January: 1. Reach higher, go farther, achieve more - because you can! 2. Warm up for the year ahead like an athlete would warm up for a competition. Start gently with small movements, increasing the intensity as you go. You will last longer and get farther that way than if you take off running at full speed. 3. Lots of people dream, but only those who make their dream their goal turn it into reality. Only they live their dreams. 4. Make people your priority rather than personal success, and then success will make you its priority. 5. Want every day to turn out well no matter what the circumstances? Here is the secret: Look for the good in every situation. 6. Walk a mile in another’s shoes, as the saying goes, and you will be much more inclined to be understanding and supportive 7. Faith lights the way through the darkest night, directs us through the fiercest storm, and sustains us when we falter or are weak. 8. If you can see people from the angle of “this person has something to offer that can help make me a better person”, you will not only learn something, but will also be more likely to build stronger and more meaningful relationships. 9. Success starts in the mind. If you want to be successful in many areas, train your mind to look beyond obstacles, disappointments, setbacks and even failures. A successful life starts with a successful attitude. 10. Lean on God’s love, and it will uphold you; abide in God’s love, and it will sustain you. 11. The secret to building sound relationship is not found in getting people to treat you a certain way, but in looking objectively at the way they tend to treat you and learning from your findings.

12. The true values in life are those that go beyond the things we can see and feel -they are spiritual gifts from God, such as happiness, friendship and love. 13. Winning teams are made up of team players. Team players respect their coach and teammates, and they realize that all are needed. They keep morale high by expressing confidence in other team members and their team as a whole. 14. When you notice something good about someone, compliment them Even if you have said it many times before, say it again. Don’t worry that others will get tired of receiving appreciation - nobody does. 15. Your expression is your billboard by the highway of life. It is your first means of unspoken communication, and your most powerful advertisement., 16. Marriage holds wonderful rewards for those who are willing to make the sacrifices needed to make it all it can be. 17. Give God some of your time and you will be doing the most important thing you can do today. Give some of your time to help and serve others and you will be doing the next best thing. 18. It has been said that people are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges. Build a bridge by reaching out to and connecting with another. It is worth the effort and it brings warmth, friendship and love into your life. 19. Imagine a perfect world. Now imagine the part you would like to play in the creation of that perfect world. Do something today to further that goal. 20. We can not blame our failure on a lack of time. We must learn to make the time in our day to live those dreams. 21. There is nothing wrong with talking about people behind their backs - as long as you say only nice things. 22. All the love you give comes back to you. It may not happen right away, but in the end you’ll find it’s true. 23. Life is like a martial art: you can kick and swing all you want, but excellence is only achieved through patience, discipline, balance and much practice.

24. The power to forgive is one of the greatest powers given to man. It is part of the nature and essence of God. Forgive and you rise above the pettiness of mortals. 25. Have you ever watched a flock of birds or herd of horses, and noticed that when one gets jumpy or upset, that spirit quickly spreads to the others? A similar dynamic occurs with people; we affect each other. How do you affect those around you? 26. Child by child we build our nation. 27. There are many little things that you can do for anyone, anytime, for no other reason than because you care - things that may cost you little or nothing but could mean the world to those on the receiving end. 28. Treat all people with respect and you will earn theirs. 29. There will always be deadlines, pressures, and work. So ask yourself, what did I do today that will last? Do you live your life doing what is urgent, doing what is important? 30. Encourage your team members to think about and discuss how things could be done better. This will pay off in a happier, more unified team that makes more progress. 31. Treasure every moment of every day, because every moment is a gift.

and change lives. Then direct your mind to some blessing or hopeful thought. 13. 9. You will also attract more friends. 11. If you feel unsettled. forgive sins. and to care for those carrying out the work. building positive relationships is a must. 4. 2. Your confusion and worries will be replaced with this peace. gives hope to the despairing. Do you hide your mistakes? Or do you take the courageous path of owning up to them? Most people will respect you more if you admit them. A leader’s job is twofold: to see that the job gets done. 6. There is tremendous power in love.February: 1. How you deal with challenges today helps define who you will be tomorrow. Try to get along with every one. When you live by it. Let your happy disposition shine on others and cheer them up. but especially those you have to work or live around but don’t particularly like. God’s love is the greatest force imaginable. It can create life. and brings happiness where there was none. There is no need in this world that is beyond its reach . take a moment to close your eyes and get quiet.their children love and look up to them more than anyone else in the world. A leader who does the latter well is far more likely to achieve the former. Determine to make the best of bad situations. but all loving parents have one great thing going for them from day one . 8. 3. It changes hearts. and you will make your world a happier place. “Do to others as you would have them to you” Many problems would be solved if people would live by that Golden Rule. Difficulties shape character. restores health. Carry a warm and sunny atmosphere wherever you go. For everyone’s sake. renews spirits. 5. 7. Parenting has never been easy. Change is a common catalyst behind progress. lifts the weary. and thank God for it. Let others learn and experience for themselves. 12. because people are attracted to positive people. consideration and kindness come back to you. Experience and personal discovery are the best teachers. 10.

