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ART 3430

Printmaking II – Silkscreen / Photo processes

Fall Semester 2009

instructor Cynthia Marsh

office Trahern 409
office hours W 1:00 -2:00PM / T/Th 3:00-4:00 PM / F (by appt.)
email address / phone 931.221.7349

Prerequisites: ART 1010, 1040; 3 Credit Hours
The study and practice of photomechanical processes as they relate to printmaking.
Techniques will include photo-silkscreen and various printing formats using traditional
and experimental image-making methods.

1. to develop a working understanding of serigraphy and several experimental
photomechanical processes as they relate to edition printmaking.
2. to apply the elements and principles of design as the toolbox and language of
silkscreen production and print criticism
3. to explore the properties of silkscreen ink and serigraphy as a unique method of
image development for both fine art and commercial applications .
4. to build hands-on knowledge of image registration for multiple color and multiple
technique print editions.

Supermarket roll of freezer paper
X-acto knife with # 11 blades (pack of 50)
11x14 in tracing pad
sketch or layout pad (for thumbnails and pencil comps)
pencils and markers
metal ruler (12-18 inches with pica measurements)
2 rolls of tape – white paper tape and clear tape
notebook or folder (to hold your class notes and research)
small spray bottle
11x17 newsprint pad
old newspapers, jars, and containers with lids
a selection of brushes, spoons

1. classroom discussion of silkscreen properties, methods, and practices
2. in-class demonstrations and print guidance
3. out-of-class image building and edition printing
4. complex, multi-week projects involving print development and production

5. project folder with research and statement of purpose and accompany
finished work


Each project will be assigned a number between 20 and 50 depending on the complexity
of the work involved. The total number of points earned will be added and put on a grade
curve to determine the letter equivalence. The breakdown will be as follows:

project 1 3-Legged Race - Team response / collaborative print (30 points)

project 2 Image and Text (2 technique edition print) (30 points)
project 3 Portrait with Photo-silkscreen and Photogravure t (30 points)
project 5 Final Project (50 points)
attendance and participation (10 points)

Total: 150 points

Class attendance is required and is a strong determinant to your success. You are
considered late if you arrive to class after the instructor. 3 late marks = 1 absence.
More than 3 absences will result in a lower final grade. Any students missing more than
20% of classes (6 classes) will be requested to drop the course. Excused absences as
defined by TBR Policy #3:034 relate only to participation in university-sanctioned
activities. Such absences must be approved by the Director of Athletics or the Director of
student Services and sent to the professor well in advance of the missed class(es).
Students with excused absences are responsible of all assigned work and should remain
abreast of course activities and assignments.

1. Students will attend all classes and complete all assignments
2. Students will participate in all class discussions
3. Students will strive to be self-directed
4. Students will approach design problems in a researched and thoughtful manner

Any student who has a disability that may affect his or her academic performance is
encouraged to make an appointment with me to discuss this matter, or you may contact
Disability Services: telephone 221-6230 (voice) or 221-6278 (tty).

Policy on Minors
Minors (any non-student under the age of 18) accompanying staff, faculty, students, or

visitors on campus are not permitted in the classroom.