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Suggested Research Topic List

abortion careers fertility drugs

acid rain cell phone use when driving fetal tissue research
ADHD/Ritalin censorship freedom of speech
adoption chemical weapons free trade / globalism
affirmative action child abuse fuel cell vehicles
Afghanistan cholesterol
aging cloning gangs
AIDS college athletics (pro/con) gambling
airline safety corporate welfare garbage
airport security corporeal punishment gender equity
alcoholism consumer education/protection genetic engineering
Al Qaeda consumerism Genocide
alternative energy sources crack cocaine glass ceiling
alternative medicine credit card debt global warming
Alzheimer’s criminal sentencing grade inflation
American Sign Language cyber crime Greek system on campus
amnesty cults gun control
animal reintroduction
animal rights date rape hazardous waste
animal testing day care hazing
anorexia nervosa death and dying health care reform
anthrax death row appeals herbal medicine
anti-bacterial products decriminalization of marijuana heroin
art (government funding of) deficit spending high-protein diets
artificial insemination depression/anti-depressants hijacking
artificial intelligence disarmament hip hop music
asbestos divorce holocaust
athletic scholarships DNA testing homelessness
automobile safety domestic violence home schooling
automobile fuel economy drugs in sports/steroids Homosexuality
hormones in livestock
bilingual education eating disorders
bioethics E-Commerce identity theft
bluegrass (music) education Illiteracy
blues (music) elder abuse immigration policies
Bin Laden, Osama election 2000 internet
biological warfare electric cars internet dating
birth control El Nino internet stalking
body image disorders endometriosis intellectual property rights
Bosnian War energy deregulation intelligent design
budget deficit / balanced budget Enron Iran
bulimia environmental hazards Iraq
ethnic cleansing Islam
caffeine Euro (currency) Israel-Palestinian Conflict
campaign finance reform European Union
capital punishment euthanasia/assisted suicide journalists / journalism (ethical
carjacking Evolution vs. Creationism debate issues)
juvenile crime and justice
Suggested Research Topics List (Page 2)
Kashmir racism underage drinking
radioactive waste UFO’s / alien abduction
landfills radon gas United Nations peacekeeping
Lebanon reality television
left/right brain recession vandalism
legalization of drugs recycling victims rights
lottery (as source of revenue for repressed memory therapy video game violence
states) religious fundamentalism violence
right to die / assisted suicide vitamin supplements
marijuana road rage voting / elections
mass suicide rock music
media bias RU-486 weight-loss drugs
medical ethics Rwandan genocide welfare reform
Melungeons wind power
militias Scholastic Aptitude Test women in combat
missing children school uniforms
multiculturalism serial killers
sex education
NAFTA sexual harassment
NASCAR sexually transmitted diseases
national debt school violence
national defense spending SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
Native American gaming / casinos single mothers
Northern Ireland skin cancer
nuclear weapons smoking laws
nutrition Social Security System
socialized medicine
obesity solar power
oil spills Somalia
organ donors / transplants Star Wars / missile defense
osteoporosis stem cell research
ozone layer steroids
stock market investment
peace stress
pet therapy student loan debt
plea bargaining suburban sprawl
police brutality suicide
political correctness SUV’s (fuel economy / safety issues)
pollution sweatshops
pornography teen pregnancy
prescription medication funding television violence
prisons / prisoners terrorism
privacy rights toxic waste
professional wrestling transportation, alternative
public health transportation, public
public school vouchers