We were awoken on New years day when the sun was barely rising over the horizo n.

It was dim and grey with a slight patter of rain tapping on the old tin roof that gave us shelter. Pekon Soi had arrived early looking bright and cheery as h e always does and I started to wonder if he even sleeps at all. We were all stil l a bit dreggy from the previous nights festivities which concluded with some ce lebratory new years eves cheers and beers, effigy burning and even an alcohol in duced fist fight amongst the locals showed that even in the deep jungle there ar e people that cant handle their grog. Pekon Soi had prepared a big pot of Ayaum a fruit and leaves that he had been steeping overnight that we were to take a ba th in. One by one each of us took off out clothes as he poured the chilly, icy w ater over us which was an intriguing start the new year. The bath was supposed t o bring us a more common connection between us and the power of the plant which can apparently give great insight and knowledge and ability to heal others, a pl ant that Pekon Soi used personally to initiate his own shamanic path and ability . Tensions were starting to grow amongst the group as we were all living togeth er in close quarters, sheltered by a mosquito net that was drawn under the main shelter giving us the only safe haven as it was impossible to stay outside as th e mosquitoes would have a huge feast. At times it was bearable, and carrying a c loth to constantly keep them at bay was the only it could keep us sane, the loca ls didnt really seem to mind the mosquitos too much which led most of them to la ugh at our crazy western antics. On top of this our food supplies were starting to dwindle with only minimal amounts of oatmeal and grains left that we had brou ght with us from the city. Every day we raided the local papaya and paw paw tree s to get our breakfast but we were slight disappointed there was not much variet y available as many fruits were out of season and also many trees have been take n away by an ever encroaching river. The waters have risen dramatically in recen t years taking away whole plantations and towns as it becomes larger from ever i ncreasing rainfall in the region. Luckily , the local people were very kind and generous providing us with ample amounts of fish soup, plantains and rice dishes to keep our bellies from aching. It was amazing to see the generosity of these peaceful inhabitants. But as time in the jungle ticked slowly forward, many of u s were starting to crave the tastes of the west like espresso coffees, chocolate and pizza. We were starting to crack at the seams, so attached to living in an artificial world where all food came in a packet and so tied to the whole financ ial game of our modern world. We were having trouble dealing without junk food t hat was completely unnecessary and that we wouldn t even miss had we not known abo ut it. At the same time my senses seemed to become more intensive. The colours o f trees and the sky appeared brighter, the smells of the forest were fresher and the sounds were clearer. I was beginning to feel an immense freedom and peace t hat I had never felt before. We kept ourselves occupied by preparing ourselves for some more ceremonies whi ch involved going out into the jungle to collect large bags of wood that could k eep a fire going all day. The sacks were heavy and trekking through the muddy ro ad was difficult when I had so minimal energy from eating little and recovering from the golden staph. It had become much better since penicillin injection and taking antibiotics daily. Some of us also went to retrieve more plants for the m ix which included the Caapi vine and Chacruna leaves. There was great interest i n the town regarding the use of the plants and most people respected the shaman for their abilities to heal. So much so that the following ceremony many came to witness and hopefully be healed from their problems they had yet they were afra id to drink with us. We found this very uncomfortable that we did not allow the people to stay for the ceremony. Nether the less I failed to receive much effect from the plants apart from being able to hear music tracks clearly in my head o f my own choosing. I started to understand how someone like Beethoven came write an entire symphony whilst being practically deaf. The following day Cielo and Ronin left early with Pekon Soi to a nearby area inland that had crystal clear lagoons and a abundance of fruit and fish that cou ld be used as the location in the future for further expeditions and a more perm anent base. At the same time we were becoming more and more anxious at finding s

