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Shungit – the diamond of health

Exists only one storage of Shungit on our planet. It is situated in Karelian

Republic, in north-western Russia. It is a mysterious mineral which contains carbon with
an unique structure, found only in fallen meteorite fragments from the vast immensity of
The name Shungit, received 130 years ago, has been taken from the village
Shunga from Onega lake shore. It`s people have been using the water of “Tri Ivana”
springs for centuries.
The age of the carbon from Shungit is estimated at about 2.5 billion years, but it`s
origin is intensively debated. If it is meteorite from the explosion if Phaeton and thrown
on the Earth, Precambrian marine sedimentary rock or a mineral with obvious volcanic
properties, it is not officially confirmed.
Physical characteristics:
- density: 2.25 – 2.40 g/cm3
- porosity: 0.5 – 5%
Main characteristics:
The maximum capacity of oxy-reduction on the surface of Shungit it gives the
quality of the strongest known natural oxidant. Shungitul is active as absorbent towards
bactericidal cells and pathogen saprophytes. Shungit particles, whatever the dimensions,
have bipolar properties. As a result, it is capable to combine with all the substances –
organic and inorganic.
Shungit has a high reactivity in thermic processes, it is good electricity conductor
and it has good chemical resistance. It resists in time, it has a high filtration capacity and
it is biological active. Shungit has the capacity of cleaning the water from oil products, it
can eliminate the negative influences from geo-pathogenic areas, it reduces and
neutralizes high frequency electromagnetic emissions.
Shungit from ores in Zajoghino composed of 30% Shungit carbon and 68%
silicates represents a nanostructured natural compound. The nanostructure of such a rock
gives it specific properties: absorbance, catalysis, recovery (antioxidant) and
autoregenerative. The experts have all the reasons to believe that Shungit is related with
the appearance of life because it`s natural structure and composition are close to the
ferments of living cells.
Shungit “gives life” to the water!
It is known that life doesn`t exist without water. 70% of our body is water. All the
processes witch take place in our body depend on the quality of the water we drink. The
metabolism, the maintaining of the balance, the storage of warm, the elimination of the
toxins, digestion or feeding of the cells – all these depend on the waters quality. Shungit
transforms the water from the faucet in structured water, capable to reestablish the
mineral balance of the organism. It eliminates everything that is noxious and accelerates
the beneficial processes. Shungit helps the treatment and healing of a big range of
affections like: various allergies, anemia, asthma, pancreatic illnesses, cardiovascular
illnesses, liver illnesses, diabetes, dermatological affections, hypertension, weak immune
system, digestive affections etc. The oldest and the most frequent treatment form that
includes this mineral is the Shungit water. This high mineralized water is successfully
used for treating dermatitis, hair affections or stomatitis. It expands the blood vessels,
stimulates the sanguine circulation and regenerates the cells. It seems like the healing role
of the water comes from the mineral qualities witch are given when it passes through the
layers of Shungit. It is known that Magnesium, the sulfates of several minerals, silicates
and especially the iron can be found in other springs too, but without matching the
treatment performances of Shungit water. Why? Due to the fullerens – that special way of
disposition of the carbon atoms witch form a sphere, like a geodedic forme (invented by
the american architect Fuller Buckminster whose name it bears). The way the fullerenes
interact with water gives to the springs witch cross the Shungit layers unique therapeutic
The fullerenes are transmitted to the water by Shungit. These have the following
effects: antihistaminic, inflammatory, antibacterial, powerful natural antioxydant,
anesthetic, it brings to normal the nervous processes, improves cell stability, grows the
tissues regenerative ability, normalizes cell metabolism. The presence of the objects
made from Shungit next to the organism protects it against electromagnetic radiation
sources from the environment: computer, TV, microwave oven, mobile phone etc.
Moreover, it gives us energy, it increases the focusing and working capacity.
“It is amazing: it kills and devours everything harmful to humans and other living
creatures, but in the same time, it concentrates and rebuilds everything is good for the
organism”. The scientists who studied Shungit make unanimous confessing: “It is a
miracle!” Peter the Great, 1682-1725