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Term 2 Oral Presentations

General Topic:__________________
My Topic:______________________

The presentations must:  Be 3-4 minutes long. Be Careful!

 Be about one chosen topic
 Be well prepared and fluent
 Include reference material
 Include visual aids
 Include some facts, opinions, statistics and quotes
 Power point slides should include pictures and text
You must NOT read the text from the Power point slides.

Practice beforehand. Time yourself, and make sure your grammar and diction are correct. Try
to make your topic into something that will interest your classmates and your teacher!
Best of Luck!

This is how you will be marked for your oral presentation.

Excellent Good Satisfactory Needs Improvement Score

4 3 2 1
Understan You clearly You clearly You seemed to You did not show an
ding understood the topic understood the topic understand the main adequate
of Topic in-depth and in-depth and points of the topic and understanding of the
presented your presented your presented those with topic.
information forcefully information with ease. ease.
and convincingly.
Presentati You consistently used You usually used You sometimes used You had a
on gestures, eye contact, gestures, eye contact, gestures, eye contact, presentation style that
Style tone of voice and a tone of voice and a tone of voice and a did not keep the
level of enthusiasm in level of enthusiasm in level of enthusiasm in attention of the
a way that kept the a way that kept the a way that kept the audience.
attention of the attention of the attention of the
audience. audience. audience.
Informatio All information Most information Most information Information had
n presented was clear, presented was clear, presented was clear several inaccuracies
accurate and accurate and and accurate, but was OR was usually not
thorough. thorough. not usually thorough. clear.
Use of Every major point was Every major point was Every major point was Every point was not
Facts well supported with adequately supported supported with facts, supported.
Opinions several relevant facts, with relevant facts, statistics and/or
statistics and/or statistics and/or examples, but the
examples. examples. relevance of some was
PowerPoin All slides had Most slides had Slides had information Slides and pictures
t information that was information that was that was not accurate, were not accurate
accurate, relevant and accurate, relevant and relevant and strong. and/or relevant
strong. Pictures were strong. Pictures were Several were weak.
also included. also included. Pictures were
unrelated / too many /
not enough.

Words I Need to Use

Things I Need to be Sure to Do

Body Language

Assessment of example Oral Presentation

1. As the presenter, am I tidy? Hair / clothes? _______________________________________

2. Did I use eye contact? ____________ Body language? _____________________________
3. Was my voice loud enough? Interesting enough? __________________________________
4. Did I use persuasive words? _______ Examples ___________________________________
5. Did I avoid slang and um / aah? ________________________________________________
6. Did I use pauses? ___________________________________________________________
7. Was the presentation too fast / too slow? _________________________________________
8. Did I use volume and quality of voice to keep audience interested? __________________
9. Did I use my body language to help with topic? _________________________________
10. Did I come across as knowledgeable about my subject? ___________________________
11. Did my power point have info and pictures?______________________________________
12. Did I use visual aids? _____________________________________________________