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Reduce tax and insurance bills, maximize depreciation, and make better purchasing decisions— these are just some of the advantages your company gains with accurate, efficient fixed assets management. It’s easy and cost-effective for companies of any size to manage the complete fixed assets life cycle with BNA Fixed Assets.

Reduce tax and insurance bills, maximize depreciation, and make better purchasing decisions— these are just some

Customer Testimonials

“ The system offers excellent scalability and customization options, making it one of the strongest systems on the market.”

Year after year, BNA Fixed Assets software has received the prestigious five-star rating from The CPA Technology Advisor.

Reduce tax and insurance bills, maximize depreciation, and make better purchasing decisions— these are just some

“ I like the BNA Fixed Assets program. It is better than an Excel spreadsheet and very easy and convenient to use. The program is user friendly, which is another plus.

It saves me time each month and my reports have been accurate. It is easy to add new fixed assets and dispose of them as well.

I am happy with the software.”

Joy Pong, FKC Properties, Inc.

“ BNA Fixed Assets populates all the books simultaneously, saving me time. Continuous updates allow for greater efficiency. It helps me keep current with tax law. In short,

it helps me do EVERYTHING. Weve

benefited from using BNA Fixed Assets

with improved productivity for sure, but most importantly ACCURACY. Our auditors

recommended it, and it saves us money because they are so familiar with it.”

Rebekah Baasten, H-P Products, Inc.

“ BNA Fixed Assets is unbelievably easy to

use. The software makes it easy to input data

and run reports. It saves us a great deal of time and money. Our external auditors used to track our fixed assets, but now we do this in-house with BNA Fixed Assets.”

Connie Forbes, Commonwealth Packaging Co.

“ BNA Fixed Assets Enterprise Web has saved

us major time supporting the corporate

compliance staff. Previously we maintained in-house databases. The reporting we needed to generate seemed to require frequent assistance from our support team. The software makes it much easier for us to

maintain asset depreciation and enter new assets and locations. Overall accuracy and

reporting have been the greatest benefits of BNA Fixed Assets.”

Sue Weis, Regis Corporation

“ I save time with BNA Fixed Assets because the software is easy to use. Reporting is

much better and faster with the software.

BNA Software customer support is very helpful. When we needed to upgrade and convert our database they provided the fix.”

Jacqueline Grauel, Nott Company

“ With BNA Fixed Assets it’s easy to see a detailed report on the fixed assets in a

specific account. We rely on BNA Fixed Assets for accurate reports.

Kim Reed, Star Furniture

“ I love the software. I spent hours last year working on tax provisions related to fixed

assets and now I just have to push a button.

Darice Schirber, Bushnell Outdoor Products

“ We like the fact that the software [BNA

Fixed Assets Web] is always up to date, always backed up, and we don’t have to do any software maintenance.

Edmond Gregory, Randall Family, LLC

“ BNA Software saves me time because it is much easier to keep track of my fixed assets.

And, their customer support is always a great help.

Kim Cafaro, Office Manager, RA Simasek, PA

Call 1.800.424.2938 (select option 3) or contact your local BNA Sales Representative.

“ BNA Fixed Assets is a real time-saver!

The automatic update feature keeps my

users current without any assistance from

me. And, I receive a quick response from

technical support whenever I call or e-mail a question.”

Laura Zimmerman, RSM McGladrey

“ BNA Fixed Assets makes it much easier for inexperienced users to change depreciation calculations and options due to its

flexibility. It takes away the complexity

of managing fixed assets.”

Brian Davet, CPA, Rutherford & Johnson PC

“ BNA makes it efficient to track fixed assets.

We are able to provide reports to clients based on class categories and for their use in preparing business personal property tax

declarations. We have confidence in the accuracy of the product as BNA provides.”

Mike Hays, Sabino & Company, LLC

“ BNA Fixed Assets simplifies the way I keep

track of the volume of assets obtained by my

restaurant clients. And when a store is sold,

BNA Fixed Assets is a tremendous time-saver during and after the sale.

Susan Simonson, Susan R. Simonson, LLC

“ BNA Fixed Assets software is user friendly.

It makes it much easier to organize, maintain, and store data. The reporting

capability produces reports exactly as I want


We have experienced increased

.... efficiency using BNA Fixed Assets.”

Tracey Devnew, Vance Flouhouse & Garges

“ With BNA Fixed Assets I can run projections

for future periods at the press of a few

buttons. And BNA Software’s customer support staff is always very helpful in fixing whatever problem I have with the software.”

Jennifer Shoffner, Manager, Vance Flouhouse & Garges PLLC

BNA is much easier to use than other fixed asset software I have used in the past. Entering the assets, viewing the depreciation, disposing of assets, etc. is simple and logical.

Everything is calculated and laid out for you, so it makes recording depreciation entries and disposing assets easy. Our annual audits also go smoothly, because we are able to print out the reports that we need from BNA.”

Kari Draper, Senior Accountant, Parksite, Inc.


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“ We like the fact that the software [BNA Fixed Assets Web] is always up to

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