that what they do makes a difference. No believer is ever alone. protect. The goal of correction should be to fix the problem. But you can’t do that if you insist on calling all the shots. For better results. 15. 21. not the blame. 18. the better chance you will have of judging correctly. try creating a calm atmosphere and achieving smooth and steady progress. and to help prevent the same mistake from being repeated. A good idea developed in a few minutes of quiet reflection can go further than hours or days of frantic work without a clear objective. He is always with you to whisper to your heart and to love. Others around you may fail. As you go about your day. but that sight does not begin to compare to the magnificent view from space. it can inspire them to try again. get all sides of the story. but God never fails.14. a part of the solution. Sometimes the greatest progress comes as the result of being good. and that they are a valued part of their team. you have a great opportunity to help unlock their potential. The night sky is lovely from the perspective of an earthbound stargazer. Launch your dreams and they will open worlds to you that you never knew existed. realize that others can be negatively affected by your pace and push. But when someone comes along and expresses faith in them and tells them they shouldn’t be bound by yesterday’s failures. 17. 16. 19. 20. Give a parting hug or kiss that conveys “I can’t wait to be with you again!’’ 23. Love keeps the light shining bright in your life. If you are a high powered person. Many people become so discouraged by their failures that they stop trying altogether. guard and guide you. . 24. Before passing judgment. 22. All team members need to know that their contributions are noticed. Those few minutes you have with your loved ones in the morning are a great time to give encouragement and compliments. 25. Being right or being successful doesn’t need to come at the expense of others. The better informed you are. When other people look up to you.

A truly wise man will value humility and the counsel of others 28. but wear a smile even though the problems and setbacks. There is much emphasis placed these days on political correctness .but spiritual correctness goes further. 27.26. . Spiritual correctness does the caring or considerate thing not because social convention requires it. and you will come out on top no matter what. but because love inspires it. Expect the unexpected and then expect some more.

Even if you don’t agree with what someone is saying or think you have a better idea. Look for inner beauty in people. 3. 5. pause and take stock. . At the end of every day. Small steps are better than standing still. let it go. How else can you make progress? 6. 7. and make a point of doing those same things for others.that will get you a little closer. and forcing you to find the one that works. He will. Think of the things people have done that made your day. you wouldn’t become envious or frustrated when others seem to have it better or get ahead quicker. 12. guaranteedto-work home improvement. Marriage can be likened to a joint bank account. 11. Say a prayer asking God to take it away. If anger or any other negative emotion is in your heart. Every one has influence. Our attitude as well as our level of happiness are reflected in the things we say and do. Failure prepares the way for future success by causing you to look hard at your plans and methods. 9. What kind of impact do you usually have? 2. If you understood that you were not put in the world to claw your way to the top but to love God and love your neighbour. but a good boss consults with others and respects their ideas and opinions. Get rid of the mindset that all criticism is bad and to be avoided. It’s good to know what needs to be changed. 10. Every organization needs a boss who makes the final decisions. the greater your joint assets. the touch of the divine. Learning to show appreciation is a genuine. He may decide to go a different route. The more love each of you deposit.anything . and those affect others. tried-and-proven. nevertheless hear him or her out before offering your suggestion. but at least the others’ opinions are considered. Failure is a step forward when you learn from it. 8. The way to reach a goal is to do something . 4.March: 1.

16. Sometimes people try so hard to relate to others by saying “I understand” that it can cone across as insincere. responsible adults. It’s your job to help them grow into loving. and because of His unfailing love.13. 24. You don’t have to understand exactly how someone else feels in order to help them. 15. Pray a caring prayer. spouse. This is how champions are made. Provide a listening ear. you will never be lost. and it’s one that a lot more people could have if they would ask God for it. . You can never lose God’s unconditional love. No one wins by strolling along. With zeal and passion must also come restraint . The climate of an effective team allows for the breezes of free expression without the storms of confrontation. If some days it seems like you got an empty box. It’s guaranteed to take you up a few notches in the way people perceive you. Give of yourself wherever and whenever possible. Make time for the most important things in life: people. While your children are a gift from Heaven. 18. 23. 20. Nothing is more powerful than love. 14.making process. Lend a helping hand. when to push and when to yield.knowing when to speak and when to listen. It’s easy to spend the most time on things that matter least. they are also a work in progress. Each day is a gift from God. and when to have patience with situations or people that are imperfect. parent. 21. Do a kind deed. Give a reassuring look and a warm smile. God may be giving you your choice as to how you will fill it. One of the quickest and best ways to get people’s cooperation is to involve them in the decision . Winners win by pushing their limits until their limits become the norm. 25. 17. try listening. or conversationalist. It takes faith and optimism to be able to look past others’ shortcomings and see what they can become. Speak an encouraging word. 19. leader. 22. If you want to be a better friend. This is a gift. and you demonstrate that power every time you reach out to help another.

encouragement or discouragement. . 30. what would you do with it? Do something in that direction today. Eyes can convey understanding or annoyance. Look for the good in others. as well as a thousand other emotions. and your eyes will positively convey that. Set a goal today: “I’m going to try something different. you will often be disappointed and run the risk of alienating yourself from others.26. 29. The company that works most effectively thinks “team”.” “I am going to tackle a job I’ve been putting off. “Team” companies develop trust and achieve success together. Don’t be afraid of change. 28. You just might find that it is the answer you have been looking for. empathy or arrogance. accepts responsibility.” “I am going to look up an old friend or make a new one. It’s not realistic to expect others to automatically understand your point of view. If you knew that your time left on earth was short. If you do.” That little extra challenge can do wonders! 27. 31. Each member knows their role. much less to agree with you. approval or disapproval. and supports the others.

