R-9 COMPACT MELTING FURNACE INSTRUCTION MANUAL INTRODUCTION: The compact electric melting furnace is designed to melt small quantity

of gold or silver. You can also melt other types of metal with melting point up to 1070°C (1958 F) such as lead, aluminium, copper, nickel, brass etc. R-9 furnace is not suitable to melt combination of gold with palladium. R-9 furnace does not have a temperature regulator. The furnace reaches its maximum temperature in approximately 50 minutes. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: MODEL VOLTAGE / AMPERAGE POWER MAXIMUM HEATING T = WEIGHT INTERNAL GRAPHITE CRUCIBLE DIMENSIONS (MM) FURNACE DIMENSIONS (MM): AVERAGE HEATING TIME (1000°C) INCLUDED: R-9 230 V / 2.8 A 600 Watt 1100°C (1958°F) 2.3 Kg 32(d) x 50(H) 190 (W) x 150 (D) x 310 (H) 50 Min One crucible. One tong.

Do not try to open or repair it yourself as you might get injured. This furnace should be placed on a heat resistance between the working area and the furnace.com (USA). Keep this furnace out of the reach of children as the body of the furnace gets hot from the high temperature inside the chamber. If the furnace is used less than once per month repeat the process each time the furnace is used. Let the furnace to cool down before you start work. Please never pick up this furnace by hand. Place the graphite crucible (which is inside the box) into a hole on top of the furnace.PREPARING THE FURNACE FOR FIRST USE: Extract the furnace from its original packaging.   TECHNICAL SUPPORT: www. Always use heat resistant gloves when using this furnace. Now the furnace is prepared for work. Spare crucibles available on request at any time on www.technicalsupermarket. Do not exceed the amount recommended. Cover it by a metal lid with high temperature resistant stone wool.com (UK) and on www. When the furnace is in use never leave it unattended because of the high temperatures reached. IMPORTANT: When used for the first time heat up the furnace for approximately 2-3 minutes to allow water to evaporate from the chamber and the inside of the furnace. but other protective material like metal or ceramic top may be used.com . A masonry or concrete floor is recommended. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS:      Always make sure that the metal lid is closed properly on the crucible to speed up the heating process and to reach high temperature inside the chamber. Otherwise there is a risk of causing damage (small cracks) to the chamber. Make sure that it has cooled down properly.technicalsupermarket. As for any other type of a graphite crucible please never use this one more then 3 times. Please note that this furnace is electrical equipment. Connect this furnace to the power source.graphiteshop. If you experience any problems please contact our trading agents in your country.

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