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Exam Tips for Science UPSR 2010

Reference: The analysis is base on last 5 year National UPSR exam paper 2005‐2009 and State trial Exam 2010   Disclaimer/Penafian:  The exam tips provided are base on pure forecast and assumptions. Maths Catch Network and www.maths‐ will not be liable for any inaccuracy of the information. Students are not encouraged to rely 100%  on the tips to score in UPSR exams. Students are advised to study hard for their exam. Students can use the  tips as a guide. All the materials have not gone for been proof reading or editing process.    Format UPSR Science KBSR Exam 2010  SECTION   TIME  TYPE OF QUESTION TYPE OF ANSWER NUMBER OF QUESTION MARKS A  45 minutes  Objective  Option A,B,C,D  30  30  B  30 minutes  Subjective  Working Steps  3‐5  20    SECTION  ‘A’ SCIENCE ANALYSIS 2005‐2009     TOPICS  2005  2006  2007  2008  2009  YEAR 4  1  Basic needs  3 1 2  tiada 2  2  Life Processes  Tiada 1 Tiada 2  2 3  Protection  Tiada Tiada 1    Tiada 4  Measurements  3 3 2  3 2  5  Materials  Tiada 2 3    2 6  The Earth and The Universe  Tiada 2 4  2 2  7  Technology Around Us  2 1 2  Tiada 1  YEAR 5  8  Microorganisms  Tiada Tiada Tiada 1  1 9  Survival of The Species  1 Tiada 1  Tiada 2  10  Food Chain and Food Web  2 2 1  2 3  11  Energy  Tiada Tiada Tiada 1  1 12  Electricity  1 Tiada 1  1 1  13  Light  2 1 1  1 14  Heat  1 1 Tiada  1 3  15  States of Matter  1 1 2  1 1  16  Acid and Alkali  1 2 1  Tiada 2  17  Constellation  Tiada 2 Tiada Tiada  Tiada 18  The Earth, The Moon and The Sun  2 1 Tiada  2 2  19  Strength and Stability  Tiada 1 1  1 1  YEAR 6  20  Interaction Among Living Things  1 3 1  2 1  21  Force  2 2 1  tiada 1  22  Movement  Tiada 1 Tiada Tiada  1 23  Food Preservation  2 1 2  1 1  24  Waste Management  Tiada Tiada Tiada Tiada  1 25  Eclipse  Tiada Tiada 1 1  2 26  Machines  1 1 2  2 2  TOTAL QUESTION  30  30  30  30  30   




 The Moon and The Sun  Strength and Stability  YEAR 6  Interaction Among Living Things  Force  Movement  Food Preservation  Waste Management  Eclipse  Machines  2005  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  1  1  1  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  1  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  2006  ‐ ‐ ‐ 2 ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ 1 1 ‐ 1 1 2 ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ 2007  ‐ 1 ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ 1 ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ 1 ‐ 1 1 ‐ 2008  1  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  1  1  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  1  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  ‐  2009  ‐ ‐ ‐ 2 ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ 1 1 1 ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐    Forecast for 2010 Exam Tips (Ramalan Science 2010)  SECTION A  1. Living Extreme Climate  5. Basic Needs  2. Food Web  7. Plants Response to stimulus  4.SOALAN RAMALAN UPSR 2010  UPSR   USAHA +DOA+TAWAKAL FOKUS A+ 2010 SECTION  ‘B’ SCIENCE ANALYSIS 2005‐2009        1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  24  25  26  TOPICS  YEAR 4  Basic needs  Life Processes  Protection  Measurements  Materials  The Earth and The Universe  Technology Around Us  YEAR 5  Microorganisms  Survival of The Species  Food Chain and Food Web  Energy  Electricity  Light  Heat  States of Matter  Acid and Alkali  Constellation  The Earth. Micro Organism are living things  6. All chapter (Semua bab)     SECTION B     1. Moon Phase  3. Electricity      3 MATHS CATCH NETWORK   SPECIAL EDITION .

      4 MATHS CATCH NETWORK   SPECIAL EDITION .    Day 15         Day 10      Day 5                              Figure 1 a            Day 5   Day 10   Day 15                           Figure 1 b       (a) What is the aim of the experiment?  To show that plants needs water to live.SOALAN RAMALAN UPSR 2010  UPSR   USAHA +DOA+TAWAKAL FOKUS A+ RAMALAN TOPIC 1: Basic Needs  2010 Please ensure that your study all the sub topic above .     (b) What is the hipothesis of the experiment?  Plant needs water to stay alive.     (c) What happen to Figure 1b?  The plant will wit and turn yellowish.Figure 1a show the plant is watered everyday while  Figure 1b shows that the plant is left without giving any water.     (d) What is kept constant in the experiment?  The type of plant used.The topics above are hots topics 2010    Please Understand Plants needs the following basic needs to grow a) Water  b) Sun Light  c) Air  QUESTION 1: Plant Need Water  The diagram below show the figure 1a and figure 1b.