A life without difficulties would produce weak and untested people. can sometimes be the most profound teachers. Love will give you proper perspective. Goals are the landing gear of dreams. Your time and resources are limited. they would be incapable of appreciating success. 13. If you don’t work as a team. but the person who can be nice to those who aren’t will be more blessed by God. but if you can say you are sorry for having let something come between you. you will be on the path to reconciliation. 5. 3. realizing that they probably know more about how the operation could run more successfully than the executive does. “I am sorry” can put an end to almost any argument.April: 1. Having never faced or overcome any real challenges. People are often not looking for advice when they tell others their problems. and then praise them when they do well. Invest them wisely. 6. . They may just want to be able to express their feelings to someone else who sympathizes. with their innocence and simple faith. Anyone can be nice to those who are nice. Don’t push too hard or too much too soon. Keep love as your focus and everything else will fall into place. 2. why not try prayer? In fact. 12.. You may still feel somewhat justified in your position. A good executive listens to his / her staff. 4. you will win together and be able to enjoy the rewards of victory together 8. You pay people a high compliments simply by hearing them out. Tailor your expectations to people’s abilities. Prayer is like having a conversation with a friend . 10.and God is a very powerful friend who can do anything for you ! 9. the competition will win. why not try prayer first? You just might save yourself a lot of trouble. There is a lot of competition out there. 11. 7. Children. If you have tried everything else and things still aren’t turning out. but if you can learn to work together.

Play in the “big league” of life by joining the ranks of those who are too big to stoop to petty putdowns and gossip. It is often easier to keep doing things the old way than it is to change.attention. be reasonable. These three things convey love. The wise show their wisdom by listening before speaking. 19. but it will foster mutual respect and better understanding that will lead to future solutions and successes. 24. As you show love and concern in the little things. When there is a conflict. chances are they will do the same. approval. invite it in. hears the inaudible. . God’s love works the impossible. 16. but then went back to your daily routine and lost sight of it? The next time inspiration knocks. and appreciation. 20. 25. you won’t regret the results. 26. Have you ever dreamed a great dream or had an inspiring idea. Getting things out in the open will nearly always bring people together. but he is more likely to have a truly successful life because he is more likely to succeed in the things that matter most. and apologize if warranted. 22. hear the other person out. is learning to stay in touch and in tune with God. heals the incurable and loves the unlovable. 18. 15. Save the environment. The secret to success in life. clean power of love. The humble person may not end up on the top of the “ladder”. If the other person sees that you are willing to listen. 21. including successful relations with others. Change takes time and effort. but good changes are worth it in the long run. you will have more love to give and more love to enjoy. It may not solve the immediate problem.14. Give some of each every day 23. Fuel your life with the pure. 17. Don’t be afraid to invest time in getting to know people and learning from them. sees the invisible. and the way to do that is by talking with Him daily. no matter how difficult it may be.

28. whereas the other may not. but they may do it in different ways. Let your legacy be kindness. 29. Two people may be trying to get across the same idea. Usually the one who presents things positively will have the greater success. .27. One may have positive overtones. What good is success if you don’t share it with someone? 30.

and it will never diminish. Love. Otherwise you will probably end up lost in space. Treat them as counselors. everything that is worth something costs something. 6. Avoid pointing out other’s shortcomings in public.if you embrace these three qualities. and He will.or ask. and humility . 2. Wait until you are able to talk to them privately or write them a note. When all is said and done. If someone is out of sorts or is not being as productive as usual. 11. If we find ourselves dismissing other people’s opinions right off the bat. A pot of food that is stirred often will cook evenly and well. Remember.May: 1. simplicity. In the same manner. If you are going to shoot for the stars. that’s a sign we are thinking more highly of ourselves than we should. and benefit from their advice. No one tool can do all the jobs alone. pick out one and take careful aim at it. you will never lose it. 5. Rest in His love. try to balance it with something positive. 3. Invest in the truly important things in life. Do what you can to correct the cause of the problem and you will assist in that person’s effectiveness. 7. but together they can. Learn to get friendly with your mistakes. you can’t go wrong. A team is like a tool set. 8. 9. Then you will have something everybody needs. Impossibilities are possibilities that have not yet been attempted . God’s love will never leave you. 12. When you must say something negative. 10. 4. Ask God to help you develop the gift of encouragement. you will not regret a single loving. a life that is stirred frequently is more likely to be balanced and successful. 14. think about what might be causing that person to act that way . 13. unselfish or sacrificial deed.

