The Wisdom Factor

10 January 2011

We can all become magicians. It is just a matter of transforming our consciousness. Our consciousness is transmuted when we really believe we are already magicians.
Alchemy of Consciousness There has always been the understanding in the wisdom traditions of the human race that our personal and shared consciousness is a multilevelled and vast universe. It is only in modern times that the publicly acknowledged adjudicators of wisdom, our scientific and medical profession, have reduced consciousness to one level and even in that level made a limited aspect, rational thinking, the pre-eminent mode. The end result is that many people are separated from the reality of the richness of their consciousness. The truth is that a limited consciousness is a limited life. The materialist scientific paradigm has diverted us into arguments and doubts about truth out there, whereas, in fact all that counts is truth in here, within us, in our own hearts, minds and bodies. It is from that reality that we create our universe. In the ancient wisdom traditions a man had to show that he could work at all levels of consciousness. Therefore he was initiated into an alchemy of consciousness. Alchemy has two components: magic and transformation. Alchemy is about the transformation of a linear, earth-bound, limited consciousness into multilevelled consciousness that encompasses the universe and magically transforms life so that we live in an enchanted universe. All our myths and stories of magic, enchantment, wizards, fairy godmothers, dwarves, gnomes and elves, our love and connection with them, is about our deep knowingness that this is the kind of universe that we should be living in. The real magician always performs his magic effortlessly, the wave of a wand or the sparkle of mysterious dust. Alchemy is about moving out of a world of effort, struggle and suffering into a spontaneous and artless unlimited universe of charm and enchantment, a universe of harmony where our dreams can literally become true. We need to believe that the magical universe is the genuine universe and the mundane world is the unnecessary prison in which we have been trapped. We need to return to the innocence of childhood and re-create our magical world into a wonderful reality of harmony. The mechanical everyday world is so utterly boring. Instead of looking for little islands of enchantment to offset the mundanity of most of our days and years, let us all become wizards, fairy godmothers, elves and fairies and let us turn the earth and the whole our lives into an enchanted existence where we live together joyfully and creatively. The truth is that if we all want it and wish it together then the awesome power of the 1 shared mind will transform the world. Believe it. What have you got to lose?