     What is the conclusion of the experiment?  The plants needs water to stay alive  Tips: In the Conclusion: Student can either AGREE or DISAGREE with the Hypothesis.  b) Manipulated Variable: Plant being watered and plant being not watered.     Eclipse of the moon                                           Total solar Eclipse                                      5 MATHS CATCH NETWORK   SPECIAL EDITION .Total Eclipse  happens when the moon is fully shadowed behind the Earth.SOALAN RAMALAN UPSR 2010  UPSR   USAHA +DOA+TAWAKAL FOKUS A+ 2010    What is the  a) Responding Variable: Condition of the plant.     **ANOTHER IMPORTANT TIP**  PLEASE READ THE SECTION FOR “PLANT NEEDS SUNLIGHT TO STAY ALIVE”     RAMALAN TOPIC 2: Moon Phase  MOON PHASE  Partial Eclipse of the moon occurs when the part of the moon is in the shadow of the Earth.

SOALAN RAMALAN UPSR 2010  UPSR 2010     USAHA +DOA+TAWAKAL FOKUS A+ QUESTION2: SOLAR ECLIPSE  Figure 2a show the natural phenomena Eclipse          Ping Pong Ball             (a)  What is the aim of the investigation?  The investigation is to demonstrate the Solar Eclipse.    Plants without water            Pea   Sand      Seedling            Pea seedling         Figure 3a       (a) What is the aim of the experiment?  To investigate the respond of plants to water .    RAMALAN TOPIC 3: PLANT RESPONSE TO STIMULUS   QUESTION3  The diagram below shows Figure 3a and Figure 2b.  (b) What is the Ping Pong ball represents?  It represents the moon.  (c) What is the light bulb represents?  The sun  (d) What is the Globe represents?  The Earth  (e) What can you conclude from the experiment?  Solar Eclipse happens during the daylight.     (b) What is the hypothesis of the experiment?  To show that roots grow towards the water source        Plants with water   Water Figure 3b 6 MATHS CATCH NETWORK   SPECIAL EDITION .

     Number of days  Figure 4a  Figure 4b  5  Healthy and Green  Healthy and Green  10  Healthy and Green  Wilt and yellowish  15  Healthy and Green  Wilt the leaves dried  20  Healthy and Green  Died     (a) What is the aim of the experiment?  To investigate the adaption of different plant in dry region      (b) What is the plant in Figure 4a?  Cactus      (c) What is the responding variable?  Types of plant     (d) What is kept constant in the experiment?  The amount of the water given for the initial experiment      (e) Why do the plants in Figure 4a able to adapt to live under the extreme dry condition? Give your suggestion. Base on the diagram below answer the question.  The results are shown below. Both plants are left expose under the sunlight for several days.  a) Thick and succulent stem able to store water   b) No leaves to prevent from transpiration       7 MATHS CATCH NETWORK   SPECIAL EDITION .    Figure 4a               Figure 4b                                                                                                                              Both plants are given equal amount of water.SOALAN RAMALAN UPSR 2010  UPSR 2010   USAHA +DOA+TAWAKAL FOKUS A+ What is the   a) Manipulated Variable: With and without water   b) Responding Variable: Growth of the roots      (c) What is the conclusion from this experiment?  The roots of the plant grow towards the water source    RAMALAN TOPIC 4: LIVING EXREME CLIMATE     QUESTION 4:   The diagram below shows a cactus plant and a rose plant.

Responding variable: The number of  black patch  iii. Manipulated variable: Number of Days  ii. Fixed variable: Surrounding Temperature     (c) What are the black patches on the bread?  They are microorganism      (d) Predict what will happen to the bread if it is left for 15 days?  The whole bread will be covered with mould      (e) What can you conclude from the experiment?  Microorganism grows     RAMALAN TOPIC 6: Food Chain  QUESTION 6:  FOOD CHAIN                                          Plants  Produces   Insert  Herbivore/Consumer   Mouse  Omnivore/Consume Owl  Carnivore/Consumer   8 MATHS CATCH NETWORK   SPECIAL EDITION .SOALAN RAMALAN UPSR 2010  UPSR   USAHA +DOA+TAWAKAL FOKUS A+ RAMALAN TOPIC 5: MICROORANISM  2010       QUESTION 5: MICROORGANISM Diagram below shows the bread left for 10 days.     After 5th day    New Bread                        Figure 5b Figure 5a  After 10th day Figure 5c (a ) What is the aim of the experiments?  To show that microorganism grow     (b)What is the   i.