15. You will also be more likely to learn something and avoid misunderstandings. 20. but use both to build a bright future. Do not be limited by past mistakes or successes. and prayer are some of the most important ingredients in a thriving marriage. Being quick to apologize is one of the smartest things you can do. Not having the last word may seem at the time like a defeat or mistake. 28. 26. appreciation. God will be there for you if you ask Him to. and watch the difference it can make. If you sometimes feel as though the world has walked out on you. Charity begins at home but it should not stop there. trust. Love. You will win the respect and appreciation of just about everyone you talk with if you don’t interrupt. to hold your peace. Don’t worry if you don’t see eye to eye with every one on everything. How you treat someone who can be of no possible use to you is a great mark of character. and He’s the best company and assistance that there is 21. and above all love. admiration. Add communication and you have a sure-fire recipe for success. encouragement. 19. The blocks for building other’s confidence come in various formsrecognition. 18. Taking time connecting with God is like drinking a good cup of coffee. acceptance. but actively seeks it out. for the sake of maintaining harmony. 25.nic 27. It is sometimes necessary. 16. but it may pave the way future victory and progress. 22. cheer up. The key to working well with any group of people is communication. A wise leader is not only open to counsel and help from others. Keep plenty of these building blocks on hand and use them at every opportunity. Try extending to others the kind of love and thoughtfulness you show your loved ones. humility. it energizes you and leaves you looking forward to the next time. 23. 17. . there often have to be differing opinions for the picture to be complete and a wise decision reached. 24. Over confidence is the frayed bungee cord of fools.

29. . Most people live up to other’s expectations. and you just might help them succeed. 31. Love is still God’s solution. Having fun with those you work with is not time wasted. Happy teams are productive teams. whether high or low. Show faith in someone who is struggling to make it. even in such a highly complex and confused society as today’s. 30.

it makes today doubly difficult because you’re trying to carry tomorrow’s burdens as well as today’s. A good executive is not just a boss. 2. If you take it personally when problems are pointed out. Each decision you make helps to shape the legacy that will be left to them. . You may feel insignificant in the grand scheme of life. 4. 6.June: 1. every body has the right to be happy and to have what they need. 8. 10. or comment that you receive can benefit you in some way 13. and anything about yourself that needs changing. you empower Him to work on your behalf. they’ve got the makings of a winning team. Don’t let little inconveniences become big annoyances that stop your forward momentum. Concentrate only on what you can do today. If you are worried about tomorrow. you make it doubly hard to find a solution. 3. 11. deal with it and get going again. And when you praise others.a rift or smoldering resentment. As soon as one comes up. When you praise God. suggestion. 9. you encourage and strengthen them in spirit. Every criticism. 7. the way you act. Try to make everybody happy. the way you think about other people. he is also a servant. thank God it’s not worse. The best gift you can give another is prayer. when they are each willing to put the common good ahead of their own. 5. Praise is an actual spiritual power that strengthens and uplifts. When a group of people respect each other enough to hear one another out and give one another the benefit of doubt. but you are daily creating the world that tomorrow’s children will live in. You can change long-standing bad habits. Clear up misunderstandings before they have a chance to grow into something worse . More collaboration and better communication often act as solution in themselves. because. 12.

for a life to change.14. Say the kind words you know you should say. Love comes in many packages. 23. True leaders do the job even to their own hurt. Be patient. 26. that doesn’t necessarily mean that it hasn’t come. When things get so heated that you find yourself raising your voice. for a heart to heal. But if the people involved are more concerned with what is right in stead of who is right. you cease to learn. It takes time for a flower to bloom. and the fountain of strength 25. 24. They are resilient enough to take flak from those who criticize them. If you and those you work with can learn to capitalize on that fact. When emotions come into play during discussions. and show the respect you know you know you should shoe even when you don’t feel like it. Tell others what you are thinking. 27. 19. it can be a recipe for disaster. 22. 16. 17. it also conveys respect and fosters goodwill.and are humble enough to admit their shortcomings and accept help. then they can discuss matters in a calm. If we ask God to show us how He wants us . If it doesn’t arrive in the one we expected or hoped for. 20. for the sun to rise. it’s time to call a timeout until you can get your emotions under control and collect your thoughts. If we don’t see things through the eyes of love. the source of peace. What matters most is not how much ability a person possesses. 18. but how much he or she uses it. and genuine feelings of kindness and respect will follow. objective manner. rather than expecting them to read your mind or correctly interpret your actions. This helps you come across as sympathetic rather than self-righteous.. When you shut yourself off from constructive criticism. 15. you are far more likely to reach your full potential as a team.without retaliating . God is the author of hope. wants and personalities. Such thoughtfulness not only speaks well of you. When you must point out the mistakes and failings of others. if need be. then we are more likely to have a distorted view of them. Then apologize and try again. Small courtesies and good manners go amazingly far in building successful social and business relationship. remind them of your own shortcomings. People are unique individuals with particular needs. 21. clear.

