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Local officials discuss OPSB decision
By BREANNE PARCELS lacked quorums for the discussion were Wayne the townships and county, as intervenors in the
Staff Writer and Union townships, which were both repre- case, are to do nothing, to seek clarification on
Champaign County Prosecutor Nick sented with one trustee each. issues related to decommissioning or to appeal
Selvaggio and Assistant Prosecutor Jane Napier The OPSB approved a certificate for con- the decision of the OPSB within 30 days.
met in executive session with representatives struction of the Buckeye Wind project Monday, Selvaggio said he may meet individually with
from Goshen, Rush, Salem, Union, Urbana and while disallowing 16 turbines due to their desig- the trustees again, but does not anticipate
Wayne townships along with Champaign nation as hazards by the Federal Aviation another joint meeting on the wind discussion.
County Commissioners Max Coates and Bob Administration. Two additional turbine sites, “No decision was made at this time,”
Corbett Wednesday to discuss the decision of including one flagged by the FAA, would need Selvaggio said. “I want to make it clear … the
the Ohio Power Siting Board on the application to be moved or modified due to their failure to decision the county and townships make is not
to allow New York-based developer EverPower meet statutory setbacks of 914 feet to resi- for or against the project, but do we need to clar-
to build 70 turbines in the eastern half of the dences before they could be constructed. ify portions of the power siting board’s decision.
Local teams county. Selvaggio said the only entities that Selvaggio said the three options available to See ‘Officials’ on Page A-2
ready for
Smooth ride
The prep softball season
is scheduled to begin on
Burglars target
Monday ...
See Page B-1
PAWS shelter
twice this year
Staff Writer
The Champaign County Sheriff’s Office is investigat-
ing a break-in at PAWS Animal Shelter, 1535 W. U.S.
Route 36, Urbana, that occurred over the weekend.
Nila Randall, the shelter manager, said it’s the second
burglary since the beginning of the year, and she’s frus-
trated that criminals have targeted a non-profit entity that
Fire at egg has had its share of financial struggles.
“We can’t keep going
farm results through this,” she said

in thousands
Wednesday. “It just
makes me sick. It blows
“... i t would help if
my mind to think some- other motorists would
of dead hens one could stoop so low
Following a fire at Ohio as to take away from keep an eye out, too.”
Citizen photo by Alex Howell these animals that are
Fresh Eggs, 250,000 going through a tough – Nila Randall,
hens are dead and Zane Lambdin, 2, enjoys a ride down the curvy slide at Melvin Miller Park on time anyway.” PAWS manager
500,000 eggs ruined ... Wednesday. He was accompanied to the park by his grandparents for some fun in the Randall said PAWS
See Page A-3 sun. relies entirely on dona-
tions, as it does not
receive funding from the

Diabetes county or city. Even

though there’s a video surveillance system and there isn’t

program House passes bill to much cash kept on site, thieves break in seeking money
and medications, she said. In the past two incidents, the
damage to the facility has been almost as costly as the
items taken, she said.

