steering A.shaft Schemes of components.: Pipes. clause 3. fuses.4 Steering system EN ISO 8847: 2004/AC:2005 EN 28848: 1993/A1:2000 EN ISO 10592: 1995/A1:2000 EN 29775: 1993/A1:2000 EN ISO 13929: 2001 Schemes of components. system drawings and circuits LPG system e. system drawings and circuits Navigation lights e.5. temp. panels design. chafe prevention.

oily water: prevention from overboard discharge? Seacock (Y-valve?) able to be sealed shut.: Fuel. Exhaust emissions Standard Exhaust emission test report (including Declaration of Conformity) Noise emissions Noise emission test report (including Declaration of Conformity) Annex II: Manufacturing details List of fitted installations and components Componen ts (including Declaration of Conformity) EN ISO 81781:1996 EN ISO 14509 EN 28846:1993/A1:20 00 (ISO 8846:1990) EN ISO 11547:1995/A1:20 00 EN 28848:1993/A1:20 00 (ISO 8848:1990) EN 29775:1993/A1:20 00 (ISO 9775:1990) EN ISO 10592:1995/A1:20 00 EN ISO 10088:2001 EN ISO 7840:2004 EN ISO 12216:2002 d) Recommendations for use Relevant Approved Recommendations for Use (ARFU): #36 Page 99/196 .g. oil. Height of anti-siphon B. holding tank. deck fitting.GUIDELINES 2009 Version: 16th June 2009 ER ER name Documentation Through hull fittings e. C.

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