You can not always choose what happens to you.to see situations and people. It’s such a waste when people are alienated from each other for days or months or even years. 28. but you can always choose to trust God no matter what happens. then we can see that we are seeing things clearly. 29. . because not everything is the way it might seem at first. all over some misunderstanding that could have been sorted out sooner if even one of the parties had shown more humility or understanding 30. Always give each other the benefit of doubt.

If you are not sure whether someone understands what you mean. Convey respect by letting others say their piece without interrupting. 10. In quietness you will find strength 7. Don’t push too hard on yourself. 11.time to pray for someone. or through any obstacle 2.July: 1. Humility is wisdom 3. but misunderstandings arise every day for lack of clarity. When there is a difference of opinion.” you are special ” 12. 13. but also tries to hear and understand the unspoken words of the person’s heart. congratulate yourself for you have tried. Take it easy ! Take regular breaks. 5. Have some fun. problems. 9. You may think others understand exactly what you mean. someone has to be willing to concede some ground to the other if any sort of agreement is to be reached. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to be open and honest about yourselfyour likes and dislikes. How perfect is God’s love? He sees the good and possibilities in us. worries and even your mistakes - . explain. have a wonderful way of brightening people’s days. Life can be experienced to the full only when it is shared with another 8.time to stop and listen . ask them. Explain. needs. or finishing their sentences for them 6. hurrying them along. Positive thinking can help to propel you over. even when we are at our worst. especially when they are least expected. There is always time to love. They convey. 4. Then get up and try again. around. time to lend a helping hand. A good listener not only listens to the words that a person is saying. Thoughtful gestures. 14. explain. It’s these little things that make life worth living. When you fail.

hope or dream. 26.because openness and honesty are the building blocks that sound relationships are made of. Take care what’s within your control by instilling in your children a clear sense of right and wrong. Regardless of differences in age.a purpose. 16.and your capacity to love and be loved will grow . for a team to reach its full potential. 22. who communicate frequently and clearly are more likely to be able to work through problems when they come up. 23. 24. anyone can do the same. 19. perception. experience. Your mind is a precious gift from God. position and ability. 27. 21. blast your way through with the power of prayer. love does it’s magic by engendering unselfish acts and helping each family member to see the others in a positive light. 15. Love has creative power. all members must respect one another. Then trust God to keep them and help them to make the right choices when it comes to the things that are beyond your control. don’t be surprised if you find things turning out much better than you expected. gentleness. consideration. Bad things are often good things looked at from the wrong perspective. Look for a special way to express your love to your spouse each day.is the hallmark of greatness. Carefully filter what you allow to take up space there. 17. 18. 20. People. Love in all of it’s forms.kindness. With God’s help. and much more . respect for others. It’s easy to inadvertently make people feel unloved or unappreciated. Unity is a catalyst that activates positive results. In the home. If you can’t see light at the end of the tunnel. 25. If you strive for unity even at the cost of how you think some things should be done. but a little forethought and courtesy can have just the opposite result. History has many examples of men and women who turned their handicaps into assets. The foundation of any successful relationship between two individuals is their understanding of each other and the knowledge that they have something in common .

Discipline your mind. Make a habit of telling those dearest to you that you love them. feel. Enjoy the pleasant little things. . When you smell. When you see. Worry is like a mobile phone.28. listen. It is a sign of maturity when you can take correction to heart and learn from it rather than becoming defensive. but you don’t want to switch it off. when you eat. for they are part of the essence of life. Tell them how much you appreciate them and how thankful you are for them. savour. 30. When you hear. 31. switch off the constant ringing of problems and spend a few minutes thinking about things that make you smile. When you touch. 29. Appreciate the senses God has given you. look. taste. You don’t like it ringing constantly.

5. and He will shower you with more. 12. You can learn something from anyone. God can heal and mend and make whole. 7. God’s love will keep you and your loved ones united in heart. strengthens unity. Always remind yourself of your loved ones’ good qualities and all you would miss if you were without them. 10. For an education in human nature. You will never regret spending time with your children. 14. no matter who they are. Everyone has something to offer. mind. God bestows His blessings every day. 11. encourages loving interactions. If you make it clear that you know there is a lot you don’t know. and mean it. Take time to appreciate them and thank Him. but if you can say it.” Learn what makes them tick. It makes life so much more beautiful. 13. 8. 2. Like the rain on arid ground transforms the landscape and causes flowers to bloom. most people will be open to hearing what you do know. But if people sense that you think you are always right. shows others appreciation. it works wonders! 6. . Heartaches and heartbreaks: no matter what has caused them. rather fear stagnation 3. try some “people watching.August: 1. Saying “I am sorry” requires humility. It pays to show courtesy to others. you won’t have a hard time winning or keeping friends.minded. and purpose and will help you overcome any differences that arise. brings harmony and helps to lift their load. God rewards us for having passed the tests of life by causing our spirits to blossom. Never fear change. If you show people real love. they will seek advice from someone they consider more open. 9. 4. because it builds friendship. Set the kind of example that your children will be proud to follow. but you will regret if you don’t.

