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Creating Awareness for a Global Issue

After researching a global issue of your choice, you must create an awareness campaign that will
persuade people to support your cause.

Think about ways that people and organizations generate awareness. Do they hold concerts, air
TV specials, or use advertising? Do they have runs, walks, or relays? Do they create billboard,
radio, or television ads or public service announcements? Do they create songs? Maybe they
hold competitions for the best poster? Or perhaps you’ve seen artistic exhibits in a city park or
labels on popular drinks.

Think about the issue that you have researched and how you can inform and persuade people to
support your cause. The project choice board below has a variety options that you can choose.

Part 1: Background Information:

• What is the global issues is being “kept quiet”?
• What is happening?
• Where is this happening?
• Who is involved?
• Why do these issues exist?
• What are the consequences of ignoring this issue?
• What is the message that you want to convey?

Part 2: Connecting to your Audience:

• Who is your target audience?
• Why should people care?
• How can everyday people help make a difference and support your cause?

Part3: Planning your Awareness Campaign:

• What can you create that will get your message out to a large-scale audience?
• What is your goal? How will you know when you are successful?
• When will you launch your campaign? Why? Is a certain time of year better?
• If your goal is to raise money – where will the money go? Will you donate the proceeds?
• Why would you want businesses to support your cause? Will they help make make your
campaign credible?
• How could you get businesses to help support your campaign – for free?
• Are there any organizations that currently support your cause? How can you incorporate
those organizations?
Use the 5 W’s to help organize your campaign:
• Who will be involved?
• What will you do to create awareness?
• When will this take place?
• Where will it occur?
• Why is this, the best way to create awareness?
• How will you fund your project?

Project Choice Board

Create a model of an artistic

Plan a promotional concert.
exhibit you will hold in a city
Create a public service You could create a voice
park. Then create a voice
announcement using digital thread or a digital poster on
thread or a digital poster on
story software. glogster to explain all the
glogster to explain all the

Combine any of these ideas or come up with your own idea… and get it approved!

Plan a run/walk/relay. Create a graphic Create a song. You could use

You could create a voice advertisement that could be Garage Band, Audacity, or
thread or a digital poster on placed in a magazine or on a even Voice Thread to record
glogster to explain all the billboard. Try using glogster your song and explain the
details. to create a digital poster. details.

Technology links available on the class wiki:

Digital Poster:
Voice Thread:

These applications can be used to combine music, video, and text to create a multimedia
• Animoto (
• Clip Generator (
• Glogster (
• Masher (
• Slide (
• Vuvox (
• Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Photo Story 3