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FOG HORN June 2020

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GLOCK’S SURPRISE a 22LR G44! holsters and magazine carriers work perfectly
with the Glock 44. Based on that compatibility, I
By: Sal Palma will venture a guess that Glock wanted a small
caliber plinking pistol, something emulating the
Glock 19, which is the most popular handgun on
the planet, knowing it would sell like hotcakes.
The timing couldn’t have been better as it
started shipping just before the COVID-19 gun
buying extravaganza, and try finding a pistol
and ammunition today?

Calling the Glock 44 controversial is an

understatement. You have reviewers who feel
that firing 5,000 rounds of .22lr through a pistol
without cleaning and without a failure is a
reasonable expectation. You then find those
who follow reviewers who think firing 5,000
rounds of .22lr without a malfunction is a
critical evaluation. To them I say that firearms
are machines as such they need maintenance.

The Glock 44 is identical in form factor to the

Glock 19 and any variances in dimension are
On 10 Dec 2019, just three days after our negligible; ergo, your Glock 44 can be reliably
remembrance of the Japanese surprise attack carried in your Glock 19 holsters.
on Pearl Harbor, the world’s leading pistol
manufacturer surprised the global community
with the introduction of the Glock 44. Glock’s
surprise was not a carbine, as we all
anticipated, nope, no carbine; instead the
Smyrna, GA Company announces a .22lr Glock
pistol designated Glock 44. The bewilderment
was palpable, what drove Glock to introduce a
.22lr pistol, have they’ve taken leave of their
senses? No folks, they did not!

Even to the unanointed, a mere visual

inspection of the pistol suggests a grander plan
begging the question, why does this thing look
like a Glock 19?

Only Gaston Glock knows the real answer but

it’s certainly convenient that all of my Glock 19

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Glock 44 magazines too can be carried in your
Glock 19 mag carrier.

extremely lightweight pistol coming in at just

below 15 oz. with an empty magazine, that’s 9
oz. less than the Glock 19.

Appearances and physical dimensions are not

where the similarities end. The G44 keeps the
characteristic Glock design to include field
stripping procedure.

Glock ships the G44

with two ten round
magazines, which
created an industry
wide uproar. We
cried out, why can’t
they be 15 round magazines. Glock’s answer,
which was perfectly reasonable to me, was to
express a desire to produce a magazine similar
in size to a Glock 19’s that would feed reliably.
I’ve owned .22lr firearms for years and 99% of
While the Glock 19 slide is an all steel all problems are ammunition quality and
construction, Glock engineers have done magazine stacking; not weapon reliability, it’s
something that is extremely creative; they used just the nature of the beast.
a polymer slide with a steel insert for the metal
to metal contact. The end result is an

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So, this has all been very interesting but how All controls are exactly like the G19 making the
well does the G44 shoot? I’ll answer that in two G44 an excellent training platform for existing
words, Glock Perfection. or future G19 owners. Every aspect of shooting
a G19 except recoil and report is experienced
I’ll start with the trigger. A number of reviewers firing the G44; it’s a highly effective training
have described it as “like a G19.” I compared tool. A shooter can focus on improving weapon
the G44 trigger with that of stock G19 to manipulation like magazine changes, trigger pull
validate that claim. The trigger pull weight of and sight alignment.
the G19 was 4 lbs. 2.8 oz. while the G44 came in
at 5 lbs. 9.0 oz. The measurement was an The G44 sights are consistent with Glock’s
average of three trigger pulls. Trigger reset on traditional factory rear bracket and front dot.
the G19 was shorter and smoother. However, Most Glock owners ultimately end up changing
having said that, the G44 trigger is well within the factory issued sights. Whether by accident
the acceptable range. or intent, Gaston Glock created a Glock sight
replacement industry.

The G44 differs from other Glock models in that

it has an adjustable rear sight, a complete
departure from Glock’s modus operandi in the
U.S. market.

Glock’s documentation indicates that the G44

can be dry fired but suggests in moderation. My
personal recommendation is that you do not
dry fire a rimfire weapon to avoid damage to
the firing pin or dulling it.
Glock provides a small rear sight adjustment
The G44 ergonomics are excellent. The grip is
customizable to suite your hand. It features
interchangeable backstraps with or without a Some reviewers complain about the G44
beaver tail so you can adjust the size and shape reliability suggesting that it’s finicky with
of the grip. The pistol rests in your hand exactly regards to ammunition. At the range I tried
like a G19 minus the weight, and its low recoil about 10 varieties of .22lr including Lapua
and ergonomics provides a very comfortable subsonic, CCI CB shorts, 40 grain standard
shooting experience. velocity and high velocity variants. The CCI CB

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short does not cycle the action which is true to the ammunition. Otherwise, the G44 ran like
across all other .22lr pistols I’ve tested. a Swiss watch.

Staying on the magazine for a bit, do not load

the magazine by pulling the follower all the way
down; then dropping in ten rounds. You want to
load this magazine one round at a time by
pushing down the follower sufficiently to load
one round. The lingering magazine question is
will Glock Inc. introduce a 15 round magazine
for the G44?

I did not have the opportunity to test fire the

G44 suppressed; the Glock Store was out of
stock on the G44 threaded barrel kits. I’m fairly
certain that the added backpressure from a
suppressor would have eliminated some of the
problems with the Aguila Super Colibri.
The only failure I experienced in 300 rounds
In closing, any suggestion that the Glock 44 is
fired was with the Aguila .22 Super Colibri.
unreliable is unsupported by my experience.
The pistol is fun to shoot and makes a great
training tool. Skills developed or sharpened in
trigger control, weapon handling and
manipulation techniques are directly
transferable to the G19 platform. The fact that
it’s chambered in the inexpensive .22lr makes
greater training frequency a possibility and as
it’s been repeatedly proven, repetition is the
mother of learning. The Glock 44 continues the
Glock Perfection tradition.
The Super Colibri is a 20 grain powderless -SP
subsonic round with an overall length of 0.81”
and is significantly shorter than your average Manufacturer Specifications
.22lr with a 0.98” overall length. For the reason
previously mentioned, the Super Colibri lacks  LENGTH: 7.28”
the blowback pressure to fully cycle the action;  SLIDE LENGTH: 6.85”
it also does not stack well in the magazine  HEIGHT: 5.04”
having a tendency to nose down. With the  WIDTH: 1.26”
Aguila ammo, I experienced a number of
failures to eject, double feeds and extraction
problems. All failures were directly attributable

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