15. Do the same with your work and you may find better ways to do things that will lead to faster progress and greater success. be friends as well as workmates. If you learn to find God’s “good” in life’s most trying times. you will be glad you went along. Life is made up of a multitude of choices. you will discover things about it that you hadn’t noticed before. it is sometimes better to go along with someone else’s idea than to insist on yours. If you are wise. This tells them that you respect their opinion. how you say it is sometimes almost as important as what you say. others will be more likely to listen to you next time. 19. It takes time to get to know people. To strengthen a team. In communicating. 24. and personal happiness. Offering opposing opinions need not be the airing of differing views so that all sides can be considered and the best conclusion reached. 23. and what you choose shapes your character. you will never have another bad day 22. Be a visionary! Only those who can picture themselves where they want to be ever get there. 20. The key to building a good relationship with anyone is finding out what they are interested in and starting there. If you examine any object in nature up close. and determined efforts are the wheels that get you there. to get the best results. success. be open with each other and offer mutual support. be considerate in your presentation. 17. have camaraderie. . 21. If time proves you wrong. 27. Life is one big common pot of experiences. Prayer is the highway to new things. and if time proves you right. Sometimes a good way to go about getting someone on your side is to ask for their opinion on that matter. and they are likely to reciprocate. 18. Choose well. 16. Relationships of any kind take time to develop and mature. For the sake of unity. Every one has something unique to contribute. you can draw something valuable from that pot everyday. 25. 26.

You can either do something about a problem or you can’t.28. 29. . God’s loving hands are there to cradle your heart and bring comfort and peace. if one is to be found. but either way. 31. Channel your energy into finding solution. Yesterday is past. 30. today is a fresh new start. or into other things that are within your control. and their greatest potential is in their collective thinking. In every moment of disappointment or loss. Your greatest asset is your people. clean slate. worrying won’t help. the beginning of a new life. Pump people power.

eventually they will feel they can’t count on you to be open-minded. but being a leader does not mean that you have all the ideas and do all the thinking. A good executive will listen to others. Learning to take constructive criticism is one of the smartest attitude changes you can make. 8. 7. it’s good to concentrate on the little things because those are what often go unnoticed. and if you have God’s love. You can have much more sympathy for people when you take into consideration the difficult experiences they have been through. No one is too bad for God or beyond the reach of His love. Leaders are responsible to make the final decision. In fact. then it doesn’t matter. and the best way to do that is to imagine yourself in their place. anything is possible! 3. If people are usually having to give in to your preferences and the way you think things should be done. His powers can toss them aside with far less effort than it would take you to go over or around them. A key to treating people right is understanding them. 11. Faith can see possibilities that no one else can. Praise and appreciation need not be reserved for big things. 9. then you know God has already thought of it. A good rule of thumb for communicating is to put your strongest point or best news first.September: 1. 10. If it’s not big enough for God to be concerned about. With faith. 4. the weakest point or the saddest news in the middle. because it puts you on the fast track to progress. It also fosters good working relations by showing that you are easy to work with. 5. 6. If you want others to see things from your perspective. and then end on another positive note. 12. He wants you to share it with others. Often we . Difficulties that seem like giant obstacles to you are pebbles to God. and yet it’s these little things that make the big things possible. actively show that you are also trying to see things from their perspective. 2. Why worry? If something is big enough to worry about.

and love will carry you through the day. 14. counsel together. decide together. 13. 17. 15. a story. People love to talk about themselves. . 19. family life. and a wise person will look for that thing. while failing to see the greater distance they have already come. 22. Maintaining an open line of communication with others when all is going well will make easier for them to accept constructive criticism or even reproof when it’s needed.only see how far people still have to go. a prayer – will go a long way toward helping them feel loved and secured. 16. and then follow through on your decisions together. What some people have to offer is obvious. wanting to meet their needs for love. You’ll be happier riding the wave of change than feeling it come crashing down on you. and support. 24. Encourage someone who is “up”. all members must work together. A few minutes of quality time with your children at the start and end of each day – a hug. encouragement. The art of tact – saying the right thing at the right time – is really a matter of being sensitive to people’s feelings. 18. Everyone has at least one good quality of skill. If you’re going to be an effective team. but with others it is hidden and must be uncovered. Don’t reserve encouragement only for those who are “down”. It takes a lot of understanding to make a marriage stand. and every relationship. Listen to one another. If you show an interest in people. you will find that they suddenly become very talkative. One key to working well with others is being willing and open to change your mindsets and ways of doing things when necessary for the sake of unity. A cheerful disposition and an optimistic outlook are keys to success in business. Embrace change when it comes to your way. 20. and they will appreciate it too – and you just might spare them from future discouragement that is lurking right around the corner. 21. and deliberately not saying things that might be hurtful. 23. Start the day with love.

Love should be an “action word”. Disagreements don’t have to be negative experiences. The best executive is one who has a knack for picking good people to do what he wants done and enough self-restraint to keep from meddling while they do it. 27. if the people involved display mutual respect. If you want to see changes for the better. then another. Develop a habit of praying for love and humility every day. 28. 30. and humility. consideration. “Look on the bright side” is good advice. and He will bring one out of the darkness. 26.25. then another. . But what if you can’t find a bright side? Stay positive and thank God anyway. and when it is acted out. take one step forward. 29. it inspires others to do the same.

