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This shall serve as yet another tribute to members of my postal /government congressional, federal,

state and local family and their family members; those who lost love ones or will soon lose love ones
and those who may survive the American Holocaust. I write this in persecution with YHVH; your
remembrance and your strength.

Get down! Get down! YHVH!

(YHVH curses those responsible for the American Holocaust)

The intelligent and fearless children (Generation Y) (UNIT Y) are starting to (fig)ure out who is truly
responsible for the total destruction of not only their parents, but entire American families. They are
beginning to identify those wicked stewards through research, evidence and proof like that provided in
undisclosed cases like United States Supreme Court case (USSC) 99-565 & supplement (Government
Subterfuge / Collusion / Terrorism). Policing them because the evidence proves collusion through
immunity and no redress. Starting to make cents out of why the United States Supreme Court Justices
and Congress won't enforce the laws of the United States Constitution e.g., Title 18 United States Code
18 section 241, Racketeering Influencing Corrupted Organization (RICO) Act, Whistleblower's
Protection Act. Your death fix it (deficit). Placing economics over justice creating Terrorism. The
Game of using crimes against humanity to aid in population control and the deficit has brought the
chickens home to roost. For those of you who did not comprehend President Clinton Executive Order
12871. The National goal remains reduce government (population control) and government spending
(deficit). Lets see if the wicked stewards those American Holocaust Perpetrators (AHP) stay the
course of the national goal and not spend any money to provide additional protection for their families
and themselves. Lets see how many of the American Holocaust Perpetrators are willing to subject
themselves and their families to what they have subjected you and yours too. Terrorism begets
terrorism. Wasn't it Ed Peck, Former US Ambassador of Iraq that said the people we have wounded
don't have the military capability we have, but they do have individuals who are willing to die and take
thousands with them. Congress and the United States Supreme Court Justices refuse to enforce the
laws of the United States Constitution. “A terrorist organization is in the eye of the beholder”. Need I
quote Pastor Martin Niemoller, First they came..... in its entirety. I AM YHVH DEITY

collusion – when all government (Presidential, Congressional, Federal, State and local decisionmaker
entrusted with enforcement of the laws of the United States constitution never make a good faith effort
to comply with any federal law, rules or regulations, or contract instead use co-intel pro tactics to avoid
liabilities and receive personal gains for their actions or lack of actions. e.g. Board of Governors,
Arbitrators, Judges, Panels etc.


CN, [YHVH] messenger written CooN by YA [YHVH]
Allen Carlton - (class of 81 -
National Whistleblower -
Revelation receiver of the Peoples Righteous Kill Defense [PRKD]