Dear Sir/Madam Sri Venkateswara College couples sound academic achievement with an extensive, vibrant co-curricular programme

that includes the fine arts, sports and leadership training programmes. It tries to inculcate the love of knowledge in our students and help them develop the skills and demeanor of lifelong ‘learning’, essential for making responsible global citizens, capable of facing the future with resilience and optimism. The institute also believes that students should develop not only in academics but also in co-curricular aspect, which contributes to their overall personality development. ‘ELLIPSIS’ is another step in this direction. This festival epitomizes our raison d’etre; that of Photography, Film Making and imagination to develop well rounded professionals in this field. FPS, the Film and Photography Society, being a relatively new society, we would be hosting “ELLIPSIS” this year as our first ever fest. Over the past two years, we have been actively taking part in several Inter College Competitions winning honorable mention wherever we represented our college. During Nexus ’08 we organized an Intra College Exhibition and an Inter College Photography Competition both of which were very well received. This year, we have set our sights on an even bigger extravaganza spanning over two days. There will be a plethora of events, which will bring out the students’ creative best. For our

corporate partners.On A Topic Given Before Hand  Movie Screenings  Film Making Competition  Photography Exhibition of University participants  Photography Exhibition of FPS members  Budget for Fest . Prakshi Sharma President –Film and Photography Society Sri Venkateswara College. Thanking You. the event would be an ideal opportunity to reach out to a multitude of students from graduate level colleges all over Delhi.On the Spot . Time Frame: February 24 and February 25 The Venue: Sri Venkateswara College Campus Events: Still Life Photography Competition: . We hereby invite you to be a part of our event and hope that this can lay the foundation for a long-standing and mutually beneficial association. University of Delhi.

25.Logistics & Technical Equipment Events & Workshop Publicity Rs.000 GRAND TOTAL Major Sponsorship Brackets and the Benefits: Brackets Core Benefits Additional Benefits .50.000 Cash Prizes Miscellaneous Rs.000 Rs. 25. 25.000 Rs.000 Rs 1. 50.000 Rs. 25.

000) event as SVC presents ELLIPSIS’10 . 2 (6X4) stalls + 15 banners 3.00. 1. 1 (6X4) stall + 10 banners 3. 3 (6X4) stalls/ 2 (6X8) stalls + 20 banners All the additional benefits of Associate Sponsorship + 5) Right to sale of Merchandise/ Demonstration 6) Distribution of all promotional matter like leaflets. our sponsors <your company’s name> 2. In Association with your company’s name 2. A workshop 1. 2) Logo on Publicity Posters. Workshop as well as event All additional benefits of Main Sponsorship + 7) Complete Branding in and around the campus 8) Audio/Visual Display screens to showcase advertisements or corporate videos. Main Sponsorship (Rs. 2) Regular announcements 3) Logo on Publicity Posters Event Brochures Organizer Badges All Correspondences with Judges & Personalities 4) Media coverage through radio & press mentions. Backdrop & banners 3) Media coverage through radio & press mentions.000) 3. An informal event 1.000) event as SVC presents ELLIPSIS’10: Sponsored by <your company’s name> 2.50. Branding of the 1) Jingles to be played & announcements during the event. 1.000) event as SVC presents ELLIPSIS’10. Branding of the Associate Sponsorship (Rs. Branding of the Co Sponsorship (Rs. etc. 4) Publicity on the Event Brochure 1) Jingles to be played during the event. pamphlets. 7 banners 1.1. 9) Talk time at any point during the fest. . Title Sponsorship (Rs. 50. Branding of the event as: <your company’s name> presents SVC’ Ellipsis’10 2. 25.

Effective Reach / Target Audience:  Delhi University Direct: • SVC Students 3000 Indirect: • All Delhi University Students not enrolled in SVC .Around 400 walk-in students  Participating Colleges across Delhi (Apart from those enrolled In Delhi University) .

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