Always look at differences in personalities as necessary and helpful ingredients of a successful. Pace yourself and keep your eyes on the goal. 3.October: 1. 5. Thank God for his help. Treat each idea with respect. 10. 7. you should still present your point of view with consideration and humility.never as excuses for quitting. Run with heart. 11. It takes humility and understanding on both sided for there to be any real connection and communication between people. Add faith and you send him off with a “full tank”. Reach your goals. and you will be glad you did when you cross the finish line. If you try to ignore them. you can get over it and move on more easily if you have a positive attitude. . not weakness. When things happen that hurt you. When God created you. Even if you are certain. counsel. Work your goals. not a sprint. Life is a marathon. ”My God is bigger than you! You might be able to defeat me. Ask God for strength and wisdom. to give people a second chance when they are truly sorry for their mistakes and want to do better. He equipped you with a two-way radio: prayer. Sensitivity on anyone’s part hinders that stream. that you are right. Most of the time you have to work your way through your problems. as it may contain something useful. Set your goals. 9. 12. Not every new idea is good. but you cannot defeat us!” 8. for they shall not be bent out shape. 13. You will also miss the opportunity to grow stronger through adversity. look it squarely in the eye and say. When trouble comes your way. even if it is not exactly what’s needed at the time. 4. It will be worth it all! 6. For a team to be effective there must be a free flow of ideas. It is strength. 14. Give a man a dream and you give him a “car”. but some of best ides hatch from not-so-good ones. Ask God if they are the right goals. 2. balanced team . and communication. Blessed are the flexible. whether by accident or intent. you don’t stand much chance of overcoming them. beyond a shadow of a doubt.

because some people are not quick to open up and share their honest feelings. 22. 19. Keep your words. 17. 16. Success is the reward of persistence. strive to master the art of simplicity. that true strength comes only from God. effective unit. Do people consider you open and flexible? Or do they sense rigidity. 27. for better or for worse. 24. rather than on how they affect you. strictness. Treat people as if they were what they ought to be. a good leader is able to take a group of individuals with different skills and personalities and form them into a cohesive. It’s natural to think that you are right. For a discussion to be as successful as it can be. and rules? Striving to be more elastic than rigid is a great ay to improve your relations with others. everyone needs to be open-minded enough to listen to any idea from anyone. ideas. 21. . confinement. it’s time to remember that you are only human. 28. To improve your chances of success. 23. Everything you do will come back to you in one way or another. Like the coach of a successful sports team. It helps to ask people if you are not sure that you understand exactly what they mean or how they feel about a certain matter. and communications simple. The more difficult the problem. But experience should teach you that sometimes you are not and that it is wise to listen to others. but their thoughts and opinions may be insightful and just what you need to hear. 25. 18. and you help them to become what they are capable of being. Focus on how you affect others. They may rub you the wrong way.15. You help to create the way people treat and react to you by the way you treat and react to them. the more satisfaction you will derive from solving it. and that He is able to help you bear any load. When you feel as though you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. 20. Don’t let your personal feelings toward people shut you off their ideas. 26.

31. the easier it is for the recipient to believe it is sincere. Empathy helps create unity. be inventive. So get creative. The more specific the appreciation. and chances are that your current challenge is not one of them. and that is a wonderful thing! 30. There are very few things in life that actually can’t be done. expand your horizons.29. . keep trying.

4. perhaps it’s because you’re not in that battle yet. 12. Try to empathize and you’ll probably find them to be not so bad after all. God is a third party that can help you through the though times and make the good times great. it is always possible to tip the scales in your favour through prayer and a positive response. even if you don’t like their presentation. If all you see are obstacles. 8. Failure is not a matter of failing once or twice or any number of times. 10. 2. but when it comes to marriage. Whenever something seems to go wrong. and then move on. It is wise to be open to counsel and suggestions of those who have more experience. 11. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders.November: 1. . Failure is failing to try one more time. People’s true motives are seen best from a humble position. They say “three’s a crowd”. Find out what went wrong and set it right. Make an effort to be warm. There is a bridge over every gulf of difficulty. 13. When people’s “bad” qualities irritate you – being loud. 7. Don’t try to place blame. How today’s parents train their children determines the future of the world. courteous. If you find that you don’t have it in you to fight the next battle. or hard to get along with. What they’ve learned through years of trial and error can save you a lot of time and trouble. but you often need the binoculars of hope to find it. 14. 6. that doesn’t help anyone. impatient. 5. take strides of faith to reach the other side. 9. 3. for example – consider why they are that way. maybe it is because you have taken your eyes off the goal. Once you do. and tender in all your interactions with others. Then work to maximize the strengths and minimize the weaknesses. Find out the strengths and weaknesses of those on your team. Every loving deed lives on in those upon whom it is bestowed.

