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Wolverines’ Lesson Plans

Teacher: Chupp/Citro Date: 1.11.11 Subject: Social Studies

Aims: What is my standards-based, bite-sized aim for this lesson? Make Assessment of Mastery of the Aim:
sure this aim fits in a logical sequence with other aims from this unit.
- classroom discussion
- SWBAT navigate a map as instructed, using cardinal - independent practice

Vocabulary: What words do students need to know to be successful with this material? What other vocab words (Tier 2) could be
tied in?

cardinal directions

- laminated farm map

- Playdough
- cardinal words on sentence strips, laminated
- independence practice

Hook/Motivation and Review:

Show students a farm map, including a farm, silo, and labels. Include words like pig pen, horse stable, cow
stable, rabbit pen, corn field, and pumpkin patch or vegetable patches. Include picture support.

Mini-Lesson / Modeling (the “I” or “I/We”) and Guided Practice (the “We”):

Show the students an enlarged farm map that you have created. Show the students directions that they will
use for the activity.
Teach cardinal directions, north, south, west and east. Use “Never Eat Shredded Wheat” as a memory tool.
Read the directions with assistance from the students. Practice following the directions with the help of the
class, and placing the words, north, south, west, and east in their proper places on the map.
Examples of directions to follow:
Create five pigs and place them into the pig pen.
Create four cows and place them into the cow stable (and so on).
To keep the activity from getting monotonous, change the numbers periodically.
Next, have the students answer these questions:
In which direction is the pig pen? _____________
In which direction is the corn field? ____________
In which direction is the horse stable (and so on)? _____________

Key questions/strategy to check for understanding before Independent Practice: How w ill I
know if students are ready to move into independent practice?

As a ticket to their seats, students will identify the direction of one thing on a map in relation to another
Independent Practice (the “You”): What will be the product? What will students do? Students need lots of AT BATS,
and they need to be able to do these successfully and independently.

Given a different map, students will identify the cardinal directions, north, south, west and east.

Final Check for Understanding/After-Workshop Share:

Review independent practice.

Homework: Am I totally confidently that all students can do the homework independently and successfully?

Post-Lesson Reflection: What do you want to change about this lesson for next year?