Water and adaptation to climate change – reports and DVDs, end of stock

The Co-operative Programme on Water and Climate (CPWC) is cleaning up its stock. Below is a listing of reports and DVDs that are still available as stock lasts. You are invited to request them – they will be sent to you free of charge, worldwide. Send your request to Michael van der Valk, mvv@cpwc.nl. First-come, first-served!

Water, Climate, Risk and Adaptation The report «Water , Climate, Risk and Adaptation» – written by Marcus Moench and Sarah Stapleton – is intended to help decision makers with strategic input on how to respond to climate change in the water sector. Climate-related water resource issues are approached primarily through a risk management lens, while is discusses choices for ‘climate-proofing’ between more technical infrastructure on one hand and on the other hand an approach such as ‘Living with Water’. Coping with Impacts of Climate Variability and Climate Change in Water Management: A Scoping Paper This report offers an overview of coping options identified and described by the Dialogues on Water and Climate (DWC).

Reflections of the Dialogue on Water & Climate after the 3rd World Water Forum in Kyoto This report analyses the outcomes of the 3rd World Water Forum in 2003 in Kyoto and the Dialogue on Water and Climate. It reviews the actions called for and the commitments made during the Third World Water Forum and analyses the dialogues and suggests follow up to the dialogues.

Climate changes the water rules – How water managers can cope with today’s climate variability and tomorrow’s climate change Synthesis report of the Dialogue on Water and Climate, based on a wealth of results and experiences about coping with climate phenomena in the water sector.

with strong community participation. sea levels will rise more than one meter by the end of the century. Spanish and Dutch. How swift are cities in taking adequate response measures? We take a look at Alexandria. This DVD is a 15 minute introduction with subtitles in English. Dark Skies. The need for adaptation is becoming more and more urgent.Climate adaptation is water management – how are the Netherlands dealing with it? Only a few copies left. But besides the differences between the cities. political structure and history. cultural habits. and “Sea levels will continue to rise and probably at a faster rate than today”. Climate changes Dutch water management Brochure informing the reader about Dutch water management and the response to climate change. he has studied changes in the ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland. www. and Rotterdam. adaptation to climate change can be successful. the similarities in the dangers and challenges that they are facing are huge. and inhabitants reflect on the situation of their city. The problems are global and can be tackled more efficiently with an exchange of knowledge and intensive cooperation. . Connecting Delta Cities (DVD) Konrad Steffen is an authority when it comes to arctic climatology.com Kitui Sand Dams (DVD) The sand dam project in the Kitui district (Kenya) shows that. Scientists. which makes it difficult to undertake immediate and necessary action. policymakers. Jakarta. For over 32 years. It becomes clear that each city is faced with its own dilemmas. Stormy Waters – Why we need to think about water and climate Introductory awareness-raising brochure linking water and climate. According to his findings. New York.connectingdeltacities. four of the world’s coastal cities that will be – and already are being – directly affected by sea level rise.