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1. What external factors affect international operations at UPS?

How do these factors cause UPS

to adjust its operations?

The three main critical components of UPS operation are “packages”, “brown trucks” and
“airplanes” .But there are other main factors which was affecting the International Operation at UPS,they
were the * Information transfer from the send end to the receiver end.
( In 1980’s it spent around US $1.5 Billion to build necessary technological infra structure.To service the
international information needs International shipment processing System(ISPS). They used this system
because it was easy for them to allocate operation even before the parcel reaches the destination office.)
*Cultural Difference.
*Hardware constraints.(keyboard mapping etc.)

2. Explain how ISPS facilitates the ability of UPS to ship packages internationally ?

International shipment processing System(ISPS) . This is the system transmits data’s of each day
shipments even before they reach .So this makes them easy to be ready with the process even before the
package reaches them .So this system helps them to take decisions quickly and serve better.

3. Describe the role that the DIAD plays in UPS business processes?

Delivery Information Acquiring Device(DIAD) ,This device captures the recipient signature.This
information is collected by the driver and it is transmitted back to UPS through a special device,in turn
which updates UPS, that the package has reached the corresponding recipient with acknowledgement
.This information is given back to the sender to make them feel confident and satisfied.

4. How important is information to the global expansion of UPS? What advantages does UPS gain
by carefully capturing information?

The method of acquiring data’s plays a very important role in a logistics business .Because the main
factor which a customer expects is ,the package has to reach safely within time promised . And that too
when the packages travels across sea , the expectation also increases with it. So UPS has spent a hug
amount in the Information Storing Devices(ISPS).And these signed acknowledgement(DIAD) by the
receiver make the sender feel more confident . This method wins them a competitive advantage among
their rivals.

5. Discuss the role of volume in the business activities of UPS?

Since UPS has been expanded throughout the Globe its very easy for them to handle any Volume they
come across with their strong work power of 85000 employees and a Unique Data storing devices making
them even more better to serve their customers .Its clearly mentioned in the video its distribute around 11
million packages around the globe.