Project Report

Name Project Task / Current Assignment Department Reporting Manager Name Location Duration of the Project Specify dates Manaswita Sarkar Increasing engagement of Trade and End Consumer through various Promotional Schemes. OSSB, Marketing Hitesh Singhla, Venkateswarlu Mangipudi Mumbai RSO (West) 7-July-10 to 15-Sept-10

Project/Task Title:
Increasing engagement of Trade and End Consumer in West Zone through various Promotional Schemes.

To engage trade through various Schemes/Promos in West Zone for creating higher involvement and affinity.

Done through : y Coordination with ASMs and TSIs of West Zone. Stickers) placement in Traditional retail. 3) Distribution of Gifts for Yes Bosss2. Collection and verification of Enrolment Forms. Management of Marketing Field Force: Merchandisers. y Meeting and follow up with MTO officials y Meeting and Follow up with Brand Manager Funday Mc Donalds. Obtaining Top Shelf and End caps spaces in gondolas in MTOs Landmark. Done through: y Market Visits Primary research y Market Survey on Jolie in P3 Powai.Compiling Achievers List for DKD2. Visibility/ Promotional Activities: POP Planning for Q1 2010 POP (Posters. Market research on Visibility of BILT products in Traditional retail outlets 86 Outlets Market Mapping for West Zone Added approximately 600 outlets to the list of Existing outlets in Database. Crossword Promotional Events/ Activations Contacted Mc Donald s for promotion of Bilt TOT series on their Diwali Fun-day .Methodology: Scheme Activities carried out 1) Enrolments for REB1 and Centurions 2 Distribution of Enrolment Forms. In process of Implementation. Collection of Acknowledgement Forms for DKD. and prepared costing. Banners. Market Intelligence survey for competitor-pricing of Black PP notebook equivalent and Photoglossy Paper in Mumbai Market. y Data collection from TSIs. y Preparation Beat route for Merchandisers of Zone y Peparation of SOP for putting up POP in traditional retail and MTOs General Marketing: Market Survey on customer attitude towards Mead Jolie range of products. RDWs and retailers y Assimilation of Retailer association data and data available with ASMs . negotiated terms on deliverables on both sides. 4) Quality control of schemes through tracking and Market Audit Visits Done through: y Coordination and follow-up with ASMs of the West Zone y Market Audit Visits. Crossword Powai and Odyssey R-city Mall Ghatkopar.

ensuring gift distribution and collection of acknowledgements for the same. 4) Quality Control of Schemes through timely tracking of channel partner ordering data. Visibility/ Promotion POP Planning for Q1 2010 Planning and Implementing Promotional Events in West Zone Increasing visibility of BILT brand and products in West Zone by proper display of POPs and Product in outlets. Acknowledgement Collected : Phone-52/67. 1012 /1100 DKD 2 Closing: Achievers identified and compiled . DKD2 and Yes Bosss through compilation of Qualifiers data. Outcome: Trade Engagement: DKD Closing: Acknowledgements collected & sent to HO. HO to dispatch gifts.Key deliverables: Schemes 1) Effective launching of REB 1 Phase 4 and Centurions II in West Zone 2) Increase brand visibility in Traditional retail as well as MTOs 3) Ensure proper & effective closure of DKD1. Camera-50 /62 . General Marketing: Market research on Jolie range of Products from Mead Market Mapping Data for West Zone Market Intelligence report on Pricing of Black PP equivalent and Photo-paper of Competitors in West Market. Yes Bosss 2 Closing: Accompanied Mumbai ASM in giving gifts.

Pho toglossy Market Mapping of West Market (In p rocess) with a view to better product placement Placemen t of Produ ct Within Sto re : Ob taining End C ap Space at Landmark Pho enix. Gondol a top & middle shelf placement at Variou s Outlets Pl ace Market Research of Visibi lity of BI LT Products in Various outl ets i n Mumbai : 86 outl ets Pro mo tion Increasing Brand awareness.17 9 enrolments being pursued with RDWs Annexure. 250 Sti ckers REB 1 Market Audit Visit : 22 o utlets Preparing Beat Pl an for Merchandi sers b ased o n Top o utlets in terms of Visibi lity : Approx 480 ou tlets . Centurions II Enrolments .Market Intelli ge nce Su rvey Fo r Bl ack PP. End Consumer Engagement: Produ ct Pri ce Su rvey of Custo mer attitude towards P rodu ct: Jolie Ma rke t Research : 20 customers in P3 Po wai .REB1 Phase 4 Enrolment : Enrolment Status Daily updated.20 Forms Collected . Offi ce Pads. Status : Maintaining tracker for Order taken So far Annexure. Posi tioning of BI LT vi s-à-vis comp etitor . 2 and 3. 325 Posters. Compiled Market Audit Report prepared for 22 outlets. sampling an d Brand engagement of TOT in asso ciati on wi th Mc. Donalds (I n process) POP Pl anning for West Zone For Qu arter 1 of FY 1 0-11 Devel oping SOP for POPs for Merch an disers Placemen t of REB p romoti onal materi al : 93 Fl ex. C rossword and Land mark. Update: National trackers 1.

processing and tracking of schemes Importance of correct documentation maintenance and timely production of data. our share of sales and actual visibility of products in the outlets. Need for understanding market-sentiment before launching scheme. y Premium Products require suitable catalogue to maintain synergy between Brand communication and Positioning Product Specific: y Jolie needs to be repositioned. Visibility: y Timely planning of POP requirement and dispatch of the same on Time is required y POP planning needs to include kind of POP required. y There needs to be a connection between field-force incentive and Scheme closure/ implementation y For Same category of Channel Partner. y Adhering to timelines for tracking of Ordering Data for Schemes. keeping in consideration needs of the zone . y The quality needs to be relooked into. Visibility: Different Markets have different constraints in terms of space and customer interaction with products and POP needs to be designed/ Visibility tools chosen accordingly. new scheme needs to be launched only after proper closure of previous to avoid discord. Areas of Improvement: Schemes: y Proper Understanding of Schemes by Field Force is required.Learning: Schemes: The importance of Timely planning. y Closing of Schemes in Terms of Compilation of Billing data. obtaining of documentation and dispatch of gifts needs to be tracked from time to time. in absence of which quality perception needs to be increased. General: From a marketing effort perspective. Class A outlets need to be defined not only on total sales of outlets but on Stationery sales. .

y To avoid Duplication and repeated collection of data. y Proper Method for maintaining scheme roll-out data needs to be communicated. Merchandisers: The incentives of the merchandisers need to be processed on time De-motivating factor Subjective evaluation along with Directio score : Increases willingness to do other marketing activities . Other Comments: _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Signature: Manaswita Sarkar Date: 21-09-2010 . Not just immediate requirements. A class outlets based on Both Sales Potential & Visibility to customer. electronic tracking of schemes is preferable. Brand Visibility: Concentration on MTOs : browsing and high impulse purchase. Dispatch: POPs dispatched at the time of Product launch itself would create more interest and awareness in the market. y The reason for maintaining Documentation of schemes and need for timely submission is required to be communicated to field force.Actionable Steps: Scheme: y Field force requires to be Educated about any scheme before its Launch. Creative: Wobbler : Short and to the point Dangler : Innovative Shapes required. Visibility: POP: Planning: Quarterly planning to be done.

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