SOALAN RAMALAN UPSR 2010  UPSR   USAHA +DOA+TAWAKAL FOKUS A+ 2010 What will happen to the plant if the insect population drops?  The population of plant increases.     What will happen to the population of insect if the population of plant decreases?  The population of insects decreases. the circuit is connect to a single light bulb      Battery Cell  Brightness  1 battery  Dim  2 Batteries  Bright  3 Batteries  Brighter  4 Batteries  Very Bright     What is the aim of the experiment?  To investigate the relationship between the brightness of the light bulb with the increase of battery cells     What is the manipulated variable?  Number of battery cells     What is the responding variable?  Brightness of the light bulb      What is the conclusion from the experiment?  Increasing the number of battery cell will increase the brightness of the light bulb                             9 MATHS CATCH NETWORK   SPECIAL EDITION .      What is the relationship between the Food Chain and Food Web?  Food Web is a network of Food Chain    RAMALAN TOPIC 7: Electricity  QUESTION 7 : ELECTRICITY  What will happen if the number of light bulb increases in the diagram above?  The brightness of the light bulb DECREASES     What will happen to the brightness of the light bulb if more battery is connected in series in the circuit?  The brightness of the light bulb INCREASE      Experiment  Base on the experiment below.

to get time to escape D. The rate of exhalation C. Prevention D. SO. Having thick layer of fur and fat D. to kill the enemy B. Shoots of plants respond to sunlight D. Reproduction D. Camouflage Q4: EXAM TIPS 2010 Camouflage is a technique that animals use to protect themselves by changing their skin color to match with the color of the surroundings. Giving Birth C. Deterrence C. wallowing in mud holes B. Some plants respond to touch C. Giving birth is not a life process on its own that animals undergo The Life processes that PLANTS undergo QUESTION 3: Which of the following is NOT TRUE? A. Therefore they grow against the gravitational pull. Shoots of plants respond to gravity Q3: EXAM TIPS 2010 The shoots of a plant responds to sunlight and grows towards sunlight. All plants respond to water B. Execration and Defecation Q2: EXAM TIPS 2010 Giving birth and laying eggs are the two ways of reproduction. Having thin layer of fat or no no fat at all Q5: EXAM TIPS 2010 Animals living in cold regions adapt themselves to their environment by having thick layer of fur and fat Q6: EXAM TIPS 2010 The black ink given out by squid and octopus is not poisonous to the extent of killing the enemy Animals have special characteristics to enable them to survive QUESTION 6: The squid and octopus give off black ink that darkens the water Around them. The rate of inhalation B. The shoots do not respond to gravity Animals protect themselves from DANGER QUESTION 4: Chameleons can change their body color to match surroundings. The rate of breathing The rate of breathing includes inhalation and exhalation which can be seen by the chest movement. Animals protect themselves from EXTREME WEATHER QUESTION 5: Animals living in hot regions do the following to adapt themselves to their environment EXCEPT? A. confuse the enemy C. the number of chest movements shows the rate of breathing The Life processes that ANIMALS undergo QUESTION 2: The following are the life processe that animals undergo except A. limit the enemies sight 10 SPECIAL EDITION MATHS CATCH NETWORK .SOALAN RAMALAN UPSR 2010 UPSR 2010 USAHA +DOA+TAWAKAL FOKUS A+ LAST EXAM TIPS SCIENCE 2010 QUESTION FOR SECTION A Q1: EXAM TIPS 2010 The Life processes that HUMANS undergo QUESTION 1: The number of chest movement in a period of time indicates A. Breathing B. This is for the following reasons EXCEPT A. Protection B. The rate of blood flow D. Having large surface area C. This technique of protecting themselves is called A.