crouched down and started chanting songs that were somehow singing themselves. We all sat back in awe as he danced around the room in a bird like trance it almost seemed like he woul d literally fly away. Time ceas ed to exist and I was teleported back to the dreamtime to when humans had no tec . I saw the grey old shack off in the distance that appeared like a home. Yet that was when the scary moment came as all o f a sudden the room lit up in a fantastic Technicolor display with me seeing all bad energy that had been purged by others creeping up my arms and legs. There was complete control and awe some power. I ask ed if we could go to the river and as we walked it was as though I was floating in a dream landscape. I had to get up. almost immediately he began to vomi t but with such ferocity and noise like I had never heard. I felt quite normal for a l ong time but Ronin was in a different place. As we took that first bitter sip we knew were in for something big. Even though Pekon Soi had made the magic jungle juice almost twice as strong I decided I wanted to have double the normal dose. Of course the r avenous mosquitoes came out yet I gave them no concern as I felt so much relief from the cooling effects of the falling rain.ome deeper meaning as to why we headed out to the jungle so far away from our ow n conditioned environment to a place that felt so foreign yet at the same time l ike coming home. After which he rose up and started banging his feet and flapping his arms as if he had turned into some flying creature. He later went over to luka and they laughed and had a very close and strange connection. At the same time. just merely a play of colours on light. Pekon Soi was singing and chanting loudly to keep this all at bay but somehow the pain just kept intensifying. I went over to where there was a hole in the skirting boards. Ronin was standing in front of me and appeared like a glowing white apparition from the reflected moonlight. Soon after thi s Sarah started having terrible pains in her stomach and lay down in an attempt to sleep it off. Then al l around I saw swarms of technicolour insects that were all trying to attack me. Immediately we ran out and f elt the cool drops soothe me as they fell across my entire body. As we headed back. one where mind was master and body merely a base instrument. the heaven s opened and the rain came down in a almighty pour. up ahead were some cows that merged into a kaleidoscope of colours as they ran off into the distant jungle. I started to feel intense heat in my lower back and ha nds that felt almost as if they were on fire. The mosquito es were swarming but they had no effect. It almost sounded lik e a kind of exorcism as he heaved and screamed constantly from what felt like ab out 10 minutes. I heard my name being called and I was brought back to wh en I was a child hearing the seagulls of my home town Bondi calling 'ark. ark'. I was praying f or some rain and then all of a sudden there was a flash of lightning. I went over to Cielo and she started fanning me and holding me as if I were a child again but none of this was calming me down. The cup its elf appeared in the dim moonlight like a sacred chalice. I gave a Sarah a big hug and imme diately began to feel better. I didn t want to let go but finally I left. I started to sense the burning again. I started yelling that I need some yin or female energy a nd it would have a cooling effect. It was at this time nausea came over me and sever al others were purging also. Of course Luka and Cielo fel t as though it was almost like a dare and agreed to do the same. In the room Sarah was still screaming in pain and Pekon Soi was massaging her to remove the problem. It seemed as though they were calling my name and I remembered the times when my mother would be calling me home. It now spread all the way up my arms and legs that felt like a shooting heat that c ould completely burn me. Even at the river side the ban k and river didn t seem real. surreal world that came when you ingested the plants back to the pl ace of familiarity and control. But I felt this was not enough. I ran over to Sarah and she gladly gave me a cup of water which I drank promptly and poured the rest over myself. When I returned the others we very relieved to see that I was still ok as they had thought for sure I had drowned. I wrapped myself into a little ball and started to chant and scream to keep the m away. It was a strange and beautiful unison of pure ener gy where it felt almost molded together into a perfected whole rather than of a male / female polarity. I was in another realm. I needed water to cool me down yet the re was none around me. Normally a good purge would mean an exit from that other crazy.

