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Release Notes for Cisco IP Communicator 7.0(5.0)
© Copyright 2003-2010 Cisco Systems, Inc., All Rights Reserved
This document contains installation notes and a list of resolved defects
for Cisco IP Communicator 7.0(5) maintenance release. Information in
this document is more current than that in the manuals or online Help.

Part Description
---- -----------
1 Software Package Distribution
2 Software Contents
3 Documentation
4 Administration Notes
5 Open Caveats
6 Resolved Caveats
Part 1: Software Package Distribution
To get the Cisco IP Communicator Administrator package:
- Download from Cisco's software download site on Download
This distribution contains a zip file named
"" and this README_FIRST.txt file.
The zip archive contains all the files required to deploy the
Cisco IP Communicator. Please download and unzip this file.

Part 2: Software Contents
Extract "" to obtain the following files:
- README_FIRST.TXT (This file)
- CiscoIPCommunicatorSetup.exe
- CiscoIPCommunicatorSetup.msi
- CiscoIPCommunicatorAdminToolSetup.exe
- cmterm-IPComm-directorywizard.cop.sgn

- Contains file contents and descriptions
- Installation Notes
- Cisco IP Communicator standalone-executable installer that contains
all the required applications to install (i.e. MSI engines,
languages, logging).
- Cisco IP Communicator Windows installer (MSI) package
- Default language is English unless the L10n Transforms are applied
- It is recommended that end-users use the standalone executable
instead of this file.
- To be launched on the TFTP server or Cisco Unified Communications
Manager Publisher. This tool will install the DirectoryWizard tool
for configuring the Quick Search and Dialing Rules features. It also
enables HTTP access for AutoUpdate and for IP Address auto-detection
in the network audio settings for unsupported VPN clients (getIP.asp).
- For use with the Linux-based Cisco Unified Communications Manager
version 6.x and higher. This tool will install the DirectoryWizard to
for enabling the Quick Search and Dialing Rules features. Please note
that this requires LDAP to be synchronized first prior to installing.
- Contains the default English (US) files that will be required to
manually copy in the English_United_States directory in the TFTP pat
- Addresses older Cisco Unified Communications Manager versions not in
in CSCsb96275 and CSCsy80871.
- Contains the .mst files (transforms) for all the supported languages
to be used with the MSI setup file for executing command-line options.

For more information, please consult the corresponding Release notes and the
Cisco IP Communicator Administration Guide.

Part 3: Documentation
Obtaining Documentation
The latest documentation for Cisco IP Communicator is available for
download from at the following URL:

Document Files
Cisco IP Communicator Administration Guide
- The Cisco IP Communicator Administration Guide provides
instructions for installing and administering the Cisco IP
Communicator. This guide is intended for network and telephony
administrators who will be deploying and administering the
Cisco IP Communicator for end users.
Cisco IP Communicator User Guide
- The Cisco IP Communicator User Guide provides instructions
for installing, configuring, and using the Cisco IP Communicator.
This guide is intended for end-users who will be using Cisco IP
Communicator to make and receive phone calls.
Release Notes
- The Cisco IP Communicator Release Notes. Discusses known issues
and caveats.
Viewing Documentation
All the documents are in PDF format. You will need a PDF viewer
program like Adobe® Acrobat® Reader in order to view these files.
You can get the latest version of Adobe® Acrobat® Reader for free
from the following URL:

*For a complete description, please refer to the Administrator and

User Guides.

Part 4: Administration Notes
CUCM Locale Installers is available for download from Cisco's software download
site on
- CUCM 7.1.2: LI and later
- CUCM 7.0: LI and later
- CUCM 6.1: LI and later
- CUCM 4.3: LI and later

Part 5: Open Caveats (Notable)
CSCtf41891 CIPC LdapDirectories.xml file has minor issue with AD 2008
CSCtd04400 App freezes intermittently when Windows Search Service is runnin
CSCte84749 Olsen time zones are not supported, only legacy time zones
CSCtg47522 SRST/CCME 8.0 is not yet supported resulting in registration fai

Viewing the defects:

Step 1 To access the Bug Toolkit, go to
Log on with your user ID and password.
Step 2 Enter the ID number in the "Search for Bug ID" field, and click G
o to look for information about a specific problem.
Part 6: Resolved Caveats
CSCtg42761 Voice Engine fails to initalize after resuming from standby/hibe
CSCti37700 CIPC crashes after launching on some machines - missing MSVCR71.
CSCth98760 Fails to register as a secured device
CSCtc61076 Security vulnerabilities in JRE 1.4.2_19
CSCti26276 ATW.exe Apps Err instruction at "0x00db2dcc" referenced memory o
n exit
CSCtd77975 SIP CIPC with DND displays "Transfer Destination Is Busy"
CSCtg87750 Win XP admin & non-admin, SIP/SCCP DSCP does not match CUCM Ser
CSCth73824 7.0.4 CIPC is having Static When using Head set on windows 7
CSCsh25739 VISTA: Error 1406. Cannot write TFTP1 value to registry during R
CSCth98807 Port CDP changes to prevent BSOD on Windows 7

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