B. Length X height Q10: EXAM TIPS 2010 The formula to measure volume is Area (length x width) x height. to store water B. table C. Blackboard Q9: EXAM TIPS 2010 The length of a book (shorter object) could be measured using a short ruler. Width X area B. All the above Plant protect themselves from DRY REGION AND STRONG WIND QUESTION 8: What is the main reason for rubber trees to shed their leaves during hot weather? A. Hold the object when you are reading D.SOALAN RAMALAN UPSR 2010 UPSR 2010 USAHA +DOA+TAWAKAL FOKUS A+ Q7: EXAM TIPS 2010 The few ways plants use to protect themselves from enemies are by having thorns. eyed placed above the level of liquid C. having thorns B. having fine hairs and by producing poisonous sap Plant protect themselves from ENEMIES QUESTION 7: What are the ways plants use to protect themselves from enemies? A. to resist the wind D. Area C height C. producing latex. eyes placed below the level B. Read from the side of the scale B. Read from the front of the scale C. to grow the roots C. Q11: EXAM TIPS 2010 Meniscus level refers to reading taken when the yes are placed at the same level of the liquid Measuring the VOLUME OF LIQUID QUESTION 11: What is meant by the meniscus level? A. none of the above Q12: EXAM TIPS 2010 Reading the mass of an object from the front will give accurate measurement of the object Measuring MASS QUESTION 12: Which of the following should be done when measuring mass using a scale? A. Hold the scale on the palms of your hand on balance 11 SPECIAL EDITION MATHS CATCH NETWORK . Length X width D. to prevent loss of water Q8: EXAM TIPS 2010 The leaves losses water to the surroundings during hot weather through the stomata on the surface of the leaves. Meter ruler is used to measure longer objects. Producing latex C. book. Therefore shedding the leaves would prevent loss of water from the plant during hot weather. Classroom D. eyes placed at the same level of the liquid D. Measuring the VOLUME OF SOLID QUESTION 10: What is the formula to measure volume? A. folding up their leaflets. folding up leaflets D. Measuring LENGTH QUESTION 9: Which of the following do not need a meter ruler to measure length? A.

glass and plastics B. Example of translucent materials is tissue papers and tracing papers. Allow some light to pass through them Properties of materials IN EVERYDAY LIFE QUESTION 14: What makes thermos flask and the polystyrene container good insulators? A. they are good insulators. they are used in making the plug heads. Because plastic is not an electrical insulator C. Asteroids are chunks of rocks B. Some materials CAN RUST QUESTION 16: What makes a rusty object rough and dull? A. because plastics is an electrical insulator B. Trapped air B. Allow no light to pass through them D. Produced heat D. the color coating Q16: EXAM TIPS 2010 The rust coating is in reddish brown in color. Properties of materials QUESTION 13: Which of the following is a property of translucent materials? A. Q17: EXAM TIPS 2010 Wrapping objects with cloth is not effective in preventing rusting. Objects could be wrapped in paper instead for better prevention from rusting. because plastic is an electrical transistor D. Q18: EXAM TIPS 2010 Asteroids are chunks of rocks of many shapes and sizes. the rust coating C. Both asteroid and comets travel around the sun The Solar System QUESTION 18: Which of the following is true about Asteroids? A. Therefore they are good insulators Uses of materials BASED ON THEIR PROPERTIES BASED ON 15: Why the plug head made of plastics QUESTION THEIR PROPERTIES A. Asteroid is chunks of ice mixed with dust and frozen gases. books and planks C. Asteroids have long glowing tails C. Comets are chunks of ice mixed with dust and frozen gases and they have long glowing tails. 12 SPECIAL EDITION MATHS CATCH NETWORK . Objects made of iron are painted with paint to prevent rusting. water vapour C. the water element D. Object can be oiled or greased to prevent rusting C. Therefore. Asteroid travel around the Jupiter D.SOALAN RAMALAN UPSR 2010 UPSR 2010 USAHA +DOA+TAWAKAL FOKUS A+ Q13: EXAM TIPS 2010 Translucent materials allow some light to pass through them. Plastics are used to cover objects to prevent rusting. the oil surface B. Rusting can be PREVENT QUESTION 17: Choose the INCORRECT statement A. which makes objects rough and dull on its surface. because plastic is not an electrical transistor Q15: EXAM TIPS 2010 Plastics do not allow electricity to pass through them. Objects can be wrapped with cloth to prevent rusting D. drinks and food kept in it. Q14: EXAM TIPS 2010 The trapped air in the thermos flask and the polystyrene prevents heat from escaping. B.