Pekon Soi was very happy how it went and warned us with an innocent grin that three cups probably could have kil led us. In the end we realised it was completely poin tless to even worry about it as it didn t matter out here. I was overcome with a tremendous feeling of love for everyone around me. On some level I was connecting to the wind and rain.hnology or modern science and were completly in tune with nature. It came the time when Luka. I was worried as I didn t hav e any one around to help this time and there was no rain coming. gave some of my no longer needed possessions to the locals and we got onto the small peke-peke just before sunse t. Patience was wearing very thin. succumbing to the fact we were mere fallible westerners unable to de al with a reality that was quite separate from our own. We moved back to the school and relaxed in the peaceful and quiet atmosphere of the village without much disturbance. We were becoming fed up being in such a wild area. It was pre his tory so there was no longer separation nor consequence but only unity with the d ivine. Max . The stings were powerful and even though painful were somehow energizing. I felt happy and could return to P ucallpa feeling as though I had undergone a major life challenge and won. [h1][quote]There was complete control and awesome power. they waited and waited by the shore as nobody really knew when ex actly it was coming because nobody actually cared. What did matter was the fact the rain had become much more wild and crazy with storms lashing from all sides with fierce winds that lasted for hours which meant we had to move all our beds and clothes out of the way as the shed we were staying under gave little p rotection from the onslaught. We left the village just as darkness was setting in a nd there was hardly any room to move on the boat as it was packed with hundreds . The final day came where I said my goodbyes. Sarah was much better and no longer had problems with her stomach and saw som e amazing visions of having a family with Luka. It was then a voice came and said I passed the test and as this was happe ning great energy waves were flying around my body. one of the locals was freaking out after seeing what had happ ened. let it kill me as I no longer cared. Ernesto and Peko n vita all came to the boat completely drunk and I thought to myself this will b e one hell of a ride back. He told me to go pick some of the berries of the Ayauma tree to put unde r my pillow and to my amazement when I saw them they looked exactly like those I had seen in my vision a few weeks earlier. I was given information abou t India and my future journey to the country. Not knowing when the next boat would arrive.Cielo and Sarah decided to return back to Pu callpa around 1 week before our scheduled return. We also discussed ways of allowing the peop le to rely on their own skills in the jungle rather then buying into a western s ystem so foreign to their own. I had gone into town quietly contemp lating my experience and while I was taking a shit suddenly a bunch of wasps sta rted attacking me and stung me four times as I ran under the nest to a nearby ho use where Ernesto. However this was short lived due to the these wasps being quite strong I spent a few days looking completely pale and unable to move my arm too much. more of us started getting infectious sores from the sandfly bites and were complaning about the f ood being so bland from the strict diet. Finally about a day later a q uite small boxed shaped boat appeared and carried them all off back to the chaos and familiarity of the big city. I felt that love was answer to all questions. One thousand mosquitoes bid me farewell and the boat driver. We spent our time spe aking with the locals on how to introduce classes to teach the new generation cu stoms almost forgotten such as weaving and making their our pots out of clay ins tead of buying cheap aluminium ones. It was just Ronin and I that remained. I felt that one extra week was not lon g to wait and despite all the odds that went against me here I felt it was all j ust some crazy test. acknowledging and understanding their great power which I cou ld feel. I decided to la y down and surrender to it and to let it take me. In the fo llowing days we kept trying to figure out what day it might be and what time it was but as none of us had a watch.[/quote][/h1] The next morning we all felt amazed at what had taken place the previous nigh t. I was glad to be able to handle the situation and went back to rest and somehow integrate my experience back to 'reality'. When the time came for the final ceremony again I felt immense heat coming from the base of my spine.

After seventeen hours of hair raising boat riding. Ernesto was arguing about our speed.of platanos. I had mixed feelings. Bolts of lightning were igniting the skies on all sides. My pants were all wet and the wind was quite chilly a s we traveled down stream. By the time morning arrived I was so happy t o see the sun rise and we drifted quietly along the river. some of relief and others of apprehension of returnin g to the modern world that was plagued by the noise of heavy traffic. chao s and stress it brought along with it. We did little to avoid hitting the large logs and tre es that were drifting down the river and I started to believe this was the end. Pekon Soi took over as the driver passed out and I co uld only really make out his shadow as the myriad lightning flashes crashed as t he thunder raged deep in the black sky above our heads. . Pekon Vita was singing and the Boat driver was trying to steer the boat through complete darkness completely o ff his face. It started to pelt with rain and we hid in a small mangrove under a sheet of pla stic until it slowed down. We saw lots of damage done to the passing villages from the widening river. I saw the mini metropolis of Pucallpa in the far dista nce. loud music blaring out of oversize speakers. I could barely sleep as I was constantly awoken by the loud thuds from hitting large trees that would al most topple the boat with us in it. the tall buildings and the general rush. lighting u p silouettes of the palm trees along the banks of the river with a backdrop of the thick and lush jungle. perfect. I knew that if I could just remember and not let go of the serene echos of that mystical jungle everything will be just a s it always has been.

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