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! Geography Lesson

Earthquakes !
Geologic History
Human History
! Precursors of Disaster
“The Great Assam Earthquake” ! Pre-event Awareness and Preparation
1950 Indo-China ! Scale of Event(!) and Disaster
! Post Disaster Cause and Effect
! Main Cause of Loss of Life and Property
Wil Shaffer ! Actions That Could Have Reduced Losses
9/15/05 ! Evaluation of Mitigation Process (ongoing)

Quick Geography Lesson! Quick Geography Lesson!

200 mi
200 mi

Quick Geography Lesson! Quick Geography Lesson!

Geology Geology Con’t

! Assam
plateau is a
with a slight
NE dip.

SMF = Shillong Massif, ITS = Indus Suture Thrust (dips south), MCT = Main Central
Thrust (dips north), MBT = Main Boundary Thrust (dips north)

Geology Con’t Human History

! Southern flank of plateau has steep faults dipping ! 1950 human events
south. ! Indiagains Independence from Britain
! Gandhi -> Caste system upheavals
! Thrusts in Upper Assam has covered gently
! China and Tibet border dispute
dipping Tertiary rocks.
! Cold War
! In the plateau there are numerous N-S strike-slip
! 1950 human scientific events
! Tectonics not yet understood/discovered (1964, Alaska)
! Associated with 1897 EQ (Oldham) ! Seismic network finally installed (prior to Assam EQ)

Precursors of Disaster Pre-event Awareness and Preparation

! Numerous EQs along Himalayas recorded throughout
! Local tribes men
human history.
knew of EQs in
! Oldham noted in 1897-1906 that...
region but
! “Assams susceptibility to EQs is due largely to multiple
faulting.” thought is was
! Oldham discovered the Earths Core in 1906 with data from 1897 evil spirits.
Assam EQ (Mv8.7).
! No preparation
! Uplift of 20m (growth of Assam hills south of Himalayas).
took place. Cause of EQs
! No small EQs prior to 1950 in Assam area.

Scale of Event(!) and
Disaster Observations
! 7:39pm 15 August 1950 ! Ground rolling observed.
Assam EQ ! Pilots noted huge landslides
! One of the sixth largest in Assam Hills.
EQ in the 20th century ! 2 billion tons of material.
! Scale Mv8.7 ! Indian border guards noted
! Shock lasted 8 minutes. huge chasms opening up.
! 1,526 deaths ! One person lost is life by
falling in a 10m chasm.
! 2,000 homes, temples,
and mosques destroyed in ! Lakes in Norway and
Brahmaputra River Basin England oscillated (Seismic

Observations Post Disaster Cause and Effect

Landslides (LS)
! Energy matched that of ! Cause = Monsoon Rains & EQ liquefying soils.
100,000 atomic bombs. ! Effect= Dammed tributaries feeding Brahmaputra River
! 10,000 sq.mi. of earth creating temporary lakes. 70 villages consumed and 156
were churned up. casualties.
! Railroad and roads ! Rockslides (RS)
rendered useless. ! Cause = Immidiate response from EQ and from previous
! $25 million in damage EQs (unstability from unloading)
(1950 U.S.$) ! Effect = Same as LS.

Post Disaster Cause and Effect

Actions That Could Have Reduced
Main cause of Loss of Life and Property Losses
! Better understanding from indigenous people.
!8 days later TIDAL WAVE Flooding (amplitude ! Flood warning system.
7m) ! Construction of rock dams along Brahmaputra River.
! Cause = Natural dams from LS and RS breached and Provides electricity and flood control.
! Head side must have a low angle (disperse later force of river to
temporary lakes drained. shear).
! Effect = Several villages submerged killing 532* ! Down side is if dam breaches in EQ.
people. Also, Tea industry wiped out for a decade. ! Shift from traditional construction materials to buildings
with a low center of gravity and rigid structure.

Evaluation of Mitigation Process (ongoing) Seismic Gaps

! Preparedness & understanding

! Controversy of Dam construction
! Shift in building materials.
! Controversial
! People not required.
! Govt. and Industries are.
! Construction of EQ hazard map.
! Seismic gaps?

! Maximum probability that an EQ will occur where

there has not been one.

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