27. 25. it’s more likely that others will return the flavour when you need a listening ear. but God can show you where truth lies if you ask Him. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Everyone wants and needs to be understood. If you prove yourself to be a good listener. 23. 17. There is more than one side to every story or situation. By going on in spite of your setbacks. you will also inspire others to not give up. and lets people know that they are valuable. and start anew. 22. If sensitivity and pride are hindering interactions within your team. Draw out the quiet people. 19. every solution begins with a wise and conscious decision to do the right thing. When an attitude of mutual acceptance and appreciation exists between generations. Anything that is worth something takes time to assemble. But forgiveness is greater than justice. Things go smoother and more gets done when there is open exchange and everyone knows the score. agree together to change your attitudes. and loved for who he or she is. Justice is human.15. It is not the easy successes that prove your mettle. gives credit where it is due. forgiveness is divine. 26. 24. Just as every problem can be traced to a wrong decision. accepted. identify the issues. Often they have tremendous ideas and talents just waiting to be discovered. while there may be differences or minor struggles. 18. 16. they deserve justice. If people have done wrong. there isn’t a generation gap to divide and keep people from working in harmony. get the problem out in the open as tactfully as possible. 21. Discuss it. When someone else has a good idea and you’re the one explaining or implementing it. Those who are forthright and don’t hold things in get better results than those who are afraid to speak up. You can share a bit of the divine by forgiving. Doing so builds unity and appreciation. be sure to let people know who had the idea. It is far better to cut loose from one of your ideas if you see it doesn’t float than it is to stubbornly hold on to it and possibly go down with it. but how you pick yourself up after a fall and try again. 20. . No one really deserves forgiveness.

find common ground. It doesn’t need you to prop it up. Stop to smell and admire the flowers.28. God sends you a fresh bouquet every day. It takes patience to see things as others see them. it will stand on its own. If your idea is good. Everyone is different and has different ways of solving problems. and come to an agreement. . 30. 29.

God will bless every unselfish act and reward every step you take to reach out to another. and downloading His love and answers. Do something new or special for your spouse as often as you can. Love the unlovely. and when you praise and appreciate those around you. If your contentment depends on circumstances. 2. say so. It takes a big man to let go of his ego. 6. 3. you are giving them God’s love. requests. If you make a mistake. thing. and thanks. If only once a year every person would do one unselfish deed – something with no return other than knowing that it improved things for someone else – the world would be a far better place. . Prayer is connecting with God. 7. 10. Let love overlook others’ faults and shortcomings. 9. it draws you closer to Him. 4. When you praise God. it reaffirms your love and says. and never lose hope for them. or the people around you. Chances are. 13. which goes beyond human love. When you show love and consideration to people you don’t feel particularly drawn to or think deserving. they will generally work harder and be happier and more productive. uploading your love. so make this your gauge: Don’t say anything about others in their absence that you wouldn’t say to their face. Giving is the most fulfilling of all pleasure. True and lasting happiness is a gift from God and grows day by day through loving interaction with Him. People will admire you a lot more for your willingness to admit your faults and failures than they will for your supposed perfection. it draws you closer to each other. When people feel a part of something. 8. “You’re important to me!” 5.December: 1. what you say about others will get back to them. always believe the best about them. you will never be completely happy. How much more if we all made it a habit? 11. 12.

and try to put yourself in that person’s place. 28. 22. 23. 25. 26. 17. If you set the right example for your children during their formative years. Give of yourself every day – a smile. Give God a gift by giving of yourself to help someone else. 19. Make every day Christmas Day for someone by giving them that sure-toplease. Want to be winsome? Try putting the happiness of others before your own. And your children will grow into adults whom you can be proud of. a moment of your time. 24. a compliment. 27. 18. Make prayer your finale. a listening ear. or a kind word. Keep moving forward! 21. It’s good to be consistent.14. You can never loose by giving. 15. If you automatically assume that you understand someone. Christmas is most of all a celebration of God’s love for each of us. Everyone has good qualities ad everyone has weak points. and you'll end your day on the right note. Let us keep the Christmas candles burning beyond this short season – the candle of faith in our Creator’s loving care and the candle of concern and compassion for our fellow man. one-size-fits-all gift of appreciation. But if you really listen. Make prayer your prelude. 20. 16. There is always something you can give others. Giving blesses the giver as well as the receiver. but watch out that you don’t get stuck in a rut. chances are you won’t understand them fully. and love is the most important thing. and everyone has areas that they need to work on and improve in. Regularly re-evaluate your routines and be open to change where needed. Courtesy and manners are very important because they are expressions of love. you just might understand them much better. those bonds of love and respect will be unbreakable. Everyone has things they excel in. and you'll stay on key all day. The time to start making sure that every moment counts is now! .

but it’s even better to keep looking forward to the mountains yet to scale and the views yet to thrill to if you will keep climbing and not quit. but at the bright rainbow up ahead. Don’t dwell on the sores and calluses. . but on the strength you’ve gained through toil. Where are your choices taking you? Are your priorities today helping you become the person you want to be years from now? 31. Don’t look at rough road. but at the joy that springs up afterward. Don’t focus on the pain.29. 30. It’s good to look back every once in a while and see how far you have come.

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