offered fund infrastructure “On Jan. 17, they pried open the front door, came in
and tried to pry open the locked office door, and when
that didn’t work, they busted out the glass,” she said.
“They proceeded to tear things up in the office and made
a real mess. They pried the safe off the wall and took it,
Special to the Citizen along with a safe deposit box that had about $200 in it.
The Champaign Family WASHINGTON (AP) — Local govern- that last year’s massive economic recov-
ments would receive billions of dollars for ery package was ineffective. They also dumped out one of my bags of grooming sup-
YMCA, the county Health plies and we think they stole it to transport the safe.”
District and Mercy construction projects and welfare pro- “Another week, another stimulus,” said
grams in the latest in a series of election- Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas. Randall said the window replacement cost $200, while
Memorial Hospital are offer- the safe was valued at $350. The shelter also had to pay for
ing a free program for those year jobs bills Democrats are pushing in Republicans said the tax cuts in the bill
Congress. passed Wednesday are too small and the the locks to be changed after both break-ins, she said.
with or at risk of diabetes. “On Monday, the Urbana police contacted my son, who
The program begins April The bill passed Wednesday in the spending too inefficient to make a signifi-
House combines $13.2 billion in interest cant dent in joblessness. They also is a sheriff’s deputy and told him that they had found a
12 and meets from 6 to 7 lockbox near the apartments at 819 Mosgrove St., and it
p.m. ever y Monday at subsidies for local construction bonds opposed a key provision to pay for the bill,
with $3.6 billion in tax cuts for small busi- a crackdown on multinational companies had paperwork in it from PAWS,” Randall said. “I went to
Champaign Residential the police station and picked it up. My husband just
Services Inc. nesses and $2.5 billion in aide to states to that use tax havens to avoid taxes on prof-
pay for expanded welfare programs its made in the U.S. passed away at the end of January, and I had been work-
Topics will include dia- ing on thank-yous for people who made memorial contri-
betes education, understand- through September 2011. “This bill increases spending, increases
The House passed the bill on a vote of taxes and will not create private sector butions (in his name) and that information was in there.”
ing how diabetes affects the The shelter’s other employee, Brian Branson, arrived
body, diabetes and fitness 246-178, with nearly all Republicans jobs,” said Rep. Dave Camp of Michigan,
opposed. The measure now goes to the the top Republican on the Ways and at work Monday and found the office had been ransacked,
and/or active living, how to along with the clinic area.
push through barriers, shop- Senate. Means Committee.
The Democrats aim to pass a series of The largest provision in the bill would “This time, they kicked in my door. It still has a foot-
ping for diabetes, cooking print on it,” Randall said. “They went back to the clinic and
with diabetes, and discover- modest measures to address unemploy- expand the Buy America Bonds program,
ment as congressional elections approach which subsidizes interest costs paid by broke into a cabinet. It didn’t have anything other than
ing wellness. syringes in it. I don’t know if that’s what they were after.
Those enrolling can be in November. With unemployment hover- local governments when they borrow for
ing near 10 percent, jobs and the economy construction projects. The program, They also took my (first aid) medical bag from the office.
accompanied by a partner It happened sometime between 5 p.m. Sunday when I left
without diabetes. are sure to be big issues in elections. which was included in the economic stim-
Last week, President Barack Obama ulus package enacted last year, would be and 9 a.m. Monday when Brian came in. It’s just sad.
The partner will not be We’ve decided that whoever’s responsible knows PAWS
enrolled, but can audit the signed a bill extended
that offers tax though March and is familiar with the layout of the shelter. We have a
class. In the past, partici-
pants found it helpful to have breaks to“T he recovery program is beginning to 2013, at a cost few people in mind, but no firm suspicions.”
Randall said she worries that those responsible may
a person helping them man- c o m p a n i e s work. This will make it work better.” of $7.5 billion.
that hire The bill owe their freedom from jail to PAWS in the first place.
age the disease to hear the
unemployed would also “We do community service out here for (all three)
information presented as
workers. On – Rep. Sander Levin (D-Mich) exempt long- courts,” she said, noting that some individuals also assist
We d n e s d a y, term invest- at the shelter through Job and Family Services work pro-
A six-month pass to the
the House ments in cer- grams.
YMCA will be awarded to
participants who complete at took up a sep- tain small She said the number of volunteers varies from day to
least nine of the classes to arate bill that businesses day, so it’s not easy to assess who might be studying
continue the fitness portion would provide $5.1 billion to fund local from capital gains taxes. The economic PAWS operations in order to exploit them.
of the program. disaster relief projects, including some stimulus package allowed investors to “Today we had three people, but on Thursday, Friday
To enroll, contact the that date back to Hurricane Katrina, and exempt 75 percent of the gains from such or Saturday, it can be up to 12 to 15 people for me to super-
YMCA’s Glee Knoop at 653- $600 million for summer jobs programs. investments for 2009 and 2010. The new vise, especially in the summertime,” she said. “I hate to
9622 and receive information The bill cleared a procedural vote and bill would exempt all the gains from taxa- think it might be someone who was appointed to help out
to obtain a physician’s refer- is expected to get a final vote in the House tion for qualified stock purchased from here to keep from going to jail, but it is a possibility.”
ral to sign up for the class. by Thursday. March 15 through the end of 2011, at a Randall said the remote location of the shelter, just out-
There is limited openings Democrats said the economy is start- cost of about $2 billion. side the city limits with no close neighbors, may be a fac-
the YMCA must be contact- ing to rebound, but with high unemploy- The bill would be paid for in large part tor in why thieves have targeted it.
ed by April 6. ment persisting, they will continue to from a series of measures designed to “I think eventually we may have to upgrade our sur-
work on the issue. crack down on companies that avoid taxes veillance or alarm system even though we can’t afford
“The recovery program is beginning to through aggressive tax planning. anything fancy,” she said. “I know the sheriff’s deputies
work. This will make it work better,” said The biggest provision would raise an take a look every time they drive by, but it would help if
Rep. Sander Levin, D-Mich. chairman of estimated $7.7 billion by preventing some other motorists would keep an eye out, too.”
the House Ways and Means Committee. foreign multinational corporations from Anyone with information regarding the break-ins can
Republicans said the bills are evidence avoiding withholding taxes on U.S. profits. call the sheriff’s office at 484-6091.

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