Brief Sadhana of

(Nor Gyunma)
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©2004 Ewam Choden Tibetan Buddhist Center & Lama Kunga Thartse Rinpoche 2 7 . p. 9 . 245 ff. 2/2004). The text was slightly edited and reformatted by Wolfgang Saumweber in July 2002 (rev.Colophon: This sadhana was written by by Gagana Shri and translated by Lama Kunga Thartse Rinpoche from the Grub thabs Kun btus (Collected Sadhanas) Vol.

I make the request. with palms pressed together at the heart Please bestow all the common and supreme siddhis (powers) To all sentient beings and to myself. and without mistakes. Then one recites the mantra. This causes the cushion to absorb into myself. neither too loud nor too soft. Thus I request my goal. The say: OM VAJRA SAMADZAH (vith vajra invoking gesture) Offerings Make the sense offerings with: OM VASUDHARA SAPARIVARA ARGHAM PRATICCHIA SVAHA OM VASUDHARA SAPARIVARA PADYAM PRATICCHIA SVAHA OM VASUDHARA SAPARIVARA PUSHPE PRATICCHIA SVAHA OM VASUDHARA SAPARIVARA DHUPE PRATICCHIA SVAHA OM VASUDHARA SAPARIVARA ALOKE PRATICCHIA SVAHA OM VASUDHARA SAPARIVARA GHANDE PRATICCHIA SVAHA OM VASUDHARA SAPARIVARA NEVIDIYA PRATICCHIA SVAHA OM VASUDHARA SAPARIVARA SHABDA PRATICCHIA SVAHA Dedication By the virtue of this May I and all sentient beings Accomplish the state of the dakini. Upon emerging from meditation on that state. and compassion of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas manifest in the form of rays of light which absorb into the rosary of seed syllables. From the golden BAM rays of light shine forth. visualize the syllable OM upon your forehead. For the sake of all living beings I must attain Perfect Enlightenment. All the powers. AH at your throat. and HUM at your heart. light shines forth and reflects from the moon cushion upon which I sit. which become useful for the benefit of all sentient beings. Then one concludes by sharing merits. Without leaving a single sentient being behind May I be able to liberate them To the state of the dakini. blessings.From these syllables rays of light shine forth and make offerings to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. surrounded by all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Requesting Prayer & Dissolution At the end. One should recite the mantra neither too fast nor too show. reciting: Invocation Instantly Instantaneously one appears as the Goddess Vasudhara. From my heart. Sadhana of Vasudhara A Sakya Golden Dharma Refuge and Bodhichitta I In the Preceptor and three precious gems I bow down and take refuge. Please bestow your blessings upon my mind. 6 3 . (3x) at least 108 times or as much as is possible. invoking in front of me the Goddess Vasudhara. OM SHRI VASUNDHRI DHANAM KSHETRE SVAHA. and so I practice this sadhana of Vasudhara. clearly. In my heart on top of the lotus seat with a moon-cushion appears the the golden syllable BAM.

On my forehead is the white syllable OM. From the seedsyllable BAM in Vasudhara’s heart light rays shine forth to invoke from space the Goddess Vasudhara surrounded by Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and all the other wealth deities of the ten directions. they pour water from a vessel on top of your head. rays of light are manifested which make offerings to all the Noble Ones to alleviate the poverty of all sentient beings. On top of this appears the syllable AH which transform into a moon cushion on which I appear as the yellow syllable BAM. Then one recites. From the void appears the syllable BAM which transforms into a multicolored lotus flower. which rests on my right knee. With the recitation. My right hand.. surrounded by my friends and relatives. the yellow syllable BAM. Then. May I accomplish all the wondrous deeds Of a Bodhisattva and win enlightenment for their sake. At my heart is the blue syllable HUM. At my throat is the red syllable AH. the initiation is requested from them saying: Please bestow the empowerment on me. Awakening thus this aspiration to supreme liberation. OM VAJRA SAMADZAH DZA HUM BAM HOH all these deities absorb into myself. I invite all beings also to share in my spiritual career. I sit cross-legged. From this yellow letter BAM. 5 . My left hand is on my lap. such as Dzambhala (Pei Chemo). May all sentient beings be free of suffering and its cause. OM VAJRA SAMADZAH Four Immeasurables May all sentient beings have happiness and its cause. The color of my body is yellow andI have one face and two hands. Self-Generation OM SVABHAVA SHUDDHAH SARVA DHARMA SVABHAVA SHUDDHO ‘HAM All of your own skandhas (elements of your being) and sense organs become void. free of bias. Until I. have attained Buddhahood. I am peaceful and smiling and I am fully matured. It fills up my body to the top of my head. May all sentient beings be inseparable from sorrowless bliss. I am adorned with precious ornaments and garments. I rejoice in the virtues of living beings And keep in my heart remembrance of the Buddha’s enlightenment. light rays are extended and invoke the five initiating Dhyani Buddhas. recite the mantra as follows: Mantra Recitation I visualize on the moon cushion in my heart. This vase is able to pour forth a 4 Empowerment Then. I rely upon the Enlightened One. The light then reabsorbs into myself and I become the Goddess Vasudhara. rain of wealth and precious things. holding a treasure vase with stalks of grain in it. OM SHRI VASUNDHRI DHANAM KSHETRE SVAHA. Again from the seed syllable. His Teachings and exalted Assembly. The water goes through my body purifying my bodily defilements. is in the ‘supreme giving’ mudra. if one tires. May all sentient beings abide in equanimity. too.Confession Prayer In the Three Jewels I take refuge And before them reveal all the wrongs I have done. surrounded by a garland of the mantra syllables. Maintain this visualization as clearly as possible for as long as possible. Then the tathagathas say: OM SARVA TATAGATA ABHISHIKA SAMAYA SHIRIYA HUM Having thus said. I am resolved to become a Buddha In order to bring about my own and others’ well-being. both greed and hatred. Then on top of my head appears the Nirmanakaya form of Ratnasambhava.

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