It is invented to solve the problem where woods cannot be attached strongly using any other instrument. Using water from the river for plantation Q23: EXAM TIPS 2010 Using nails to attach woods to build furniture is a technology because nail was invented for that particulars reason. 110 : 1 The perfect placement of the planet earth QUESTION 20: Which of the following are the inner planets? A. Human could interact with each other much faster with the inventations of computer and internets. 110 : 3 C. 110 : 4 B. Mercury. Humans discovered metal and through this better devieces were invented for farming D. Mercury. Therefore the ratio of diameter of the sun to the diameter of the Earth is 110 : 1 The earth. Earth and Jupiter B. Venus. This shows the use of technology in the field of agriculture and not in the field of communication. Venus. Venus. 13 SPECIAL EDITION MATHS CATCH NETWORK . earth. Herding cows in the field C. The development of technology QUESTION 22: Which of the following do not show the use of technology in the field of communications? A. Overcoming limitation. Q21: EXAM TIPS 2010 Technology has helped humans in facing their limitations such as sight limitations. Jupiter and Uranus D. Mercury. Earth and Mars Q20: EXAM TIPS 2010 The inner planets are made of rocks and each planet has an atmosphere. Hearing limitation C.SOALAN RAMALAN UPSR 2010 UPSR 2010 USAHA +DOA+TAWAKAL FOKUS A+ Q19: EXAM TIPS 2010 The diameter of the sun is 1391016 km and the diameter of the earth is 12756 km. Using technology to solve problems QUESTION 23: Which of the following statements shows that technology is used to solve problems? A. Earth.. hearing limitations and physical limitations. Carrier pigeons were used in days long ago to send messages to people far away B. Nails used to attach woods D. Sight limitation B. people of olden days used smoke signals and drums to send message to people in othe r villages Q22: EXAM TIPS 2010 The discovery of metal opened up ways for the invention of better devices for farming. Mercury. Jupiter and Saturn C. These planets are Mercury. Walking to a destination B. the moon and the sun QUESTION 19: Which of the following could be the ratio od the diameter of the sun to the diameter of the earth? A. 110 : 2 D. Physical Limitation D. C. Earths and Mars The importance of technology BASED ON 21: Technology has QUESTION THEIR PROPERTIES helped human in the following limitations EXCEPT? A.

SOALAN RAMALAN UPSR 2010 UPSR 2010 USAHA +DOA+TAWAKAL FOKUS A+ LAST EXAM TIPS SCIENCE 2010 QUESTION FOR SECTION A Microorganisms is a living thing QUESTION 24: Which is the following DO NOT show that microorganisms are living things? A. reduce competition among the plants B. A snake swallowing a rat D. A panda eating bamboo shoots B. dry cells and fuels Uses of Energy QUESTION 29: Which is a source of energy? A. all the above Q25: EXAM TIPS 2010 Animals ensure their survival by inheriting various characteristic as the above Plants Survival BASED ON 26: Dispersal of fruits and seeds will cause the following EXCEPT: QUESTION THEIR PROPERTIES A. breathe and grow. wind. Their tiny size do not show that they are living things Animal survival QUESTION 25: Which of the following are the characteristics of animals to ensure their survival? A. Earth 14 SPECIAL EDITION MATHS CATCH NETWORK . feeding the young and protecting them from danger D. Air B. Laying eggs with hard coverings and hiding them in dark places. All the above Q28: EXAM TIPS 2010 Herbivores are plant eating animals. food. middle of a food chain C. Patched of fungi on a piece of bread spreads and grows bigger. Microorganisms cannot be seen by naked eye C. end of food chain B. Protozoa have special structures to enables them to move and find good B. reduce overcrowding in particular area C. Plants making food through photosynthesis Q27: EXAM TIPS 2010 The process of photosynthesis happens in the produce itself and not among the consumer in a food chain Food Web QUESTION 28: Herbivores normally could be found at the A. Laying eggs on the undersides of leaves to hide them from enemies C. increase types of species in the area Q26: EXAM TIPS 2010 Dispersal of fruits and seeds of a particular plant species do not increase the types of species in the area Food Chain QUESTION 27: Which of the following could not be an activity that takes places among the consumers in a food chain? A. Rain C. Wind D. B. Q24: EXAM TIPS 2010 Microorganisms are living things because they can move. An eagle snatching a snake C. Yeast breathes and gives our carbon dioxide D. The sources of energy are the sun. beginning of a food chain D. increase healthy growth of the plant D. And the animals that eat plants are found at the beginning of a food chain Q29: EXAM TIPS 2010 Sources of energy are from which we gain energy.

