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Retail Waste Services

Common Retail Hazardous Waste

Products deemed unsaleable at a retail establishment should be kept segregated
from saleable merchandise. Each unsaleable item should then be identified as
either returnable to the manufacturer, resold, able to be reused via donation, or
as waste. When identified as waste, it must be further classified as hazardous,
regulated or non-hazardous, in compliance with EPA, DOT, DEA and various State
regulations. Since these determinations have significant consequences, it is best
to have a trained waste management technician make the decision. Below are a
few examples of the many retail products that are potentially hazardous.

DOT/EPA Hazardous Items

Flammables Corrosives
n Lighters n Toiletbowl
and lighter cleaners
fluid n Ammonia
n Alcohol- n Chlorinating

based solutions
products, including some n High pH drain cleaners

mouthwashes and hand sanitizers n Sulfuric acid-based drain cleaners

n Windshield washer fluid n Some powder and gel dish detergents
n Paint thinners and solvents n Bleach-based cleaning products
n Products containing petroleum n Some wheel cleaners, rust removers

n Gas treatments and brake cleaners

Reactives/ Toxics
Oxidizers n Antifreeze
Who We Are n Hydrogen n Brake fluid
peroxide n Iodine
StrongPak™, a division of Strong Environmental, n Pesticides
n Two-part
Inc. (a Stericycle company), is the comprehensive epoxy n Rodent
answer to nationwide retail waste compliance. products baits
n Hair coloring that contains n Nicotine gum and patches
We offer our clients a turnkey solution for proper
disposition of all wastes, including hazardous peroxides or other bleaches
and pharmaceutical. We bring accountability
and standardization to regulatory-compliant Regulated Items
packaging, disposal and reporting. Over-the- Prescription
Counter Drugs
StrongPak: Retail On-Site Medicines n Expired
Waste Management Systems n Expired stock
stock n Damaged
6264 Crooked Creek Road
n Damaged or broken
Norcross, GA 30092 or broken packages packages
770.409.1500 800.778.7664 n High alcohol content cough/ n Non-controlled substance cold medicines prescription medications

n Many compounding chemicals
There are many more retail products that qualify as hazardous when discarded.
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