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Product data sheet

Revision Date: 24 May 2010 12:49

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TKF LIGNOFOAM “London Formula”

Specialized foam conditioner for very high speed EPB
advance in dense clay soil

Background Packaging, form

TKF LIGNOFOAM “London Formula”, an 25 litre kegs; 200 litre drums; 1000 litre IBC’s;
evolution of TKF EXPORT FOAM, was ISO/Tanker Bulk: On-site volume storage
originally designed to meet the requirements of available on request.
high speed EPB tunnelling in London, and is Consumption per m³ spoil
strongly recommended for use in any clay-rich Our general recommendations are as follows.
face. (For clay-poor, sandy/gravelly/abrasive
soil, switch to the sister TKF product Treatment Lower Higher
POLYRICH FOAM. These products are
Face Granular Clayey
compatible and do not have to be purged on
Advance rate Slower Faster
TKF LIGNOFOAM “London Formula” has SOLUTION:
been specifically refined and concentrated 1.5% to 3.0% in water
to ease muck flow from the cutterhead to ADMIX WATER solution per m³ spoil:
the screw, thus allowing faster advance. 9% to 12% (90 to 120 litres)
Actual Chemical Consumption:
Specific benefits 1.35 kg to 3.6 kg per m³ spoil
AIR requirement:
Easy plasticity of the clay with minimum
water addition (Solution addition, litres) x (Injection pressure,
bar) x (1.5 to 2.5)
Reduced torque, rapid advance
Inhibits re-adhesion of clay cuttings within
the head by neutralising clay surface
Example in use
chemistry The relevant specifications for a 7100 mm cut
Safe in use diameter EPB TBM advancing at 100 mm/min
Benign environmental profile in pure clay face at 3 bar face pressure would
be (injection rate per minute):
Specifying, set-up and use (Muck per min, m³) 39.57
Your spoil conditioning system must be Water requirement 4750 litres
correctly ranged and specified, to ensure that it Product 142 litres
can deliver the required formula and quantity consumption
of foam, and therefore the correct muck Air injection 28,500 litres (1006 cf) of
consistency, in all scenarios that you normal (atmospheric) air
anticipate. This is essential to proper
performance and smooth, rapid advance. Health, Safety, Environment
Please contact Morrison Mud as early as CONSULT MSDS SHEET and assess safe
possible for advice and assistance. use policy before use. TKF LIGNOFOAM is a
low toxicity product. Biodegradable.
Availability WGK class (as delivered): 2
Worldwide WGK class (as injected to face): 1

For further guidance, and specific recommendations and costings for your project, kindly
contact your Supplier or: Mudtech Ltd - Morrison Mud Division, Wyburn House,
1 Crab Lane STAFFORD ST16 1SB United Kingdom Tech contact Ian Morrison 0780 117 9929 Tel: 44 1929 551 245 Fax: 44 1929 554 361