Switch B. Kinetic energy Electrical energy Light energy heat energy Renewable and non renewable energy QUESTION 31: The following could be the reason of why renewable energy is better EXCEPT: A. This heat energy is then transferred to the water and used at homes for various activities Transformation of Energy QUESTION 30: What is the transformation of energy that takes places in water heaters fixed at homes? A. All the above Q34: EXAM TIPS 2010 Light travel in straight line opaque objects does not allow any light to pass through them and do not absorb light rays. Solar panels could be used to heat up water heaters. Rechargeable batteries D. shadows are formed a when light rays fall on opaque objects QUESTION 35: What is the characteristic of a good reflector? A. These energy reduce pollution save cost a they are readily available and they reduce wastages too. Solar energy electrical energy heat energy D. It saves cost and reduces wastages Q31: EXAM TIPS 2010 Example renewable energy are produced by solar. Rough and dull surfaces B. A connecting wire allows electricity to flow through the circuit. Al the above Q32: EXAM TIPS 2010 Dry cells could be used for radios and clocks. A dry cell is used to supply electrical energy for the circuit. A circuit diagram is used to show the connecting of the components in a circuit Light travels in a straight line QUESTION 34: Why a shadow is formed when the light rays fall on an opaque object? A. Smooth and shiny surfaces Reflection of light Q35: EXAM TIPS 2010 Reflectors are object that reflect light. Dry cells B. Dry cell C. It is readily available C. wind and water sources. Rough and dark surfaces C. Smooth and dark surfaces D. Solar Panel C. Rechargeable batteries could be used in home computers and cameras Series and Parallel circuits QUESTION 33: Which of the following is used particularly to complete or break a circuit A. Because light travels in straight line B. Potential energy Kinetic energy B. Circuit diagram D. Connecting wires Q33: EXAM TIPS 2010 A switch is used to complete or break a circuit as we can switch it on or ff. It is expensive but energy saving D. Chemical energy kinetic energy heat energy C. A good reflector such as a mirror has smooth and shiny surface compared to a bad reflector such as sandpaper that has rough dull surface 15 SPECIAL EDITION MATHS CATCH NETWORK . Renewable energy is not expensive Sources of Electricity BASED ON 32: Which of the following could be the sources of energy for home QUESTION THEIR PROPERTIES appliances EXCEPT: A. Due to these reasons.SOALAN RAMALAN UPSR 2010 UPSR 2010 USAHA +DOA+TAWAKAL FOKUS A+ Q30: EXAM TIPS 2010 The water heaters function by absorbing the solar energy from the sun which is later changed electrical energy that produces heat. It reduces pollution B. Because it cannot pass through an opaque object D. Because opaque objects do not absorb light C.

The water cycle D. because mercury can fit into any shape C. It turns a blue litmus paper red Reflection of light Q41: EXAM TIPS 2010 Acidic substances are substances that contain acid and they are not neutral . Solids. Because mercury is a liquid B. The natural phenomenon that enables the happening of the water cycle is clouds. It is corrosive D. Solids. Object become warmer when it absorbed energy B. This theory is used in a thermometer to measure temperature Sources of Electricity BASED ON 38: Which of the following is NOT TRUE? QUESTION THEIR PROPERTIES A. For example. fuel is the main source of heat energy for living things D. it is neutral B. fog. and gases have fixed volume Q38: EXAM TIPS 2010 Solid any liquids have fixed volume but gases do not have fixed volume Series and Parallel circuits QUESTION 39: The change from gas to liquid is called A. fog and snow. Because mercury can expand and contract D. liquids. liquids. Evaporations B. It tastes sour C. liquids.SOALAN RAMALAN UPSR 2010 UPSR 2010 USAHA +DOA+TAWAKAL FOKUS A+ Q36: EXAM TIPS 2010 Fuel can be any substance that can produce heat. natural disaster Q40: EXAM TIPS 2010 The water cycle refers to the continuous movement of water back and forth of the Earth surface and the atmosphere. and gases are stages of matter D. and gases have mass B. Evaporation D. heat energy can be transferred from hotter region to colder regions Renewable and non renewable energy QUESTION 37: How cans the mercury in thermometer show the increase and decreased in the temperature A. Boiling B. and gases take up space C. Solids. and snow are examples of A. rain. Solids. rain.They are acidic 16 SPECIAL EDITION MATHS CATCH NETWORK . water vapour is formed on the cover of a steaming pot which later changes into liquid Light travels in a straight line QUESTION 40: Natural phenomenon such as clouds. Condensation Q39: EXAM TIPS 2010 Gas changed to liquid through the process of condensation. QUESTION 41: Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of acids? A. freezing C. temperature of objects increases when it absorbs heat C. Because mercury is red in color and could be seen clearly Q37: EXAM TIPS 2010 Mercury expands ad rises when the temperature increases and contracts and falls when the temperature decreases. liquids. Condensations C. Fuel can be a source of heat but the main source of heat for living things is the sun Transformation of Energy QUESTION 36: Which of the following is NOT TRUE? A.

