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SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS) Interview Questions

1. Explain the flow from a report request to report delivery.

2. Where does connection string of a report exists? Can we read it?
3. Where does reporting services stands as a BI tool compared to BO, Cognos, Crystal
reports, Hyperion etc?
4. What is Subreport control used for?
5. What is the difference between Matrix control & Table control?
6. What are the different aggregate functions available in SSRS?
7. How to change the format of the currency field?
8. What are report parameters?
9. What are the different types of parameters used in SSRS, explain each one of them.
10. How to add a cascading parameter to a report?
11. How to create a drilldown report? Explain the steps.
12. How to add page breaks in a report?
13. What is data driven subscription? How to implement this?
14. What services in windows need to run for SSRS to run properly?
15. What is the report history in SSRS manager means? How to enable history?
16. Explain the security architecture of SSRS
17. Mention some of the in built security roles in SSRS
18. Why do we use Reporting services configuration manager tool? What are the tasks we
achieve in this?