It depends mainly on the base area and the height of an object. Alll the above Q45: EXAM TIPS 2010 Strength and stability of Structure QUESTION 46: Which of the following is NOT TRUE? A. cylinder. Cube earth causing it not to be seen from B. cone. cuboids sphere.SOALAN RAMALAN UPSR 2010 UPSR 2010 USAHA +DOA+TAWAKAL FOKUS A+ Q42: EXAM TIPS 2010 Constellation can be used to identify and locate stars and also to find directions . Cylinder D. Find directions D. Locate tarts B. it changes the length and the position of the shadow of objects throughout the day and finally it causes the occurrences of Phases of the Moon day and night. Grow healthy crops The movement of the earth. The sunlight falls on the moon seasons. Changes in the shadow of objects throughout the day Q43: EXAM TIPS 2010 Earth’s rotation on its axis causes the sun rise in the East and set in the West. B. The illuminated side of the moon is facing the Earth will be between the sun and the Earth. the moon and the sun QUESTION43: Which of the following is Not an effect of Earth’s rotation on its axis? A.I identify stars C. C. Occurrence of the four seasons D. Cuboid the earth. the moon D. 17 SPECIAL EDITION MATHS CATCH NETWORK . It does not have any BASED ON 44: Which of the following DO NOT happen during the new moon? effect on the occurrence of the four QUESTION THEIR PROPERTIES A. Constellations do not help in growing healthy Constellations QUESTION 42: The following are the benefits of constellation EXCEPT: A. the more stable the structure is B. The sun sets in the West C. Q46: EXAM TIPS 2010 The stability of an object does not mainly depend on the length and the height of an object. This position causes the Shapes and structures sunlight to fall o the moon complete and the non illuminated QUESTION 45: Which of the following is a shape of objects? part of the moon will be facing the A. the heavier the base. The moon is between the sun and the Earth During the New Moon. the stability of an object depends mainly on the height and the height of the object The different shapes of objects are cube. The bigger the base area of an object the more stable it is C.Ancient people used the constellations to identify the seasons for forming. The shorter the object is the more stable the object becomes D. The moon cannot be seen from the Earth Q44: EXAM TIPS 2010 C. the sun rises in the East B. hemisphere and pyramid.

Stretching a rubber band Q50: EXAM TIPS 2010 Stretching a rubber band involved the pulling force. On the other hand. Rough Surface Q52: EXAM TIPS 2010 Smoot surfaces. Because the basic needs of humans are difficult to find C. changing its direction and by making the object move faster or slower Friction QUESTION 52: Which of the following increases frictions? A. Al the above Q51: EXAM TIPS 2010 Force can change the motion of an object by moving it from a stop. Wet surfaces C. Compressing a spring D. QUESTION 48: Which of the following statement describes overexploitations? A. Population of species that are facing extinction C. Unlimited and uncontrolled usage of the natural resources The Impact of Human activities on the environment QUESTION 49: Which of the following activities of human destroys natural habitats of animals and plants A. stopping its movement.SOALAN RAMALAN UPSR 2010 UPSR 2010 USAHA +DOA+TAWAKAL FOKUS A+ LAST EXAM TIPS SCIENCE 2010 QUESTION FOR SECTION A Competition is a form of interaction among living things QUESTION 47: Why does competition among living things happen? A. water. Hitting a ball B. making it moves faster or slower D. and light object reduce friction. Other activities that involve the puling force are pulling a drawer and raising a flag along the flag pole using a string The Effects of Force QUESTION 51: Force can change the motion of an object A. Excessive development D. Q47: EXAM TIPS 2010 Living things compete for food. wet surfaces. The responsibility of human beings in protecting endangered spices Q48: EXAM TIPS 2010 Overexploitations refer to the unlimited and uncontrolled usage of the natural resources that causes decrease I the availability of natural resources. Smooth surfaces D. Changing its direction B. Logging C. rough surfaces. These basic needs are important for their survival. Moving it from its stop C. 18 SPECIAL EDITION MATHS CATCH NETWORK . Because living things do not have enough space in their habitat. Squeezing an object C. Mining B. dry surfaces and heavy object increase friction. Because living things live in for different seasons B. Planning and development of the government D. improper management of mining and excessive development is some of the activities of humans that destroy the naturals habitats of animals and plants Pushing and Pulling are forces QUESTION THEIR PROPERTIES BASED ON 50: Which of the following is NOT applying the pushing force? A. because the basic needs for their survival are limited D. All the above Q49: EXAM TIPS 2010 Illegal and excessive logging. air and shelter which are their basic needs because they are limited. Light object B. Destruction of habitats due to human activities B.

Pesticide residue C. time divided by distance Q53: EXAM TIPS 2010 Speed calculated by dividing distance by time Synthesizing the Concept of Food Preservation QUESTION 54: Bacteria and fungus becomes inactive in which of the following conditions? A. Reduces the amount of seen wastages C.SOALAN RAMALAN UPSR 2010 UPSR 2010 USAHA +DOA+TAWAKAL FOKUS A+ Speed QUESTION 53: How speed is calculated A. Changing positions of the moon and the sun 19 SPECIAL EDITION MATHS CATCH NETWORK . Increased the chances for materials to rust D. the moon and the Earth are opaque D. Time times by distance C. Provide easy storage B. moist and warm condition make bacteria and fungus active while dry and cold condition make them inactive The Importance of Preserving Food QUESTION 55: Which of the following is NOT a benefit of preserving food? A. Wet B. The sun is the source of heat energy C. Nutrients are returned to the soil B. Carcasses B. Distance times by time B. Warm Q54: EXAM TIPS 2010 Wet. Moist D. Allow import and export D. Reduces food wastages C. Toxic gases from factories Q56: EXAM TIPS 2010 Carcasses are example of organic wastes. Distance divided by time D. Dry C. Other example or organics waster are leftover food and decaying vegetables. Provides healthier and better looking food Q55: EXAM TIPS 2010 Food preservation does not benefit by providing healthier food. Q57: EXAM TIPS 2010 Biodegradable materials do not increase the chances of material to rust when they are being broken down Some Waste can Decay QUESTION THEIR PROPERTIES materials can be broken down and will BASED ON 57: Biodegradable result in the following activities EXCEPT: A. Eclipse of the Moon and Eclipse of the Sun QUESTION 58: Which of the following is not a reason for the happening of the eclipse? A. the moon and the earth are opaque objects and also because of the changing positions of the moon and the sun. Better looking food do not necessarily gives benefit for its user The Effects of Improper Disposal of Waste on the Environment QUESTION 56: Which of the following is NOT a chemical waste? A. Light travels in a straight line B. Organic remain can be used by other living things Q58: EXAM TIPS 2010 The reason of why eclipse of the moon and eclipse of the sun happens is because light travels in a straight line. Exhaust from vehicle D.

  B. The Lever    c.    Walau bagaimanapun tiada jaminan yang semua soalan dan topik‐topik yang telah dibincangkan akan 100%  keluar di peperiksaan sebenar nanti.30 a. Wedge  wheel and axle.tidak sama sekali!.  D.     Sekiranya anda merasakan bahan  percuma yang kami berikan ini berkualiti dan memberi manfaat kepada  anda tunjukkan rasa terima kasih anda dengan berikan testimoni.Suatu kesilapan jika  pelajar ini disogok dengan semua perkara sedangkan peperiksaan semakin  emel: :mathscatch@gmail.m‐4. wheel and axle  together EXCEPT  and the screw combined together to  A.pendapat atau krtikan kepada kami.Last exam tips ini SANGAT  SESUAI sebagai persediaan terakhir sebelum pelajar  menduduki peperiksaan sahaja.    Selamat berjumpa lagi di tahun 2011….SOALAN RAMALAN UPSR 2010  UPSR   USAHA +DOA+TAWAKAL FOKUS A+ 2010    Simple Machines QUESTION 59: The following are the example of simple machines EXCEPT:  Q59: EXAM TIPS 2010 A.m business day     20 MATHS CATCH NETWORK   SPECIAL EDITION .Ini kerana ketika hampir dengan  peperiksaan (2‐3 minggu sebelum peperiksaan sebenar) kebanyakan pelajar menjadi kelam kabut dan tidak  tahu apakah yang perlu diutamakan untuk dibaca dan apa yang perlu dikemudiankan.maths‐catch. the wedge. The screw  D.30 p. the pulley.  Yang Benar MATHS Catch network  UnitPemasaran dan Komunikasi Koporat  Maths Catch Network  website :http://www. Wheel and axle      Complex Machines Q60: EXAM TIPS 2010 QUESTION 60: A hand drill has the following simple machines combines   A hand drill has gears. Topik‐topik yang diberikan diatas merupakan topik popular berdasarkan  peperiksaan UPSR KBSR 2005‐2009 dan peperiksaan percubaan negeri  baru‐   Talian Hotline : 012‐6500995 8. Wheel and axle  __________________________________________________________________________________________  PENUTUP  Tujuan Last exam Tips UPSR Science 2010 ini diterbitkan bagi menyalurkan maklumat.   Lever  Examples of simple machines are the  B.ini tidak bermaksud kami  membuatnya dengan sambil lewa. the gear and the  inclined plane.  C.Oleh itu  diharapkan apa  yang dikongsikan disini memberi manfaat yang besar kepada anda.   The gear  functions a whole.. Last exam Tips UPSR Science 2010 ini dibuat dengan  bersunguh‐sunguh dan penuh rasa tanggungjawab dengan meletakkan kepuasan dan kecemerlangan pelajar  sebagai matlamat kami yang jelas. the lever.    Walaupun  Last exam Tips UPSR Science 2010 ini kami berikan percuma . Trolley  the screw.idea dan  membantu  para pelajar yang akan menduduki peperiksaan UPSR 2010 tidak lama lagi..

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